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Fallout Equestria: Our Will (rewrite) - AngryPenguin

Raised above the cloud curtain, Lietenant Sienna has been dropped in the wasteland thanks to a failed rescue mission. Now, she's in unfamiliar territory and being threatened by a mysterious villain. Can she help her new friends before it's too late?

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Chapter 14: Reunion

"Until we meet, again."

Family. I'm pretty sure the term can be used loosely. I've always thought of the Shake Squad as family. Since being in the wasteland, I now think of Nico and Fleece as family, too. It's cheesy, but it is true. However, I want to talk "biological". The stories of the Apple family have been around for hundreds of years. That is probably the biggest family I have ever heard of. They protected each other, were there for each other, and had plenty of problems that were overcome. It wouldn't surprise me if they had family members just fall off the map. "Disappear", if you will. You probably know by now that I have. My parents were taken from me at a young age. I guess the main question is this: Would all those years apart matter, as long as you're family? I guess I was about to find out.

"Daddy?" My eyes welled up.

"Daddy?!" Redd and Violet exclaimed.

Nico blinked several times. "Wh-what?"

Mixer nodded. I burst into more tears as I zoomed into him. Years of wonder and sadness ended right there as I closed my eyes. He wrapped his giant hooves and wings around me. He sniffed, rocking me as I was the foal he never got to see grow up. The whispers in the bar continued, but I didn't even care. I was in so much shock, I barely noticed anything at that moment. I had so many questions for him, so many stories to tell him, but I kept them in the back of my mind until I could stop weeping.

"I'm so happy! I'm so damn happy to finally see you, again, my baby!" He rubbed my mane, pulling away from the hug. He cupped my face and gently turned my head left and right. "Look how much you've grown! Celestia, I cannot believe this!" He squeezed me, again.

"Why... why did you leave?" I asked through sobs. "You and Mom... I was so young, but I remember you leaving!"

This time when he pulled away, he looked down in shame. "It broke my heart. So many years I've lived, regretting that I left my only filly behind. I wanted to go back home, so bad, but I would have just put you in danger. You were safer with your grandparents. Your mother and I... we fought with the Grand Pegasus Enclave and they had had enough. I didn't know we would be banished for treason. They... they were going to force us to bring you. I begged and pleaded for them to let you stay there." He looked sadly at the brand on his flank.

"Mom?" I searched his face. I didn't like the expression. "What happened to her?"

He sighed. "A few days after we got here, she left me. I woke up one morning and she was just... gone. Not a note left behind or anything. She took her belongings, too." My father shook his head. "I searched everywhere for her, but no luck. She didn't want to be found."

My heart sank. I wanted to see her, too. I was angry, though. How could she just leave him? After what they went through, how could she abandon him? I looked around, remembering my friends there. Redd and Violet wore sympathetic frowns. I couldn't read Nico's expression. He had sank into the bar stool, drinking another shot. I turned towards the floor. Dad wrapped his hooves around me, again. "It doesn't matter, now. I'm here! You're here! We are together!" He teared up, again.

I smiled, pushing the questions about my mother away. "I missed you! I can't believe this, either. My C.O. told me... They all told me you were..." My voice cracked.

"They lied, sweetheart. Goddess, they lied. I'm more alive now, than ever!" He chuckled. "You're in the military?"

I winced. Should I have been proud, still? "I'm first lieutenant."

He wiped a tear, not caring about my occupation. "I'm so proud. Grandma and Grandpa raised you right, I see!" His smile faded and the look of realization replaced it. "Why are you here?"

I sighed. "Long story, short: We were supposed to rescue a crew that was grounded, but our mission failed. Miserably." I left out the details. "I'm okay, though, thanks to Nico." I smiled towards Nico.

His eye twitched as he grinned, stupidly.

Dad picked him up (yes, picked him up) and hugged him. "I don't want to know anymore about a 'rescue mission gone wrong', but I'm gonna assume you saved my daughter's life. Thank you, Nico! I always knew you were a good buck!" He set him down. "I don't know if I can ever really pay you back."

"It was nothing, really." Nico timidly said.

"No, no. I insist! Any tab you have here is now closed permanently. You will never be charged for anything from me, again." Dad turned to Specs. "Anything Nico wants, he gets, ya hear?"

Specs nodded. "Oooh, boy."

"Mixer, really, that's not necessary. I-"

"In fact," Mixer stood up. "Free rounds for everyone here, tonight! It's time to celebrate this reunion!"

The building erupted with cheers. I smiled at my father. "Sweet. I'll take one of those." I pointed to a dark red drink that Violet had in front of her."

"A Bloody Berry?" He worriedly looked me over. "You're..."

"I'm an adult, come on." I said, flatly.

He sighed. "You're right, you're right. It's just that time gap was so long. The last time I saw you, you were barely able to fly. Now, you're just a beautiful grown mare, and I don't know how to react." He did a magnificent job of holding back his whimpers. "Okay, one BB over here, Specs!"

"You got it, Mix." The barpony got to work, mixing berry juice, tomato juice, and rum in a pitcher. He whisked the ingredients together and poured the drink into a glass. He then sprinkled some kind of red powder on top. It smelled spicy! My mouth watered when he slid the drink over to me. The colorful liquid smelled amazing! Dad watched me pick it up and take a sip. I smacked my lips, immediately tasting the berry flavor, followed by the hint of tomato. The rum, of course, was my favorite part.

"This is the best thing I have ever tasted! Besides cake." I gulped more down.

Dad chuckled. "Don't over do it, sweetheart." He turned to Nico. "Thank you, again. I assume Sienna has been with you for a while?"

The unicorn coughed and sputtered, choking on his shot. "W-with me? No, no, Mixer, I swear to Luna above I-"

Mixer chuckled, slapping Nico's back. "No, son, I meant you've been looking after my little filly."

"Oh! Yes, yes of course. Well, Redd and I-"

"We've been taking good care of her, sir." Redd trotted up, saluting.

Dad tapped his chin. "I know you. Your mother is that racing champion, Lightning Flare, right?"

Redd brightened. His mother was famous where we were from. She held the championship title five years in a row before Redd was born. "That's me."

"Huh. So, this is cousin you told me about?" He nudged Violet.

She nodded. "The cocky sonuvabitch himself." She winked.

I nearly spit out my BB. Redd glared daggers at her.

Dad threw a hoof around him. "I remember Lightning's last year in the races. I was almost a racer, myself, you know."

Violet led them to a table. "Oh! I gotta hear this!"

"So, I was sitting at the gate..."

I turned back to my drink, finishing it. I tapped the counter for another.

"You're gonna regret that." Nico said. He was starting to look a little tipsy.

I laughed. "Nah. I'll be alright." The drink slid right to my hoof. "I can't believe I found my dad, again."

He turned pale. "Mixer is your father. You are the daughter of a stallion who could break my neck with no trouble."

I shifted, uncomfortably. "I don't understand. I thought you said you were friends?"

He slammed another shot back. "Sienna, I will never look at him the same knowing I'm... Nevermind."

I perked up. "What?"

He turned red. "Nothing. Forget I -hic- said anything."

We said nothing for several seconds. I downed that Bloody Berry and went straight to Wild Pegasus.

"Boy, this stuff sure does the trick." Nico said, now drinking some kind of beer.

I nodded, getting buzzed, myself. "That, it does."

"Listen, I-"

"It's time to dance! Mixer, put some good music on, will you?" Violet shouted.

"Give me a second. I may have something more... modern." Dad stood and walked to the back. "Nico, could you give me a hoof with these boxes?"

Nico nodded and trotted after him.

I sighed, fidgeting with my drink. The crowd had gotten significantly larger since we got there. I wondered how in Equestria the building held up with all the commotion.

Redd took Nico's place next to me. "You'd better not be sad." He said, playfully.

I half-grinned. "I'm not sad, in the least. I found my dad! These drinks are just strong."

He sipped from a beer mug. "This was definitely unexpected."

"You aren't kidding." I chuckled.

I don't know if it was the alcohol or the happiness but I wanted to do something crazy. My frustrations were up there, too. It was like my endorphins were messing with me. The lack of anxiety and worry at the time really made me feel great. I looked over at the pegasus. My vision was a little wobbly, but I noticed him. I mean, really, noticed him. The muscles that covered him caught my eyes. The way he carried himself? I would have loved to be back in a room alone with him. Every time he stretched out his graceful wings, I got goosebumps. My gaze slowly moved up to his eyes. So fiery.

Eventually, he caught me staring. "Sia? Are you okay?"

The heat in my cheeks was immense. I took the rest of my shot and gave him a sultry look. I couldn't take it, anymore. "Redd... Can I talk to you, for a minute?"

He nodded. "Of course." He smiled. Damn it, he's tempting me.

I climbed off the stool and led him through the crowd. I didn't want to sway, so I made it seem like I was just avoiding ponies. To him, I was not that drunk, just buzzed. Definitely couldn't have him thinking this was just a lack of impulse control from being under the influence. Finally, we made it out the door. Ponies were still hanging outside in groups, so I directed our path towards the back of the building. He was going to get it.

"Erm... So, what is it you wanted to talk about?" He leaned against the wall, crossing his hooves. There was nopony around.

I started trembling, a little, as I stepped closer to him. Goddess, I could smell him. I bit my lip as I slowly stepped closer to him.

"Are you cold? Here, take this." He unsnapped the outer part of his barding and I lost it.

I quickly pressed myself against him, pinning him to the wall. "Redd, I think you know what's going on."

He swallowed at the sudden change, pausing to sniff the air. "O-oh my g- You're in he-"

Without warning, I tore off the rest of his clothes. My hoof ran over his torso, making me shiver even more. I quickly took off mine, too. He pinned his ears back, cursing under his breath. "Y-you're drunk and your... urges are stronger because of it." I stopped for a moment and looked him straight in the eyes. I smiled the sweetest, most deadly smile I could manage. He crossed his back legs. "Mixer will kill me."

"He won't know. We both knew it was a matter of time. Like you said, you've seen me staring." I batted my lashes.

Boy, that last shot was a mistake.

"Maybe." He relaxed a little and hugged my waist with a forehoof. "I don't want to... you know... take advantage of you."

"I am not as drunk as you think I am." It actually took everything I had not to slur my words. "I've been thinking about this all day."

Redd cleared his throat and grinned. "Sia, you know I've been in love with you for a while. I don't want you to think this is a... mistake."

I moved my muzzle closer to his. "I don't make mistakes." I whispered.

I leaned in until the kiss happened. It was almost like the dream I had back in Walkerton. He was tense, at first, but I made sure he was... comfortable. The kiss turned into gentle pecks down my neck. He was driving me crazy, making me more intoxicated witch each touch. I nuzzled his mane. I finally got to touch it. It was rough, coarse, but I couldn't stop. The smells. Oh, sweet Celestia the smell of him made me crazy. Before I completely blacked out, I remember uttering two words that would keep me in limbo the rest of the night:

"Don't stop..."


"Sia?" Violet called over the bar. She spotted her best friend with Redd fifteen minutes ago. At the time, she shrugged it off, but she was getting worried. Mixer had put on some better music.

Finally, something besides that ancient grave music. She thought.

She looked around the rest of the bar, but didn't see them. Her sobriety was compromised, but she had enough sense to know they shouldn't be out in the wasteland without their things. Sure, Redd was good protection. Sure, Sia could handle herself, but she still thought of Nico's words from their argument that day. Violet Horizon finally felt like she was proven wrong by a stallion. She had seen Nico sitting at the bar, conversing with Specs. He was so wasted, she didn't even think he would be able to leave the saloon. At least he wasn't so timid. She rolled her eyes at the laughing buck and continued her search.

"Hey, Violet!" Gladys squawked.

"Gladys! Holdin' up, okay?" Violet chuckled.

The griffon grinned. "You bet, hot stuff."

"Hmm. You are a naughty, naughty bird." Violet winked at her.

"You know it."

"You wouldn't happen to have seen Sienna and Redd around, would you?" Violet pushed all her dirty thoughts to the side. That would be for the after party.

Gladys shrugged. "I saw them heading around the building earlier while I was drainin' my kidneys. She had that look in her eye. I know that look." She wiggled her brows.

Violet facehoofed. "Thanks Gladys."

With a slap on her flank and a flirty laugh from Gladys, Violet headed out the door. She silently prayed her cousin wasn't as stupid as he seems. She knew Redd wouldn't take advantage of her, but Sia can sweet talk anypony into anything if she really wanted to. Violet had noticed, when they left the shack, the smell that followed her best friend. She knew Nico noticed too, the way he stared at her. She kept a close eye on them, but Nico seemed to be more watching out for her than anything. He was a little controlling, but also protective.

Violet sighed. "Sia, learn to control yourself, too, girl."

Violet heard the moaning from the side of the building. The rustling of the leaves, too. She knew it was a sight that would permanently scar her, but she peeked around the corner, anyway.

Yep. They're doin' it.

The unmistakable colors of red, white, and orange were tangled together, moving at a rhythmic pace. Violet quickly tore her gaze away from them and stood around the corner, face red from embarrassment. She wanted to laugh, but she also wanted to cry. No amount of bleach would clean away the image of those freaks in her mind.

"Oh, Redd!"

That did it. Violet's face turned even redder when she heard that. She turned and tiptoed away. She would support Sienna no matter what (or who) she chose to do, but she really didn't want to witness it, first hoof. The farther away she got, the faster she trotted. Finally, rounding the corner, by the swinging doors, she almost ran into their unicorn friend.

"Violet! I was just looking for you. I need to talk to you." Nico said. He could barely stand.

She shot her eyes back and forth. "Uh, sure, sure. Let's talk... waaay over here." She led him to the far side of the property. Away from the moaning.

He stopped and looked at her curiously. "Ookay. Anyway, look. I just want to apologize. I probably do come off as bossy or -hic- controlling to Sienna, but I swear I don't mean it. I just... I want to protect her." He rubbed his forehoof. "I think I love her, Vi."

She facehoofed, again. "Oh, man. Um, well, does she know?"

"I think so. I mean, I told her I like her. I haven't said the 'big L' yet."

She sighed. "Well, tomorrow, when you sober up, you need to have a nice, long talk." Violet began to push him back to the shack. "You'd better get back to our temporary abode and get some sleep. I'll bring Sia and Redd-"

"No. I won't let her out of my sight. Not again." He protested.

Violet pushed harder. "She will be fine, Romeo."

"Shes in heat, Violet! She has been since yesterday." He stomped.

Violet paused. "So... you know. I didn't notice until today."

He shook his head. "I have been keeping a close eye on her. I don't want any weird stallions trying to..." He snorted.

Oh, this ain't good.

Violet rubbed her temples. "So, you aren't just trying to... hit that?" She made a crude gesture.

He glared at her. "No! I'm not -hic- some teenage buck, Violet. I know what respect is. What part of 'love' do you not understand?"

"Do you realize Redd is..." She shuddered. "In love with her, too? I just want you to know because I will not play referee in a love triangle."

He drunkenly swayed back and forth. "I know. I already told her she would be better off with him. I hate it so fucking much, but I don't stand a chance. I'm a selfish stallion, Vi. I want her all to myself. I'm just not what she needs."

Violet sighed. "Nico, I'm sorry I misjudged you. I thought you were just another... stallion. It's obvious I was wrong. I won't lie, Sia can be a little... She has no bucking idea what to do in a relationship." Time to lie. "She doesn't even know what a penis is... uh... probably."

He blushed.

"My point is, I don't know what advice to give you because my love life is more of a... I just don't give a shit about romance. You just need to figure out what you want. She does, too, but she will need a kick in the flank to realize it. I do know one thing..." She grabbed a hoof full of his barding and brought his face to hers. "If you or Redd or any stallion ever, and I mean ever, hurt her, I will make your lives hell."

He rolled his eyes. "I can only imagine."

"Go back to the shack. I will grab those two and meet you there." She let go of him.

He grumbled, but made his way in the right direction. He tripped a few times, earning a grin from Violet.

She waited until he was out of earshot before she began her cursing. "Holy shit this adventure turned into a soap opera, fast."

After that weird conversation, the green pegasus made her way around the building, again.

Please, be done. Please, be done. Please, be done.

She stopped to listen, sighing in relief when she didn't hear anything but snores. Then, she rounded the corner to see Redd, fast asleep. Sia was gone. Violet's blood ran cold. Her eyes darted back and forth, trying to find her. Checking behind the dead foliage, she moved quickly. No Sia. Behind some logs. Nope. Under Redd. Nothing.

"Redd!" Violet shook him.

"Huh?" He jumped up, holding his head.

"Where is Sia?"

He looked at Violet, then looked around. "She said she had to use the little filly's room." He paused. "A while ago..."

"She's not here, Redd! Help me find her!" Violet flapped her wings and zoomed back inside the bar.

Please, be okay...


"Sienna..." A voice echoed through my head.

Stop yelling, please.

"Darling, you must get up. You're in trouble!" It was Rarity.

My conscious came crashing back to me. The moment I awoke, I felt the pounding in my brain. Like a thunderous boom every second. I, groggily, reached my hoof up to cover my eyes as they fluttered open. "Rar... ity?"

"Please, get up! I can't stay in this connection much longer, but you have to get up! They captured you and your friend!" Her lovely voice began to fade.

"H-how? What..." My vision finally focused enough to see I was in unfamiliar territory. The building looked like a giant warehouse, filled with industrial equipment and machinery. It was dimly lit, but I could tell it was a factory. Then, I saw them. Quickly lying back down, I peeked through my lids so I could get a better view. A stallion and two mares wore the same, disgusting armor. They had the same yellow eyes. They were the same as the rest of those monsters.

"Just tie the unicorn up. I want him to myself!" One of the mares giggled, madly.

They were all standing in front of something, blocking my view. I couldn't see what it was they were focused on, but I had a terrible feeling.

"You'll have the fucker. You two do what you want with him, but only after we get the fire started and sharpen the axe." The stallion went to turn, so I closed my eyes shut. "This one's mine." His deep, throaty chuckle was like a siren in my ears.

I didn't dare open my eyes until their hoofsteps were further away. When I finally did, I noticed the cage I was lying in was caked in dried blood and small chunks of meat. I wanted to vomit. My hooves tried to get under me, but every time I tried, my head would explode. Whatever happened the night before was a blur. I must have been hit in the head and knocked out. That and the hangover was not a good mix.

The blue mane of a stallion caught my attention. No!

"N-NIco... Wake up... " I breathed. "Raiders..."

His face was bloody, but I didn't see any major injuries. He was passed out, chained to a support beam.

"Rarity... What d-do I do?"

No reply.

I forced my head up, squinting as I tried to block out the dizziness. "Nico, please, don't be dead..."

I frantically looked around. Yet again, I was in the clutches of these fiends. Again, they had somepony I cared about. And again, I was powerless. Useless! My eyes watered as I hopelessly looked around. The only thing I managed to do was cry. How can one pony save the world? Especially if that pony is me? I failed. I can't even take on three brainless thugs, much less the leader of an entire cult. Even if I did somehow manage to defeat her, then what? What would I possibly be able to do with the rest of my miserable life? Fight for me life every day? My lungs started burning, slightly. I began to cough and that grew into a full blown fit. I tried to silence it, but it forced its way out of my lungs.

"S-Sia?" I heard Nico groan.

I snapped my head towards him. "N-Nico?" The name barely left my throat.

"What happened?" His eyes were half open.

"Raiders... Th-they..." I took a deep breath and slowed my hyperventilation. "They took us."

"How? What happened last night?" He bowed his head, in pain.

"I don't remember... I-I was at the bar waiting for you and then... Then I wasn't!"

My memory was so clouded, I barely even remembered when we had started drinking. The harder I tried, the more it hurt. A flash of a red and white mane went through my head a couple of times, but I knew Redd was there, already. There was Nico, we talked a few minutes, and then... He went to the back with my... Dad! Yeah, my dad was there! He's finally in my life! After that, I don't remember. The hangover and the concussion are screwing with my memories. Goddess damn it if I'm alive tomorrow the memories will probably flood back to me.

Nico examined the chains on his torso. "Fucking raiders!" He pushed his torso further up, but the restraints were too thick. They only rattled, louder.

I looked over at the hall to make sure they didn't hear. I was thankful they didn't.

"Where are Violet and Redd?" He perked his ears.

I covered my nose to cry. My chest ached so bad. "I-I don't... know..."

Nico gave me a sad glance. "It's okay. We will figure this out. I promise... I won't let anything happen to you."

I sniffed, closing my eyes to go ahead and get the crying out.

Please, keep that promise...

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