• Published 28th Aug 2020
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At Your Service - DanishDash

Taking care of a whole kingdom can be hard, teaching/learning how to act in the modern times is harder. Keeping up with Twilight is tiring, dealing with their nephew is worse. Thank Faust for their new butler.

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Chapter 2: The Nephew

The streets of Canterlot were already buzzing with life. With the sun up and breakfast over, ponies around the city were ready to greet the day ahead.

All ponies, except for Prince Blueblood. He didn't hold the title of prince, but it wasn't something he bothered correcting if ponies assumed. While the city was waking up, Blueblood was hiding under his expensive sheets, enjoying the warmth and comforts of his soft bed.

He had been out late again, playing cards, enjoying drinks with his friends and good food, this was the life. His monthly stipend did him well, allowing him to live as he pleased. This was certainly a good life.. Or at least it was supposed to be, if not for that damn knocking on his front door!

Of course his servant would answer the door, so he didn't need to bother by getting up and dealing more damage to his hangover..

Knock knock.


Knock knock.

Any second now..

Knock knock

With a groan, Blueblood sat up in his bed, his head still pounding from yesterday. "For goodness sake, Teal Leaf! The door!" Despite his call, no one answered. "Teal Leaf!" Still no response. "Erugh, where is that damn mare." Blueblood growled, finally deciding to get out of bed to find out who was knocking on his door.

"I say, the insolence, the nerve of her not to answer me.." He continued to mumble annoyed as he walked down the hall and towards the front of his house. Here he was, at this insanely early hour of 08:44 AM, answering his own door, what had the world come to?

Getting to the door he quickly pushed it open to see who dared to knock so early in the morning. "What?" He asked, rather impatiently.

"Ah, good morning sir," a well dressed Pegasus greeted him. Before Blueblood could answer, he had already made his way inside. "It's good to see you up and about, have you had breakfast yet sir?"

Blueblood was left at the door, a little baffled a pony would actually just walk in like he was an old friend or owned the place. "Excuse me, who are the bloody hell are you? And what are you doing in my home?" He asked annoyed, though even more annoyed by the fact his maid had not answered the door instead, which meant he had to deal with this riffraff.

Dapper turned around to face him, a small smile gracing his face. "My name is Dapper Dash, personal butler to the royal princesses." That took Blueblood by surprise, why would their butler be here? "Your esteemed aunts want you to come and live with them for a time in Canterlot Palace, your latest escapades worry them."

Blueblood groaned. "Well, you can go back and tell them that I appreciate their worries, I'm no longer a little colt, and I can take care of myself."

Dapper inclined his head. "Clearly, sir." Without another word Dapper turned around and walked into his bedroom.

Blueblood almost growled as he quickly followed. "Now look here!" When he walked in he saw Dapper was making his bed, something Teal Leaf should be doing. "Stop that at once. Teal Leaf!" He called, this time yelling.

"Oh I'm afraid miss Leaf has left your employment this morning." Dapper said calmly, finishing the bed and then moved to pick up the clothes scattered around the floor.

"How do you know that?" Blueblood asked in disbelief. Nopony left Blueblood, it was an honor working for him.

"A note left on the front door sir. She expressed her frustration of working for you, and with some more colorful language, made it clear that she won't be coming back."

Blueblood was not sure if he should be shocked or outraged, how dared she leave him just like that?! And no word of thanks for the many years in his service, typical. For a moment he was tempted to ask what the note said exactly, but on second thought, maybe he was better off not knowing.

Dapper made his way past Blueblood again, bringing him out of his thoughts. "Now look here." Blueblood said, making his voice stern. "I do not know what my aunts expect you to do, but I am far too busy to simply waltz off at their request." Dapper didn't seem to hear him, or at the very least ignore him. This only served to annoy Blueblood more as he followed the annoying butler into the kitchen.

"I shall pack your things for tomorrow sir, your aunts expect you by then, and will have breakfast with you." Dapper explained as he started to make Blueblood a light breakfast.

"Didn't you hear what I just said?"

Dapper looked at him. "Forgive me sir, I thought you were making a joke."

"Whatever would I make a joke of?"

"About you being busy, sir. Tea?"

"Tea? I, uhm.." Taken aback about the sudden question, Blueblood tried to shift mental gears as he had never met a pony who in the politest way possible kept ignoring him and shifted the conversation. "Thank you," he said by reflex, mentally scolding himself for doing so.

Sitting down at the little table, a place he had never sat down for tea or breakfast, Dapper poured him a modest cup. "In any case, your aunts were most insistent, sir. I do not believe their patience is eternal." Blueblood let out a sigh, levitating the cup to his lips and took a sip. Wow, it was very good, though of course he would not let Dapper know that. "You'll be pleased to know that the business of the club mirror has been taken care of sir, I trust you have all your affairs in order for the trip tomorrow?"

Blueblood looked up, then groaned. "Never mind the ugly mirror, I have bigger concerns."

Putting a plate of toast in front of him, Dapper raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Somehow the look Dapper Dash gave Blueblood made him see the kind of disapproval Celestia would give him. Almost made him feel uneasy, like he wanted to confess. Still he maintained his dignity and didn't give any of his feelings away, though he did enlighten Dapper.

"I'm afraid I'm in a bit of a pickle, I lost my house you see.."

"I beg your pardon?" Dapper asked, seeming to stand taller, his eyes hardening, but still held an amount of respect for the young master, as much as he could muster anyway.

"Silly thing really, I was having a drink with my friends, at the club you see, and before I know it we are playing cards." Dapper didn't need to hear what happened, he could already imagine it. "To make a long story short, I bet my house against his, and I lost. I am heading to the club today to win it back."

Dapper put some butter and jam on the table. "I assume your friend has the deed to this property then?" Blueblood nodded as he bit down on the toast. "If I may suggest you don't keep such documents on you in the future sir? Might save you a lot of headaches."

"Yes, thank you Dapper. I am aware of that, I do have a brain you know."

Dapper inclined his head. "I'm relieved to hear it sir. In that case, may I suggest you engage said brain more often? You may find that trouble is less likely to come your way if you do."

Blueblood simply looked at the butler, half in shock, the other half in disbelief. Had Dapper just insulted him? It was hard to tell when he kept such a polite and smooth tone in his voice. Before he could ask for it however, Dapper inclined his head again. "I shall go over your apartment now sir, I suggest we leave for the club at lunch time." Without further discussion, Dapper left Blueblood in the kitchen to finish his breakfast.

How dared he? He is fired! Well, if Dapper was working for Blueblood, which he was not. He could try to complain to his aunts, but he could already hear his aunt Luna laugh as soon as he retold what Dapper had suggested to him. Auntie Celestia would probably not think it was important enough and then just start to scold him.

Besides, if he had no house, then he would have no leg to stand on, he would have nowhere to go but the palace. It would only lead to more scolding and lectures. Dreadful, this whole business was simply dreadful. No, like or not, Dapper was right. They needed to go to The Golden Pony and win his deed back, after that he would just have to see where they ended up. Hopefully not the palace.

Later that day Blueblood reluctantly walked with Dapper Dash down the streets of Canterlot. This wasn't something he wanted, but then again it might be a good look if ponies saw he had a personal butler. "Now listen, I am not in the habit of taking orders from," he was about to say a blank flank, but he refrained from doing so, knowing there would be hell to pay if his aunts found out. "My servants."

Dapper simply gave a nod. "Of course not sir, then it is very lucky we are not in that position, sir."


"I am not YOUR servant, sir. I work for your aunts, and if I may remind you, they were quite insistent that you come by the palace tomorrow morning."

Blueblood groaned in annoyance. "Then you can leave."

"I'm afraid not, I shall stay until I'm certain you will attend tomorrow's meeting. If nothing else, I'm also here to ensure the deed falls back into the right hooves."

"Fine," growled Blueblood. "At least make yourself useful then.."

"I shall strive to do so sir."

They reached the club, the building itself did not stand out in any way, but it was a social club for young gentlecolts. Here sons of wealthy families would gather, study, have lunches and dinners. Though the study part had been forgotten about, it was a place for the young and privileged to have fun.

At the door stood a tall earth pony, he wore a splendid green coat and a hat, his job was to open the doors for the members of the club, and get them a carriage if they so desired. As soon as he spotted Blueblood he opened the door and gave him a respectful nod. "Welcome back sir."

Blueblood did not answer, but Dapper gave the polite pony a knowing look of compassion, and seeing a fellow server he gave one back. As soon as Dapper stepped inside, he was met with a cascade of laughter and noise. Young stallions were all around, at the bar, eating, playing cards, smoking, tossing cards into a hat, or even having small magical duels.

It was chaos, absolute chaos, Dapper had a mind to toss all the young lads out, but stopped himself from doing so. While this was not the behavior expected of young gentlecolts, this was however the place of his task, so he would have to endure it.

Leaning in, Blueblood started to whisper. "Now, this proper place for the elite Dapper, please bear that in mind."

Dapper looked around the chaos around them, then sighed mentally. "I shall try, sir."

"Blueblood!" Somepony called.

Looking over, Blueblood smiled and trotted towards the stallion who had called. "Ah, Doodle, just the pony I was looking for."

Doodle grinned. "Oh, you want your deed back? Sorry, you know the rules of the club, you cannot request a rematch before the month is out."

"But I-"

"Then if you don't mind, I'd like to challenge you for that deed." Dapper interrupted, trotting up to them.

Doodle raised an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"This," Blueblood sighed. "Is my butler."

"Dapper Dash, at your service, sir."

"Well, Mr Dash, you may not know the rules of our esteemed club, but only members can challenge other members." Doodle didn't seem too impressed, more amused that a mere butler would assume he could challenge him.

Dapper simply gave Doodle one of those small smiles he was so good at. "You need not worry about that, it just so happens I am a member of the Golden Pony." That took Blueblood and Doodle by surprise, none of them had ever seen him here before. Even if he was a member, why was he working as a butler??

Doodle looked almost offended. "I don't believe you."

"You can ask for the member registry if you so wish, and once you have confirmed it I would like a formal apology for questioning my membership, and that deed." Dapper said, just as calm and cool as he always was.

Doodle bit his lip, then nodded. "Alright then, you want the deed, but what do I get in exchange?"

"My resignation from this club."

That was no small matter, at least not to them. To be a member of this club was very exclusive, one simply did not hand in one's membership, it was unthinkable. But if Dapper was a member, then Doodle would love to see him hoof in his resignation.

"Alright then, you got a deal. Let's play."

"Very good sir." Dapper said as they both found a place to sit.

Blueblood could not interfere, if it was true Dapper was a member then he had no right to stop him. He didn't care about Dapper's membership, obviously, but he did care about that deed. Leaning in, he whispered. "You better know what you're doing, I want my house."

Dapper nodded. "Do not worry sir, the deed will be in the right hooves once this game is over."

Blueblood made a face, but nodded in reluctant acceptance. "You better be right."

The two ponies sat down at a green fabric gambling table, Doodle was pretty confident. Even if Dapper was a member, he had not been in here enough to learn how to play well. Doodle was one of the best card players at the club, which was why he had the deed to the house after all.

The cards were dealt, and Dapper picked up his cards and fanned them out. The first sign of trouble for Doodle came in the form he could not read Dapper. He seemed amazingly neutral, giving no reaction to what kind of cards he may have. Doodle would just have to crush him before he got too good a foundation.

Dapper placed the first card, not a major threat to Doodle, a laughable attack. Snorting, Doodle laid down his own card, locking Dapper's card in place. He smirked, then looked to Dapper, he still had no real reaction. The lack of which annoyed Doodle, part of the fun was to see one's opponent sweat and get nervous, Dapper seemed completely unaffected, and kept doing so as he laid card after card on the table.

Well, doodle would just have to show this upstart what a real member of the Golden Pony could do. The game dragged on, Dapper kept attacking, deflecting, avoiding any major confrontation. Doodle figured he was just buying time, hoping to get a better set of cards. Doodle tried several times bringing them to a battle where they would have to show all their cards, but Dapper kept avoiding him.

Finally Doodle managed to corner him, smirking as he looked to Dapper. "War." He said, announcing the battle about to ensue.

Dapper inclined his head. "Challenge." He replied, accepting the outcome. Doodle laid all his cards on the table, then leaned back in his chair with a grin. He expected Dapper to finally show a reaction, and he was right. Only, it wasn't the reaction he had counted on. A small smile appeared on Dapper's face.

He laid out his cards just as Doodle had done it, and as soon as he saw it, he realized his mistakes. Eyes widening he sat up, looking at the game with new eyes. Dapper had been playing him from the very start! All his moves had been meant to test Doodle's abilities, then as he learned them he had guided his every move! This was not war, it wasn't even a battle, Dapper had managed to set up their cards so no matter what he tried it would lead to a total and complete annihilation.

Doodle sighed, he had no choice but to call it. "Surrender.."

Dapper simply nodded. "It was an interesting game." Dapper said. "You have talent, be sure of that." Rising, Dapper reached for the deed, but Doodle placed a hoof over it.

"I demand a rematch."

"Sir." Dapper said in a patient and understanding tone. "You have to wait for the end of the month before you can challenge me for the deed again, and I'm sorry to inform you, but I do not think I will step inside this establishment again." Doodle sighed, he knew he was right. He could try to go to the committee, but it would be no use, Dapper had won and it was not up to Doodle to be a proper gentlecolt and accept the outcome. He removed his hoof, and Dapper inclined his head. "Thank you sir."

Dapper placed the deed inside his inner pocket of his blazer and started to trot out with a dumbfounded Blueblood following. "That was amazing, I am not even sure what happened." He admitted, then smiled. "Dapper Dash you are a marvel."

"Thank you sir."

Making their way outside, Blueblood turned to Dapper with an expecting smile. "You did a good job Dapper Dash, I'm sorry for doubting your skills. Now, please give me the deed."

"I'm sorry sir." Dapper said calmly. "But I'm afraid I will have to keep the deed for now."

Blueblood frowned. "Excuse me?"

"Forgive my methods sir, but I shall keep the deed until your stay at the palace is over."

"What? You can't do that!"

Dapper shrugged. "On the contrary, I won the deed, the house is mine. You can of course take it up with your aunts, but then you would have to explain how you lost the deed to begin with."

"This is blackmail, I can sue you!"

Dapper inclined his head. "You can sir, but what kind of reputation would that leave at the club? You certainly wouldn't be seen as a gentlecolt even if they would let you stay." Dapper then smiled a little. "I look forward to seeing you at the palace tomorrow morning, sir."

And without another word, Dapper turned and trotted away. leaving Blueblood not only outraged, but outmatched as well. When he came home, he found several suitcases already neatly packed, it was then that he understood Dapper had been planning this from the very moment he leaned about the deed.

He wasn't sure if he should be outraged or impressed, in any case it was quite clear he was no ordinary butler..