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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Black and Blue

Alison ran at him again kicking off the support beam forcing her right heel down on Eduardo with every intent and purpose to stop him by any means necessary. Eduardo quickly crossed his forearms to block the incoming strike. Her heel made contact forcing all her weight and power onto him making the others cringe at the blow that was dealt. She quickly followed up by kicking her other heel on his face forcing him back and making her back flip sticking the landing perfectly.

Eduardo recovered quickly putting his arms up and getting back into his previous stance. She came at him again feinting from side to side swinging her leg into a bone breaking roundhouse kick that would shatter a lesser man. Eduardo blocked the kick with his opposite arm and caught her punch with the other hand. She quickly removed her leg and with her other leg she quickly landing a roundhouse on his ribs making him cringe a bit as she landed a blow onto his right cheek with her fist pushing him back even further with him stumbling. While he was trying to get out of his daze she launched her knee at his face making direct contact with his nose and knocking him on his back.

“Had enough?” Alison asked.

Eduardo stood up recovering from his daze and looked at Alison. “You’re holding back.”

“I am. I want to stop you, not kill you.”

“Don’t.” He wiped the blood coming out of his nose. “You’re gonna have to try harder than that if you want to stop me.”

Alison grew angry. “Fine, if that’s how you want it. Its your funeral.” With a single tear coming out of her eye she ran directly at Eduardo now with the intent to kill.

She descended upon him once again feinting to his side and landed a backwards roundhouse to his back knocking him forward and in one swift movement double backed and jumped in front of him swinging her right leg at his abdomen landing a solid blow. Eduardo letting out an audible grunt of pain falling on his knees clutching his abs.

‘Damn, she really wants me to give in if shes going to such lengths to keep me from leaving. It really is too early for this shit.’

He slowly got back up ready to go another round taking a different stance.

“Are you finally going to fight back?” Alison asked.


“Yet you’re still going to resist.”

“I’m a glutton for punishment.”

“So be it.”She quickly came at him again landing another round of kicks and fists Eduardo blocking as best as he can and not returning a single hit.

The others can only watch as Alison tore him down hearing bones cracking and audible screams of pain.

“We have to stop this…” Uttered Rarity.

‘They are friends why are they doing this to each other?’ Twilight pondered as she watched the one sided fight.

“I’m going in to stop this.” Rainbow jumping the railing but stopping short due to Celestia’s magic. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Do not get involved. This matter is out of our hands.” Celestia said as she gently lowered Rainbow back on her feet.


“This isn’t a fight between two friends.” Said Luna landing behind her older sister and then stepped beside her.


“This is a fight between a master and her protégé. Isn’t it?” Said Twilight.

“I wouldn’t call it a fight. But yes.” Celestia responded. “You mentioned before that he lives by a code of honor. One of those rules being never to hit a woman. Yes?”

“Yes.” Twilight replied.

“When it comes to this level of fighting she is the master and he is the student. She is trying to teach him a lesson.”

“What lesson is there in beating him senseless?” Rainbow angrily asked.

“She is trying to make clear to him that she cares about him. However based on his actions words cannot sway him. For better or for worse he will do what he wants always fully aware of the consequesses. She is trying to show his that he is not alone in this world and that he should consider who he is hurting when he does the things he does.” Luna replied.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself little sister.” Celestia grimly said

Eduardo was on his back yet again bloody and bruised from the beating Alison was dishing him. He knew she wasn’t holding back now. If he keeps this up he’ll end up in the hospital or dead. ‘It’s a good thing I’ve been working out, otherwise this would have ended a long time ago. Well what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.’ He painfully rolled to his side letting out another grunt of pain. With his right arm he pushed himself up looking away to spit out a wad of blood that had been pooling in his mouth. Looking back up at Alison he slowly made his way up on his feet getting back into his fighting stance. “Hit me again Ali, and put some stank on it.”

Fluttershy couldn’t take anymore of this. “STOP IT! JUST STOP! ALISON YOU’RE KILLING HIM PLEASE!”


She could hardly believe it. She had to hand it to him, he was a lot tougher now than before. ‘Why won’t he stay down? He knows hes not gonna leave here. Why dammit? Why does he have to be so fucking stubborn?’ Another tear fell down her cheek. Its killing her inside doing this. She knows talking sense into him won’t work so it leads to beating it into him. She had never had a problem with this before. Why now? Why is it hurting her hurting him? “Dammit Eduardo.” She ran up to him jumping and landing a solid back kick in the chest sending him crashing against the concrete wall with an audible thud. She saw that he had had enough and began walking towards him.

Fluttershy couldn’t bear to watch the carnage as it unfolded in front of her. Letting out silent tears as she thought of the past from the moment they got here till now. She knew he had a big heart and he was trust worthy. In the time she has spent around him he was always kind, generous, funny, and loyal, she could not blame him for his lack of honesty. But something else is showing, his heart. All the physical pain he is bearing is nothing compared to the pain he holds in his heart.

“You can see it too Fluttershy, can you?”

Fluttershy opened her eyes to see Pinkie standing next to her, her eyes watering barely able to fight back the tears. Not even she could find some light in this situation. She placed a hand on her shoulder as they looked back to the gruesome scene before them.

Pinkie spoke. “I’ve never known anypony so badly hurt. Its not right for anyone to hurt like he is. And she is hurting just as much too.” She looks at Fluttershy. “She loves him.”

At that moment Fluttershy couldn’t just stand there anymore. She jumped the second story railing and flew to his aid. Landing in front of him facing Alison she spread her arms and wings wide open completely blocking her path to him. Tears were streaming down her face as she spoke. “Please. Please stop hurting each other. I can’t just stand by and watch this anymore. Why can’t you just stop this and we can all move on and be laughing like before?”

“I’m sorry Fluttershy.” Eduardo spoke. “You don’t live in a world where corruption, greed, and disharmony is needed to survive. I may be stable financially but the truth is that I’m not well. I’m doing this because I’m trying to find some sort of peace in my life. Alison here is trying to convince me of something that I was clearly not understanding.” He started getting back up again. Fluttershy and Alison in disbelief as they watched him slowly and painfully fight gravity. Fluttershy retracted her wings and tried to get him to stay down but with no avail. He gently pushed her to the side and got on his feet.

As he was getting up again Alison spoke. “Why won’t you just stay down Eddy? I know you’re not going to hit back and you’re in no condition to drive anymore.” He ignored her, he was using the wall as his brace to keep him from falling again. While he was on his feet she stopped where as stood as he looked into her eyes. He started walking towards her.

When he finally got to her he was on his last leg, he couldn’t take another hit. All he wanted now was just to sleep.
When he finally found himself in front of her he stood as straight as he could and looked into her eyes with a gentle smile. “I understand.” He placed his hand on her cheek and softly kissed her lips before succumbing to his injuries and passing out on her.

“Whoowe Ah sure wun’t expectin’ that.”

“Yeah talk about surprise endings.”

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had immediately jumped the railing to help Fluttershy and Alison carry Eduardo’s unconscious body up to his room. As soon as they laid him on his bed Alison removed his shirt and began tending to his wounds along with Fluttershy. They asked to be alone while they worked in peace. The others then went to were was Spike in the living area.

“My word, this exact thing happened in one of my romance novels.”

“Wow Rarity what books are you reading?”

“Well for your information Rainbow Dash I am a fan of romance. I just find it amazing how some men can be such an insufferable, stubborn, idiotic, morons and then be the best thing that ever happened a second later.”

That was when Pinkie spoke up wearing a gentle smile. “You know girls I think we may have just seen something wonderful happen here today.”

“Oh totally Pinkie, did you see the way he just moved in on her like that? Classic bad flank move right there. He just got 20% cooler on my board.”

“Got that right RD, now I’m not one for all that frilly froo froo stuff but Ah’ll tell ya now, taking a beating then kissin’ her like that. She looked like she took every hit she dealt to him and then some. If Ah didn’t know any better I’d say he planned that.”

“I don’t think he would purposely get his butt kicked like that so he had an excuse to kiss her.” Spike said. “That’s just not like him. We’ve been living with the guy a week already. Twilight can tell you everything he does is with complete efficiency.”

“What Spike says is true, but I guess its different with matters of the heart.” Said Twilight. “I guess hes got a knack for surprising us whenever he wants. Just when we think we know everything he just finds a way to blow our minds. I think he does it for fun now that I think about it.”

“I’m not surprised.” Luna began. “It has been so long since he has connected emotionally with another that for him it was probably as big a shock for him as it was for us.”

“You think hes going to be okay though?” Asked Pinkie Pie.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Celestia smiled. “I think by now we can say hes been through worse. But I’m very happy to see that he is that much closer to finding peace.”

“But princess what about that man he spoke of earlier?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, theres no way hes letting that go easily.” Said Rainbow.

“My little ponies, I’m afraid that is a battle he must face on his own. That choice must be his and his alone.”

“Well it is possible for him not to return. I mean theres a chance he won’t come back right? If anything I'm sure the authorities can handle it.” Rarity said.

“It will not do any good.”Luna said. “Should he ever learn that he is within reach again he will stop at nothing to get to him. He has made clear his determination. Even if his body is battered to the limit his will alone will keep him going. In every being there is not just flesh and bone, but ideas, wishes, dreams, the will to accomplish, the will to survive. That sort of thing cannot be killed, not for a man like him.”

“Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.” Fluttershy worked with Alison to tend to his many bruises all over his body, they began by stripping him to his underwear. Though they soon found out he wasn’t wearing any. After an awkward pause and a pair of flaring wings, Alison sent Fluttershy to the bathroom to grab a towel to cover him up and they began working on him. Within 30 minutes he had been covered in head to toe in splints, gauze, bandages and tucked in to rest.

“I’m surprised how much the human body can take.” Said Fluttershy as she was cleaning up the mess that was made tending to Eduardo.

“Being a doctor I can honestly say the same thing. Once I worked on a kid that had a dagger wedged in his forehead. His father was a collector of knives and the kid somehow figured his password to the room he kept them in and started fooling around in there. Luckily we were able to pull it out safely and he went home a week later. Within the month he made a full recovery and he is actually a pretty smart kid, quick learner and a good memory.”

“Oh my. Does that sort of thing happen a lot?”

“Oh you have no idea. People just find new and interesting ways to hurt themselves all the time and later end up making a full recovery. Unfortunately there are a few who just couldn’t make it, either the injury was too much or there wasn’t enough time.”

“I understand the feeling. I’m Ponyville’s animal caretaker and vet and I work on sick or injured animals all the time. Usually its just broken limbs or a sort of sickness but at times there is one that moves on. It makes me sad to see them go, but I understand that’s the way things have to be sometimes.”

Alison looked at her and smiled. “No wonder Eddy warmed up to you so quickly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hes got a pretty decent judge of character and hes not usually the one to judge a book by its cover. He always tries to look for the good in people. He told me at the first time he looked into you’re eyes he couldn’t remember the last time he saw something so beautiful and pure. He said it was like looking into the eyes of an angel. Kind of appropriate if you think about it almost as if on impulse you jumped in front of him blocking my path. For the record though I was just going to pick that stubborn man up. After all that there is no way he would be driving but still though that was really brave of you.”

“Oh…um I didn't know, but thank you….Can I ask you something?”

“I thought he was wearing underwear too. Don’t worry about it. To be honest I’ve seen it enough times when I had to fix him up for one reason or another. Gotta say though I am impressed.” At that moment Fluttershy blushed and her wings flared up once again to which Alison giggled. “You’ve never been with a man before have you?”

“Oh um…that wasn’t the question I was going to ask.”

“Its okay Fluttershy. Save that sort of thing for a good man who you really care about. Any guy would be lucky to have you. Just make sure he wants you for you.” Fluttershy smiled at her reassuring words. “But what was your question?”

Fluttershy began twiddling her thumbs. “Do you love him?”

“As friends yeah.”

“I mean as more.”

“Oh, um hehe, I don’t know. Part of me says yes why?”

“Pinkie Pie.”


“She has a sort of 6th sense for a lot of random things. But when you two were out there it was as clear as day to her.”

“I see…can I ask you something?”

“Oh of course. What is it?”

Alison looked back at Eduardo. “Do you think he feels the same way?”

Fluttershy gently smiled. “I hope so Alison for his sake at least.” Both girls giggled.

“I haven’t seen him sleep like that in so long. He hasn’t moved once.”

“I noticed he also has a gentle smile.”

“I just wish it didn’t have to come to this. Sometimes he just pushes things too far.”

“I was wondering…why does he call you stiletto?”

She smiled at the memory. “When we were in high school I told him about my black belt and that day I had bought stiletto heels and since then it just stuck to me. He calls me that because and I quote ‘You are beautiful as you are deadly.’ It doesn’t really bug me anymore, just don’t tell him that. Its kinda fun beating up on him, even more I think he likes it.”

Fluttershy giggled and she looks toward Alison. “I think we should leave now. I don’t want to disturb the poor dear.”

“I agree, though now I think he can sleep through a hurricane.”

They left the room to join the others. Eduardo opens up one eye to scan the room. Seeing that its empty he slowly lifts himself up resting his sore back on the backboard, he smiles. “Gotcha.” He chuckles softly to himself and thinks about the beating he just took. ‘Once again Alison you have managed to kick the ever living hell out of me and allowed me to see the error of my ways. But we are definitely gonna have a talk later about those feelings. For now though. I have to sleep.’ He thought back to the kiss as he placed two fingers on his lips. “Yeah, it was worth it.” He he laid back down and drifted off into a deep sleep.

“Here there Stiletto hows the big guy doing?” Spike asked.

“Oh don’t you start.” Twilight and Fluttershy giggled in response while the others were slightly confused.

“I’ll explain later.” Twilight said.

“Hes doing fine, nothing broken but he’s gonna be in a slow state for the next few days. Hes a tough guy so he’ll probably be on his feet by tonight or early tomorrow. In the meantime, who's hungry?”

After they all had their meals they were scattered around the warehouse learning more about their surroundings and the things within it. Alison and Twilight explained to them to stay clear of the machine area and the sectioned off area in the warehouse. Rainbow Dash, Luna, Rarity and Applejack were admiring the cars Eduardo put together.

“He must have put a lot of work into these to make em run like they do.”

“Indeed, he must take great pride in this.”

“I can tell that a lot of great detail was put into these, not a single thing is out of order from what I can tell.”

“I just wanna know how fast these can go.”

“Oh these are scary fast if Eduardo built them.” Said Alison as she approached. “Like Rarity said everything he does is with extreme detail”

Meanwhile Twilight and Pinkie were in the kitchen, Pinkie was baking muffins and Twilight was going through his build notes Specifically the build notes of the M3 and the Supra. ‘These two are nothing alike. The differences in tuning are completely contradictory. The Supra was built with the purpose of straight line speed and taking corners. But the M3 has about 300 horsepower less and the suspension settings are completely wrong. According to the notes the steering angle is a lot more than anything he has here. Yes the STi was obviously build for off dirt and gravel conditions judging by the tires and the suspension set up. And the GT500 is a pro street machine. Whats the purpose of the M3 though?’ Twilight was jogged out of her thoughts when Pinkie came up to her bearing freshly baked chocolate chip/blue berry muffins.

“Hey Twilight whatcha doing?” Pinkie asked with her usual bubbly attitude.

“Wondering whether or not I should give up trying to figure out that M3.”

Fluttershy was tending to the dogs in the office area while speaking to Celestia.

“How is Philomina Princess?”

“Shes quite alright. I wanted to bring her along But she opted to stay home.”

The garage door began to open with Jericho walking through. Looking directly at Alison. He walks up to her.

“Wheres Eddy? I need to talk to him.”

“Why whats going on?”

“Hes back.”