• Published 28th Aug 2020
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At Your Service - DanishDash

Taking care of a whole kingdom can be hard, teaching/learning how to act in the modern times is harder. Keeping up with Twilight is tiring, dealing with their nephew is worse. Thank Faust for their new butler.

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Tik, tok, tik, tok, tik, tok...

The sound filled the otherwise silent room. That, and the quiet hiss of tea being poured into a cup- near silence contrasted by an aroma that quickly spread into something pleasant and calming. Still no word was spoken in the tiny office, a Pegasus stallion let the tea set and took a single step back.

An older unicorn stallion sat behind a large wooden desk, watching the Pegasus's every move, listening to every small noise that might be considered disturbing. Other than the clock no sound could be heard. The unicorn slowly levitated the cup to his lips and took a careful and calculated sip.

He still looked to the Pegasus, watching for any sort of reaction, but he simply stood with a stoic and yet relaxed expression. Either the stallion was well trained or he was really arrogant. Then again both could be true. Normally every pony who walked into this office would be nervous and, no matter how much self control they had, they would always reveal something to him.

The Unicorn had learned to read ponies, after 45 years in service to the crown, not just the ones he served but the staff working with him. He demanded perfection and those who applied for work in the palace knew it all too well which meant they would all be nervous. How they handled it was the real test. He would normally be able to tell who would give too much away and who could at least learn to keep themselves professional. No matter how much self control they had, they would always reveal something to him.

However, in all his years, the Unicorn had never met a stallion he could not read. There was no trace of nervousness on the Pegasus’ face, his stance, or his speech- he was completely calm and collected. Even the tea he had just prepared as a test was made to perfection, and the taste exceeded the old stallion’s own standards. The Unicorn knew nothing of this fellow, yet he was impressed. His nephew had recommended him though, despite his love for his nephew, he had expected some over ambitious waiter. Certainly not this.

Slowly putting the cup back on the tiny plate, the elderly stallion looked to the much younger Pegasus who was the perfect picture of calm. He was about the same age as the old stallion had been when he’d first started work as a server. Lots of potential, not a fault to be spotted on that armor of calmness... well, almost nothing.

"What happened to your wing?"

It didn't look right, not ugly other than a few missing feathers, but like something seemed off. There was no crack in that armor of calm, instead the Pegasus simply answered.

"An accident, sir, several years ago."

"Can you fly?"

"Not without considerable pain, sir."

Still no visible reaction, though the old stallion had lived long enough to know it was probably a sensitive subject. The lad had done more than enough to impress him, it was still ultimately up to the princesses if they wanted to keep him on. He gestured to the chair across from him.

"Have a seat."

"Thank you, sir."

As the stallion sat down, the old unicorn sipped a bit of his tea and reluctantly let out a relaxed sigh of enjoyment. When the Pegasus seated himself, the Unicorn levitated the cup back onto the plate. "You come highly recommended, and you're clearly quite skilled. But to work at the royal palace is a whole new game. Here we expect nothing less than perfection. You must remain invisible at all times, do you understand?"


"Being a butler here requires focus- her majesty does not require some pony to babysit her, you are simply here to make life easier for her. You will be the first pony she sees when she wakes, and the last one before she goes to bed. You see nothing, you hear nothing when it comes to their personal lives or politics. You are here to serve." He stopped, checking if the applicant was in any way deterred. When he saw no sign, he leaned back in his chair. "So, Mr. Dapper Dash, any questions?"

A small smile graced the stallion's face. "When do I start?"