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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Insomnia an Audience and Some Memories

Author's note: I originally started this chapter to continue on with the story but it led to something else so consider this a bonus chapter for those of you who are tracking this and for those who are just joining. Again I thank you all for reading my story and taking the time to comment and rate. Happy holidays to all.

Tuesday 4:12 A.M.

Eduardo lay in his mattress restless looking towards the ceiling thinking about the events that took place during the last few days. He reeked of alcohol from the binging he had when the others fell asleep but he couldn’t figure some things out. He was glad that the strangers from another world came into his life but something was amiss that night. The alcohol by now well out of his system and sober as a newborn he felt something was like that night he was being watched. The entire night he was up thinking about it. He knew it wasn’t possible. If anyone was trying to trespass in his property the motion detectors would go off waking him up right away. He figured with how hard Twilight had been working with Spike they couldn’t be bothered with his late night activities. Fluttershy didn’t even cross his mind. He was wondering what it that was making him like this. Then dismissed it as the dogs looking at him. The nerve of those two.

In the end he figured he was being paranoid again. He tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Nothing. For the little time he did sleep the nightmares would jolt him out of it. He thought sitting in the Mustang would help but to no avail. It only angered him. Stupid move on his part. The only time he slept peacefully was when he had a bottle of bourbon and no one to bother him. At this time he didn’t have that luxury. Though sometimes he got lucky, like this night for instance. He heard some movement coming from the rest of the warehouse but dismissed it as either Spike or the girls taking a late night visit to the bathroom or getting some water or the hounds rummaging through the machine shop. He had to admit the air was pretty dry in there despite living in the middle of the humid wilderness. He closed his eyes and he would remember the smell of burning flesh. Not his family’s but of his own. That smell made him sick to his stomach. He tried to sleep one more time.

Gunsmoke dust and debris blocking his vision. The iron smell of blood and burning in the air. The cries of pain. The screaming oh god the screaming. Eduardo limped through the mangled mansion a loaded Smith&Wesson 625-9 with a 6 inch barrel and compensated tip with a single .45 Long Colt bullet inside the smoothed outer chamber it rested in. He knew his cousins were safe he made sure those two were well out of the blast radius when he set those explosives off. He didn’t expect to make it and looking around he saw no one else did. He set out on a suicide mission and it was almost accomplished. All he needed to do was confirm the kill. He saw a body on the edge of the balcony looking over the pacific. He knew that was him. Pushing through the pain he made his way towards him. He collapsed. He was losing blood, a lot of it. It didn’t matter to though he just made his way towards him. His face was covered, didn’t matter. He fell to his knees and turned him over. He was out. Checked his pulse. The prick was still alive. Without a moments hesitation he thumbed the hammer and put it over his heart. “Burn in hell.”


Eduardo shot up from his bed again instantly feeling his left hand on his right shoulder his eyes wide open and 1911 drawn aiming down the sights for any intruder. “Dammit.” Frowning he reengages the safety and tucks it under his pillow. He picks up his watch from the dresser next to his bed. 4:20 A.M. “Way too early for a drink.” He rolls out of bed and looks down. ‘Morning wood. After I take care of this I’m hitting the weights.’ Three minutes later he is in the workout area wearing jeans and a hoodie doing push-ups with his feet in the air. ‘5 sets of 100 no less.’ Once again trying to push himself to the point of exhaustion so he can sleep again. He couldn’t help but feel he was being watched though. Everytime he looked back he saw Spike right there across the warehouse snoring. ‘That kid can sleep though a tornado.’

Fluttershy had been keeping an eye on Eduardo. In the days she has been staying with him along with Twilight and Spike she noticed that his behavior changes particularly late at night. She decided to stay up and watch him one evening while the others slept. She would hide in the truck. At least if she got tired she would sleep someplace comfortably. That day he used it he came home later than usual running some supplies and left it parked in front of the garage door. Lucky he didn’t bother locking it she figured because none of them could drive a stick shift let alone anything else. She checks the clock on the dash board, 12:04 A.M. the door to Eduardo’s room opens and he steps outside. He is in a hoodie and jeans. ‘He looks like he hasn’t slept at all.’ She noticed that all he would ever wear were long sleeve shirts and jeans. Yes she has seen him with tee shirts but he would always wear something long sleeves underneath. Its as if he was hiding something. She sat in the back seat with the collapsible front seat and regular front seats providing good cover in the F-350.

He descended down the stairs and made his way to the Mustang that was covered up. He stopped in front of it and looked around to see if anyone was watching and listened for any noises. He looked up stairs where Spike was listening for a moment to find he was still fast asleep. He looked back at the Mustang. Picking up the tarp from the bottom he pulled it back to reveal a black GT500 with an aggressive styled body kit.

The headlights signals and fog lamps were blacked out, a red stripe running through the side of the car on the bottom with GT500 marked on the lower end of the front fender, and an exhaust pipe poking through the body work in front of the rear tire. She watched him walk around the intimidating looking car as if looking for visual imperfections on the body work. Occasionally he would run his hands along the body as if analyzing it for warps on the metal itself.

He moved to the drivers side door, opened it and sat inside. He moved his head down and his hair fell over his eyes and he just sat there for a couple of minutes. Fluttershy couldn’t visually make anything of the situation. He got back out and closed the door quietly making sure he didn’t wake Spike made his way to the front again opening the hood. Underneath it revealed the engine that powered it. At first glance she thought it was just another engine no doubt one he put together personally. But something was off about it, something made her nervous about that car. At that moment she recalled Alison not knowing the story behind it but something tells her that she knows more than she’s leading on. Something sinister. Something dark. Something evil. She hadn’t felt that looking at the rest of the car. But the engine was something different. She sensed that there was some malevolent intent behind the construction of it. She could tell by the look in Eduardo’s face, she focused on his eyes again. The look in his eyes changed, it wasn’t of sadness that she had witnessed days before. It was of rage, rage of such a nature that is probably comparable to the likes of Nightmare Moon. It was seeping out of him. He closed the hood quietly and covered the car again making it look like it was never disturbed.

He began to make his way towards the kitchen reaching for a cabinet and pulling out a bottle with some golden liquid inside. He opened it breaking the seal on it and began downing the bottle only stopping to catch a breath of air before going back in again. When he was through he looked dazed. He tightened the cap on the bottle returning it to its place in the cabinet and made his way up the stairs careful not to stumble and accidentally wake anyone. Before he went into his room he took a look at the truck. He couldn’t see inside it even with the moon light peeking through the skylights of the warehouse. The tints he put on the windows wouldn’t allow it. Even still he wouldn’t look away. For a moment Fluttershy thought she had been spotted and froze in place hoping she was wrong.

Much to her relief Eduardo turned to his room and unzipped his hoodie closing the door behind him. With a sigh glad she hadn’t been caught she waited a few more minutes inside until she thought it was safe to make her way toward her room. It was 1:15 A.M when she worked up the nerve to get out of the truck she quietly made her way up the stairs and into the room finding Twilight still asleep. After quietly closing the door she made her way into bed and thought about what she witnessed. ‘Should I talk to him? No if he knew I was spying on him he would get upset. But the way hes been acting between waking up this late and his attitude to that car. I’m getting worried about him. Kind of reminds me of Rainbow when shes being stubborn about something. Come to think of it he sounds more like AJ.’ She giggled silently at the thought of Eduardo looking like Applejack being dense about something. The smile quickly faded away as she looked at Twilight. ‘Maybe I should talk to Twilight. Surely she’ll know what to do. For now though sleep, I’m tired.’ With that she fell into a deep sleep.

Alison just got off her shift.
“1:09 A.M. Ugh hate graveyard shifts.” True being a doctor had its perks, saving lives and such but it was taking a toll on her sleep schedule. “Maybe a drive around the loop will get me tired.”

She walked into the multi-story parking lot and got inside her Mine’s BNR34 Skyline GTR. It was a car she was particularly fond of having. Much like it was intended it looked completely stock, even the engine looks like a regular 276 horsepower 6 banger with two turbos. She giggled at the reality that this was in fact a 750 horsepower monster. Eduardo’s Supra was actually inspired by the concept of this very car and made it a point to get himself one however passed it along to her because it didn’t suit his driving style. For Alison though it was complete perfection.

As she got on the westbound entrance ramp to 836 locally known as the Dolphin Expressway she began contemplating about Eduardo and his newfound roommates and in a way she kind of wished it was her. ‘Am I jealous?’ She flashed back to a time in high school where Eduardo was sitting lunch with her and a couple of other friends and a strange woman whom she hadn’t seen before just came up to him and started flirting with him without so much as an introduction. What made it worse was that this woman actually had his attention for the duration she was there. Alison stared daggers at her almost hoping she would burst into flames if she focused hard enough. When Eduardo took notice of this he immediately dismissed her and said that he’ll call her later. With a wink she walked away swaying her hips back and forth hoping she had is attention. Fortunately that wasn’t the case as he was trying to convince his best friend not to impale the woman. Flashing back to reality she was blushing wildly that she had acted like that, its not like she hadn’t been in a couple of relationships before most of which were less than worthy of mentioning.

But it still was on her mind. Though this time around the situation is entirely different, these were beings from another planet and as far as she can tell the women have no romantic interest in Eduardo. Why would they? They weren’t his type anyway. Yeah he had a thing for nerds and shy girls and athletic girls, and girly girls, and party girls, and hard working girls. “Jesus Christ what a man whore!” She knew it wasn’t fair to say that he was never the type to use a woman for her body. Even if they were just friends with benefits he would still invite them over for lunch and have a civilized discussion and continue being friends after. Naturally only she knew about his ventures. None of that bothered her though because its another part of him they didn’t know about. A part she witnessed first hand. The look in his eyes.

She heard of that look in a man’s eyes before but that day she saw it for herself and for the first time, she was afraid of him. The day he was admitted to the hospital he had been shot, burned, and stabbed and with that look it killed her to see him like that. She personally went out of her way to tend to his wounds and despite the numerous arguments he demanded his release from the hospital. With everything they have gone though together, that day his family died he was different. Before last Friday she wouldn’t see him for days sometimes weeks at a time. He was always in the warehouse his back always turned against the door, the upper portion of his body exposed bearing his scars working intently on a project of some sort, ignoring any visitors that came by and always had a loaded gun and alcohol within reach.

But when the three Equestrians came, she saw something in him that she hadn’t seen in three years and was afraid to have been extinguished, a light shown in his eyes again, he was smiling again, laughing again its almost as if he was happy. After that night she heavily cried tears of joy thanking the heavens that her best friend had returned to his former self. Upon the next few visits though she realized that wasn’t entirely the case. The thoughts of that man still lingered within his mind and she knew the thoughts and nightmares were still haunting him. He never got the justice he deserved, or the closure he needed to move on. To Alison she thinks that was what bothered him most. He was denied justice.

Because of that something in him snapped, the moment he was released from the hospital he went to the funeral to spread his family’s ashes soon leaving afterwards without a word to family, friends or inlaws. He drove to his now former home where he prepared it to raise a family which was riddled with bullets. He then downed an entire bottle of 151 proof alcohol, grabbed a baseball bat just whaled on everything. According to what Jericho said, every window was broken, every piece of furniture in his house broken into splinters, doors ripped from their hinges, entire slabs of stucco and drywall were ripped from the house and ended up on the floor. It wasn’t a pretty sight. According to the accounts of the neighbors his cries of pain and anger could be heard from within, every one of them silently praying for him.

A few days later she was driving home east bound on 836 from a day at the mall and saw a black ‘67 GT500 roar right past her mid day hitting the northbound lanes on I-95. Never seeing the driver at the time she thought nothing of it and figured it was just some rich boy playing with a highly sought after classic. However upon learning that Jericho and Joseph were missing she drove to what he now called his home and she found it empty. Occupying a corner of the warehouse however was a table with a tarp covering it. She walked up to it curiously and removed it. What she saw she never would have expected. There were maps, blueprints, records, videos, pictures all revolving around him. What frightened her most of all, was the picture of that man nailed to a wall with a single bullet hole in between the eyes on the far end of the warehouse with a single spent 5.56 caliber shell on the table still warm from recent use. Her mind wandered back to the present. “Palmetto’s coming up.” She turned on her indicator and turned into the on ramp to 826.