• Published 28th Aug 2020
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At Your Service - DanishDash

Taking care of a whole kingdom can be hard, teaching/learning how to act in the modern times is harder. Keeping up with Twilight is tiring, dealing with their nephew is worse. Thank Faust for their new butler.

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Chapter 4: Morning Routine

One week, it had taken Dapper one week to get used to his duties in the palace.

He had gotten used to the palace layout, used to the habits of Celestia and Luna. He even got used to Blueblood and his antics. So far the days had been routine, it all started with him waking up before the sun had even risen. It was a simple matter of habit, this was insanely early, even for the most hardened work ponies, but Dapper had a job to do.

Sitting up in bed he looked to his side. No Frost Heart this morning, which meant he did not need to worry about waking his companion. They were not in a relationship, or in love for that matter. But both of them had come to an understanding, both of them had a demanding job that did not allow them the same sort of free time as the rest of the staff. So, in order to take care of their needs they had decided to enter a sexual partnership.

It sounded stale and unromantic, but neither of them had that sort of feelings for each other. They tolerated each other, even respected one another, but that was as far as their friendship went. It was just sex, just a simple need that needed to be taken care of.

It was also a great stress reliever.

Turning to his nightstand, he reached out with a hoof and took his medicine bottle from the drawer. He gave the small bottle a shake which gave off only a few small pops as a response. "Fiddlesticks.." Dapper mumbled as he could clearly conclude from the sound and from a brief look inside the bottle that he was running out of pills, fast.

He needed to pick up a new bottle, but with the time he had he wasn't even sure he could get it done without anypony noticing his absence. This meant a late night call with his friend, until then he would just need to hang in there and ration what amount of painkillers he had left.

After taking a single pill he stood, got his bed neat and tidy and went to the bathroom to get cleaned and nice. Dapper always made sure to look his best, he served the princesses. If he was clean and nice then it meant the palace was clean and nice.

He made himself some Prench toast and a cup of pressed orange juice for breakfast. Afterwards, he took out the suit he had gotten ready the night before, after getting dressed and cleaned up from breakfast he was finally ready to begin the day.

The sun had still not risen yet, so he still had time to prepare Celestia's morning tea. The kitchen was still empty, though it wouldn't be too long before the morning shift started coming in and prepare the royal breakfast. As butler it was his job to oversee everything, which meant he had just enough time to wish Celestia good morning and see to Luna and what kind of a mood she was in. Depending on that mood meant what kind of drink she should have for breakfast. Then it was back to oversee the breakfast and take it up with the help from a few maids.

Before that however he had Celestia's tea to make. After a week he had gotten a good idea what kind she liked. Sweet, by Faust did the princess LOVE sweets. Still, as a butler it was his duty to push his charge a little, keep them healthy. So despite her desires he made sure to save the sugar and use special sweet herbs that would make an excellent substitute.

Finishing up the tray he used his healthy wing to balance it elegant between said wing and his back. As he was making his way out the morning shift made their way in, giving a nod of greeting to Dapper as they passed one another. He traveled the wide and tall hallways of the palace, not bothering using the servants passageways. They would take him up there faster, but he still had time before sunrise, so he used the walk to enjoy the serenity of the palace.

It was something that could be easily lost when a pony first arrived at the palace. All the splendor and glory could overshadow just how calm it actually was. Dapper enjoyed these mornings, being able to walk along these halls with its history, culture and art. Other than a guard now and again it was like having the entire palace to himself.

After a few minutes he finally reached the door to Celestia's apartment. He didn't bother to knock, but he didn't enter yet either. Instead he pulled out his pocket watch, then did a mental countdown. "Three, two, one." Right at that moment he spotted the golden lines in the horizon, signaling the sunrise was starting.

Putting the watch back into his inner pocket Dapper opened the door and went inside. As expected his lady was out on the balcony raising the sun. Like always she looked enchanting as the mornings rays of her sun hit her just the right way. Unfortunately he didn't have time to stand around and admire her all morning. He placed the tray on her coffee table, poured it, then went to make her bed.

Celestia was focusing her mind, guiding her sun gently into the sky. Carefully she let it go, letting it travel across the sky until it was ready to be lowered it again. Opening her eyes she smiled, another beautiful morning, though tired she always enjoyed the rising of her sun.

With a satisfied sigh she turned around to find Dapper making her bed. It was something he did on his own initiative. Normally the maids would come in as she was at breakfast, but Dapper had simply started to come in during the morning and take care of it as well as bringing her some morning tea.

She smiled. "Good morning Dapper Dash."

He turned and bowed slightly. "Good morning your majesty. A fine morning it is."

Celestia giggled and made her way to the couch to enjoy her tea. She never knew how good it could be to just take a short moment to relax, to fully awaken with a nice cup of tea, not before Dapper brought it up the first time. Normally she would just raise the sun and head directly to her bath.

"Thank you Dapper, I thought it would look good as well." The cup was levitated to her lips and she took a small sip. It tasted amazing, but. "I see you have saved on the sugar again Mr Dash." Celestia raised an eyebrow with an amused expression. "While you are my personal butler I am perfectly capable of taking care of my own diet."

Dapper inclined his head. "Of course you are ma'am, but have her majesty by chance read the paper authored by your student's father?" He asked, then went out shortly to start the hot water for her large bath.

Celestia tilted her head, thought about it for a second. "No, I do not believe I've had the chance. What does it say?"

Dapper returned to the doorway. "Well, his study suggests if the sun was bigger our planet would resolve around it on it's own accord. Because of it's MASSIVE size we would be drawn into it's orbit."


Did Dapper just suggest in a polite way her flanks were getting bigger?? She blushed, trying to sneak a glance at them to see if she could spot a noticeable size difference. Biting her lower lip she looked back at Dapper who stood there in polite silence, never showing signs of laughing or anything. "Really? F-fascinating."

"Indeed so. Do you require anything else from me?"

She shook her head. "No, I'll be alright."

"Very well." He inclined his head, then went to shut the water off before he left.

Once gone, Celestia glanced back at her flanks. "They're not getting larger... Is it?" She asked herself as she gave it a small poke with her hoof, making it jiggle for a second. "Oh horse feathers, Luna will never let me hear the end of this." She stood and went to get a relaxing bath to take her mind off her flanks.

Dapper in the meantime went to Luna, if he had his time right she would be doing her morning exercise right about now. Nothing major, but a simple flight around the palace to keep her in shape. Trotting to her room he knocked a few times to make sure it was indeed empty. When no call came he entered.

Like Celestia's apartment it was themed after what she represented, lots of blue and calming colors that was pleasing to the eye. The balcony door was open, which meant the princess was still out on her short flight. Doing what he had done these past seven days he went into her bathroom, turned on the hot water and poured in some special oils to make her fur nice and soft. He would do this for Celestia herself, but she rather pour the oils in when she was in the water, so he simply made sure the bath was ready for her.

Taking her blue bathrobe he trotted out to the door of the balcony, standing ready for his lady's return. As he expected she was there within a minute, landing elegantly on her balcony. "Good morning your majesty." Dapper greeted again, holding out her robe.

Luna sighed, levitating the robe closer and slid into it. "Good morning Dapper Dash, how goes thy morning?"

Dapper raised an eyebrow at his lady's sigh. "My morning has so far been pleasant, thank you ma'am. If I may be so bold to ask, but was your night not as you would have liked?"

"Thee speak true. Our night was not as peaceful as we could have hoped for.." Sighing again, Luna let out a yawn. "Nightmares kept us busy, but you need not concern yourself. We shall join our sister for breakfast as usual.."

"Very good ma'am." He bowed for a moment and then went to the bathroom. A nice smell of the oils reached Luna, and small smile appeared on her face.

"Just what we need.."

Dapper turned the hot water off and stepped to the door. "Your bath is ready."

Luna smiled. "We thank you."

"Will that be all?"

"Yes Dapper, thank you."

He inclined his head. "Of course ma'am."

And with that he left the second princess to bathe. With nothing else left to do Dapper made his way down to the kitchens again. If it was up to him he would wake up Blueblood, but unfortunately he got to sleep in, seemed like bad habits persisted no matter where he was. Still it did give Dapper more time with breakfast.

The once quiet kitchen was now buzzing with life. Empty tables were now filled with all kinds of kitchen tools and ingredients. The kitchen was more relaxed in the morning, hence why ponies were not moving fast and made a lot of noise. A pleasant scent of freshly baked bread could be detected in the air, and Dapper had to admit that the fresh bread and the smell of coffee was probably the most relaxing smell he could think of.

As ponies in the kitchen noticed him they all stopped what they were doing and all greeted in unison. "Good morning Mr Dash."

Dapper was used to this greeting by now, it was a simple tradition, something Hoofington had told him about before the old stallion retired. Dapper took out his pocket watch as he greeted them. "Good morning everypony. I hope you all had a pleasant night." He checked the time. "Right, we have 15 minutes to get the breakfast ready and then five minutes to take it upstairs. Let's not keep the princesses waiting." The kitchen came to life once more, ponies moving around, mixing things in bowls, finishing the bread, getting the trays ready.

Like every morning he made his way to the trays, making sure it was placed exactly as it should be. Dapper also made it his mission to make sure no cakes found their way onto the trays. He knew Celestia had some smuggling operation going with some of the maids, they would bring her cake, and she would grant them time off, or something of that nature.

Sometimes it felt like a losing battle, like his lady was an unstoppable force when it came to her love of sweets. Celestia was by no means fat, but it did go to her flanks, and it was his duty to look after her, despite her kicking and screaming, figuratively of course.

"Everything ready?" Frost Heart asked as she trotted towards Dapper.

He nodded. "Everything is as it should be, we're ready."

Frost nodded. "Alright girls, let's get this up to the princesses." The maids nodded and took the many trays. Dapper stood in front, and looked at the time once again. "3, 2, 1." He put the clock away. "Right, let's go." And like a well oiled machine they started to walk into the servants passageways precisely at the specified time.

Everything went exactly as it should, less than five minutes after they left the kitchen they were in the private dining room setting the table. The maids worked fast with their magic, and Dapper made sure everything was perfect and flawless. He knew Celestia and Luna would not care for simple mistakes, they were not as stuck up as some ponies believed.

But there were still traditions that needed to be upheld, power to be perceived, not just for the ponies outside the palace, but the ponies inside as well. It was all a well oiled machine, a machine that Dapper was hired to maintain, at least the personal aspects of it.

When the table had been set, the food had been prepared and the maids once again left, leaving Dapper alone in the room. He trotted to the door, waited about 10 seconds, and then opened the door making way for the princesses.

Not much was said at first, Luna was more relaxed after her bath, though still slightly moody. Both royals sat down and Dapper served them as per usual. "Sister." Celestia began. "About the gala in spring, I think you-"

Luna groaned, interrupting her older sister. "We told you sister. We rather be anywhere than at this gala you're hosting. So many traditions have been lost, I don't like it.."

Celestia frowned. "Luna, it's your first major public appearance since you came back.. I think it will be good for you."

Dapper could feel the tension, though it was not his place to comment. "Celestia, we're.. I'm not ready, not yet.." Luna frowned. There were still things she struggled with, like the modern language. At times she would shift between her old way of speaking and then the new way. It frustrated her when there were things she did not understand, Dapper could see that.

He could see Celestia wanted to press the issue, but seemed to think better of it and let it go. Letting out a sigh she nodded in defeat. "Very well Lulu. I still don't agree, but I won't force you."

Luna seemed to relax, even smiled slightly. "Thank you sister.." There was a moment of some awkward silence, and Luna quickly tried to fill it with some more light hearted conversation. "Isn't your student attending?"

Celestia quickly caught the intent. "Yes, I invited her a week ago, but she refused to go unless her friends got to come with her."

"Oh? What did you do?"

"I sent her more tickets so that her friends could come as well."

Luna raised an eyebrow. "You didn't just tell her to grow up and just pick one?" It sounded a bit cold, but Dapper had to agree a little with princess Luna. On the other hoof, it could be a good show to the public that the elements of harmony were invited to the palace.

"I think it will be good for Twilight, she has made friends and I think they could bond a lot from coming to the gala." Celestia replied. "Though I take your meaning. Maybe I'm spoiling her a little."

Luna chuckled. "Well, do not make a habit of it. You're growing soft in your old age."

"I'm not THAT old!" Celestia huffed.

That was Dapper's cue to leave. He had to check on the princesses rooms and make sure Blueblood's brunch wasn't going to be forgotten. "If you will excuse me." He bowed elegantly and left the two sisters to argue. It wasn't proper for the staff to watch their sibling rivalry and teasing.

As he walked down the hallway however, he wondered if Celestia would tell Luna about what he insinuated about her fla-



It would seem the princess of the sun had indeed told her sister. He thanked Faust for not being in there, he would be in a world of trouble by now. He sighed, lifting his bad wing a little. "Fff!" He winced, feeling the pain of it. He had to get more painkillers from his friend, but he still had duties to perform.

This was going to be a long day..

Author's Note:

Next one coming up is his Lunch Routine, and then the chapter after that dinner. ;)

Or afternoon tea, whatever I feel would be fun. :derpytongue2: