• Published 28th Aug 2020
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At Your Service - DanishDash

Taking care of a whole kingdom can be hard, teaching/learning how to act in the modern times is harder. Keeping up with Twilight is tiring, dealing with their nephew is worse. Thank Faust for their new butler.

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Chapter 1: The Butler

Celestia's day started as usual with her raising the sun, and her sister lowering the moon. Hereafter she would take a few moments getting ready before going to an early breakfast, something she could enjoy with her dear sister.

Breakfast had become far more enjoyable since Luna had come back, she had someone to talk to, even though her sister could be quite exhausted, depending on what kind of night it had been. There were nights when the nightmares had been many, or at least difficult, which always left her younger sister exhausted.

It wasn't always easy, but Celestia enjoyed what little time she could have with her before her day began. Personal affairs could be complicated, family matters and such, dealing with her nephew, dealing with her students and her friends. While always glad to help, it was hard to fit everything together as she also had a country to lead, though it had gotten easier with Luna back.

Their mornings would often be alone in their small private dining room, of course their food would be brought up, but otherwise they would be quite alone, only a bell would ring for the staff when needed. This time however, as the magic of the guards stationed outside the room opened the doors, she was met with an unfamiliar sight.

A Pegasus was standing beside a small trolley, he smiled at her, although a small smile, it was pleasant and charming. He had a light gray coat, a black mane and tail, and ice blue eyes. He wore a white shirt, a black vest and blazer. Although a bit confused at seeing a new face, Celestia smiled in a greeting. When the doors closed behind her, he bowed his head in respect.

"Good morning your royal highness." He said, his voice smooth like velvet.

"Good morning, I do not believe we have met?"

Looking back up again, the stallion inclined his head. "Indeed not ma'am, allow me to introduce myself, I am Dapper Dash, I was recently hired as your highness's personal butler."

If not from years of political practice she would have let her smile crack a bit, but she was too well used to keeping on a certain facade even when confronted with bad news. "I see." She said in a polite tone, though rather wished she wasn't having this forced upon her by her head butler, who would soon be retiring.

Had he really chosen such a young pony for the job? She had never laid eyes on him before, neither did she know why he was here and her head butler was not. Normally he would be the one introducing new staff to her. A tiny chuckle escaped Dapper Dash, it was small, almost unheard, but it was there.

"Do you find something amusing Mr Dash?" Celestia asked calmly, but still with a hint of sternness. Normally that would make ponies stand to attention in respect, and yet Dash's amusement just seemed to grow into a small smile. He inclined his head, showing he meant no disrespect.

"I beg your pardon ma'am," said Dash, then turned and pulled out a chair for her. "But if you don't mind me saying so, it is well known throughout the palace that you do not wish to have a personal butler."

Celestia blushed slightly out of embarrassment that her views on it was so well known, and that Dash had been aware of them before coming to work. Nevertheless, she took a seat and let him work. "I see, but why are you here so early?"

"Oh, just getting a lay of the land," said Dash while pushing the little trolley closer. "I want to get a feel of how everything works, how you work, ma'am." Using a mix of his hooves and wings, he elegantly moved a teacup in front of her, then placed a tea strainer across the cup with a calculated bunch of tea leaves.

Celestia watched as he used a mix of his hooves and wings to move whatever he needed about. She was used to seeing unicorns serve her, very few ponies could elegantly serve her without magic, and even then the movements were not as smooth and swift, Dapper Dash seemed to excel at this though. Carefully, and very controlled, he poured the hot water through the strainer, letting the water mix with the leafs and turn it into tea.

A pleasant scent quickly came from the cup, it was not too strong, but not too mild either, the water took on a yellow or orange color. "Cream and sugar?" Dash offered, and it took a moment for Celestia to register the question, she was still in a bit of awe to see a non magic user use his hooves and wings so smoothly.


"Oh, yes thank you Mr Dash."

"Think nothing of it," he replied with another small smile as he put just a little sugar and a little milk, then removed the strainer to use the tea. "Five times clockwise, two times counterclockwise," Dapper said, then removed the spoon.

He removed himself and the trolley away from Celestia so as to give her some room to enjoy her morning tea. Celestia looked to her cup, almost feeling a little babied, if not disappointed. He had made the tea right in front of her, she hadn't even touched it, not even with her magic. Second, she wanted CREAM, she loved cream, she loved sweet things, Dapper Dash seemed to have given her the bare minimum. Well, she would give this tea a try, but if it came to it, then she would add more!

Though as soon as the cup came to her lips, smelling that sweet scent of tea, sugar and cream, as soon as the tea reached her tongue her eyes widened. It was too hard to describe, she would have to spend hours to find the right words if she needed to. The balance of the sharpness of the tea, mixed with the gentle blanket of cream and sugar, it exploded in her mouth like fireworks of flavor.

Quickly, yet controlled, she put the cup down, put a napkin to her lips and took a moment to regain control of herself. "Mr Dash.."

"Yes ma'am?" Dapper asked as he stepped forward.

"Your tea is astounding."

Dapper Dash inclined his head, "thank you ma'am."

Celestia was definitely impressed, though it was by then she noticed something odd about Dapper, he didn't have a cutie mark. How could this be? He seemed so skilled, strange he didn't have a cutie mark for serving, making tea, or something of that nature. She didn't want to mention it, though nothing to be ashamed of, she knew full well it could be a sensitive subject.

"How did you mak-" The doors opened once again, cutting off Celestia. Looking over, she spotted a very tired looking Luna. "Ah, Lulu, good morning."

"Good morning sister.." She mumbled, then stopped as she spotted Dapper Dash. "And who is this?"

"This is Mr Dapper Dash, he is our personal butler."

Dash bowed. "At your service, your royal highness."

Luna raised an eyebrow, it was the first time she had heard about a new personal butler. Though he was not without his charm, Luna didn't mind it all, but she was far too tired to really express it. "I'm tired, and I'm hungry.. Mr Dash, bring me some coffee."

"Yes ma'am," he replied and started to make his way to the trolley. "Although if I may be so bold to make a suggestion?" Luna eyed him, she was not one for having her black coffee questioned in the morning, or having made changes. She inclined her head however, interested to see what this new butler would suggest. "I can make you your coffee, a gift from the gods no doubt, but I think her highness would sleep better at night with a more soothing drink." Trotting over to the trolley, he once again moved his wings and hooves in a masterful display of skill.

A delicious scent soon caught the princesses attention, and Dapper Dash turned around and placed a cup of hot cocoa, whipped cream, cut chocolate, and coffee. "It's a special blend of mine."

Luna was not opposed to sweet things, though unlike her older sister it wasn't an obsession of hers. She had to admit however it did look rather tasty, Celestia looked interested as well, no surprise there. With nothing to lose Luna decided to take a chance, if it didn't work out she could simply ask for a coffee instead.

Moving the cup to her lip she took a sip. "Mmm.." Closing her eyes she let the warm coco move down her tongue, enjoying every little sensation the chocolate provided. The hot drink warmed her up, relaxed her, it felt so good after a long night of working with nightmares. Smiling, she put the cup down and wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Acceptable.." She said with a sort of forced self control. "Though I expect black coffee when I awake later on."

Dapper Dash inclined his head. "Of course ma'am, I'm glad the drink pleased you."

A side door to the servant way opened up, and trotting in was a few maids pushing more trolleys, though these ones were filled with food. The maids looked at Dapper Dash in momentarily confusion, but quickly regained their composure. Then in walked Sir Hoofington, the head butler, the old unicorn who had hired Dapper Dash just the other day.

"Good morning your majesties." Hoofington said with his usual calm outlook, although Celestia could clearly see he was rather rattled that Dapper Dash was here and had even served them, clearly without his knowledge. "Mr Dash, I was under the impression we would introduce you to their royal highness together."

Dapper Dash gave him a polite nod. "Forgive me sir, I decided to use my initiative and meet them myself with some morning refreshments. I was under the impression the princesses values that."

"It is quite alright Hoofington, a bit bold I'll admit, but he is quite right." Celestia said, gaining both stallions attention. "That being said Mr Dash, I'll appreciate it if you follow Hoofington's advice, he has many years of experience."

Dapper inclined his head again. "Of course ma'am, I meant no disrespect."

Hoofington eyed the young stallion, mentally he shook his head, but he could not help but feel a little proud that he was able to think for himself, see the need and fulfill it before his charges knew they had it. Still he should have waited, but that was a conversation for later.

Turning to Celestia, Hoofington trotted over as she was being served. "A message for you ma'am, your nephew broke a priceless mirror at the Golden Pony Club yesterday evening, they require compensation."

Luna groaned. "Celestia, when are we going to have a talk with our dear nephew? He seems to do nothing productive, throws money out the window and settles for trivialities."

Celestia herself let out an exhausted sigh. Her nephew had been in all kinds of trouble lately, he was kinda spoiled, maybe it was her own fault for not taking care of him better. He lived a life of luxury, hardly with any expectations put on him, and even with a good education he seemed happy to simply go out with his friends and live life like he was at boarding school, no, it was time for him to grow up.

"Pay for the mirror Hoofington, and then send word to my nephew I wish to speak with him. He is to present himself at the palace at his earliest convenience, it's time we had a talk about his future."

"Yes ma'am."

Luna snorted, then laughed a little. "You're too soft Tia. We have tried this before, sister, he will simply refuse to stay. He's like a child, I don't think you're going to change anything within him in the near future." She then smirked, looking over at Dapper. "Say, why don't we send Mr Dash?"

They all looked at her in slight surprise, even Dapper Dash raised an eyebrow. Celestia sighed. "I hardly think that's fair on Dapper Dash Luna, he has no experience with Blueblood."

"Ahem." Dapper cleared his throat. "If I may say so, I do believe I can make the young gentlecolt present himself here by tomorrow morning with his bags packed, if given the time to do so."

Celestia and Luna exchanged glances, then looked back at him. "Are you sure Mr Dash? Our nephew can be quite stubborn."

Dapper nodded. "I do have some experience with the Golden Pony Club, and I think it's possible to get him to see the light."

Luna smirked. "And it will be the perfect opportunity to see what Dapper Dash is made of."

"Quite," he agreed.

"If you can do it, then the job is yours, I think we can all agree on that?" Luna asked, and all seemed to agree, although Celestia still found this trial a little unfair. But Dapper Dash seemed so confident, maybe he could do it. "Then it's settled, Dapper Dash, please bring our nephew to us by breakfast tomorrow. Fly off with you then."

Dash nodded. "I'm afraid flying might be a bit out of the realm of possibility, but I shall strive to meet your expectations. If you will excuse me then." He bowed. "Your majesties." And with that, the young butler left.

Luna frowned, so too did Celestia, it was only now they both noticed his right wing looked off. Not mangled, but it was clear it was damaged. Luna felt a bit bad, but Dapper had already left before she could express her condolence. Sighing, she took another sip of her coco. "This should be interesting."

Dapper made his way down the hall, down the stairs, and finally entered a small bathroom. He looked at himself in the mirror, then slowly raised his bad wing. Now that there was no pony around he allowed himself to relax, feeling the pain of the wing bang into him like a drum.

Letting out a sigh, he reached into one of his inner pockets and pulled out a small bottle. It was the only thing that lessened the pain, though he doubted his employers would be happy knowing he was on strong pain medication. Sighing again, he put a pill in his mouth and swallowed it. Taking a few seconds to relax a bit, he put the bottle back into the pocket and turned towards the door.

"Duty calls.."

Author's Note:

A small intro to a small slice of life story I've been playing with.

Chapters will be released whenever, though not a serious project of mine, I still like the theme and the idea. So I hope you will give it a chance, and if not, then thank you for have given it a chance. :ajsmug: