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Left 4 Dead in Equestria - Pegasi will rule

The three main survivors are about to become the three MANE survivors!

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Welcome to the good life...?

Chapter 3: Welcome to the good life...?

Twilight and the others rushed the monsters to the nearest hospital. Despite flabbergasted doctors and the apprehension they felt treating them, they did have a Hippocratic oath to fulfill. The darker one had severe internal bleeding and was the worse of the three, but the other two only had minor concussions and contusions. Twilight waited with the others, and hopefully, would be told what these creatures were.

"Twilight Sparkle?" A Doctor called out across the room. She turned and smiled, quickly trotting over, followed by her friends.

"Yes, Doctor? How are... they?" She asked. He whistled and looked over his clipboard.

"Well, all three of them are covered in scratches, scars, and what appear to be bite marks. Wherever they came from, sure wasn't friendly to them."

Twilight tilted her head. "Where did they come from, Doctor?" She asked. The Doctor chuckled and let out another whistle.

"You got me there. I have no idea what these creatures are, but they don't seem to be hostile, if that's what you want to know." He assured. The girls physically relaxed and looked to one another.

"Are they awake?" Rarity asked. The Doctor nodded and pointed down the hall.

"The bald one with the vest is. But, just be warned, he's a little... grumpy." He said with a chuckle. They girls looked to one another, uncertain about that, but made their way down the hall.

"Sir, I need you to put that down!" Redheart shouted, trying to reach the jar of sedatives that Francis now clutched. He laughed and tossed them from hand to hand.

"Or what? You're just my imagination playing tricks on me! Talking horses! HA! That's a good one brain!" He laughed. The nurse rolled her eyes and tried again.

"For the hundredth time, we're 'Ponies'! And we are just as real as you are, I can assure you!" She said. Francis glowered at her.

"Prove it, tiny!" He goaded. All at once, the impatient nurse turned and kicked him in the place Francis hated to be kicked in most. He yelled and fell to the ground, clutching his member.

"I... hate... hospitals..." He panted, rolling around on the ground. The nurse quickly got him onto her back and put him back into the bed, rolling her eyes as he continued to clutch his junk.

"Honestly! I barely tapped you. For someone so tall and tough looking, you're pretty weak." She goaded. Francis shot her a glare and frowned.

"I just went through two weeks of Zombie hell! Who's weak now?" He said, sticking out his tongue. The nurse was about to ask what he meant, but a knock at the door forced her to hold it for a while.

"Hello, Nurse Redheart. How are they doing?" Twilight asked from the door. Her other friends and Spike peering inside out of curiosity.

"Oh, they're okay." She confirmed with a smile. "They're all asleep right now, the bald one having to be sedated just now... So they're not up for talking."

"I am." A feminine voice came from the back corner. They all turned to see the, what they presumed, female, sitting up, a small device in her hands.

"O-oh. I didn't notice you were awake. How long have you been up?" Nurse Redheart asked. The girl smiled and shook her head.

"About the time you kicked Francis in the balls." She confirmed. Nurse Redheart blushed and nodded.

"Oh. You saw that, huh? I'm sorry." She said sadly. The girl laughed loudly and put a cylindrical paper slip in between her lips, lighting it with the silver thing in her hand.

"Don't be." She said, exhaling a stream of gray smoke. "I've been wanting to do that to him since we first met. Name's Zoey, by the way. You know Francis, and the other one is Louis. As you guessed, we aren't from around here."

"Ah, so you don't think this is a hallucination." Redheart said happily. The girl took another puff and smiled at them.

"Would it really matter at this point? At least you're not all trying to kill me. This is a nice change of pace." She chuckled.

"Amen to that..." Louis said, sitting up in his bed. "Ah, hell. Looks like I wasn't going crazy at that beach after all." He said, looking at the Rainbow haired pony in front of him. "Hi. I'm Louis." He said, extending a hand. Rainbow Dash eyed it carefully, then slowly shook it. Louis smiled and laid back down. "Ugh. My insides are killing me!" He groaned.

"You had the worst injuries." Nurse Redheart confirmed. "You're very lucky to be alive." Louis chuckled and looked over to her.

"I should have been dead two weeks ago. But, I ain't. And now? I'm in a world of colorful ponies! What the hell is wrong with this picture?" He asked himself.

Twilight stepped forward and went to his side. "What happened where you are from?" She asked.

"Zombies. Lots of fucking Zombies." Zoey said, looking out the window. Spike's eyes widened and a 'Whoa' escaped his lips. Twilight rolled her eyes.

"Oh, come on. You expect everypony to believe that you fought zombies? Really, what happened?" Twilight asked again.

"Exactly what we just fucking told you!" Zoey snapped. Twilight recoiled and backed away. The other mares looked to one another, then to Louis and Zoey.

"Don't mind her." Louis said quietly. "She... She hasn't been the same since we lost our friend Bill... None of us have." He said, shutting his eyes tight.

"I-I'm sorry." Twilight croaked. "I didn't mean to offend. So, how did you get here?" She asked. Zoey shrugged and flicked her cigarette butt out the window.

"Don't know. We were packing a boat on the shores of a river in Georgia, heading out to the Florida Keys. Our boat capsized in a storm, and now we're in a world of talking horses."

"Ponies." Nurse Redheart corrected. Zoey rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, before that, we all spent around two weeks trying to survive against the zombies, or infected as they're more commonly called. The four of us went through hell and rescue after rescue to be saved, only to be betrayed by our own military and forced to abandon everyone left alive. I still can't forgive Bill for that." She said angrily, but with a hint of sadness.

"So, why didn't you become infected?" Rainbow Dash asked. Louis shrugged.

"Some people are immune to the disease. We can get bitten, scratched, puked and spit on all we want, and still not turn into mindless freaks." He confirmed. "We met four others who were just like us just before we left for the Keys. Brave folk..."

"I still think we shoulda told them about the military." Francis said, sitting up and rubbing his genitals still.

"You're telling me." Louis said sadly. "I wonder how they're doing now?" He asked. Zoey spat and got out of her bed.

"Does it really matter now? They probably made it to New Orleans, and the military probably put a bullet between their eyes."

Applejack stepped forward. "Well, if'n you all would like, I got plenty ah room at mah farm for you. That is, if you're up ta it?" She offered. The three looked to one another and nodded.

"Anything is better than hospitals. I hate hospitals." Francis pouted, getting out of the bed. "Hey, where's my vest?" He asked panicked. The nurse pointed to the chair where all their belongings were. They checked the black devices first, pulling long metal clips out, then re-inserting them. then they put on their respective over clothing.

"What are those things?" Spike asked, pointing to the weapons at their sides.

"9mm handguns. Never go anywhere without them." Francis said, hefting the pistol.

"So, are they weapons?" Twilight asked cautiously.

"They'll put a hole clean through your head, if that's what you're wondering?" Zoey put in. Everypony froze and backed away. "Don't worry. Only to be used on Zombies, nothing more." She concluded, sliding the pistol into her holster.

"Okay, I guess that's fine then. You should all head over to the farm. Spike and I have a letter to write to Princess Celestia." She said, grabbing Spike and putting him on her back. Tomorrow, they'd get more answers, and hopefully, the Princess will have a solution to the predicament they all found themselves in.

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