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Left 4 Dead in Equestria - Pegasi will rule

The three main survivors are about to become the three MANE survivors!

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I hate water...

Left 4 Dead in Equestria
Chapter 1: I hate water...

Louis smiled and wiped his brow. Packing the boat was hard work by himself, but he loved the peace the morning brought. He looked out over the ocean to see the sunrise against the still as glass water, creating a surreal sense of peace. But looking back into the small town, however, painted a different picture. The roads and sidewalks were littered with corpses upon corpses of infected. Louis sighed when he spotted the burnt out Tank husk, remembering how Bill sacrificed himself for the team. He shook his head and went back into the boat to think about the past two weeks, wanting to be rid of zombies once and for all...

"Heh heh. Hey Zoey?" Francis called out. Zoey finished tidying her hair and turned, to see that Francis had put two zombies on top of each other in a lewd manner. "They're doin' it. Hah! That's funny!" He laughed. She grunted in disgust and rolled her eyes.

"Francis, did you get Bill out of there?" Zoey asked sadly. Francis stopped cackling at the humping corpses and frowned. "Yeah... I got him. He's on the shore, ready to be brought on the boat... I miss that old bastard." He said, kicking the corpses of the Zombies. Zoey pulled out a Molotov and lit it, using one of Bill's cigarettes. He had offered her one before, which she downright refused, but something about smoking one of his just made her feel a little more comfortable.

"Stand back, Francis." She whispered. She threw the cocktail into the bar, lighting it up in a large explosion. The rest of the town would soon follow suit, so the duo quickly made their way to the shore.

"Hey, guys!" Louis called out cheerfully. "How was... cleanup duty?" He asked, trying to keep his demeanor. Francis shrugged and sighed. "I guess it was okay. I made two zombies look like they were humpin', so I at least got something out of it." Zoey rolled her eyes again and Louis slapped the top of his head. "Well, alright. I got the boat packed with supplies, and... Bill is on board as well. Let's just get going, huh? We got a new life to start out there, and I can't WAIT to start fishing. Just like when I was a boy!" He said happily.

"I hate sappy stories." Francis said with a huff, climbing into the boat. Zoey followed suit and Louis set up the sails, beginning their long journey into Florida Keys.

"Are we there yet?!" Francis yelled for the fiftieth time. They had been sailing for the better part of the day, and already tensions on board the small craft were already stretched thin. Zoey's eye twitched and she snaped. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FRANCIS! DO WE LOOK LIKE WE'RE AT THE ISLAND?!" She yelled, her voice echoing across the water. He sunk down and gulped, shaking his head. "I've had enough of this!" She yelled, taking another one of Bill's cigarettes. "I'm going up top. Don't bother me!" She stormed up the small flight of stairs and slammed the hatch shut behind her. Francis and Louis exchanged a glance to one another.

"Damn. What's eating her?" Francis asked, shaking off the tongue lashing he just got. Louis chuckled and folded his arms. "What's wrong, Francis. Can't handle a little fire?" He asked. Francis huffed and rolled his eyes. "I can handle more fire than you, pretty boy. In fact, let me just get out one of the Molotov's and show you." He chuckled. Louis rolled his eyes and looked out the window. He could see the storm clouds coming in over the horizon and frowned.

"Uh-oh. That isn't good." He said nervously. Francis, who had been digging for a cocktail, turned to him. "What ain't good?" He asked. Louis pointed out the window and Francis frowned. "I hate tropical storms..."

Zoey took another inhale, gazing at the lightning in the distance. She could only think about Bill. It was always on their minds since it happened, and she couldn't help but feel guilty about his death.

"It should have been me..." She said quietly, exhaling the smoke. "Why did it have to be you!?" She yelled to the empty sky. She sunk onto the side of the boat and felt the fresh tears on her cheeks. "It isn't fair that your gone! You were like a father to me... A cranky, old father." She laughed lightly, remembering some of the banters he and Francis got into. Those two were at each others throats since day one, yet still, they all had something that kept them together, that would never drive a wedge between them no matter what.


They'd been fighting for two weeks, from Philadelphia, to Georgia. It was one hell of a ride, and got even worse at the end when she learned of Bills secret plan. "If only you told me from the beginning..." She said dryly. "Well, that shit doesn't matter anymore, since we're going through with it anyway..."

She tossed the butt of the cigarette into the ocean and watched it drift away. She stood to go back into the cabin, but she nearly fell into the ocean when the boat was struck by a wave. "Well, shit. This isn't good." She said. "Louis! We might need you up here!" She called out. Louis ran out of the cabin and looked at the rising ocean.

"Oh, SHIT!" He yelled. "We shouldn't be out here in this! Everyone, look for land! Somewhere, anywhere! We need to get the hell out of the ocean!" He ordered. Zoey nodded but Francis did nothing but fold his arm. "Who died and made you Captain?" He asked. Louis grunted and turned to the thick headed biker.

"Look, Francis. Do you want to die from drowning after surviving a million zombies?" He asked. Francis looked away and shook his head. "No... I hate logic." He muttered under his breath, scanning the horizon for any form of land they could take shelter on.

But it wasn't meant to be. The waves grew in height, and the search for land became more and more futile. The rain was pouring down and the trio clung to whatever they could fit their hands around. Louis fought frantically to keep the ship going, but it was becoming moot when he spotted it.

The rouge wave was probably seventy feet high, maybe more. Their boat began to lean back, lifting them off the deck. "HANG ON EVERYBODY! THIS IS IT!" Louis yelled. Zoey screamed in terror and Francis, as always...

"I HATE TIDAL-" His last word was cut off as the boat succumbed to the wave, taking the trio to the water grave bellow...

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