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Dragon's Mothers - TAD2

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Friendship Is Magic Pt1-5

When Spike and group arrived at town hall, they all looked at the decorations that Rarity had completed already, there were banners, flags, flowers, all of which matched the change from night to day. "Beautiful." Said Sunburst and Moondancer.

Twilight nodded at the decorations. "Yes, the décor is coming along nicely, this should be quick, and we can get to the library in no time." She walked down the hall as she admired the designs.

Spike smiled at the statement. "That's my Mother for you." Said Spike, but then he noticed Rarity trying to find a ribbon. "Mother, the place looks great!" He ran over to his mother and gave her a hug.

Rarity giggled as she returned the hug. "Awe, thank you Spikie, I would be so behind if it wasn't for you helping me bring all the supplies." She gave him a kiss on the cheek, which him made blush.

"Mother, not in front of Twilight and the others."

Rarity giggled, but that was to hide the fact that Twilight was there. "Sorry sweetie." She looked to Twilight. "Twilight, it's good to see you again. But I must apologize once again for my actions towards you when we first met."

Twilight nodded. "Don't worry about it Rarity. It was a stressful time for everyone, and I understand that not knowing how Spike wound up in the forest and then hearing my story about hatching him, would make you believe that I was the one that abandoned him."

Rarity smiled but hearing that made her less hostile. "Yes, that day was truly an interesting one, but it is in the past, and after talking with the girls, we would like to get to know you for Spike's sake, seeing as you are somewhat his mother."

Twilight smiled at hearing that all the girls were accepting of her. "Thank you, and I want to get to know you girls as well, I missed out on knowing Spike, but I want to change that."

Spike smiled as he gave Twilight a small hug. "Thank you, Twilight." Twilight nodded as she returned the hug.

But this made Rarity growl, she was remembering what Raven said about Spike living with her. But she cleared her throat. "Now, I have most of this under control, and it should only take me around another 20 minutes or so to finish. Why don't you take Twilight and her friends to the Library and help them get settled in, and I'll come get you on my way back to the shop?"

Spike nodded at the plan. "Sure Mother, do you want me to cook tonight?"

Rarity giggled. "Sure, that would be lovely Spikie. You have really grown up fast, I remember when Pear gave you your first spoon of applesauce, and look at you now, almost 12 years old and cooking on your own. Soon you'll be old enough to leave your Mamas... and..." She wrapped her legs around Spike as she started to cry. "NO... I DON'T WANT MY LITTLE SPIKIE TO GROW UP!" Cried the mare.

Spike sighed, this was nothing new for him, she did this the day he finished school, she did this the day that he turned ten years old, and she did this the first time he went gem hunting on his own, but that was to find a special gift that he was planning to give her. "Mother, can you please let go?"

Rarity shook her head. "No, maybe if I hold you tight enough then you'll stay just the way you are?"

Spike tapped her head. "Mother, your makeup is running."

Rarity gasped as she let go of Spike and ran to the bathroom to fix it before it was gone past the point of no return. "Is she gone?" Asked Raven as she walked out of the broom closet.

"Miss Rich? Why were you in the closet?" Asked Spike.

She sighed as she rather not tell him the truth. "Spike, Rarity got upset that town hall isn't closed and I refused to let her decorate my desk while I was working. So, she cleared the broom closet for me to work."

Spike shrugged, that did sound like something Rarity would do. "Sorry about that Miss Rich, but you know Mother."

Raven giggled as she nuzzled the not so little dragon's head. "I do sweetie, but it's fine. Now, how are you and Diamond doing?"

Spike blushed. "We're good, we still talk, and I'm happy that she got her cutie mark. Randolph delivered the invitation to her Cute-ceañera a few days ago, and I can't wait."

'Dang it Filthy, I told you to let her do it.' Thought the mare. "Well, I hope to see you there Spike, and I know that Diamond is looking forward to that." She gave Spike a kiss on the cheek as she walked back into the closet to get back to the last bit of work she had.

Twilight walked over to Spike. "Spike, who was that?"

"That was Miss Raven Inkwell Rich, she is the receptionist for town hall, and Grandma Pear's friend." Said Spike.

"What else?" Asked Raven from her closet.

"And the mother of my friend Diamond Tiara." Said Spike as he blushed and looked away.

"Oh, well that's nice, maybe I'll get to meet her soon." Said Twilight. Moondancer and Sunburst face hooved.

Just then the bell in the clocktower started to chime. "Well, that is the signal to leave, town hall is closing for the day and will be open in the morning for the event." Said Spike.

"Thank you Spike, but I got a little more work to do, so many forms for a single princess, it never ends. I'll see you later." Said Raven.

Spike nodded as he pushed the trio out of town hall before Rarity comes back. "Bye Miss Rich."

Soon Spike and the group were outside of the building. "Well, that is everything that Grandma needed from you guys, so I'll show you to the library and help you guys get settled in." Said Spike, the trio nodded as they followed Spike to the library.

Meanwhile, Celestia was drinking her first cup of coffee that will keep her awake for the long night and morning ahead. "I always hate today. I can't get any sleep."

Soon a guard walked over to the princess. "Princess, we are ready to escort you to Ponyville upon your command."

Celestia nodded. "Good, be ready to move out at 4:30am and what ever happens, protect the ponies."

"Yes ma'am." Said the guard.

Soon Cadence walked in as the guard was walking out. "Long night ahead?" Asked the princess of Love.

"You have no idea, how was your date with Captain Armor?" Asked Celestia with a smile.

Cadence giggled as she had some big news. "Auntie, what would you say if I told you that tonight was a little more interesting than I thought?"

"He asked me for permission a week ago Cadence. I hope it ended well?"

Cadence smiled as she walked to the throne. "Mi amore Cadenza Armor, that has a really nice ring to it." She moved her mane to show that she had a gold band around her horn.

Celestia smiled at seeing her niece was getting married. "I'm so happy for you, but for now keep this quiet, I don't want to deal with mobs, rich ponies trying to get invited, and more over our enemies taking advantage of the confusion of a royal wedding to attack." Celestia got off her throne and walked down to Cadence. She pulled the little filly that she raised into a big hug. "I'm so happy for you Sweetie, he is a good stallion, and I know that you love each other."

Cadence smiled as she returned the hug. "Thanks Auntie."

But unknown to both of them, a waiter at the restaurant that Shining proposed in was relaying the news to his queen.

"Excellent, keep me informed, the more changelings we can replace, the easier it will be to finally take over Equestria." Said a pair of green glowing eyes.

"Yes, my queen."

Spike and the group arrived at the local library. "Welcome to Golden Oaks." Said Spike as he presented the building. It was a large oak tree that was changed into a library. "For an 85 year old mare, Miss Binding kept this place in great condition, and I'm happy to know that she is enjoying her retirement. There is a 2 pony loft in the canopy, a small kitchen under the loft, and the roots section is the basement. Sunburst, I recommend that you live in there, because no mare, let alone 2 of them will be quiet enough for a guy to get any shut eye."

Sunburst started laughing at the joke. "Sure, besides Twilight snores."

"I do not!" Yelled the mare.

"Well, let me show you around for a bit, and then I'll get out of your manes."

The moment Spike opened the door the lights turned on and Pinkie screamed. "SURPRISE!" She then pulled all four creatures into the building to throw them their welcome to town party.

Spike looked at Pinkie and smiled at the party. "Hi Mama, how'd I do?"

She nuzzled Spike's head. "Just perfect Spike, I almost was surprised when I yelled surprise." She released Spike and moved at Pinkie speed to the snack table, prepared drinks for the unicorns in the blink of an eye and got back to them with a smile. "Here you go, the night is young, and this party pony is going to party all night!"

All three sighed as they took the punch. But the moment Twilight took a gulp of it, her face went red. "AH!" Cried Twilight as she ran for something to cool her mouth.

Spike sighed as Pinkie messed up. "Mama, did you accidentally put hot sauce in the punch?"

Pinkie hummed as the sound of Twilight running around was behind her. "I made 4 drinks. One for Twilight, one for Moondancer, one for Sunburst, and one for you."

Spike got into his thinker pose. "Well, you only arrived with three drinks. Meaning that you left one on the table, and Twilight got my drink."

"I agree, very astute my dear Spike."

Spike nodded as he walked over to Moondancer and started digging into her mane. "Spike, what are you doing?" Asked the mare as she blushed.

"Looking for milk, that was dragon fire hot sauce, water will only make it worse." Soon Spike pulled out a gallon of milk from the mare’s mane. "Twilight, I got something to help."

The mare ran over to Spike and took the gallon of milk. She didn't even think, she just opened the jug and started chugging. Once the gallon was halved, she looked at Spike. "Thanks Spike."

Pinkie walked over to Twilight with a I'm sorry face. "Sorry about that Twilight, I made that drink for Spike, he loves it when I put the punch in punch, and I left your drink on the table."

Twilight sighed. "First, it's fine, it was an accident." She looked at Spike. "You actually drink that?"

Spike chuckled. "Sure do, it gives the punch a taste of what it's like to be me."

Twilight sighed as this was normal for this town. "Well, I got some research to do, Moondancer, Sunburst, you guys have fun, Pinkie, can you keep it down? Spike have a good night and thank you for showing us around town."

Spike smiled. "Sure thing Twilight, but all work and no play makes a mare go crazy, don't study too much, this is also your party."

Twilight nodded as she could spend a little while enjoying the party. "Fine, an hour more won't kill me."

Pinkie gasped as she pulled the unicorns to the dance floor. "Come on let’s dance." Cried Pinkie as she was busting a move from here to Canterlot.

Spike chuckled as he walked to the door and opened it. "Hey Mother, you ready to go home?"

Rarity smiled as she kissed Spike's cheek. "Such a gentledrake, escorting a mare home in the middle of the night."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Mother, I live there, and I'm fairly sure that Opal is waiting for dinner. Besides, Grandma wants me to meet her in the morning, so I need some sleep." Said Spike as he yawned.

Rarity nodded as they walked to the shop to let Spike get some sleep.

On the moon, a pair of demonic blue eyes opened and started chuckling at the view of her former home. "The eternal night has awakened."