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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Author's note: Id like to thank WinterTwister and Royal Guard Tactic for pre-reading these last couple of chapters for me. I hope you are all having as much fun reading these as I am writing them. Also in every chapter there should be a link going to a song associated with the scene.

Location: Florida State Line I-95, Southbound.

Time: 1:27 A.M.

Eduardo, Jericho and Joseph are driving back from what was a long couple of days in Malibu, California. Luckly because of Jericho’s rank for Miami PD, the Cali Highway Patrol let them go without questioning. They even got the GT500 back because there was no physical evidence left at the scene to show that they were really there in the first place. Their explination for why they drove to Cali was that they were vacationing and felt that going by plane wouldn’t give them the complete experience as for Eduardo’s injuries he was just released from the hospital two weeks ago and needs to change his bandages periodically to avoid infection. In reality both stories were true Jericho giving conformation with the duffle bag with medical supplies and documentation of his time spent in Jackson Memorial Hospital back in Miami. Joseph was the first to speak.

“Well we played it cool back in Cali huh?”

Those were the first words spoken since they left California three days before.

“Yeah, and thank god those CHP guys actually recognize authority even if it is from the east coast.” Jericho said.
Both looked at Eduardo seeing gauze covering his left eye as he drove. One hand on the steering wheel, the other holding the pistol grip shifter tightly.

“You alright Ed?”


“Say something man.”

All Eduardo wore was a black tank top, jeans and his steel toe boots, not exactly something he would normally wear but these weren’t normal conditions. His cousins were his medics and they needed to see every injury he has so they can bandage him, otherwise he would never switch them until he noticed when he was pumping the gas tank with 93 octane. He began to bleed through his bandages again. Didn,t take long for Jericho to notice this

“Hey man pull over, we gotta swap those bandages.”


“C’mon bro ta-.”

Eduardo then shot a look at Jericho, immediately silencing both Jericho and his little brother in the back seat. Even with one eye covered they saw the look of extreme hatred great vengeance and furious anger still burning inside him.

“Only time we’ll pull over is for gas and I don’t give two flying fucks what you think of it. If you want to swap the bandages you’ll have to fucking wait till then but until that happens all I want is silence. Don’t worry about the blood loss either, we already made it this far with me driving and I’m sure I can still drive from here to Miami so shut your mouth before I put my fist in it. As for what happened in California we failed.”



Between his wounds from before and recent history, as well as the stress, and the pain from his loss. Everything began to hit him at once. It was getting to him and they knew it.

The trio of Equestrians, eating their fill after two plates each, they were pleasantly surprised how filling the meal was and didn’t once hinder their movements.

“Aw man I can’t remember the last time I ate that much.”Spike said.

“No kidding. Eddy, where did you learn how to cook like that?” Twilight asked.

“Years of innovation and practice my dear Librarian.”

Over lunch they discussed the girl’s tattoos on their thighs. Twilight explained to him that they were physical representations of a pony’s special talent or in other words their life’s calling. On occasion a pony’s name will also be associated with their special talent before they know it. Eduardo was more interested as to how she was so good at public speaking. She explained that she lived in a library and is the personal student to the goddess of the sun. “That’s cool.” Was all he said. From there he asked what their special talents were. Fluttershy explained her talent was animal care. It was no surprise to him seeing as how his hounds were constantly bombarding her with affection and to have it returned to them just as quickly. Eduardo swore his pancreas was about to burst from the amount of sweetness he witnessed coming from her interacting from his beasts.

Twilight explained hers was magic to which she proved it by turning Eduardo into a pony. He was rather surprised to learn that he was a rather rugged stallion pegasus with a long dark brown mane and tail with a coat of crimson. His cutie mark wasn’t visible nor was his wings and though he was curious he wasn’t curious enough to undress in the company of two women and a kid, especially the kid. Not to say he didn’t let his mind wander with the “If he wasn’t here.” thought. Though he can hardly be blamed for letting his mind fall into the gutter with Twilight and Fluttershy in their present forms. He had unintentionally seen their birthday suits after all and found their human forms attractive after he thought about it. Stallion or not, he was still a man. A gentleman but still a man. He was thankful for the fact that it was nothing to worry about anyway.
Originally they were ponies and last time he checked he got his jollies off of attractive human females, not that hes been with any in a while but human females nonetheless so human or not they were still ponies. After what seemed like the longest seconds of his life with the girls burning holes through his clothes she changed him back. He could have sworn that Fluttershy’s wings were fully extended.

“Well, glad I was eye candy for you two.” He chuckled lightly while the girls blushed.

“So where exactly are we again?” Twilight asked suddenly realizing that they had absolutely no idea where they were and to quickly change the topic.

With that Eduardo smiled and led them to the book case pulling out a rather large book labeled ‘World Atlas’ and led them to his office desk across the machine shop. After flipping it open to reveal the earth and all of its glory he began by pointing out the continents.

“Alright, before we zoom in first we have to take a look at the big picture. What you see before you is the planet earth. It’s the 3rd planet from the sun and only has one moon. We’ll begin here.” He had his finger on Europe pointing out the other massive bodies of land. “This right here Europe, is shares boarders with Asia which shares boarders with Africa. All three have a large amount of countries within them as will South America but you’ll see that soon enough.” He then moved his finger to what looked to the three like an island. “This is Australia, originally it was colonized by the prisoners of Europe but then developed into a thriving area of free people and eventually society formed there. Now that’s not easy when most of the land is desert mind you.” He then proceeded to the bottom of the page. “This is Antarctica. To live there in this barren frozen wasteland takes many brains balls and an iron will to survive. Now with those covered now we can have a little fun. These right here are the Americas. The one on top is North and the one on the bottom is south. Their border is right here in Panama. Now we’re in North America more specifically the United States which is right between the countries of Mexico and Canada. Washington D.C. is the capitol located in the state of Virginia which is here. Now Twilight can you point out on the map where you think we are in the states?”

She placed her index finger right on top of where Florida is. “I know for a fact we landed here.”

Satisfied with that answer he opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a long folded piece of paper that was laminated.
He opened it up placing it on top of his desk turning it to a position where everyone can see clearly the trio noticing markings on certain areas in different colors.

“This is the proud state of Florida. The capital here is Tallahassee located right here where the star is. Now we are in the southern area more specifically here.” He pointed Miami out in clear view of the three. “Where you landed was here in the city of Opa Locka.” He drew a circle with his index finger. “Now where I found you was here in the Triangle where I imagine you landed somewhere nearby.” He placed his index on the spot he mentioned on the map. “Our current location is about 15 miles to the west give or take which is right here on the intersection of Okeechobee Road and Krome Avenue. The warehouse we are currently in is marked with a black X. That’s the former airstrip now a drag strip.” He pointed on the map. “Class dismissed.” He finished with a smile while the three were astounded by the information they just heard and witnessed.

“Can I ask you something?” Twilight asked.

“Sure.” folding the map and putting it back in his desk.

“This is where you work right?”


“And you live here too?”

“Uh huh.”

“Can I ask you something then?”

“Depends. What are you getting at?”

“I’m asking because with all this equipment you have in here and the chariots-”


“Oh, sorry, I just think this is a little unhealthy. I mean sure you have a good house and its practical in every sense of the word not to mention well built from what I can see but don’t you think it’s doing harm going to sleep where you work all the time?” Normally Twilight was never one to be as straight forward however she knows that the home someone lives in says a lot about the individual living inside and the home he lived in was bland, nothing tender, only has the bare necessities.

Yes she lived where she worked too as did Fluttershy, and the others. However in their homes it always ranged from welcoming to warm to natural to cozy or cheery. But Eduardo’s home was in actuality a steel reinforced concrete box. Yes the first floor had a kitchen, machine shop, mini parking area and office all open to each other save for a certain area next to the tarped car with a large steel garage door facing the track. On the second floor there was a couple of full sized bathrooms, with rooms to go with it and even a workout area with plenty of natural sunlight coming through the UV filtered glass panels on the ceiling filling the whole warehouse with light with the modern comfort of electricity and air conditioning. All in all Twilight had a point. “I mean yes it has everything you need but from I can see its just a house. Have you ever considered maybe livening the place up a bit?” 'Oh sweet Celestia Rarity’s words out of my mouth.'

After he thought about it for a moment he walked past the three and took a look around. Stopping at an area sectioned off from the rest of the first floor grimacing at the thought of whats inside there. “I understand what you mean Twilight trust me I do. I also understand that there has to be a balance, a balance I purposely neglected for the sole purpose of simplicity. I’m not angry at what you’re saying. Not in the least bit because you’re absolutely right. This is just a house. It always has been ever since the day of its construction. Just a house for work during the day and to hold celebrations when it was time to play and when it got too late for me or my guests who ever they were they slept here. That is all I ever intended this place to be. That or storage. Now its both.” He turned to face the others looking Twilight in the eyes.

“What happened?” Twilight asked with genuine concern.

“Theres a saying that goes home is where the heart is. I’m sad to say that my heart was torn from me, broken apart in a way I would never wish upon my worst enemies.” He turned to look at the kitchen where the liquor cabinet was. “Since that day my life was as dull and grey as the result. And this warehouse, Depressing? Yeah. Lonely? You know it. Tiring? Like you wouldn’t believe. But I have no one to blame but myself for letting things get this way. What happened you ask? I’ll tell you now its not something I like to talk about. Reason for that is because no matter how much I do. It will never repair the damage or fill the hole that was left in me. Now I can only drown my sorrow in ways I never thought I would when I actually lived.”

“Its not right to hold back whatever it is thats bothering you.” Said Twilight.

“Trust me, the answers you want are not pretty.”

He turned back to the trio now with concerned looks in their eyes. “There is an upside to this set up though. That’s something I will share.” A sad smile formed on his face. “Even though I still wake up with that pain, I can take comfort in knowing that I’m in a place where everything makes sense in numbers. My work, this house it all numbers to me and when it all adds up, it makes sense. I would know I designed this place. My work is the same concept, precision in numbers. So for that I’m thankful because everything else I’ve been dealt, doesn’t. Not even you guys being here standing in front of me. But I’m not upset at that, quite the contrary. I’m actually very thankful. Its been too long since met new people and laughed and smiled like I have in the short time you’ve been here. It’ll make me sad to see you leave but the time we share together then, now, later…...I am eternally grateful for it.”

“Its not right to keep secrets Eduardo, especially if its hurting you.” Said Fluttershy.

“And what exactly can you do about it? They're gone because of me, this scar on my left eye is testimate to that.”

“Please talk to us, we only want to help.” Said Fluttershy.

Help? Okay, how about I tell you a harsh lesson I had to learn the hard way intsead? Here it is, always appreciate the people you have in your life. That is a lesson that to this day is still being put to use to ease my sorrow. When I had them I made the best of every moment and I wouldn't trade it for the world.” Eduardo took off a blue rosary inside his shirt and wrapped it around his right hand as he looked toward the sectioned off area of the wearhouse.

Fluttershy began to walk towards him. She didn’t expect that this topic would be an open a wound that was clearly still fresh to Eduardo. She had never seen anyone so sad in her life. When she saw into his eyes as he spoke, she saw something, an overwhelming combination of sadness, regret, and pain within him that he holds and is unable to let go. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Looking back she saw Twilight softly shaking her head refusing to let her near him.


“Yes Eduardo?”

“I understand how important this must be for you. I’ll allow you to stay as long as you need while you conduct your research and report your findings. You’re more than welcome to help yourself to my office. Anything you feel you need to know within is probably in the range of books I have. Same goes for Fluttershy and Spike. I have a couple of history books and science books from my days in college. Not sure how good engineering, business books, 'how to's' and repair manuals would be to you though. In the event you’re friends decide to come inform them that they are just as welcome, but to give me a heads up so I can make room for them. Lord knows I’ve housed enough parties here to cater to many passed out drunkards. Also, I have a couple of rules. First and foremost, do not under any circumstance take the tarp off that car over there. Secondly, the sectioned area on the first floor is strictly off limits. There is no lock on it however I can trust you’ll keep your distance. That should give you a hint as to how long I have had company. Since I work from home, naturally you’ll be seeing a lot of me and I ask that you respect my privacy as I respect yours. Other than that its simple etiquette. You see a closed door? Knock on it and wait for a voice before you enter. Same goes for the bathrooms. Don’t at all attempt to drive the cars. Look as much as you like but don’t in anyway shape or form get behind the wheel. Other than that feel free to listen to some music or watch a movie or whatever. I’m gonna take some time to myself.”

With that he walked towards the sectioned off area and went inside closing the door behind him leaving the three standing there in a mixed array of emotions after witnessing his monologue.

“Uh…what just happened?” Spike asked with a quizzical look trying to figure out how things got so serious.

“That was just so…unexpected. I really hope we’re not being a bother to him.” Twilight said.

“Hes…..very sad.” Fluttershy quietly said. “The first time I actually saw him I knew he was somepony we could trust and he wouldn’t allow anything to harm us. But after everything he just said….”

“If only Pinkie were here. She would know how to cheer him up.” Said Spike.

“I think I should write a letter to Celestia, see what she has to say about this.” Said Twilight.

At that moment the garage door opened up with Alison walking in with a smile on her face.

“Hey Spikey where Eddy?”

Spike and the others pointed to the room in unison. Alison’s expression turning serious.

“I see…” She noticed Twilight and Fluttershy and eagerly introduced herself to them. “Oh uh right, Hi my name is Alison I’m a friend of Eddy’s. I’ll spare you the details and just say we’ve known each other a long time.” She said with a smile. “Good to see you two are awake, you gave Eddy quite the scare last night.”

“Yes we know how lucky that he came by at just the right time.” Twilight said.

“Yeah, with women his timing was always horrible but whenever it came to machinery, investing, or helping a stranger impeccable every time. Is that spaghetti I smell?” She looked towards the kitchen. “Oh sweet Jesus it is.” She gingerly made her way to the kitchen grabbing a bowl and gave herself a couple of scoops and pouring the sauce right on top with a dash of provolone. The others followed just taking a seat. “Okay I take it one of you asked why he lives here instead of a regular house?” Looking back she saw Twilight had a guilty look on her face. “Don’t beat yourself up over it. Theres no way you could have known that would happen.”

“You say it like its happened before.” Said Spike.

“Trust me Eddy is a great man and yeah hes got his short comings here and there. But the things hes seen, the things he experienced. No one should ever go through the hell he went through.” She sighed remembering the thoughts of watching her best friend breaking down in the hospital bed knowing there was nothing she could to do ease his pain. Taking it upon himself to refuse morphine as if pain was needed to quench his emotional suffering. She decided it was best to keep it to herself for the moment. She attempted to change the subject.

“SO what do you guys do for fun back in Equestria?” She asked eagerly awaiting an answer as she dug in to her meal. Lightening the mood was something she was good at.

Fluttershy was first to answer. “Well occasionally I like to play the violin. My playing is….okay.” of course she was bring modest.

Alison smiled at this. “Well I know that Eddy has a couple of guitars in his room. One in particular he rocks out pretty hard on.”

“That’s awesome.” Said Spike eagerly.

“Yeah hes a pretty well rounded guy when it comes to the arts, music in particular. Not so much politics though. He hates politics with a passion comparable to that of over 9000 burning suns.”

“I never expected him the type to play music.” Said Twilight.

“Neither did I to be honest. Hes the kind of guy that will try anything once. If hes got nothing better to do he’ll stick with it if he likes it he kicks butt in it.”

“Does he like to fight?” Twilight said.

Alison chuckled. “Now why would you ask something like that?” she said sarcastically.

“Well you know about what happened yesterday right?”

“Yes and I also bandaged those same guys. I knew it was his work the moment they walked in.” The three leaned in closer as she was finishing her meal. “Listen he may seem like hes indestructible but that’s only because hes a good fighter, if he sees an opening he’ll take it and will use his body and his opponent’s weakness to its full advantage, example; the guy he knocked out and stomped his ribs in. Normally it wouldn’t be something he does but at the time it was a street fight and anything goes besides it was six on one, the quicker he can make one guy stay down the better. His style is quick and precise. I would know, I taught him.” The girls were surprised and Spike was just impressed.

“Its just a perk of being a 4th degree black belt and having a best friend whos willing to take a beating to learn. I’m still the only one who can kick is Cuban-American butt. That’s probably because not once did he ever take a swing at me though. He would never hit a woman or a kid. His moral code won’t allow it. The last bit with his marksmanship though, yeah that was all him. The moment he turned 21 he got himself a pistol and within a few weeks and a few hundred dollars worth of ammo spent he was damn near championship material. Not because hes looking for a fight or hes some sort of war monger. Quite the opposite, he hates confrontation and will resort to violence if there is no other option especially if its to save someone else.”

They leaned in closer, interested in his story.

“He has an amazing heart wouldn’t hurt a fly. The only reason he would go so far to learn martial arts and hone his marksmanship is because of the fact that he refuses to be a victim. It’s a tough world and some are more likely to harm you than lend a helping hand. Hes the kind of guy that would help a stranger and ask for nothing in return, if something was offered in exchange he refused. He just has so much goodness in him. The things that I admire most though is not his generosity, unfaltering loyalty, brutal honesty, random acts of kindness, his ability to make people laugh, or his enormous heart. But the fact he was able to balance all these things at once.” In the back of Alison’s mind though she knew that all this was true however these days its just a mask that he wears to hide his true feelings and its eating away at him.

For a moment Twilight thought to herself while Fluttershy and Spike listened intently. ‘Do you mean to tell me that he, in a way, is a living manifestation of the elements of harmony? Yeah I definitely have to write to the princess about this.’ “Can I ask another question?” Twilight asked.

“I already know where this is going but sure.” Said Alison.

“The covered car. What is it and whats the story behind it?”

“Well that car is a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500. When he got his hands on it, it was bone stock and in decent shape. Unfortunately though it was involved in a grim situation and afterwards he modified everything. Swapped the engine to a 427 big block, modified the body making it more stable and aerodynamic which is hard to do on a car that was made in those days. He doesn't take it out these days. Now it just sits there. He only drives the truck, and the Supra over there. The Blue one and the M3 haven't moved in lord knows how long. Other than that, the story behind the mustang, I haven’t a clue. Not sure I want to know either but hes different when hes around it and its scares me to be honest. You saw the scar right? The one that runs across his left eye? Hard to miss.”

Fluttershy looked at Alison with worry in her eyes. “Oh the poor man, what happened to him?”

Alison looked at Fluttershy. “He lost everything that mattered to him in one night.” She looked down at the table took in a breath and sighed hating the answer that she was about to give them. “He watched his wife and kids burn to death.”