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Fallout Equestria: Our Will (rewrite) - AngryPenguin

Raised above the cloud curtain, Lietenant Sienna has been dropped in the wasteland thanks to a failed rescue mission. Now, she's in unfamiliar territory and being threatened by a mysterious villain. Can she help her new friends before it's too late?

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Chapter 26: United, We Stand

****Trigger Warning!!****
I wanted to give a heads up (just in case) because this chapter mentions (no actions taken) sexual assault.

"Friendship is the only true magic that can unite us all."

I hadn't slept that well in days. Between my body being exhausted and my mind not getting sleep in Pepper's body, it was nice to get some undisturbed rest. When I finally woke up, I was still groggy. I didn't even want to open my eyes, so I just laid there. I felt the Pipbuck on my leg, still. It was a blessing that Blight didn't take it. I also felt my bangs on my forehead. Instead of a horn, it was just my mane. I was so relieved to feel both of my wings on my back, too. The magic from the pearls had healed the feathers. I had already planned to preen them when I was awake and ready. There was something so refreshing about having my body back. Other than the impending doom and insufferable tiredness, I felt pretty good.

I finally opened my eyes. I was in one of Fleece's rooms. No IV's or tubes. Just me and the comfy bed. Fleece appeared at my bedside. She smiled, warmly. "Hey there, hon. Feeling okay? You've been out for a day and a half."

I sat up, slowly. The movement made me a little queasy. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired is all."

"That's good. I looked over everything and you have no injuries or underlying damages. After you get your strength back, you should be right as rain."

"Where is everyone?"

"Nico and Mixer are in the waiting room. Pepper is back at his house, resting. I don't know where Violet and Redd are." She told me. Her horn lit up as she looked over me.

They must have still been traveling back from Zangth's. I let out a calm breath. My chest was not tight for once. "I'm so glad to be back. One less worry, right?" I half chuckled.

Fleece sighed. Even through her scratchy voice, I could tell something wasn't right. "There's something we need to talk about. I do not want to bring it up right now, but seeing as though there is a lot riding on these next few days, I have to tell you."

A small wave crawled through my chest. "What is it, Fleece? Is it... is it bad?"

She shook her head. "No, no. It's not bad at all. It's... just timing."

"So... what is it?" I asked, lying back on the pillow.

She put a hoof on the bed rail. "Sweetie... Is birth control available in the Enclave?"

"Yeeess... Every mare has to have birth control before she is married and after she has one foal. We have implants every year." I informed her.

"When did you last have one inserted?"

I thought a moment. I had an aching feeling in my throat. "About a year ago... why?

Her jaw tensed as she swallowed. "I haven't told anyone yet." She took a deep breath, readying the bad news like a vaccine for a foal. "You're... uh, pregnant."



"No, I'm not. I'm not, really. Psh." I laughed. "Stop messing with me, Fleece!"

She didn't flinch.

"I'm... not. I can't be." I was calm for a moment. Like the breeze you feel before a thunderstorm. That breeze feels so nice and cool.

Then, you hear the thunder.

An explosion in my chest sent me grabbing at my throat. It felt like a tidal wave of fear crashed into my heart, drowning it in grief. I could not be pregnant! This was not the right time! I was not the right mare for the job! Give me zombie ponies any day. I couldn't be a mother. I would surely get my foal killed. Hell, that's why I never wanted foals! The ringing in my ears grew louder. My limbs started to tense so much I could barely move them.

"Fleece, I can't. I can't breathe!" I grabbed her.

She held on to me. "Shh. You can get through this. You have gotten through so much already and this is just a panic attack. Take deep, slow breaths." She sat me up, holding my hooves. It helped a lot, having her there. I took a few deep breaths and let my tense muscles unfurl.

After a few more breaths, I looked at her and rubbed my chest. "I-I'm sorry. Thank you."

She smiled, sweetly.

"I... I can't believe this..." I said.

"Little ones are a blessing, Sia. Mares give birth in the wasteland, all the time. It's just part of life now. Besides, by the time the little one gets here, Hope will be defeated." Then she added, "If you want to open that chapter of your life, right now. If you don't want to continue the pregnancy, I will not judge you. That is also a part of life for some mares. A mother knows best, after all."

Her understanding smile made me feel worse, so I looked away. Two options. I had two options. Could I get rid of my baby? I gulped. I was not fit to be a parent, but what if I turned out to be? Even if we were in the wasteland, it's possible to be a parent out there, right? Nico was born and raised and he is just fine. Pepper was fine, before... her ordeal.

The ghoul doctor sat a canteen next to me. "Is it okay if I ask... when this happened?"

My stomach dropped like a hammer on concrete. My memory instantly went back to two specific days. Redd could be the father. But, then there was that... monster. If that raider was the father, I'd have to think about it every single day. I would have to remember what had happened to me. My foal would be a part of me, but also a part of him. There was no worse a nightmare. I felt sick to my stomach. I leaned over and grabbed a bucket and vomited until there was nothing left but bile.

I burst into tears, ignoring her question. "Fleece... I-Is there a way to tell if the foal is a full-blooded pegasus this early?"

"There... may be a way. I'd have to go look into my old medical spells in the back. I haven't had to perform a spell like that, yet."

My hooves grabbed her and shook her. "Please! Please tell me!" I sobbed. "There... there's two possibilities. It's either Redd or..." I shook, violently. The image of Nail Bit flashed in front of me as I jumped back, holding a pillow to my face and screaming. "A RAPIST!!"

I bawled into the pillow for a long minute. Fleece didn't say a word. She didn't have to, really. I could tell she was angry. Her wide eye looked over me. "I... I'm so sorry, Sienna. I didn't..." She shook her head. "Please, tell me the bastard is dead and buried in a cold, unforgiving place." She said, dangerously.

I sniffled a few times, moving the pillow. "Zapped t-to ashes."

She nodded, barely satisfied. "Today is slow. I'm going to go back there and see if I can find the spell."

I trembled, turning to my side and pulling the blanket over me. "Thank you, again, Fleece. I don't know what I'd do without you."

When her hoofsteps left the room, I let out more silent tears. I don't know why I expected things to just get better. They never did. And when the smallest of joys were to enter my life, five times as much misery replaced it. I tried so hard to just picture what my filly or colt would look like. My heart would sink further every time I thought about the possibility that that monster could be...

I guess there was nothing I could do until I knew for sure. I'd have to wait for Fleece. My tears soaked the pillow underneath my face. If Redd was the father, how bad could that be? He's a great guy! I knew he'd be overjoyed. It was a little unorthodox to picture Redd and I starting a family, but I wasn't completely against the idea. That was only if I even wanted to tell him.

Or even... keep it.

Again, the claw part of the hammer scraped down my chest and into my stomach as I thought about the other possibility. I swallowed, the saliva stinging my throat as it went down. How could I bring a foal into the world knowing it's a product of assault? What impact would that have on my psyche? I covered my eyes with my feathers, trying to calm myself. I felt so disgusting. No matter what I chose, I'd have all these "what-ifs".

I needed a distraction and I needed it, soon.

A plan for our battle with Blight would be nice to have. A platoon of armored Enclave soldiers would have been better. I looked at my Pipbuck, selecting the map. There were only a few places we had been. Floater and Walkerton were the only towns I had been. A few abandoned places, too. I didn't have an army at my beck and call. It wouldn't have been fair to them, anyway. It wasn't their responsibility. Hitting Blight head on would be dangerous, anyway. The way things looked, she could probably take out more than twenty ponies at once. I took a few more deep breaths and switched on the radio.

The song was more or less calming. Sweetie Belle sang a little bit about life and love. Her future. I wondered if she ever faced enemies like I am, now. I only knew that she was one of the founders of Stable-Tec. She also had an amazing voice. Her song was enough to keep me relaxed and not thinking about my problems. That's it, though. I was still trying to run from my problems. You'd think I would have learned that my problems will always catch up to me.

Did she have children? Did the thought of motherhood ever scare her?

"Heeeeelllooooo, wasteland creatures!" I tensed at the obnoxious sound of the radio host. "DJ Pon3, here! It looks like there are quite a few things to cover, so listen up! For starters, The small village of Walkerton has sent word that they now welcome all races. They have a brave, little mare to thank for that. Her name is Sheena. Sierra? Something like that. It was confirmed that the mayor of the town, Clockwork, has been exposed for being a pegasus. (Gee, didn't see that coming!) In other news, if you're in the immediate area around Floater, watch out! Those raiders, we thought were running around, are actually a fairly new faction called the Hope Coven. It isn't clear what their exact cause is, but they don't take too kindly to strangers questioning them. Believe me. I've tried to send someone. (Heh, my bad. Sorry, Cherry Swirl, your tail will grow back!) Also, in the same area, there's been some strange magical activity. A large part of the Blossom Farms area was seen lit up almost as bright as Celestia's sun, itself. I haven't been able to identify what exactly it was, but I'll keep you all updated! Let's throw in a little tear-jerker, shall we? A medical professional from around that same area has said that a newborn foal was rescued from the site and reunited with his mother. Sheena, again! AKA: Fear Fighter. Seems the wasteland isn't all bad, these days!

From the other side of the map, I've gotten word that there have definitely been raiders setting up shop in the Ponyville area. A few caravans have said the largest group hides in the library-"

As the DJ read off the rest of the news, I couldn't stop thinking about how quickly he had learned about Blossom Farms. It's like he had eyes everywhere.

Also, Sheena? Come on! I'm not that forgettable.

"You're awake!" Violet trotted in. I quickly switched off the news. "Feeling rested? You've been asleep for the better part of two days." She nudged me.

"I... Yeah. I feel pretty good. Like brand new!" I faked a toothy smile as my hooves hit the floor. I nonchalantly leaned against the bed to hide my dizziness.

Redd cantered in, after her. He held a small pouch in his teeth. Once he was in front of me, he took it in his wing and gave it to me. "Zangth was pretty relieved to get the little guy back. The mother wanted you have these, too."

Inside the pouch there were several caps. There's the guilt. I didn't want her caps. What if it were all she had? "I can't take this."

He shrugged. "Well, you did get her foal back. I think I would pay every bit to whoever saves my foal's life."

Wow, sweetie. Can you say 'irony'?

"Oh, I wish you could have seen it. She was so happy!" Violet said.

"I-I'm glad to hear that." My lips curled into a genuine smile, that time.

Fleece came in, next. Two old books levitated in front of her muzzle. "Okay, I think I found the spell. I just need DNA from-" She stopped.

My feathers flew up to my mouth, shushing her.

"Right. I need to speak to Sia, for a few seconds. Could you two wait outside?" She said. Violet nodded, flapping her wings and floating out the door. Redd started to leave, too, but Fleece stopped him. "Could I see your foreleg?"

He held it up, puzzled. There was a small scratch on the surface of his hide. It was so small, you could barely tell it was there. When he held it out to her, she ignited her horn and waved it over the wound. The skin quickly healed.

"Thanks. I guess I didn't even notice it was there." He dipped his head and disappeared into the hall, closing the door.

"Please tell me it's good news." I asked.

"Yep! I was going to tell you that I needed DNA from the father. That's why I took the opportunity to 'heal' Redd's cut." She winked, her horn still ignited.

I wanted to be relieved, but I was going to save that for the results. She turned a couple of pages in the book, then instructed me to lie on my back. "This is going to take a minute. You must be very still. This spell is supposed to be able to identify paternal DNA even days after conception. It'll feel a little strange, but won't hurt anything."

I wiped a nervous sweat from my forehead as her horn lit up. It didn't look normal, though. It was brighter and it pulsated as she lowered her head towards my abdomen. It started out as a warming sensation, then grew to a weird pressure. I wanted to fidget and get comfortable, but I knew better. If finding out the father of my baby meant dealing with a little discomfort, I was all for it. After all, I had been through much worse. The wait was the worst part, anyway. It was torture, actually. I wanted to have one... just one thing less to worry about.

"Strange." I heard her say.

I feel sick.

"What is it? Is something wrong? Is it okay?"

"Yes it's fine, it's just... When was the first time you had intercourse since you've been here?" She asked, still scanning my womb.

"Um... M-Maybe a week or two ago."

"That is extremely early, but... you're... almost two months along."

I started to sit up, but stopped myself. "That's impossible! Redd was my... first time!"

"There are traces of magic in the amniotic fluid. The development has slowed to normal rates, now, but the fetus had to have been exposed to something that contained dangerous amounts of magic."

It had to be the pearls.

"You said your body was taken over by some entity that possessed magic. How much magic are we talking?" She furrowed her brow.

"She claimed to be the literal embodiment of all the negative emotions in ponies. That's not all, she used the pearls to transfer herself into a machine. That's how I was able to get back in my body." My ears drooped.

"That's it, then. I've never seen this before, but that's the only explanation I can think of. Unless you had a sexual partner before you got here." She smirked.

I blushed. "N-no! I swear to Luna and Celestia I did not."

With a final tug, her horn dimmed. She put her hoof on mine and smiled.

Please, be good news.

"Well, I believe you. The blood type is the same as Redd's. He is the father. Thanks to the sped up development, it was easier."

It was like the clouds had parted. The sun had hit my skin and warmed me until I felt invincible. This was a relief unlike anything I had ever experienced. To know that bastard would never be able to leave a piece of himself with me. I sighed, the trembles leaving my aching muscles.

"So, that weight has obviously been lifted. Do you know what you're going to do?"

I rubbed my chest. Now, the same choice had to be made, except this time, it would be so much harder. "I... I have no idea. I thought it would be easier, but it's not. I'm such a mess of a pony. I-I don't know if I could have a family of my own. I at least wanted a plan, first. But... I-I just don't..." I grit my teeth to keep tears back, but the water under my lashes were too conspicuous.

"It's okay, dear." Fleece rubbed my back. "You don't have to make any sort of decisions, right now. Take this time to think things over and choose what you think is best. I'm always here if you need somepony to talk to."

I nodded. "It's just... I don't feel like it would be fair to make any sort of decision without Redd. He has a right to know."

She smiled. "Who knows? Maybe, things will come to light sooner. Do you want me to send him in?"

Did I? Could I talk to him right then? Was this too soon? I did want to give myself some time, too.

"Not yet. I think... I think I'll just lie down. I'm feeling a little lightheaded." I turned and climbed back into bed. "Please, can you send them to... find cake?"

She chuckled. "Of course."

As soon as the ghoul shut the door behind her, I flopped over to stare at the wall. What was wrong with me? Why was this so difficult? It should be easy, now. The hard part should have been over with. Redd was the father of my child. We both created something beautiful. He would be overjoyed!

But... would I be strong enough to birth a foal?

I closed my eyes and imagined myself back home. We had state of the art hospital equipment, safe environments, sterile tools, and a healthier lifestyle. Even if I was back home; even if I had all of that; even if Redd and I were committed, could I still have a foal? I have panic attacks at the smallest of symptoms and pregnancy would be something entirely different. Did I really think I could go through the excruciating pain of childbirth?!

Actually, I still wasn't sure.

Foals were never really on my mind, but I always wondered what a miniature version of myself would be like. And now, a mixture of myself and Redd. Would he or she have my green eyes? Redd's fiery ones? I couldn't help but give a microscopic grin at a little filly with Redd's fierceness.


A frown plastered itself on my lips. No thinking about anything like that! I wasn't even sure about keeping my... baby. That last word hit me pretty hard. What if this was my only chance to find out those "what ifs"? My cheeks stung from the tears. It seemed so hopeless. I let out a shaky breath. Redd was just going to have to be a part of the conversation. Nopony else had to know, but he definitely needed to be a part of my- our decision. It just wasn't my place to do that to him.

Hours passed while I went back and forth in my head. I know this, because I kept checking the time on the Pipbuck. When someone came in, I pretended to sleep. Eventually, I ended up sitting at the end of the bed. The blanket was half-way on the floor. I was thinking. And thinking. And thinking, some more. At one point, I noticed the familiar clam shell container. I wasn't even hungry, though. Surprisingly.

Night fell. I slept a couple of hours. I awoke in the very early hours of the next morning. Then, I thought for hours more. I had so much I had to do, but...

"Sia?" Redd peeked in, making me jump to my hooves.

"Y-yes?" I scrambled upright.

He narrowed his eyes, closing the door. "What's wrong?"

I sighed. Is this the right time?

He cantered towards me. "Are you alright?"

I inhaled. I exhaled. It was going to have to be the right time. I could do this. "I'm okay. I... I need to talk to you."

He came closer to me, frightened. "What is it?"

"I... We..." Words refused to leave my tongue. I put my hooves on my face. "This is such a damn mess."

His brow furrowed while he waited for a response.

Exhaling for the tenth time, I sat up straight. "Redd, this is such terrible, horrible, awful timing. I want you to know that you're one of the best friends a mare could have. These past weeks, I don't think I could have gotten through without you and..."

He stiffened. A tired, agitated gaze fixed on me. "Sia, are you just going to friend-zone me, again? I told you, I won't overstep my boundaries again. I already know all of this. I'm happy to be your friend, but I think-"

I shook my head, "No! No, that's not it! I just-"

"Good morning!" Violet chimed, as the door swung open.

Damn it, Violet!

"Sia! Feeling better?" She asked, looking at the cake. "You didn't touch your cake."

I faked a smile. "I promise, Vi, I'm okay. I just wasn't hungry. Planning and stress and all." I waved it off.

"Okay, well I thought you could use some help with the planning." She grinned at Redd. "I see you've had plenty of help, already."

I blushed.

"No, Violet. Nothing like that." Redd said, matter-of-factly. The usual sheepishness and playfulness had gone. He said that so... surely. I was a little taken aback. Hurt, even. Did he... no longer have feelings for me? I shrunk at his words.

Violet noticed the reaction and narrowed her eyes. "Oookay. Weird. Anyway, what have ya got? What's the plan for the 'tractor take-down'?"

"Tractor take-down?" I raised an eyebrow.

She shrugged. "Eh. It's a placeholder title. I'll think of something better."

I sighed. I really wished she would have waited for this. Redd had to know and he needed to know, soon.

Before he doesn't even want to know...

"W-well," I avoided Redd's stare. "I haven't thought of any solid plan. Honestly, I don't have any idea how we could beat a ten-ton monstrosity like that." My torso tensed.

The rest of the gang trotted into the room. It seemed like our favorite meeting place was any hospital or clinic room. Pepper's dampener had been taken off, presumably right after we returned from Blossom Farms.

Nico spoke first. "I overheard the potential plans to destroy Blight." He looked at Violet. "Nice title, by the way."

She smirked, proudly.

"I wouldn't call any of this a plan. Like I said, I have no idea what to do." I told him.

Dad pat my shoulder. "Do you know any weak points? She has to have something."

"If she does, she never gave any clues." I replied.

"Why don't we just fly in and unscrew all her bolts? That'll be a rude awakening." Violet snickered.

Redd rolled his eyes. "That's if we can find a way to do that without her noticing. Not to mention, she probably wouldn't even worry about a few loose screws."

I scratched my head. Despite everything, it would have been funny to see her physically fall apart. I internally chuckled at Violet's suggestion.

"Do you have any better ideas?" She shot back at the white pegasus.

Redd glanced over the group. "The only thing I can think of is an army of fully trained, fully armored, soldiers. Blight seems to have an army of her own now, thanks to Hope."

I winced. He had a point. Now, we had to worry about Blight, the monster-machine, and Hope's followers. The pearls were just the cherry on top.

"Ugh! This is so frustrating!" Violet dragged her hooves down her face. "Is there an off switch? An emergency shut off? Self-destruct button? Anything?!"

"That could possibly work, except for two problems: One, we would need some sort of diagram of the whole machine. Two, we don't know if the magic from the pearls affects the way they get power. A switch is obsolete if it's running on Blight, herself."

"Great. So, we've got a bullet proof shell that runs on magic. Anything else we should know?"

"Bullet proof." I repeated. My brain slowly grasped at a half-assed idea.

"Sia?" Dad touched my shoulder.

"Bullet proof." I told them. "She might be bullet proof, but what about rocket proof?"

The skeptical glances around the room settled on me.

"Our bullets may not be able to penetrate the outer armor, but what if we hit it with an explosive? Even better if we can find an opening to the inner workings of the vehicle. Maybe... just maybe, that will at least slow her down significantly."

"Where could we get something like that?" Pepper asked. Her questioning look drilled into me.

I looked at Violet. She was already smiling.

"The Fucker." We said, together.

"Excuse me, what?" Nico deadpanned.

"Remember that rocket launcher I took from Gladys?" Violet nudged him.

He sighed. "You really think Gladys is gonna loan that to us? Especially since you took it in the first place? I doubt her trust in you is very deep."

She winked. "Don't worry about our feathered friend. Pretty sure she and I can... work something out." Her wiggling eyebrows made him severely uncomfortable.

"Sorry I even asked."

I felt for my lower abdomen. Was it too early to feel movement? The nervous twinge was hard to identify. Probably just anxiety. I snuck a look at Redd. He sat, stone-faced. Maybe I unintentionally led him on too far. He was hurt, for sure. It didn't help that Violet interrupted before I could offer any sort of explanation.

Oh, Redd... I'm so sorry I did this to you. It isn't fair!

"Stomach ache?" Pepper whispered to me. She had sat closer to me while the others added to our catastrophic plan.

I shoved my hoof back to the cool floor. "Y-yeah. That obvious?"

She grinned. "I guess I just know you, by now. We'll be fine, feather brain."

I smiled at the insulting nick name. "Thank you, Pepper."

"So, that's it!" Violet clopped her hooves, taking the stance of a commanding officer. "Alright, maggots! We gather the troops (that's us) and get any firepower we can get our hooves on. Meet Blight before she can get to any town or settlement. Then, we load her down with enough rockets to launch her sorry ass into Luna's moon. Save the smaller ammo for any of Hope's Coven."

Very poor performance, Vi.

"Sounds way too easy to be a solid plan." Nico facehooved.

"At this point, we really are just winging this. Besides, we can come up with the details when we think of them. That's just the main objective." Violet jeered.

"I don't think we have a choice. It's better than sitting around and waiting to die." Dad said, rather depressingly.

I knew this would possibly end in disaster. I was not a very smart pony. 'First Lieutenant' was a title I never directly earned. I was only as skilled in combat and strategy as I could be. Truth be told, I relied heavily on my friends for any ideas. I felt so... helpless.

Fleece knocked on the, already open, door. "Hon, I think you might want to come out here. You have a few visitors."

I glanced back at the others, who gave mixed shrugs and questionable gazes.

I put on my old, black "sweater" and maneuvered down the hall and out the front door. At first, I thought the town may have been holding a festival. My astonishment met no bounds. There were tens, no dozens of ponies, ghouls, a couple of zebra, and a bunch of griffons. Clockwork, Leaf, and half of his town were there. Specs and a bunch of bar patrons I recognized stood off to the side. Cherish and a couple of security guards were there. I noticed Gladys and her squad of about eleven griffons standing next to a familiar crate. "The Fucker" was beautifully painted on the side. Most of Floater, including Tonno Weights gathered around, holding weapons. Even Rocky sat, wall-eyed, beside the door. There were so many I didn't recognize, too. They crowded around the front of the building.

All were staring at me.

I gulped, folding my ears back. As soon as they noticed me, everyone had gotten quiet. I wanted to take cover behind my Dad.

"Look. At. That! It's a good thing I have a big mouth! I may have already mentioned to everyone how we were about to go to war with a doom tractor and her cult followers." Violet chuckled. "Words gets around fast while you're dropping off a foal. And look! Gladys even brought The Fucker!"

Redd trotted up next to me. His faint grin was comforting. "You can't run from your duty, now, Lieutenant."

My teary eyes fell on everyone. "How? H-how did you all-"

"Toots, don't even worry about it. We've been waiting for someone with guts to take a stand for something good." Gladys spread her wide wings. "You got respect from my gang."

"Just tell us where you want us, sweetcheeks." Weights winked from the crowd.

I blushed, earning a sideways glance from Redd.

"Well, Princess. You've gone right back to commanding a platoon." Nico said, putting a hoof on my shoulder. "Still think you're out of ideas?"

As I looked out into the sea of creatures, I felt pride. The wasteland had done nothing but tear me down since I got there, and yet, here was my support system. My initial reaction was to break down and cry. Though convincing myself that I didn't deserve all of these friends was tempting, I just wanted to feel happy. For once in my entire life, I think I was whole. "Thank you all. Really, thank you. I don't want to be the Lieutenant I once was, though. I used to give commands because... well, it came with the job. Since I've been here, though, I've figured out that not everypony is a leader. I am not leader. Instead, I'd rather see myself as a friend. I want to see myself as a friend, a daughter, a sister. This time yesterday, I saw myself as a coward. I am still full of fear. I... I don't want to put any of you in danger, but recently I learned that my friends trust in me. (Well, most of the time.) They won't stop me from running into a burning building because they trust that I know what I'm doing. Taking risks is part of life. Especially in this life. I won't tell you to back down and let me do this. If you feel that aiding me is something you need to do, then I want to say... I appreciate it. I couldn't ask for better friends."

Violet stomped her hooves, sending the crowd into cheers.

"W-Wait... That wasn't a speech, guys! I was just..." I sighed. "Oh, forget it."

Nico nickered. "You're really changing, you know."

I nodded. "I know."

"No, I mean you've changed for the better."

My eyes fell on the many Equestrians in front of me. "I guess friendship will do that to you."

"So, when should we expect to lock and load?" Gladys asked.

"I'm... not actually sure. It could be couple days, it could be just hours. I don't even know what Blight and Hope are planning to do, next. They will be moving to a new base, but I don't know where or when." I informed her.

"I guess it's settled, then. We'll be here 'til ya give the go ahead!" Specs added. The crowd cheered in unison to that.

Floater is about to be booming.

Fleece stepped up. "The Beacon has more than enough rooms, I'm sure. And I have a couple of empty rooms that aren't needed for patients."

"Great idea! Whoever wants to throw Sia a presidential party meet at The Beacon, tonight!" Gladys squawked.

Violet whistled. "You read my mind, baby!"

"Wait... what?" I said.

"If you got extra liquor, bring it!"

"Party time!"

I deflated. But... I can't drink alcohol, anymore...

75% to next Level Up.

S- 3
P- 6
E- 6
C- 4
I- 5
A- 4
L- 5

Author's Note:

Thanks to Kkat for this amazing world!

Whew, that was a doozy of a chapter to write. It was probably the most difficult to plan and write, so far! I have the next part written, already, but I need to do some editing.

As always, thank you guys so much for reading! Any constructive criticism/error spotting is greatly appreciated!

Stay safe!