• Published 21st Jun 2020
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Dragon's Mothers - TAD2

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Friendship Is Magic Pt1-2

As Spike was showing Twilight, Moondancer, and Sunburst around town, he tried to start a conversation with them. "So, Twilight, how are you doing?" Asked Spike. "You know, about finding out that I'm here?"

Twilight sighed as she looked at the dragon. "Well Spike, I really don't know how to feel. I did ask the Princess what happened after things calmed down. Kinda hard to miss a massive dragon. But she told me that you would be taken care of. I always wondered if you were safe, and happy with your dragon family, growing up to be a dragon. But finding out that you were only a few miles away, living with a bunch of pre-teen fillies, and having the Princess as a grandmother, was something I never thought was going to happen to you."

Spike chuckled. "Well, she was right, I was taken care of, and I'm really happy here... well aside from not being allowed to fly in town, Mayor Mare got really mad about the craters in the field. But aside from that, it's been a great life." Spike looked around at his home and noticed that Pinkie was still doing the Macarena. "Twilight, can you dance?" Asked Spike as he started to tap his foot.

All three looked at Spike, confused at the question. "Yeah?" This was a bold face lie, Twilight looked like a dying fish on the dancefloor. But Sunburst and Moondancer knew the truth.

Spike smiled as he pulled Moondancer into the Macarena. "Cool, but this is my cover from my mom, she thinks I flew off so I wouldn't get a talking to." Spike danced over to his Mama. "Hi Mama, I thought you finished dancing, but we're just passing through." Said Spike as he kept dancing and shuffled out of Pinkie's way, with Moondancer right behind.

Moondancer blushed as she followed Spike's steps and got passed Pinkie, but once she was through, she looked at Spike. "Spike, please never make me do something so embarrassing ever again?"

Spike chuckled as he gave the mare a smile. "Sorry Moondancer, in this town, that's the norm for us." He looked over to Sunburst and Twilight. "Come on, we need to go see Ma."

Sunburst sighed with a shrug. "When in Rome." He started doing the Macarena and he was doing a poor job, but passable as he moved over to the other side of the dancing mother.

Spike smiled at the stallion. "Not bad, but you need to put more into the behind the head movement, it felt a little stale." Spike looked at Twilight and nodded at her. "Ok Twilight, it's all up to you now."

Twilight gulped as she tried to follow Pinkie's move set, but it was not going well. Spike watched in horror as Twilight fell on her face, then in a bunch of flowers, and finished upside down face first in the dirt. "Ok, that was good first try, but there's room for improvement."

Twilight pulled her face off the ground and looked at Spike. "Spike, don't sugar coat it, it was bad."

Spike sighed as he'd rather not lie about just how bad it was. "Twilight, bad would insulted at how horrible that was." Moondancer and Sunburst had to agree at the statement, it was just that bad.

Spike helped Twilight to her hooves and dusted off her coat. "Thank you, Spike."

Spike nodded, he then looked at his Mama. "Bye Mama, see you tonight."

Pinkie stopped doing the Macarena and gave Spike a kiss on the cheek. "Love you Sweetie, have a good day with Twilight, Moondancer, and Sunburst."

Spike nodded. "Will do Mama." Spike motioned for all of the ponies to follow him, and they did. But as all four of them walked to the apple farm, they were completely unaware that Pinkie had disappeared into Sugar Cube Corner.

Pinkie went up to her and Spike's loft, and like a secret agent, Pinkie placed her hoof on the ice cream style newel. The top layers dropped into the bottom most layer as the sound of the mechanism started. Pinkie took a few steps back, and once the mechanism was released, the floor split in half showing a trap door and slide was underneath Pinkie. But she didn't fall, no she was just standing over the trap door. Pinkie looked down and groaned at the fact that she wasn't falling. "Shoot, forgot to turn on my anti me logic." Pinkie squinted as she concentrated on being a normal pony, and once he felt a small jolt of electricity, she fell down the trap door and into her and Spike's party cave. She slid down the slide and right into a large filing cabinet. "Perfect, now where are those files?" Pinkie started going through the files. "Ok, Twinkle Shine, nope. Twilight Sky, close but no cupcakes. Ah ha, Twilight Sparkle, perfect." Pinkie grabbed the file and started to read. "Twilight Sparkle, likes vanilla ice cream, red balloons, dancing, clearly she needs to take lessons, but that's for later, afraid of quesadillas and ladybugs. Geeze this mare is really out there." Pinkie dove into her filing cabinet again to search for Moondancer's and Sunburst's files so she can get the welcome to town party exactly right.

Back with Spike and group, they had just arrived at the farm. "So, this is Sweet Apple Acres, the life blood of Ponyville, and home to some of the best treats this side of delicious and just past yummy."

Soon Applebloom walked over to Spike, glad to see him. "There you are Spike, come on, Aunt Orange is looking for ya." Said Apple Bloom as she ran over to Spike to get him, but that's when she noticed Twilight and the others. "Oh, sorry, you're Miss Twilight, right?"

Twilight nodded. "That's right, and you're Applebloom correct?" Applebloom nodded. "Sorry, we didn't really have that much time to get to know each other last time."

Applebloom shrugged it off. "Yeah, that was an interesting day." She then looked to her nephew. "Come on Spike, Aunt Orange is looking for some help, and since Uncle Orange had to stay in Manehattan, you're the best shot we got." Said Applebloom as she started dragging her nephew into the farm.

"But Aunt Bloom, what about Ma, Uncle Mac, Grandpa, or Grandma?"

"Busy, busy, busy, and busy." Said Applebloom as she kept dragging Spike by his tail.

Spike sighed as he was being dragged by his aunt to find his aunt. "Just becasue she's a little older than me, she thinks she's the boss."

Twilight, Sunburst and Moondancer all followed the dragon.