• Published 23rd Dec 2011
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Three Equestrians and an Engineer - Greasebrony

A man who copes with the loss of his family befriends 3 strangers after saving them from thugs.

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Reaching Out

After a few minutes of driving and a couple of awkward moments later, Eduardo and the others were pulling into what was a very green environment compared to the concrete jungle they were in earlier.

“This is where you live?” Asked Spike.

“Eeyup. Home sweet home.”

After four miles of driving passing a couple of late night truckers they reached the gate of his property. A patch of land by the intersection of Okeechobee road and Krome Ave. Once they passed the gate and drove inside with only one headlight cutting though the darkness a warehouse came into view beyond the trees.

“What is this place?”

“It used to be an air strip back in the day but was converted to a drag strip when the original owner kicked the bucket. Unfortunately the place ran into some economic issues were in trouble of foreclosing. Luckily I needed a place to set up shop. So I came by and said I pay the rent and build my shop here and you guys can continue running the strip. After some negotiation I drew up the paper work and allowed them to review every word of it. We sealed the deal the next day. Now if they aren’t working at the drag strip they’re working for me as quality control meaning whenever I come up with a new part or product, they give it hell till it brakes.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. But why here? Its so far from everything.”

“Back in high school whenever I had a bad day I would always come here and allow myself to connect with nature. On occasion I watch the sunset as well. In time though I came to get to know the employees and the owner personally and when I was in college and had my own set of wheels they let me drag here at half price. Safe to say I had my fair share of bad nights but hey you can’t win ‘em all right?”

"I guess, say what is a Dragstrip?"

"You're kidding. You're kidding right?"

Spike Smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

'Yeah if it wasn't gonna be a long night before it will be now.' Eduardo thought.

The main garage door opened up at a steady pace as the G8 pulled inside the warehouse the motion detectors turning on a single florescent lamp high above the shop floor. More than enough to see where Eduardo was going as he pulled up into an empty space and parked in backwards.

“Okay, Spike this is what I want you to do…”

Spike was at attention.

“I’m going take these two up stairs and set them in bed, in the meantime wait over there and don’t touch anything. Okay?”

“Alright. Is there anything I can do to help them?”

“For now you can just open the door to the bedroom so we can put the girls some place comfortable, in the meantime I’ll call my buddy over. She’ll probably be getting out of her shift now and if I call this late she knows its important.”

As Eduardo and Spike opened their doors they were greeted by two happy adult pit bull and husky both showering affection for their owner and his visitor.

Spike couldn’t help but laugh as he was taken down by the affectionate pit bull.”Ah ha ah stop that tickles!”

Eduardo let out a whistle capturing the dog’s attention.“Down boys.”

Spike let himself up as Eduardo made his way to the passenger side picking up the purple haired woman Spike addressed as Twilight Sparkle.”Alright spike follow me.”He led them up the steel steps covered by a rubber mat and led the way to what looked like a guest bedroom with two single-sized beds. “Can you get the covers?” As he set Twilight down he couldn’t help but notice she had a tattoo on he upper thigh of what looked to him like two stars on top of each other. One pink and the other white surrounded by five little stars, more than that she had a similar tattoo on the other side.

Shortly after setting her comfortably he immediately went to get the woman Spike addressed as Fluttershy. Opening the door even with the dim lighting it revealed that she had tattoos in the same location but instead of stars it was three pink and baby blue butterflies. ’Well more attractive than a tramp stamp I guess.’ He undid her seatbelt and took her to the room where Spike was waiting, the covers ready to receive Fluttershy. After setting her in bed and Spike covering her up to her shoulders they left the room and proceeded down stairs.

“Wait in the spot I told you about and I’ll speak to you in a bit. In the meantime help yourself to some soda, you’ve earned it.”

With a soft smile Spike proceeded to the kitchen to grab a drink as Eduardo made a call on his cell phone.

A feminine voice answered. “You better have a good reason to be calling me this late Eddy.”

“Long night?”

“Unusually slow.”


“Seriously though whats up? Knowing you, you probably skewered yourself on that fixed drill you have in the shop.”

“Okay that only happened once, plus its not me this time. I’ve got a couple of friends here that need a look.”

“Well is it serious? To be calling me it has to be, for an amateur you can whip up stitches like nothing and wrap burns just as well as any doctor I know.”

“Well for the most part I think its just exhaustion but just to make sure I would rather consult someone who does this sort of thing for a living.”

“Alright, where are they?”

“In the guest bed room.”

“Okay I’m leaving the hospital now so I’ll be there soon.”

“Alright. Thanks Alison, I owe you one.”

“Don’t worry about it. What are friends for right?”

With that they both hung up their phones and proceeded to the living area where Spike was enjoying some apple juice and reading a rather old novel he picked out on the book case behind him. The spine reading Christine, By Stephen King.

“Isn’t that a little too mature for a kid your age?”

“Is it? I didn’t know. Say whats a Shitter?”

Eduardo made a stern face and pointed a finger.“Hey, gentlemen don’t say words like that in the company of women especially if they’re unconscious.”

Spike gave a rather disappointed look. “Oh, sorry.”

“Its alright, just don’t let it happen again.”


“So, my friend is on her way here to check up on Twilight and Fluttershy. Now while we wait tell me more about yourself, the two up stairs, where you guys are from, and most importantly why in the world you three in the Triangle at 10 in the evening.”

Pinkie’s Pinkie sense just went off and its leaving everypony worried especially the princesses.

“Oh no oh no oh no this can’t be happening no way this can be happing.”Rainbow Dash paced back and forth tirelessly.

Being the element of Loyalty it was killing her inside knowing that her friends are in trouble and she was of no help to them being worlds away.

“Calm down Dash, for all we know they could be fine probably just had a rough landing and just getting their bearings. Ah mean they did just travel through space for Celestia’s sake.” Applejack trying to calm Rainbow down with little avail deep down though she knew that when Pinkie’s sense went off she had every reason to fret and it bothered her just as much. In response for her efforts all she got was a worried and serious glance.

Pinkie just sat motionless with her tail and mane deflated and tears in her eyes desperate to find any reason to believe Spike Fluttershy and Twilight were going to be fine.

Rarity was not fairing any better looking up at the sky searching for some hope her three friends were going to be okay.

“Everypony please try to calm yourselves. I’m sure they are just fine but worrying will not help anyone at this point.” Luna trying to reason with the element bearers.

“Calm ourselves!? Our best friends are out there with no way for us to reach them and you’re telling us to calm ourselves?!” Rainbow Dash’s temper was beginning to get the best of her. “Can’t you find a way to get us over there? At least send them a letter!”

At that moment Celestia entered the chamber. “I just sent a letter, we should be getting a response soon but in the meantime please try to relax. I can only imagine that Twilight must by physically exhausted after that ordeal. As Applejack said, they probably just had a rough landing and need a while to regain their strength.”

Rarity finally turned to her friends and spoke.“She is right girls. Magic for us unicorns does reach a limit especially when it is released all at once. We should at least wait till morning for a response. Until then we have no reasonable excuse to worry.”

It was Pinkie’s turn to speak.“Rainbow they’re right my Pinkie sense may have gone off but for all we know it was just for a moment. We all know how smart Twilight is. If anything she already fixed whatever situation they were in. Plus Fluttershy with her Stare. I mean that’s something no pony wants to challenge. And Spike is a quick thinker, we all know that.” With that reasoning she was able to smile a little facing her friends and allowing the tension of the situation die down a bit. No pony could stay mad with Pinkie Pie around. Especially with logic like that.

While the others found solace in Pinkie’s words, Rainbow Dash was still on edge.

“Agh! I can’t take this!” With that she darted off to the balcony spread her wings and took to the sky at breakneck speed leaving her trademark rainbow trail in her wake.

Seeing how broken up she was about the situation Luna prepared to take flight when she felt a hoof on her shoulder. She looked back to see Applejack.

“She needs some time alone just let her be for now, shes a mare of action ya know. Never one to take things sitting down. She’ll come back just let her blow off some steam.”

“I understand. It just bothers me to see my subjects so hurt let alone a friend. I feel like its my fault this happened.” Luna said stomping a hoof on the marble floor in frustration.

Celestia approached her Luna.“Sister it was no ponies fault this took place. For now we just need to wait to see what happens and have faith the Twilight and the others and trust they will come through.”

Spike was explaining the circumstances of their arrival to this world while music played asound the shop.

“So let me get this straight. You mean to tell me that you’re from a utopia where its dominated by candy colored ponies varying from regular to unicorns to pegasi and with two alicorn sisters whom of which are living goddesses and have the ability to control the sun and the moon.”


“And that in this world you look like a kid in his late teens but you are in fact a baby dragon, and Twilight cast a spell on you three to change your appearances in order to fit in, and that all the reason you were in the dangerous neighborhood I saved you in was because that’s the landing zone you agreed on, so you can put the clothes in those saddlebags on by the time you got here?”


“And all this was just an experiment to learn about a new world THIS ONE in particular.”


Eduardo was soon on the floor clenching his stomach with tears in his eyes laughing so hard he was having a fit of coughs in between laughs.


Spike just gave the man a deadpan look. ‘Well he could have been a little nicer about it.’

When he recovered from his fit of laughter he made an attempt to regain his composure.

“Aye Dios, wow kid I honestly can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard.” He was still having a case of the chuckles which stopped the moment Spike literally burped out a flaming green letter.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” Said Eduardo with a wide eyed look.

“I told you.” Spike gave him a smug look.

“YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU COULD DO THAT!” Eduardo was in fact shocked by the revelation that what Spike said might actually have the possibility of being true.

Just then a horn was heard outside the warehouse.

Eduardo regaining his composure.“That must be Alison.” He turned to Spike before grabbing the remote to open the garage door. “We’ll talk about this later. In the mean time this stays between us alright?”

Spike nodded with a smug look of satisfaction.

As the garage door opened. A woman on a purple Kawasaki Ninja slowly rolled inside passing Eduardo stopping a few feet short of the Machine shop area. She shut the bike off and dismounted removing her helmet and gloves. She stood at 5’7 with smooth blonde hair in a ponytail and her figure in good shape. Eduardo always did admire a fine body, regardless of the make.

“Hey there Stiletto.”

“Ugh you know how much I hate that nickname.”

“You love it.” Eduardo gave her a flirtatious grin which resulted in a firm roundhouse kick to the stomach. “Totally worth it.” That was met with a smack to the back of the head. “Now you’re just being violent.”

“So where are these friends you told me about?”

Eduardo still recovering from his most recent beating. “Up stairs in the guest bedroom.”

“Okay.” She removed her backpack and went up stairs to the bedroom Twilight and Fluttershy slept in. After she did her check up and was finished making sure that medically they were fine she met with Eduardo down stairs in front of his Supra. To which she decided to have a little fun with him.

Eduardo was looking under the hood admiring his work when he felt a feminine yet firm hand grab his right butt cheek and another around his jugular. He heard a voice come up to his ear. “I am going to fuck you up so badly you filthy grease monkey.”

He turned his head to look into her eyes and with smugness in the tone of his voice he responded. “I love it when you talk dirty.”

She let him go and they both laughed playfully.

“Okay they both seem to be in good condition, just tired from god knows what.” She gave Eduardo a suggestive look.

He immediately raised his hands. “Hey don’t look at me I found them like that.”

“Naked too?”

He blushed furiously even though he knew that would bite him in the ass.

“C’mon dude I’m only kidding.”

“Sure you were.”

“Seriously though where did you find them? I know you wouldn’t stoop down to that level but for my own sake.”

“I found them over at the Triangle. They were surrounded by a couple of thugs that were about to have their way with them. The purple haired one was already unconscious and the pink haired one fainted after the fight.”

“So I take it that the guy with the dislocated knee and the other with a bullet hole in his shoulder and the one with a dislocated elbow and another one with a broken jaw was you?”

“Well when you put it like that it sounds like I was the asshole.”

“Relax Ed, I know you wouldn’t resort to going that far unless you had a good reason and no I’m not telling the cops anything. Especially your cousin.”


“Hey you helped me out of some tough spots too. I’m just happy to see that after what happened you’re still the same sweet guy I met back in freshman year.”

He smiled a little at that comment. “Don’t get sappy on me now Ali.”

She looked over at one car with the silhouette of a classic mustang under a tarp sitting in between the STi and the G8. “I still worry about you though. Hes still out there.”

The look on his face now turning serious. “Hes in hiding, off the grid. Don’t worry when he slips up again and I know he will I’ll make sure he pays.”

Alison’s face turned to an expression of concern. “That’s why I’m worried.”


“Can I ask you a question though?”

“You just did.”

“Quit being a smartass.”

“Alright go.”

“I noticed that one of them has wings. Literally, real wings. I’ve never seen that before.”

Eduardo let out a sigh. “It’s a long story. Either way I think you’re gonna want to be around for this cause I’m honestly not sure how to handle the situation I’m now involved in.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think its time you met spike.”