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Dragon's Mothers - TAD2

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Friendship Is Magic Pt1-3

When the group arrived at the house, Applebloom pulled Spike into the house to help their aunt. Leaving Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer to wait. "So, no one is going to question the fact that we just saw a little filly pull a dragon twice her size into the house?" Asked Moondancer.

"Moondancer, this is not even in the top 5 weirdest things that I've seen in this town." Said Twilight.

"You get used to it, but it's really nothing too troublesome." Said Pear with a chuckle as she walked out of the barn to get some stuff ready. "Now, from what Spike told me, you must be Twilight, Moondancer, and Sunburst, it's lovely to meet you all, I'm Pear Butter Apple, and I'm Spike's grandmother."

All three smiled at the older mare. "That's right, and it's nice to meet you as well." Said Twilight.

Pear walked over to the trio and looked around for her grandson. "So, where is Spike?"

"Oh, a little filly named Applebloom met us near the gate and dragged him into the house for some reason." Said Sunburst.

Pear hummed. "Oh, I guess Aunt Orange needed some help getting the pies out of the oven."

There was the sound of a wooden spoon breaking. "SPIKE DRAKE, I TOLD YOU THOSE ARE NOT FOR YOU!" Yelled Aunt Orange as she started chasing Spike around the house before he made a break for it.

Spike laughed as he ran out of the house holding a pie in his hands. "Sorry, but I need to let Twilight and her friends taste it." Said Spike as he was running for his life from the mare.

Pear sighed as she got in front of Spike to block his path. "Spike, you hold it right there young drake."

Spike looked at the face of his grandma and stopped on a bit. "Grandma, it's not what it looks like, and it's not Mama doing the Macarena."

Pear looked at the pie in Spike's hand and figured out the truth. "Spike, why did you take a pie from the counter?"

Spike was sure nothing was going to get him out of this, so he told the truth, and showed the pie in his hands. "Um... Twilight and her friends need to taste it for the celebration."

Aunt Orange was behind Spike and glaring at him. "Sure? If that's all, then why not let them have one of the many pies and apple treats that we already had ready in the barn?" Asked Aunt Orange.

Now both mares were looking at the dragon. "Um... I thought that fresh out of the oven is best." Said Spike.

They both sighed at the dragon's logic. "Spike, just make sure that you show them the full Apple hospitality." Said Orange as she still needed to make the rest of the treats before tomorrow.

Pear giggled. "Spike, just no more stealing from the counter, ok?"

Spike chuckled as he placed the pie in his tail and brought it over to the group. "Yes Ma'am."

Pear smiled as she gave Spike a kiss on the cheek. "Good boy, now your Ma is helping Mac in the fields, so once you get your friends seated, go help them."

Spike nodded. "Will do grandma." Pear walked into the house with Orange. Spike looked at the group and noticed that Twilight was shaking her head in shame.

"I swear by Celestia, you act just like my brother." Said Twilight.

Spike looked at Twilight. "So, you have a brother, I had no idea."

Twilight nodded. "That's right, his name is Shining Armor, he's my BBBFF, and he was just appointed as captain of the royal guard."

Spike was now intrigued. "Wow, that's really cool, maybe I'll get to meet him one day."

Twilight imagined the look on her brothers face if he and Spike met, and it was just too good to pass up. "I'm sure that will be a great moment, Spike."

Spike looked back at the others. "So Moondancer, Sunburst, you guys have siblings?"

Moondancer shook her head. "Nope, I'm an only child."

Sunburst shook his head as well. "Nope, only child as well. But I had a great friend back in my home town, her name was Starlight Glimmer, but I haven't gotten any letters from her while I've been gone."

"Well, maybe you should write her, and get back into contact." Said Spike.

Sunburst smiled as he had been focused on his studying to really write to Starlight. "Yeah, that's a good idea, but I hope she's not too mad at me for waiting this long."

Spike nodded as he showed the trio to the barn so they could taste the treats. But the moment they walked into the barn, the trio was pulled away from Spike by a lot of the Apple family. Spike laughed at the confused looks the trio's faces. "Guys, just go with it."

Once the group was pulled into the barn, Spike walked to the orchard to find his Ma and uncle.

Spike found them rather quickly, but the weird thing was that they were arguing. "AJ, I'm telling you that I'm fine, it's just a little back pain." Said Big Mac.

AJ glared at her older brother. "Macintosh, for the last time, if you keep running yourself ragged, you're going to really hurt yourself."

Mac sighed as he was fine, he just woke up a little stiff this morning. "AJ, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that's it." Mac walked over to an apple tree and gave it a hard buck to prove his point, but the moment he did, he winced a little at the pain."

"See I told ya, now go into the house and rest up, applebuck season is creeping up and we need all hooves on deck for it, and I'm not going to have you in bed for the most important part of the year."

"Sorry Uncle Mac, I tend to agree with Ma." Said Spike, it wasn't that hard to find them going off the sound of the yelling.

Both Apples looked at Spike, and Mac knew that he was out matched now. "Fine, I'll go lay down, but wholly against my will." Said Mac as he walked to the house to go lay down in his room.

AJ sighed at how stubborn her brother could be. "I swear, that stallion is thicker than an iron plow."

Spike chuckled at hearing that come out of AJ's mouth. "Ma, you're not much better."

AJ shot Spike a glare. "What was that?"

Spike chuckled as he looked anywhere but AJ's eyes. "Oh, look, we still need to get some apples off the trees." Said Spike as he walked over to the tree that Mac was bucking to avoid his Ma's gaze.

"That's what I thought." Said AJ, she walked over to another tree and gave it a hard buck to the trunk, making many of the apples fall into the baskets on the ground.

Spike on the other hand was whacking the tree with his tail, seeing as it was all muscle and no bone, it makes the perfect substitute. Spike swung his tail right into the trunk and many of the apples started falling from the tree.

AJ smiled at seeing her son working so hard to live up to the Apple name. "Well come on Spike, let’s get these to the family."

Spike nodded as he grabbed the three baskets AJ was using. "Ready Ma?"

AJ nodded as she felt Spike place the baskets on her back. "Good. You ready Sugar Cube?"

Spike wrapped his tail around one of the baskets and lifted the other two up with his arms. "Sure am, but let’s try to avoid Aunt Orange."

AJ sighed. "You took a pie from the counter, didn't you?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Spike, I'm not upset, but if you want to have a pie, all you have to do is ask."

"But it was for Twilight and the others, they are here to taste the food for Grandma's visit."

AJ looked at Spike. "Wait, that was today?"

Spike nodded as he figured out what went wrong. "You totally forgot that was today, didn't you?"

"Oh, look, we still have a ton of apple to deliver, let’s not dilly dally." Said AJ as she ran off.

Spike sighed as he had a feeling that this was going to happen. "Between the farm, and the family, I'm surprised she hasn't gone nuts." Spike walked back to the house with the apples.

When Spike got to the house, things were going as well as he thought it would be. AJ was freaking out about not being a proper host, and Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer were a little freaked out at how forcibly the mare was trying to make up for missing their arrival. "I'm so sorry for not being here to greet you all, but my older brother was being stubborn, and with Celestia's visit needing as much of the family that we could get on such short notice, I completely forgot that you three were coming today."

Spike sighed at how his Ma was creeping the trio out, so he walked to the house, while avoiding his aunt, and dropped off the apples for the next batch of the treats. But once he was apple free, he walked out of the house, and decided to save the group of unicorns from his Ma. "Ma, I think they accept your apology." Said Spike as he pulled his Ma away from them.

AJ looked at Spike and snapped out of her state. "Sorry."

Spike smiled at seeing that his normally calm and collected Ma was back. "It's fine." Now that AJ was calmed down, it was time for the normal conversation to start. "Ma, you remember Twilight, Moondancer, and Sunburst." Said Spike as he motioned to the unicorns.

AJ nodded as she smiled at the three. "Of course, I do."

Twilight sighed in relief that AJ was back to normal. "Well, it's good to see you again Applejack, now your family already gave us a good idea on the food situation, so I think our work here is done."

AJ sighed, she had pretty much missed the entire visit, and she wanted to grow a little closer to Twilight for Spike's sake. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but feel free to stop by before you leave." Said AJ.

Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer all nodded. "Thank you, Applejack. Where to next Spike?"

Spike smiled as it would probably be best if they headed to Fluttershy's home next. "Let’s head to my Mommy's home next, it's not too far from here." So, with the treats all settled, it was time for the music check to happen.