• Published 11th Sep 2012
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Geoverse Part Three: To Live Is Human - GeodesicDragon

Geo is back in Equestria. But so is someone else...

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As I stood rooted to the spot, I could feel the sweat pouring down my face. My nerves were on red alert, my heart was pounding in my chest like a sledgehammer, my throat felt dry and constricted, and my mind was racing like Pinkie does after she eats a lot of sugar.

"Jeez, mate," a voice to my side said. "You need to relax."

"I'm getting married, John," I retorted. "Pardon me for thinking that the groom getting nervous was all part of the fun."

John sighed. "You're getting married to the mare of your dreams," he said. "She loves you, you love her, so get a hold of yourself!" He then slapped me, as if to ensure that I got the message.

I rubbed my cheek and smiled. "You're right," I said. "I don't know why I'm worried; this day is going to be perfect."

This day is going to be perfect. I repeated those words inside my head again and again, and I felt myself relaxing. I took a few deep breaths as a unicorn stallion and alicorn mare approached me.

"Geo." he extended a hoof and I shook it firmly. "John."

"Shining Armour," I replied. "Glad you could make it."

"It's my little sister's wedding, Geo." he chuckled. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." He sighed. "Seems like only yesterday I was telling her bedtime stories... why does life have to pass by so fast?"

"Beats me." I shrugged. "Best to enjoy it while we can, right?"

Shining patted my shoulder and entered the ballroom to mingle with the other guests, leaving me to wait for the others. While waiting, I looked around at the decorations Pinkie had put up.

There were purple balloons and the occasional pink streamer, to match the highlight in Twilight's mane and tail, all over the place. Pinkie had indeed gone with the 'everything must be purple' theme she mentioned at the party she threw when we first got together.

Speaking of Twilight... I hadn't seen her for a few days now; Equestrians shared the 'bride and groom must not see each other until the day of the wedding' rule that humans have on Earth, but that didn't make the separation any less painful. We had been apart once before, so neither of us were keen on the idea of being apart again, but we felt that we had to do our bit to keep tradition alive.

"Gentlemen," a commanding, yet gentle, voice said. We glanced upwards to see Princesses Celestia and Luna approaching.

"Your Highnesses." we spoke, and bowed, in unison.

"So, it's the big day at last." Celestia smiled. "It's been a long time coming, Geo, wouldn't you agree?"

I grinned and nodded. "Damn right I do," I replied. "I can't wait any longer; I've been wanting this for so long."

"Good, because we came to tell you that we are ready to begin the ceremony," Luna said. "Please, follow us."

Both Princesses trotted back into the hall, followed closely by John and I. As we walked, I took a few deep breaths.

And fought the urge to shout out in joy.


The wedding march soon started, and the massive doors at the far end of the room swung open. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were first in, acting as flower fillies. Their grins were obvious, even through the basket of flowers each of them was holding.

Twilight soon followed, and I was transfixed. She was wearing what she called her 'Gala dress,' her mane had been styled into a fashion which rivalled even Rarity's, and she smelt of the lavender perfume I had got for her shortly after I got back.

As she stood by my side, my mouth was hanging open slightly.

"You look fantastic, Twi," I said.

Twilight blushed and smiled. "Thank you, Geo," she replied. "You look good in that suit; Rarity did a great job with it." She motioned for me to come down to her level. I obliged and she got up on her hind legs, placing her forehooves on my shoulders. "Although it goes without saying that it would look even better on the floor." She whispered, biting her lower lip and giving me a sultry grin.

"Funny you should mention that," I whispered back with an equally sultry grin. "I was just thinking the same thing about your dress."

Before we could continue, John coughed loudly. "I know what you're both thinking, but you can't do it here." he narrowed his eyes at us. "Wait for the honeymoon, all right?"

Twilight and I exchanged a sheepish glance while I stood up and she got back on all fours. "Right." we spoke together.

"Men, mares, and gentlecolts." Celestia's voice filled the room. "We are all gathered here today to join these two in matrimony."

John, in his capacity as my Best Man, stepped forward with the rings; one was on a chain, as it was to go around Twilight's neck, while the other was for my finger. I'd had them both made by Diamond Dust in Ponyville, two simple golden bands with a small amethyst embedded in the setting. Engraved on the inside of each ring were four words which had come to embody the relationship that Twilight and I shared: My Heart Is Yours.

Celestia levitated the rings with her magic and continued addressing everyone present. "The two of you have been through so much just to be together," she said. "The commitment you share with each other is wonderful, and your love is true and honest." She faced Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student and dear friend, do you take this human to be your husband?"

"Yes, I do." Twilight tried, and failed, to suppress a gleeful squeal.

Celestia smiled at her antics and turned to face me. "And do you, Geo, take this unicorn to be your wife?"

"What kind of question is that?" I replied. "Hell yes, I do."

"In that case..." Luna used her magic to put the rings on. "By the power invested by us as Princesses, we now pronounce the two of you to be married. May you both find everlasting love together."

With those words, I picked Twilight up and kissed her as passionately, and for as long, as I could.

The church exploded into cheering as we finally tore apart from each other, and I hoisted her onto my shoulders. As we began to leave the castle, I saw Twilight's parents, who each gave me an approving nod and smile, and her brother, who saluted.

I saw Ace, who was engrossed in conversation with Pinkie Pie. He saw me and waved, a gesture I returned with a nod.

Leaving the castle, I saw that a lot of ponies had turned up to offer their congratulations. This touched my heart; most of them hadn't even been invited to the ceremony to begin with.

"Wow," I said, as I looked at the sea of well-wishers. "You wouldn't see people doing this where I come from."

Twilight giggled and kissed the top of my head. "Welcome to Equestria, husband," she cooed in my ear.

I smiled and tilted my head so I could kiss her back.

At the bottom of the stairs leading up to the castle, a carriage was waiting to take us to our honeymoon in Fillydelphia. The chauffeur opened the door, offering his congratulations at the same time, and we paused so that Twilight could throw the bouquet, which – much to Rarity's displeasure – was caught by Pinkie Pie. We then got into the carriage and set off on our honeymoon.

"And so begins our new life," I said, as I stroked my wife's mane. She settled down on my chest and sighed contentedly.

"Here's to us spending eternity together," she replied.

The rest of the journey was spent in comfortable silence as we enjoyed both the scenery, and each others company.


The trees swayed in the breeze as the group of men surveyed their surroundings with a wary eye.

"By all that is holy," one of them said. "I had my suspicions that that crackpot was up to something, but this just proves it."

"I would never have believed it, without seeing it for myself," said another. "I guess our agent was telling the truth after all."

"What are your orders, Prime Minister?" said the first man.

"Who knows what Doctor Sorou has uncovered?" the Prime Minister replied. "Until we know for certain who – or what – calls this place home, I am treating this new world as a potential threat to the safety and well-being of our country." He turned to the first man. "Graham, I want you to make a call to the Ministry of Defence... and tell them that I want to bring in the Army."