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Fallout Equestria: Our Will (rewrite) - AngryPenguin

Raised above the cloud curtain, Lietenant Sienna has been dropped in the wasteland thanks to a failed rescue mission. Now, she's in unfamiliar territory and being threatened by a mysterious villain. Can she help her new friends before it's too late?

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Chapter 32: Face Off

"We've learned that friendship isn't always easy, but there's no doubt it's worth fighting for."

Virtues. What even are virtues? Does everyone have them? I guess looking at the wasteland, not everyone has them. I doubt you'd see a lot of humility in a raider. I had met ponies with virtues that were obvious. There were some who had them, but kept it hidden. What good is a virtue if you don't use it? My grandmother taught me to never doubt myself, but I strayed from that lesson many times. What stood out for me was a mystery. Charity? Patience? Hah. That last one is lost on me. I definitely wasn't about to try to prove to myself I could lead a virtuous life. After all, if you have to prove it over and over doesn't it lose any meaning? Like if you give food to someone only when others are around, does that make you charitable or just vain? I could be dwelling on these things too much. It already took everything I had to trust that my friends were doing the right thing by following me to an indestructible, killing machine. I would have faced her myself, but they'd never allow me to go alone. It's why I loved them. It's why I had much more faith in this battle than any others. I had all the virtue I needed.

We reached the end of the tunnel that ended under the security room. I put my ear to the door and listened. I could hear voices. Blight's loud, tinny yells were above them all. I assumed they had gotten in. My Pipbuck light illuminated the heavy doors. I scanned one side of the doors while Nico checked the other side, his horn ignited.

"Do you see any locks?" I whispered.

"It must be barred from the outside. I think we should turn the lights off to see if there's any light showing through. At least then, we'd know we weren't cemented in." The unicorn killed the light and I did the same.

Luckily, we were able to see light coming from one side. Now, the problem would be opening the door to sneak in.

I stared at Nico's horn. "I guess there's no way to pry this thing open?"

He examined the hinges. "I don't think so. It hasn't been opened in over a hundred years. We'd have to blow it open."

"Which would be impossible without catching attention."

"Aw, no surprise attack?" Violet wilted.

"And probably be disintegrated as soon as we yelled 'Surprise'." Redd rolled his eyes. "Doesn't that suck?"

I swallowed. Now what? Grenades weren't exactly quiet. Moondancer may have known how to keep the blast from making noise but-

"Pepper..." I whispered. "Pepper! Do you remember when we snuck around Silky?"

She thought a moment then smirked. "Let me guess. Need a silencing spell?"

"Do you think you can keep an explosion quiet? At least keep the noise confined to a small space?" I asked.

She ignited her horn, pursing her lips. "It... may be possible, but I'll need help with a barrier spell."

"That's my cue. Tell me what to do." Nico asked her.

Pepper removed the grenades from Nico's bag and studied them. "I need you to create a barrier around the hinges while I levitate these next to it. Try to keep it contained in as small an area as possible."

He nodded.

"Everyone get back!" I warned.

After everyone had moved far enough away, Pepper removed the pins and levitated the grenades next to the doors. She nodded to Nico, who quickly threw up a shield around the explosives and the rusted hinges. I prayed to Luna that he could contain the boom. Suddenly, a white flash caused us to shield our eyes. It was like lightening without the thunder. I peeked over at Nico, who jerked forward. I rushed over. "Are you alright?"

"It's -nngh- hard to keep. I'm not sure the shield can... hold the pressure." He grunted.

The barrier was doing its job, but I could see Nico's horn flickering. I quickly found Pepper, who kept her focus on the silencing spell. The explosion was over quickly. The pressure would probably create a small boom if he released the spell, though. I squinted, spotting the blasted hinges surrounded by smoke and dust.

"Pepper, if he lets his shield down, can you keep the spell going for a second longer?" I asked her.

She nodded, sweat furrowing her brow.

"Nico, go ahead and let it go. Don't overdo it for dust and smoke." I put a hoof on his shoulder.

With a heavy exhale, Nico's horn died, smoke trickling out of the point. The protective over-glow winked out, letting the debris flow out through the tunnel. The buck grabbed his head in pain. The pressure sent a wave, knocking us back.a step. Despite my best efforts to avoid the dust, it made its way into my lungs. I tried to hold back the cough, but it was no good.

"Sia, quick drink this." Violet hoofed over a water canteen. I grabbed it and took a few gulps. It helped tremendously.

"Thanks." I wiped my eyes. They were watering from the dust. I trotted over to the doors. They looked like they had moved a bit. They could be picked up by a strong pony. Tonno Weights probably could have lifted it himself.

"Dad, can you and Redd lift this enough for me to look through?" I asked the stallions.

They nodded and flapped their wings, landing just on the second step. As soon as they got a grip, they began pushing upward. It took a few seconds before the door scraped on its adjacent half. Light seeped in through the small opening. I lined my view along the crack. I could see Blight examining the old monitors. They looked too old to function. I couldn't imagine they were still working. A few cloakies were behind her, armed. I swore to myself. She still had at least a few at her disposal.

"These terminals are not functional." The machine hissed. She twirled around, towering over the cloaked ponies. "How am I supposed to use this garbage?!"

A stallion swallowed before he spoke. "I-It should have been working. They probably shut down the mainframe before we arrived."

Steam blew from Blight's back. "Blasted cretins! You're lucky I have just the thing." With a metal claw, she brought it to her chest and pulled open a compartment. Inside, were the pearls. My eyes widened at the orbs. She brought one out and held it next to the terminals. It began to glow and swirl, creating an aura around the equipment. It grew brighter, until the monitor was sparking.

"What's going on?" Mom asked behind me.

"She's using the pearls to activate the terminal. She may be able to reach the Enclave faster, now." I gulped down the tightness in my throat. This was going to be harder than I thought. There was no way to sneak up on her. Even if there was, a stealth attack wouldn't be any better than facing her head on. I looked at Mom, pulling my ears back. I wondered if Blight would be able to see through a lie.

"I think I have an idea. Half-assed, but it's better than nothing." I told the others. "You're not gonna like it, but it may be our best chance."

I had mixed reactions, most of them concerned.

"Mom, you and I can climb through here. You can pretend you are still on her side by 'turning me over to her'." I made air quotes. "That may buy us some time. The rest of you go back through the tunnel, through Fleece's clinic, and enter the Beacon through the front. She probably has more cloakies guarding the place. Take them out as quietly as possible. Spare any who surrender. Once you take them out, come to the security room. After that... I-I guess we will wing it from there. But don't show yourselves until I say."

"Absolutely not, Sia." Redd blocked me. "You won't have any protection from her if it's just you two."

I gave him a smile, reaching up to kiss his muzzle. "I know." I put my pistol in his hoof. "I'll be fine. We both will." I looked back at my stomach. "I won't do anything to anger her. If I don't have my gun, she will think Mom really is betraying me."


"Remember what I said? Don't let her spell have any effect on you."

He flicked his tail in irritation. "Just... Please. I'm begging you... Don't die." Redd's wings wrapped around me, tightly.

The others gathered around. Violet huffed. "Why do you have to face her? Let me do it!"

"No, Vi. Her magic has no effect on me. I can distract her better." I said.

"This is stupid! There has to be another way." Nico stomped.

I chuckled. "You guys act like I'm going to die, for sure."

Violet grabbed my ear, stretching it to look inside. "Are you even my Sienna, anymore? Who are you?! My Sia is a walking panic attack! You are looking death in the face!"

I rubbed my sore ear and breathed. "I... I don't know. I am scared, but... It's something I have to do."

"Are you sure you want to do it like this, though? Blight may be able to see through the charade." Mom stepped up next to me.

"Let's just pray we can buy time for a better idea." I hugged her. "I trust you, Mom."

It took a long second before she returned the hug. I saw the glistening on her face.

Once we were set, I gave the healing supplies to Pepper and my cartridges to Redd. He gave me one last squeeze before he turned away and started walking with the rest of our friends. I held my chest. I saw him wipe his eyes, which almost had me in tears, but I had to keep my confidence on top of my mind. We could do this!

"It wasn't a big ceremony, but I'm proud of you, Marshmallow." Mom put her yellow feathers around me.

I sighed, lovingly. "Yeah. I'm lucky." Shaking my head, I faced the doors. Dad had made the opening big enough for us to squeeze through. "Try to be as convincing as possible. Point your pistol at me and hold it there."

Her eyes grew. "I couldn't-"

"Please? Take the bullets out if you want. Blight needs to believe I'm captive." I begged.

She clenched her jaw before unloading the round in the chamber and shakily pointing the gun at me.

"It's okay. Try to keep still."

She nodded and we headed for the exit.

As soon as I squeezed through, Blight let out a hiss of steam. "If it isn't the 'hero'!" She guffawed. "Here to unload more useless missiles into me?"

When Mom came next, the dragon-shaped machine lost her mocking smile. "Gale. Why, pray tell, are you here?" She narrowed her reptilian eyes at the gun pointed at me.

To her credit, my mother was an incredible actress. I almost couldn't tell the difference between her and the Hope she was, before. "My remaining followers gave me my memories back. I still would like to work with the winning side. I know, now, it'll be your side. My mistake was doubting your power. I see no other way I and the remnants of the coven can come out alive. We will serve you." She bowed. "For a peace offering, I brought this one." She poked my shoulder with the gun.

Blight stared at her. My chest began to ache, but I had to keep my focus. No negative emotions.

"And why do I need this creature? I could just kill you both, right now." Blight sneered.


Mom, say something!

I had to do something, quick! "Blight, please listen to me. Is there any way we can call a truce?"

The robotic laugh echoed through the casino. "Are you serious? Must I remind you who I am?"

I somehow remained calm. "I-I just don't understand where you came from. If you really did originate from ponies' minds, shouldn't there be a good side to you? All ponies have some good in them or have had it at some point."

Blight let off more steam. "Fool! You mistake me for a mere organism. I believe I've told your little friends that I," She spread her mechanical arms. "am the real wasteland."

"Even the wasteland has some good-"

"Do not speak to me like I am your 'friend'!" She took the pearl from the monitor. "I oversaw the Great War. I made sure the population would succumb to their true nature. I was always there! You wretched ponies just know how to hide me when need be." Her forehead glowed, projecting a screen of different ponies from before the war. "The ministry mares stayed true to their elements." The mares were shown on the "screen", only they had gotten older. They looked tired and frustrated in the picture. "Until they didn't. You see, you can only pour so much into one's cup before it overflows." She laughed. "And once that cup starts overflowing, the world turns to balefire!" The screen winked out after it portrayed a green, fiery hell.

I gasped, unable to look away. "The princesses... If they were here, you wouldn't be!"

She showed an image of a dark alicorn. She looked like Princess Luna, only... evil. "Celestia and Luna held a part of me, as well! No one truly is without me. Even if I hadn't became this splendid being, this land's hatred, greed, pride, cruelty; it's all me! One hundred and sixty years ago, was my victory. Ever since, I have been triumphant over and over again!"

I stepped back, shivering. "You're wrong..." I said, barely audible.

"I'm wrong? So you think there is some way to completely get rid of all of this. If there is a way to defeat me, tell me how. I'll wait." She cackled, crossing her arms.

I had to get those pearls away from her somehow. "You're only tangible because of the pearls. You don't truly have any power of your own. You say you're in all of us, but the light always defeats that darkness if we let it. You lose those jewels, you couldn't do anything."

Blight narrowed her eyes, again. She nodded towards me, not speaking directly to me.

Before I could figure out what was going on, a movement caught my peripheral vision. I heard a gunshot. Immediately, a searing pain exploded in my chest. I cried out in pain. As I landed on the floor, I looked down at my breast. A bullet had gotten through my armor and pierced the right side of my chest. Blood began to ooze from the wound. It didn't hit my heart, but I couldn't tell if it had hit my lung. I put pressure and looked up, tears in my eyes. Air quickly left my lungs and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't take in oxygen quickly enough.

"Sia!" My mother dropped her gun and rushed to me.

Blight smiled wickedly. "Ahh. Looks like mother goose has finally chosen a side."

A sudden barrage of energy beams and bullets riddled the monster. I looked up to see the rest of the gang rushing the cloaked ponies in the room. The red and white blur zooming around the room was trying its hardest to destroy the entire building, it seemed. I hissed in pain, trying to get up.

Pepper skidded to a halt near me. "Gale, help me drag her to cover. I need to get the bullet out and give her this potion."

"We have to get her away from those -ack- pearls." I breathed.

Why do I always get shot at the worst times?

"Too bad! I'll be quick, now come on! They can only distract her for so long!"

Pepper and my mom dragged me over to a corner hidden by slot machines that looked to be out of commission. Pepper ignited her horn and stripped the damaged part of the barding off of my chest. I bit my lip in an attempt to stop from crying out, again. I managed to pick my head up long enough to see the deep hole in my chest. Oh, boy, that ain't good.

"I-I can't tell where the bullet is!" Pepper whispered. "It went past the outer muscle."

Mom whispered, urgently. "It has to be in the lung. Can't you do something? You've been learning from Moondancer!"

"I haven't gotten this far!" She whimpered, digging through her bag. "This might need major surgery and I don't have the tools, except for my magic and Med-X!"

"Pepper, p-please just hurry and... follow your instinct." I weakly touched her nearest hoof. "I won't give up this easily."

"Fuck." Pepper sniffed, gritting her teeth. "Fuck! Fine! Just... Just... I don't know! Try to sleep through it! I'm gonna go ahead and extract the thing. Hold on to something!"

I wanted to smile, but I'm sure my face was far too twisted in agony. The second her horn ignited again, I felt a sharp sting in my lung. The loud gunshots and yelling faded out quickly as I began to lose consciousness. I tried to stay awake. Pepper and Mom were speaking, but it sounded like I was under water. My mouth moved. I don't even know who I was trying to call for. I felt the floor under my head.

Minutes earlier...

Pepper and the rest of the herd rushed as fast as they could towards the tunnel's exit in Fleece's clinic. She glanced at the lead pony, Redd. His wing looked slightly torn at the base. The pain must have been intense. Moondancer had told him not to fly for a couple of days, but he only listened for half a day, if that.

"Hey, you shouldn't be flying with your wing like that!" Pepper scolded the pegasus.

He ignored her.

"It's tearing at the base!" She yelled louder.

"Thank you for your concern, but I'm fine. Sia needs us." He said, annoyance replacing gratitude.

She rolled her eyes. "You're not gonna be any use to her if you're badly injured, dummy!"

They made it up the stairs and flooded into the clinic. Nico volunteered to chance a peek from the clinic entrance. Violet tapped her hoof, impatiently. They didn't get along well, but Pepper did have an understanding for her love for her friend. She could tell she cared deeply for Sienna. It was amazing how that pegasus mare grew on Pepper's heart. She hated pegasi, but Sia was... different.

"There are about seven of those henchponies out there guarding the Beacon entrance." Nico whispered.

Violet drew her sword. "On it!"

"No wait, Vi-!"

Before Nico could get the word out, Violet had almost teleported out the door. Pepper couldn't even keep up with her. In a flash of red, blood spattered from the cloaked pony on the far left of the building. In a split second, the next one dropped. Then, another one. Before they knew it, Violet had mutilated every one of the guards. They didn't even see her until she slid through the clinic, stopping a few feet away. Blood spattered her jumpsuit and blade.

"Sia wouldn't have agreed, but we're in a hurry." She said, sheathing the weapon.

"Let's head in. I'm worried about them." Thunder Cloud (or as Pepper knew, Mixer) said.

They tiptoed until they got to the doors of the Beacon. This time, Redd cracked it open slightly, scanning the main area. He signaled for them to go on through. Upon entering, Pepper noticed the place was a wreck. Slot machines were thrown out of the way, poker tables were overturned, and even the bar stools were scattered. Pepper used her magic to close the door, quietly.

Nico stopped next to her. "If we don't keep that idiot off that wing, he's going to get seriously hurt."

"I know. I tried to warn him." She said.

"He's got it bad, huh?" He snickered.

Pepper didn't laugh. "Uh, yeah. I guess he does."

They suddenly heard voices. Redd dove behind a counter. Mixer, Nico, and Pepper ducked behind a machine that was on its side.

"-defeat me, tell me how. I'll wait!" Blight's laugh filled the room, chilling the unicorn mare to her core.

Pepper's ears perked as she heard Sienna begin to talk. Sienna's words made Pepper clench her jaw. " -light always defeats the darkness, if we let it."

"Oh, Sia..." Pepper said to herself. She felt awful for treating the pegasus mare like she did in the beginning. Even before their bodies merged, she tried to convince Pepper that she was still good. In truth, the unicorn wanted to be angry at her for lying. There was nothing inside of her worth saving, after those couple of years of being experimented on. She knew she was unstable, but Sia didn't see her that way. She didn't see her as a handicap. Pepper was happy to have met-


Pepper's blood ran cold when she heard Sia scream.

"NO!" Redd sent a breeze throughout the room from launching off the floor. Tickets scattered everywhere.

The herd galloped into the security room in the back. Redd had already activated his energy rifles, giving Blight everything he had. Nico and Thunder Cloud had also started shooting. Violet was taking out the cloaked ponies in the room. Pepper lowered herself to the floor to avoid being seen. She frantically looked around for her friend. Orange and white caught her attention, lying in a pool of blood.

"Oh, no..." Pepper sped towards the injured mare. Her hooves almost slid passed her. Gale was trying to hold her daughter up. "Gale, help me drag her to cover. I need to get the bullet out and give her this potion."

As Gale grabbed her leg, Sienna shifted. "We have to get her away from those -ack- pearls."

Her breathing was rugged. Pepper had suspicions, but she secretly hoped it wasn't as bad as she thought.

Once behind cover, the unicorn quickly removed the barding that covered the wound. She swore under her breath when she saw how deep the bullet had went.

"It has to be in the lung. Can't you do something? You've been learning from Moondancer!" Gale cried.

Pepper could have removed the bullet if it was just in the muscle. But this was more serious. She began to dig around in her bag. Mostly to hide the tears coming to her eyes. She didn't know what to do! "I haven't gotten this far!" She whinnied. "This might need major surgery and I don't have the right tools, except my magic and Med-X!" Her eyes began to sting.

"Pepper," A hoof gently touched her back leg. "p-please just hurry and... follow your instinct. I won't give up this easily."

The unicorn looked in Sienna's eyes as she said those words. She wanted to scream. How could she trust me with something like that?!

"Fuck." She hissed. "Fuck! Fine! Just... Just... I don't know! Try and sleep through it!" She levitated the Med-X and adjusted the syringe. "I'm gonna go ahead and extract the thing. Hold on to something!"

Sienna fell in and out of sleep. Pepper commanded Gale to watch her pulse. The pink mare didn't want to do this, but there was no option. Behind her, The war cries of weapons and explosives were deafening. She tried to focus. Once the Med-X was injected, Sia whispered something


If it wasn't for the urgency she would have asked what she meant, but Pepper was now focusing her magic on the hole. She tried to remember the anatomy from Moondancer's books. Focus... Focus... I just need to reach in with my magic and find the bullet. With her eyes closed, she felt around. Sweat beaded her forehead. Pepper kept every ounce of her attention on that bullet. Where is it? It's penetrated deeper than the muscle, so it definitely entered the lung... It has to be... Wait, there it is!

"Found it! Gale get the potion ready to pour half inside the wound." She told the yellow mare.

"Her pulse is getting weaker!" She said as she snatched the bottle out of the bag.

No, no, no, no! Just gotta slowly pull it out... Steady...

"Oh goddesses... She stopped breathing!"

Tears were forming in Pepper's eyes. "I have to get this out. Almost... Almost..." The bullet finally loosened enough for her to quickly pull it out. Once out Gale quickly poured half of the potion into the wound. After a moment, the tissue slowly started to knit back together.

"Shit! She's still not breathing! Hold on! You won't die on me, you damn feather brain! You promised!" Pepper cried. She began C.P.R. It wasn't as professional as Moondancer may have been, but she did her best to follow the steps she saw in the book.

Press. Press. Press. "Come on!" She opened her mouth, blowing air into her freshly healed lungs. The hide was still pulling together. Press. Press. Press. "You have to take care of your baby! You have a husband! He will not... be... WIDOWED!" The last compression was rewarded with a deep gasp from the pegasus. Pepper beamed, wiping her eyes. Gale quickly sat her daughter up to drink the rest of the potion. Pepper wiped the sweat from her face. She now knew how Sia felt during a panic attack. She had hoped she didn't damage any tissue. Sia choked down the potion, taking a few breaths and slowly gaining consciousness. The unicorn would have cheered if it wasn't for the carnage behind her.

With a fast beating heart, Pepper turned to the new battlefield. Blight was neither scratched nor dented. She was unfazed by the weapons that were being unloaded into her.

She didn't want to lose hope, but it was definitely harder to see the bright side.

Level Up!

S- 6
P- 6
E- 8 (+1)
C- 4
I- 6
A- 5
L- 5

New Perk!
Death's Door - Enduring injuries has permanently increased your threshold! +1 to Endurance.

Author's Note:

Thank you to Kkat for this amazing world!
As always, error spotting/ constructive criticism is always welcome! And thank you to my readers for your patience in these trying times! Much love!


PS: I'm still not sure why FIMfiction is not adding the indentions to paragraphs. I promise I am not omitting them on purpose!

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