• Published 21st Jun 2020
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Dragon's Mothers - TAD2

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Friendship Is Magic Pt1

Spike was walking around town with his mother, he was carrying all of the decorations they would need for Princess Celestia's visit tomorrow. "Spikie, after we get to town hall, why don't you go help AJ with the treats." Said Rarity as she saw the town hall in the distance.

"Sorry Mother, I need to go meet Twilight and her friends by the welcome sign, Grandma said they should be arriving soon."

Rarity rolled her eyes. "Right, she's coming to oversee everything." She still didn't like Twilight, but technically she was one of Spike's mothers, and Spike was fine with her, but she was on thin ice with not only Rarity but all the girls. "Fine, but be a good dragon." Spike nodded.

When they arrived at town hall Spike placed down all 5 boxes that he was carrying and smiled at his mother. "Ok Mother, I'm going to see Twilight, see you later."

"Hold on." Said Rarity as she used her magic to grab Spike's tail.

"Mother, what's up?"

Rarity smiled as she walked over to Spike. "Nothing, but I taught you better than to just runoff."

Spike sighed as he gave his mother a kiss on her cheek. "I love you Mother."

Rarity released Spike's tail and smiled at him. "Mother loves you too Spikie, now get your tail in gear, I also taught you to be on time."

Spike smiled as he rolled his eyes. "Says the mare that is determined to always be fashionably late."

"Spike, a mare is allowed to be fashionably late, but a gentledrake is supposed to be on time." Said the mare.

Spike nodded as he turned around and walked out of town hall, leaving Rarity to her own devices. "Wow, Rarity, I was expecting you to keep him here with you, just to make sure that Twilight didn't see him." Said Raven as she walked into the main hall.

"Yes, I would rather my little Spikie not interact with her, but we do want Spike to move on from that." All the girls had told their friends and families about Twilight, and after calling Granny off from attacking Canterlot with the whole Apple family, all of them were going to accept this mare, but if one thing goes wrong, the mare was going to pay.

"Well I think Spike has moved on just fine, but maybe its his mothers that are having a hard time doing that?" Said the secretary.

Rarity huffed at the implication. "Raven, I have nothing against Twilight, she was willing to help Spike during the molt, and for that I'm grateful." Rarity started opening the boxes with her magic.

"So you say, but what would you do if, and this is totally hypothetical, Spike decided to start living with her as well?"

Rarity started growling at the idea, and the ribbon she was holding in her magic was now nothing but shreds. "Raven, there is no way that our little Spikie will ever leave us for the one that abandoned him, the one that didn't even care that she brought him into this world, the one that lost out on having a relationship with Spike, but thinks she can just jump right back into his life after 11 years." Said Rarity seething with anger.

Raven gulped as she looked at the very upset unicorn. "Right, oh look, I got work to do, I'll let you get back to decorating." She ran to her desk and decided it was probably safer if she just stayed under it for today.

Outside, Spike was flying through the sky, headed for the main road out of town and the meeting point that he and Celestia had prepared ahead of time. But once Spike was almost there, he was stopped by Rainbow Dash. "Spike?"

"Hi mom, um... its not what it looks like?" He knows that he is on a strict no flying order after all the craters.

"Really, because it doesn't look like Pinkie doing the Macarena, does it?"

Spike looked around and smiled when he noticed that Pinkie was in fact doing the Macarena. "Well she is, see." Said Spike as he pointed to his Mama.

Rainbow looked at where Spike was pointing and Pinkie was indeed doing the Macarena. "Ok, that is only slightly odd, but that does not change the matter at hoof, you know that you are not allowed to fly without me or Shy with you." She looked back at her son and noticed that he was already gone, so she sighed. "Dang it Spike, I taught you how to do that, so using it on me will not work." Said Rainbow as she sped off to catch her son.

But Spike had landed and blended in with the crowd, and by crowd I mean Pinkie, Spike had joined her in the Macarena. "So, why are we doing the Macarena Mama?" Asked the dragon.

Pinkie hummed as she wasn't so sure herself. "No clue, but maybe Mister Writer is trying to give this first chapter as much of a chance as he can?"

"Come on Mama, I doubt he would make us do the Macarena then?"

Pinkie giggled at the idea. "Maybe, then I guess I'm just doing it because it's fun."

Spike smiled as he did one more set of the moves before leaving to go meet Twilight. "Ok Mama, I'll be ready for Twilight and friends Welcome to town party."

Pinkie nodded as she kept dancing in the middle of the street. "Ok Spike, I'll see you later."

Spike decided to walk the rest of the way, and when he reached the edge of town, he was right on time, because not 20 seconds later did a pair of royal air chariots land right in front of him. Both were pulled by the guards, and they were immediately aware of the dragon. But before they could fly off, Twilight, Sunburst, and Moondancer all jumped off the chariots and walked over to Spike. "Hello Spike." Said Twilight.

"Hi Twilight, Sunburst, Moondancer, I'm glad you all made it here safely."

Sunburst sighed. "Safe being a loose term. Twilight has become obsessed with the legend of the Mare in the Moon, she thinks that its all real, and that she will be returning to take her revenge."

Spike looked at the mare and he started laughing. "Really? You actually believe that old mare's tale?"

Twilight looked at the two. "Stop that, I have proof, this book says that after a thousand moons, that the Mare in the Moon will return and seek revenge and bring about the eternal night, and that the only way to stop her is with the aid of the Elements of Harmony." Said Twilight as she showed her book.

"Twilight, I'm sure that Grandma would be aware of anything that important, but no, she is coming to celebrate the start of summer." Said Spike.

Meanwhile in Canterlot Celestia was pacing around her study. "Ok, so I planted the idea of Luna's return, I sent her to Ponyville, I made sure that the five elements are on that stupid mechanism. I just hope that Twilight is bright enough to figure out that she is the final element and that she needs the girls to make it appear."

"Princess, can you please stop pacing around, I don't want to prick you with the push pin." Said the Royal dress maker, she was trying to make a dress for the princess.

"Right, sorry, tomorrow is a really big day." Said Celestia as she was sure that everything was going to go wrong, and she was hoping that it would.

Author's Note:

Hi everyone, good news, I'm back with more Spike and his mothers, but some not so good news, I just wanted to get this one out there for now, but I'll write some chapters occasionally, but I had some time and wanted to get this story out there. So don't expect more chapters for a while.