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Dragon's Mothers - TAD2

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Friendship Is Magic Pt1-4

When Spike and the group neared Fluttershy's home, Spike smiled at the sight of his mother conducting some of the local birds for the performance. The song was a soft and melodious melody, but one of the birds was a little off key. "Stop please." Said Fluttershy as she looked at all the birds. "I'm sorry but can everyone please stop." All the birds stopped singing and she flew over to a large blue jay. "Excuse me, sir? I mean no offense, but your pitch and rhythm was just a teeny-tiny bit off." The bird nodded, he felt like he was a little off, but he wasn't sure. Fluttershy flew back to her spot and smiled at her birds. "Now, follow me, please. A-one, a-two, a-one two three-..."

"Hi Mommy." Said Spike as he walked over to Fluttershy with the others.

Fluttershy smiled at seeing her son. "Oh, hi baby, how was helping Rarity?"

Spike shrugged. "It went well, but Mother is still working at town hall, but I needed to leave so I could meet Twilight, Moondancer, and Sunburst." Spike moved to the side to show the trio to his mother.

Fluttershy smiled at the unicorns. "Well, I know that you have to check on the music, so you're all free to stay and listen." She looked to Spike who was talking to an elderly bird with her three grown up children and their kids. "Spike, can you leave Jasmin and her family alone until after practice?"

Spike chuckled as he said his goodbyes to the bird family. "Sorry, Mommy, I just wanted to see her again."

Fluttershy smiled at her son's kindness. "It's ok Spike." She looked back at the audience. "Sorry, but Jasmin has been a family friend for a long time now. What can I do for you all?"

"Oh, we're here to check on the music for Princess Celestia's visit." Said Moondancer.

Fluttershy nodded at the mare. "Oh, well, I hope this is good enough." She turned to the birds and signaled for them to get ready for the song. "Ok, one, two, a one two three four." Fluttershy started conducting the birds.

Once the mini concert was done, Twilight pulled out a checklist and checked off the music aspect of the celebration. "That was wonderful Fluttershy, I'm sure that Princess Celestia will be happy with the work you and all the birds have done."

Fluttershy blushed as she hid behind Spike. "Why...Thank you, it was no trouble."

All the unicorns looked over at the mare. "Umm... Spike, is she ok?" Asked Sunburst.

Spike nodded as he stepped away from Fluttershy. "She's fine, but she gets a little jumpy when she gets a complement. Mommy, I loved the song very much, I'm sure that Grandma will love it too."

Fluttershy nodded as she stood up on her own hooves again. "Oh, thank you Spike, I hope she does."

Spike smiled as he was sure that she would. "Well, I was just about to go find Mom, to make sure that she remembers to clear the skies today." Spike gave Fluttershy a kiss on the cheek. "Love you Mommy."

Fluttershy smiled at Spike. "I love you too Spike, have a good day."

Spike nodded as he gave the birds a wave goodbye and walked away with Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer. Fluttershy looked at the birds. "Ok from the top… if you don't mind. A-one, a-two, a-one two three..."

As Spike and the Trio were walking around trying to find Rainbow Dash, Spike felt something twitch on the back of his neck. "Oh, that's not good." Spike turned around and floating right behind him was his mom. "Mom, there you are, I was looking all around for you."

"Spike, what did I tell you about flying without me or Shy while you're in town?" Said Rainbow as she was terribly upset at Spike.

Spike sighed as he knew the rules. "I'm not allowed to fly around without you or Mommy, until I can go a month without any crashes."

"And how many days has it been?"



"I lose a day for flying without you or Mommy."

Rainbow smiled at seeing that her son was going to take responsibility. "Good boy, now, what are you doing?"

Spike showed Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer. "Mom, you remember Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer, I'm showing them around town to make sure that Grandma's visit goes well."

Rainbow nodded, she remembered the group and the task that Celestia wanted her to do for the celebration. "Sure do."

Twilight looked up and noticed that there were clouds all in the sky. "I knew that having one pegasus in charge of the weather was a bad idea." Said Twilight.

Spike gulped as that sounded like an insult. "Twilight, shut up, or you’re going to regret it."

"No, this is unacceptable, the princess asked her to have the skies cleared for the celebration, and with how much the clouds have piled up, there is no way that she will be able to get it done now."

Rainbow growled at hearing that. "Really, are you calling me slow?" Asked Rainbow as she got right into the mare’s face.

"No, I'm calling you lazy, and Princess Celestia told me that you want to be a wonderbolt, but with that attitude you’re never going to be one."

Spike grabbed Sunburst and Moondancer and ran into a ditch. "Spike, what are you doing?" Asked Moondancer.

"Getting us out of this. My mom is not a mare to let her pride be insulted. She's going to prove that she is the best."

Rainbow growled at the insults the mare was spouting. "That's it, you want the skies clear, I'll have it cleared in 10 seconds flat."

Twilight smirked. "Prove it."

Spike sighed as that was the trigger. "Mom, just don't run into a building." Rainbow nodded as she took to the sky and started bucking the clouds.

All the unicorns went slack jawed at seeing the mare fly super-fast and get all the clouds. Once she was done, she landed right back in front of Twilight and closed her mouth. "10 seconds flat."

Spike walked over with the others and grabbed Twilight's check list. "Weather, check." Said Spike, he walked over to Rainbow and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You did great mom."

Rainbow smiled at the praise. "Thanks Spike, now I got to go see grandma about why this even happened, I thought the day before was only supposed to have light cloud cover, this was heavy." She gave him a kiss on the head before flying off to ask her boss and mother what was going on.

Twilight blinked as she looked to Spike. "Wait, her mother?"

Spike nodded. "Yeah, my grandma is the local weather manager, and I have to agree, this was a little heavy for what we had planned."

Twilight sighed as she grabbed her checklist. "Weather, checked?"

Spike shrugged. "I did it for you, hope that's fine?"

Twilight smiled as she nodded. "Sure is, thank you Spike." Twilight gave the dragon a pat on his back, she wanted to get closer to Spike, she was the one that hatched him, and a book she read showed that a good place to start was small physical contact. She looked at her list and the last thing to do was check on the decorations at town hall. "One more thing to check, decorations at town hall."

Spike nodded at the plan. "Good, we're only a few minutes from there, and by now my mother has almost everything done, Lets go."