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Aftermath Of The Formal - Shimmeringsun

Just when Sunset Shimmer finds herself in her darkest days she is able to find the light through all of those who love her.

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Chapter 8: Sunset’s Past

Author's Note:

New chapter! I managed to get this done quicker than I thought.

Warning! There’s talk in this chapter of physical abuse.

It was hard to write this chapter because I had to take into account Sunsets emotions along with Luna’s. I hope I’ve done okay, I was actually scared to put this chapter out because I don’t want to upset anyone.

But, please leave some feedback, I appreciate all of your comments. See you soon for Chapter 9, we will see Luna opening up to Sunset about her past.

It was Friday, which meant it was finally the weekend, although for Sunset she had to get through another day of school before getting to spent some time with Luna at home. The two of them already planned their weekend together.

It made Sunset’s heart happy to have someone that she could go to for any support and knew that they would be there for her. Although, she still felt scared to open up to Luna about things, she was scared on how Luna would take it, would she leave? Run out on her? She couldn’t help but have those thoughts.

Once Sunset and Luna arrived at school, Sunset spent her morning with Luna In the office again before heading to class. As just as soon she was leaving the office she was greeted by five girls who wanted to come over and join her.

“Sunseeet Shimmeeer!!!” Pinkie Pie yelled making both Sunset and Luna stop mid conversation, Sunset looked at Luna terrified like a little kid who was scared to leave their mom on the first day of school,

“If you need me anytime, I’ll be in my office just come get me, okay?” Luna said softly as she opened her door to her office, Sunset beamed at Luna and nodded then went over to Pinkie Pie and the rest of the girls, Luna stood for a moment before entering her room she wanted to see the intereaction with the girls,

“Hey Sunny! Wanna come join us we’re just heading to class?” Pinkie Pie said bubbly.

“Uh, are you sure?” Sunset asked confused.

“Pffft, of course darling! we want you to join us or we wouldn’t ask.” Rarity said.

Sunset looked back to Luna who just nodded and made her way into the office, satisfied with the girls making an effort with Sunset,

“Hey, what’s the deal with you and Vice Principal Luna?” Asked Rainbow, she was curious as she could tell that Luna acting different with Sunset than any other student,

“Is she like yer ma or somethin’? She’s been very close to you since the formal?” Applejack butted in.

Sunset nearly choked on her own saliva at that comment she let out a chuckle, “L-Luna? My mom? No-no, she’s um just m-my counsellor. I-i just spend the mornings, break and lunch with her so she can keep an eye on me.”

Although, Sunset was living Luna and she was her guardian, technically her parent, she didn’t let the girls know that as it was personal to her and Luna.

“I thought you two never got along. I used to walk by Vice Principal Luna’s office and hear screaming matches from the two of you...” said Rainbow.

That reminder made Sunset cringe, she scratched the back of her neck, “Well... technically, I didn’t try to get along with her even though all she done was try to help me. I made her job way harder for her and I was horrible to her in the past but I have apologised for it and she did forgive me and now she’s my guidance counsellor, she just wants to make sure I’m okay.”

Rainbow’s jaw dropped at that comment Sunset made, “Wow...I’m surprised, VP Luna hasn’t actually been that nice towards any student, or the way she’s acting with you. I remember in 2nd grade, VP Luna just started at CHS and one day I accidentally smacked her on the face with my football and I left her with a bruised eye, I couldn’t stop apologising to her and she ended up giving me a weeks detention for it and I swear even now she still shoots me deathly glares for it.”

Sunset snickered at that, she was for sure bringing that up to Luna after school to embarrass her about it,

“She’s honestly not that bad. Luna doesn’t hold grudges like that, she might seem cold and stricter to you guys but she’s actually got a heart of gold and cares deeply about the students. You just gotta get to know her.” Replied Sunset, slightly defended the older woman, she knew that most students didn’t like her as she was stricter than Celestia.

“Well, she definitely cares about yerself’” Said Applejack making Sunset blush.

The girls enter their home rooms classes, letting Sunset know they would meet her for break.

“Hey, Tia’.” Luna said as she walked into her sister’s office. She knew Celestia would be having a break from her work aswell so she wanted to her a chat with her, she hasn’t spent much time speaking to her sister at school as she’s been busy with helping Sunset and being there for her, which Celestia did understand.

“Hey sis, what brings you here? Sunset not spending break in your office?” Celestia looked up from her computer and smiled at her younger sister, she also noticed that Luna looked more tired than usual, “You seem really tired Lu. Are you okay?”

Luna shut the door to Celestia’s office and walked over, “She’s spending break with the girls actually. She came by my office to tell me they invited her to sit with them.” Luna smiled then she slumped down sluggish onto the chair in front of the desk and let out a sigh, looking at her sister with bags under her eyes, “As for me... I barely slept last night. I can’t seem to stop worrying about Sunset. I’m too scared to leave her side. I stayed with her most of the night last night.” Luna let out an exhausted sigh,

Celestia looked at Luna with full of concern in her eyes for both Luna and Sunset, “Another nightmare? Luna... this is happening too often now, you need to speak to Sunset about them. Have you called your doctor yet?”

Luna shook her head, “N-no i-i haven’t yet and I know I have to talk to her. But, I don’t know how to get her to open up. She’s always wanting me there but she seems to never want to tell me about what is going on in her head. I wished she just talked to me.”

“Lu... she will open up eventually to you... you’ve just got to give her time. I know you’re worried about her, but she will talk to you when she’s ready too.”

“I guess... but I can’t help it... I want her to talk to me first before seeking help from a doctor, last night really worried me, she kept begging me not to leave her, clutching onto me like I would just fade away there and then. I can’t help but fear that something happened to her in her past that’s made her so terrified that I will leave her alone again. I would never do that to her, Tia’. I told myself that I would protect her with my own life. I will make sure of it that she is protected. I-I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her.” Luna said rambling on, she was getting herself worked up.

Celestia could see that her sister was getting herself into a state, the only thing she could do was to comfort her by embracing her younger sister just like Luna had done with Sunset,

“Shhhh, Luna. You’re getting yourself worked up too much, if you are worrying so much you must speak with Sunset. I know you want to be there and comfort her but you have to give her space too.” Said Celestia softly as she held her sister.

Luna was getting herself too upset, she hiccup, “Y-you’re right sister. I will speak with her tonight at home. It’s so weird I never really considered myself as a worrier but since having Sunset I’m worried about every little thing.“ Luna sniffed.

Luna was passionate about things and she would always let her emotions out to those closest to her. Only Celestia and Chrysalis ever got to see this side of Luna. Although, Luna was also someone who bottled her emotions and then if things did really get to her it would all come to blow.

Celestia could see the worry that filled Luna up, it was the same kind of worry she felt with Luna and still does get that same feeling for her younger sister, she never hated for what her sister did to her but she was worried for years about her even though the two weren’t in contact at all.

“Trust me Lu, I know how you feel, but one thing is she will be okay. We will get her better and I hope you remember I’m here for you both.” Celestia reassured Luna, still hugging her.

Luna nodded and leaned into the embrace more, “I’m glad Sunset didn’t see me in this mess. I have to be the strong one for us both.”

Celestia wipe the tears that ran down Luna’s face, “You don’t need to be strong all the time Luna, it’s good to get out your emotions, if you spoke to Sunset about how you feel she will feel closer to you.”

“T-thanks s-sister.” Luna said, enjoying the embrace with her sister,

After their little talk, Luna felt a little bit better as she got her emotions out, the worrying was overwhelming her, she was glad to have her sister there. As the two pull away from the embrace they heard a knock at the door, which revealed Raven standing at the doorway behind her was Sunset, Applejack and Rainbow.

Celestia walked over to the door and gave Raven a confused look, “Raven, is there anything I can help you with? You don’t normally come to my office on break.”

“Actually... I wasn’t looking for you. Is Luna in here?” Asked Raven.

“Why yes, She is infact. What do you need her for?” Celestia glanced over to Luna who stood at her desk, Luna straightened herself as she heard her name being called,

“...It’s Sunset. She’s looking for her.” Said Raven.

“Sunset!” Luna shouted in the background, “I’m coming!” She quickly wiped the last few of her tears and dabbed her face, moving Celestia out of the way, she looked to Raven with concern, “Where is she?!?”

“Um, She’s behind me.” Said Raven jumping back as she moved to the side to reveal Sunset with Applejack and Rainbow Dash who stood quietly in the background holding Sunset up.

Luna grabbed Sunset from Applejack and Rainbow and ushered her into Celestia’s office, “What happened, are you okay?”

Panic wailed over Luna as she looked over the mess Sunset was in, she was covered in spilled food and juice, she was being held by the other girls, Sunset just looked at Luna with tears in her eyes, she was in shock at what happened, her face was flushed with embarrassment and her hair was covering over her face,

“Luna... give the girl some space to let her collect herself.” Said Celestia, noticing her younger sister wasn’t leaving Sunsets side, she let the other two girls come in and thanked Raven for bringing them to the office, she made her way to her desk and took a seat, Luna took Sunset over to sit in front of the desk while Applejack and Rainbow Dash stood next to her.

“Girls, can you explain what happened?” Celestia asked calmly and polite.

“We went to the cafeteria, We went up to get some food, then someone made Sunset trip and then she went flying into someone else while they were carrying a tray of food and it managed to spill on Sunset. It broke into a fight but we managed to split it up.” Rainbow Dash answered back,

“Are you hurt?” question Luna, her arms folded, while she nervously chewing on her fingernail,

“M-my sides are sore.” Sunset admitted quietly as she looked up to Luna who was at the other side of her oppsite Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

“We will get you cleaned up and looked over.” Said Luna, trying not to let too much worry in her voice show,

Celestia looked over at her sister, she could tell that she was really worried about Sunset, her eyes gave it away, “Luna... why don’t you take Sunset to get cleaned up, I will have a look on the cameras to see what happened. Applejack and Rainbow Dash you two can come along with me to firgue out what happened.”

The two nodded, they followed behind Celestia as she opened the door for them, the younger two both patted Sunset on the back as they left the office,

Sunset looked up to Luna, her crying stop but her eyes looked red,“...You weren’t there. We went to your office and you weren’t there...” Sunset whispered.

Luna blinked, confused at what Sunset was saying, she looked over to Celestia who was standing by the door, she closed the door and let herself out to give Sunset and Luna some space,

“...W-What do you mean Sunset? I’m here now.” Luna placed her hand over Sunset’s shoulder, Sunset pulled away,

“B-but you weren’t... you told me you would be in your office and you weren’t! You left me!” Sunset said as she started to shake.

“Sunset... I wouldn’t leave you. I’m here now. I’m sorry I wasn’t in my office because I was here.” Luna grabbed Sunset into an embrace, confused at her outburst, what has happened to her? Luna wondered to herself.

“But... Why? Why weren’t you there...” trembled Sunset in Luna’s embrace.

“I was speaking to Celestia, Sunset. I’m sorry, just because I was away doesn’t mean I’m not here for you.” Luna soothed, letting Sunset collect herself together before speaking up again, “I’m sorry I got you scared that I wasn’t in my office.” Luna just pulled Sunset closer to her,

As Sunset started to calm down, Luna ushered her out of the office and helped her get a change of clothes from the spare gym stuff, seeing Sunset get bad treatment from other students only made Luna remember her past at school with how she got treated. It was horrible to see someone else go through what she did and that’s why she was so worried over Sunset. She wouldn’t wish that on anyone to go through that.

After Luna and Sunset got home from school, the two ordered a takeaway and played some video games, Luna tried her best to cheer Sunset up and Sunset was teasing her about what Rainbow told her,

“So... Rainbow Dash told me you got a bruised eye on your first day of work.” Sunset smirked, eyes glued to the game, a perfect distraction to letting her win,

Luna quickly glanced over to Sunset and gave a surprised look, “...It was her fault.” Luna said bluntly.

“Wait... you still don’t hold a grudge over it, do you?” Chuckled Sunset.

Luna blew a strand of hair away from her face while letting out a mumble, trying her best to focus on the game,

“You can’t be serious? You actually still do? Come on Luna!”

Luna let out a sigh, “That bruise took weeks to heal. Most of the school saw it happen and Celestia just laughed about it the whole time. A week straight. She didn’t let it go. Teased me constantly, ‘Hey Lu, look out for the ball.’ Every time I dodged she just laughed at me. Pretty sure she still has the pictures.” Said Luna as moaned like a little kid,

Sunset belly laughed, “Ohh. She has pictures, can I see them?,” Sunset nudged Luna’s side with her elbow, grinning at her, only for Luna to shot her a glare,

“No. No way. You will never get to see them.” Luna said as she groaned at Sunset as she kept begging her,

“You brought the pictures up. I’m asking her.”

“You ask her and you’ll be saying goodbye to freedom for the rest of your life. Grounded and detention, how about that?” Luna threatened.

“...Y-you can’t do that! That’s not fair!” Yelled Sunset, in voice quivering,

“Watch me.” Luna said, deadpanned as she challenged Sunset.

Sunset let out a huff, “I defended you today aswell! You really can hold a grudge can’t you?”

“...Defended me? What was said?” Asked Luna, she was curious at what the other students thought of her,

“I mean, It wasn’t anything bad. Although, Rainbow did say that she thinks you still shoot her deathly glares for it.” Sunset said,

Luna rolled her eyes, “She got a weeks detention to teach her she should be more careful where she was looking while playing...”

Sunset just laughed again, a smiled crossed up her face, she was winning this game, “Yes!” Sunset cheered in victory, arms up in the air, then she let out a whimper and she felt a pain in her ribs,

“Careful. Don’t get too excited. You’re still healing.” Reminded Luna. She put down her controller, not happy that she losed, “You brought that up on purpose didn’t you?”

Sunset smiled evily, “...Maybe, maybe not.” She teased moving her head side to side.

“Ohhh. You little...” Luna glared at Sunset.

Sunset just stuck out her tongue. The two just broke out into laughter.

After their game, Sunset decided she would head to her room for the night to catch up on some school work and listen to music on her phone Luna bought her. Luna was glad that she cheered Sunset up a bit, she was enjoying having someone else in the apartment with her. Even though the two bonded a lot together Luna still wanted to get to know Sunset more and talk to her about her past. Luna prepared some snacks and got cans of soda for her and Sunset and she made her way to Sunset’s bedroom.

“Sunset? Can we talk?” Luna said as she stood outside the door of Sunset’s room holding some snacks and soda for the two.

Sunset opened the door, “uh, sure?”

“Thanks.” Luna replied as she entered Sunsets room, she placed the snacks and cans of soda on the bed, she gave a worried look towards Sunset, she’s been constantly worried about Sunset’s nightmares and what has happened in school.

Sunset looked at Luna, confused at how quiet Luna was being, “Luna? Is everything okay?” Said Sunset as she raised her eyebrow and made her way over to her bed.

Luna followed her and took a seat at the other side of the bed, “That’s something I should be asking you.”

“I’m fine Luna, honest.” Sunset said but knowing In reality she was dealing with a lot of stuff but didn’t want to fully reveal it.

“Sunset, I’m worried about you. I know you haven’t had the best week. I feel awful that you had to go through that. You haven’t really talked much about how you feel. I tried my best to give you your space. I just wanted to talk to you to see how you’re doing.” Luna said as she studied Sunset. Full of concern in her eyes.

Sunset sighed, looking away from Luna, she picked up a soda, “I’m not very good at talking about my feelings. I’ve kept myself to myself most of my life.”

“You know, you shouldn’t bottle everything up. I know it’s hard opening up I understand that, but I’m here for you. You remember that right?” Luna replied as she nudged Sunset’s shoulder with her elbow, making Sunset smile.

Sunset paused for a moment before speaking again, she opened her can of soda and took a drink and then looked to Luna, “I-I just don’t know, I just keep messing everything up. I’ve done it my whole life. Everyone always leave when I mess up. They want nothing to do with me, I just get casted aside and forgotten about. I’m scared. Really scared. Incase it happens again.”

Luna looked at Sunset with sad eyes, she placed her hand on her shoulder, things were sinking in for Luna now, “...Sunset? You aren’t scared of thinking that I would leave you? Was that what you were meaning in your little outburst today? You thought I was going to leave you? You know, the day I took you in I vowed to myself that I would stay by yourself and be there for you no matter what.”

Sunset looked away from Luna and stared at the other side of the room, tears formed in her eyes and she nodded sadly, “For my whole life I’ve basically be a massive disappointment to those around me. I’ve never been wanted, my father... he made sure of that.”

Luna pulled Sunset into a hug, “That’s on them. They couldn’t see how much a brilliant and talent young girl you are Sunset. You are not a disappointment, even at the formal I may have been disappointed in your actions, but never because of you.” Luna spoke warmly, Sunset leaned into the embrace more,

She let out a long shaky breath, “Back in Equestria, I stayed with my father up until I was four until I got sent away to magic school. He wasn’t the nicest of ponies to live with, he was angry all the time towards me and said horrible things to me, he made me feel like I wasn’t wanted, a mistake almost. He never showed me any love, he would always just look at me with disgust.” Sunset said as she buried her head into Luna’s side.

Luna closed her eyes, her heart completely aching for Sunset, “I’m so sorry Sunset. You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to.”

“It’s okay, Luna. I think I am ready to talk about it.” She pulled away from the hug to look at Luna.

Luna nodded, and cupped Sunset’s face with her hand, “We can stop at anytime. I’m here for you.” Luna reassured Sunset again,

Sunset nodded a looked down at her hands, “I was always scared of my father, he would get angry at the sightless thing. Back when I was a filly, my magic was a bit haywire, I didn’t know how to control it at the best of times. Sometimes my magic would set things of fire or explode when I was upset.”

“My father had no idea what to do, but every time it happened my father would h-hurt me for it. I remember one day I was about three at the time, I accidentally set fire to our house...

Mother and father were arguing about something, they used to have really bad arguements and it got me really scared. They would scream at each other, mom always ended up upset, I remember one day they had a really bad arugement, things were getting thrown, things being smashed and I was in the middle of it all.” Sunset shifted uncomfortably, she spoke in a quiet voice, she gripped the can of soda that was in her hands and played with it,

“...I didn’t know what to do, my father got so angry one day, he attacked my mother, my mother tried to make a run for it and grabbed me. But then my father made another run towards her, trying to stop her from going, she wasn’t having any of it. He then tried to take me of her and I started to panic then, I-i was a mess. Absolutely terrified, and then I guess from there my magic exploded, it was like a fireball which made the house go on fire.” Said Sunset, placing the can of soda on the bedside table, she curled her legs up to her chest, it was hard for her to open up about her past, she’s never told anyone about it,

“...My mom managed to get out some how, and I never saw her again. But, she left me and my father in there, and w-we almost died...

“All because of me. My father was badly injured from it, he got a really bad burn from the fire, somehow I was fine and had a sightly few burns. My father was in the hospital for a month trying to get treated for his burns. His side of his face was badly burned and he got scarred from it. He had other burns all over his body too.

Sunset closed her eyes, struggling to talk about this part of her life,

“Since then, my father always blamed me for what happened that day, and he always said it was my fault for my mother running out on us because she was scared of me. He turned everything on me. I was only a filly and my parents never helped me control my magic or did anything about it.”

Luna just sat there, completely speechless at hearing Sunset opening up about her past, it broke her heart that her parents weren’t there for her. She pulled Sunset in for another hug. Not saying anything letting Sunset continue. Only just hugging her close and stroking her hair. This really hurt Luna to hear this, she never wanted to let her go in this moment. Why would she hide this from her?

“After mother left, father would always make sure he would tell me I was a disappointment. Told me he wished I was never born all because he got left with me. He would get abusive towards me, making me feel horrible about myself...

Father would come home drunk from the pub and then he would get hateful towards me, I had to lock myself in my room sometimes because I was so scared, I remember one night he got so spiteful and he pushed me up against a wall. He must of been the exact same towards my mother and that’s why she wanted out of there. He was absolutely terrifying when he was angry like that.” Sunset let a few tears slide, she was shaking while Luna tried her best to soothe her,

“...I had do absolutely everything to get out of there, I didn’t want to live there anymore, I made sure that I would try my best to control my magic so I could get into magic school. I would practice everyday, I had to hide it from my father he was so against it incase I set something on fire again, if I got caught he would end up hitting me for it. I think he wanted me to be scared of him so I didn’t do it. I thought maybe if I get into magic school I could get away from him.”

Luna could feel the anger burning up inside of her, how could anyone do this to a child? Especially when it was their own child. How could someone let someone go through something like that? How could someone be so horrible?

Sunset spoke quietly her voice almost sounded like it was about to break,“...He made me feel like I was never wanted, he treated me like a complete mistake, all because I messed up when I was a filly, he was never there for me, neither was mother, she left us, how could she? I needed her, all I wanted was her when I was terrified when my father hurt me. When I was scared after my father shouted at her, she would comfort me in my room, b-but then she left, I was only three! I didn’t know any better. H-how could a mother do that to her child?” Sunset said as she was trembling in Luna’s embrace.

Luna let out a few tears and wiped them away so Sunset didn’t see her upset, she hugged the young girl tightly as Sunset was curled up, Luna wrapped her arms and legs around Sunset and pulled her closely to her chest, she rocked her back and fourth,

Luna had heard enough, It was her turn to speak, she hated seeing Sunset like this,

“...Sunset, I’m going to tell you something, something you must understand. I want you to know, that you were always wanted around me. I have always wanted you. Before I took you in I still wanted you, I wanted to be there for you, comfort you...

Even at formal seeing you become that thing and seeing what state it left you in, it only made my worry grow more, I wished I could of saved you before what happened, I wished I done more for you, I feel like I failed you for not being there for you more.

I want you to remember you will always have a place with me. You are not a mistake nor a disappointment. I promise you, I will never ever leave you like your mother did, I would never think to do that to you.”

Sunset hugged Luna tightly, “Thank you, Luna.” She said quietly into Luna’s chest, the two of them stayed like that for what it seemed like hours, Sunset was sobbing her heart out and Luna was there to comfort her. They didn’t speak to each other, they just layed there hugging each other.

The two of them eventually fell asleep on Sunset’s bed, Sunset was lying on her belly her head leaning on Luna’s chest while Luna had both her arms wrapped around Sunset comforting her like another blanket. Sunset has never felt so safe and content. Happy Luna was there.
It was finally Saturday again, Luna being the first to get up she was having a hard time with dealing with hearing about some of Sunset’s past, she wanted to do something that would cheer her up and not like the young girl think about it too much so Luna decided to take Chrys up on her offer.

Luna was sat in the kitchen with coffee and some toast, she picked up her phone and made a phone call to Chrysalis,

“Hey Lu. How’s it going?” Asked Chrysalis through the phone.

“Hey Chrys, I’m okay I guess. I was wondering about what you said the other night. How do you fancy coming along to the movies with me and Sunset today? We could also get a quick bite to eat?” Luna said as she took a sip of her coffee

“Sure Lu, that sounds good. You want me to meet you at the apartment?” Replied Chrysalis.

“Yeah, why don’t you come over in about an hour? Is that enough time?” Asked Luna.

“Yeah, Lu. I’ll see you soon” Said Chrysalis, happy that Luna called her,

“Okay. See you soon.” Luna replied, ending the call, a massive smile spreaded across her face that she was seeing Chrysalis again, she made her way to Sunset’s room,

“Sunset? You up?” Called Luna while standing outside of sunset’s room,

“Yeah. Come in.” She heard Sunset say from the other side of the door, Luna let herself in, she saw that Sunset was sitting on at her desk brushing her hair,

“Hey. You up for doing something today?” Said Luna making her way over to Sunset’s desk.

“Like what?” Asked Sunset, stopping what she was doing she turned her attention to Luna,

“Movies and food? I hope you don’t mind but I asked a friend to come along she wanted to meet you.”

“Meet me?!? She knows about me?”

“Um, yes. Actually, she kind of made the papers for you and me.” Luna admitted.

“Wait! Does she knows what happened? She’s going to think I’m a freak! Why would she want to meet a freak like me?!?!” Sunset jumped up from her seat in panic,

“Chrysalis would never think that. She’s a very understanding person and she’s a good listener. She definitely wouldn’t of put up with me for all those years if she wasn’t. I think you two will get along great.” Luna reassured Sunset, she walked over to her and placed her hand on her shoulder, “it will be fine. We will have fun.”

“Okay... I can do this.” Sunset sighed, she did feel nervous about meeting new people, but if it was Luna’s friend then she knew that she would be okay,

“Go take a shower and get ready. We’re leaving in an hour.” Said Luna as she left Sunset’s room she herself wanted to make an effort to nice look since she was seeing Chrysalis.

A hour had past and Chrysalis had arrived at the apartment, she rocked up with her motorcycle, wearing her favourite black ripped jeans, a green top and her leather jacket Luna actually bought her for a Christmas gift one year when they were together, she knocked on the door to Luna’s apartment,

“Chrysalis!” Luna beamed and gave her friend a quick hug, “You still have that jacket?” questioned Luna as she pulled away from the embrace, she rubbed her hand across the leather jacket and starred into Chrys eyes,

“Yeah, it’s my favourite.” Chrys blushed as she admitted placing a hand over Luna’s, making Luna blush too.

“Come in, Sunset’s is still getting ready. You want a coffee while we wait?” Luna asked as she let Chrysalis in.

“Yes please. You sure she is okay with this?”

Luna went to the kitchen and Chrysalis followed her, she grabbed to cups from the cupboard and started to make some coffee for them, when the two was together they shared a lot of coffee chats,

“She got a little bit worried over meeting you, but now I think she’s fine. I don’t think she’s used to meeting new people so just be careful.” Luna as she was adding coffee to the cups,

Chrysalis nodded, “I understand, I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable.”

Luna finished making the coffees she handed Chrysalis hers, Chrys liked her coffee black and strong, while Luna liked hers with some sugar and milk, Chrysalis took a sip of hers, she smiled, “Ah, you always know how to make the perfect cup Lu.”

Luna grinned, “Well... I did learn from being with you after all those years. I still don’t know how you can drink it like that.” Luna made a face as she watched Chrysalis drink the black coffee she made for her,

“Mmhmm, It tastes delicious... just as dark as my soul.” Chrysalis licked her lips and took another sip.

Luna laughed and rolled her eyes, used to Chrysalis sense of humour, she moved to sit next to Chrysalis at the kitchen table, “Thank you for coming today. I’m really glad that you’re here.”

“Of course Luna, you know I will do my best to be there for you, even for Sunset now.” Smiled Chrysalis
with warmth in her eyes,

“...I’ll go check on her to see if she’s ready.” Luna said as she stood up for the table. Chrysalis just sat there slipping on her coffee, she leaned back on the chair and stared at her as she watched Luna moved.

“W-what?” Luna looked at Chrysalis who look like she was ready to pounce on her at any moment.

“Oh, nothing. You just look hot there.” Said Chrysalis in a low voice which made Luna blush again. Sending shivers up her spines, Chrys had a way on making Luna feel good about herself,

“Oh, stop being such a tease.” Luna smirked as she walked past Chrysalis who just slapped her bum making Luna jump as she left the kitchen, she shot Chrys at Look before she left,

Chrys just shurched her shoulders, “Can’t help it. Those jeans make your bum look perky and cute.” Looking Luna up and down as she watched her leave,

Luna just shook her head and made her way to Sunset’s room, Chrysalis was in a cheeky mood today and she was going to need to do anything to restrain herself from it,

“Sunset! You ready?” Luna knocked on Sunset’s door.

Sunset opened her room door, “Yeah.”

“Good, Chrys is in the kitchen. We’re waiting on you.”

Sunset let out a nervous breath, as she followed Luna to the kitchen to meet Chrysalis, once the pair entered, Sunset stood closely to Luna, Chrys looked intimidating at first, but it didn’t take her long to get used to her,

“Hey kid. I’m Chrysalis.” Chrysalis waved at Sunset while she stood up from the table, she introduced herself first, while she studied Sunset noticing she stood closely by Luna, huh attached already? Chrysalis wondered. She didn’t know what type of person Sunset was, but she was good at reading them and getting a feel for them.

“Hi.” Sunset said quietly, looking down at her feet, one hand placed over her arm,

Chrysalis chuckled, “I don’t bite, kid. I’m not that evil, right Luna?”

Luna rolled her eyes, I’m making no comment on that.”

“Luna secretly loves it when I’m evil. She simply gets a kick out of it.” Chrysalis laugh, flickering her eyes at her, making Luna embarrassed, which only made Sunset smirk, she’s going to like Chrysalis...

“Chrysalis!” Warned Luna, she hasn’t told Sunset what kind of relationship the two had yet, “Can we go now?” Asked Luna eagerly, changing the subject,

She could tell that the day was going to be a day for her being embarrassed In front of Sunset, she knew what type of mood Chrysalis was in and it was her teasing mood, ‘oh, great. What have I got myself in for.’ Luna thought to herself,

After the group of three left the apartment, Chrysalis took Sunset on her bike as Sunset practically begged Luna to let her ride with Chrysalis, she allowed it but warned Chrys not to go fast as Chrys did have habit for that, Luna went in her car, they all met up at the movie theatre and they all decided on an action movie to watch. The three of them sat watching the movie and eating popcorn, Luna sat in the middle with Chrysalis and Sunset at either side, even at one point Chrysalis and Luna were holding hands at the side, trying to hide it away from Sunset, but she did however notice that the two were close,

When the movie finished they headed to the diner to grab something to eat, Chrysalis and Luna both got beef burgers while Sunset got a veggie burger, Chrysalis and Sunset we’re both getting to know each other better, they sat in a booth away from the other people that were there, they wanted to have a quiet spot to chat,

“So... you actually come from a magical land?” Asked Chrysalis, getting a kick from under the table by Luna,

“Oww... Luna, what was that for... I only want to get to know Sunset better.” Chrysalis flicked a fry at her, making Sunset giggle as she ate her veggie burger, she was surprised at how blunt Chrysalis is,

“Uh Yes... actually where I’m from I am a unicorn and I used to study magic under the Princess.”

Luna blinked, ‘Princess, what? She’s not told me this part before...’

“You never told me you studied under the Princess, do you mean Twilight?” Luna asked.

“N-no I um studied under a different princess, she’s actually the ruler of Equestria. She also raises the sun and moon, and she likes to take on students to teach them about magic, she helped me control mines.” Sunset said, feeling a little uncomfortable about mentioning the Princess she’d hoped Luna wouldn’t press her anymore about her, or ask her name, that would be awkward,

“Raises the sun and moon?!?! Woah that’s pretty neat.” Chrysalis said, she noticed that Sunset was getting a little uncomfortable,

“Yeah... I actually got to help her a few times...” Sunset admitted.

Luna and Chrysalis was amazed at hearing this, Luna was a little shock that she opened up a bit more in front of Chrys, she’d always had a way to get people to open up to her,

“You did? That is so cool... What was the Princess like?” Luna asked.

Sunset felt her whole body tense up, her mind trying to come up with something so she could avoid talking about it, “I-I I, she, um” Sunset stuttered, Chrysalis noticed the tremble in Sunset’s voice, she tilled her head,

“You okay there, Sunset?” Chrysalis asked worriedly and gave Luna a look.

“I-i’m just gonna go to the r-rest room.” Sunset said as she got up from the booth, she disappeared to the toilets,

“Luna? What was that?” Chrysalis asked.

Luna just sat there as she watched Sunset leave, she was ready to run after her to make sure she was okay but she thought she’d better give her space, Luna sighed,

“I don’t know Chrys. That’s the first I’ve heard about her studying under the Princess, she didn’t mention that part of her life. I don’t know if something happened between them.” Luna said with full of concern, her eyes still watching Sundet enter the restroom,

“...What has Sunset told you about her life?” Chrys said quietly, grabbing Luna’s attention,

Luna shook her head, focusing on Chrys, “She told me about her life before magic school, how she grew up with her father who was abusive towards her, her mother ran out on them when she was only three and left Sunset with a man that caused her harm.” Luna said uncomfortably, she was still trying process everything that Sunset told her,

Chrysalis closed her eyes for a few moments, she felt bad for the young girl for what she has been through, if any could understand what it was like to be abused it was Chrysalis, she had a similar relationship with her parents, she grabbed Luna’s hands, “let me go talk to her.” Chrys said as she left the booth to go get Sunset,

Chrysalis enter the restroom, it was quiet, only one cubicle was shut, Chrysalis knew Sunset was In there, she gave a knock,

“Hey kid. It’s me, Chrys. Are you okay?” Said Chrysalis softly as she waited outside of the cubicle, her arms crossed, She heard Sunset sniff a few times before speaking up,

“Y-yeah.” Sunset replied back quietly.

“Look... I don’t know what you’ve been through, but kid, I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. Me and Luna were really worried about you, so you can just come out when you’re ready, if you wanna talk about things, me and Luna we will both be here for you, okay? Luna cares deeply for you and I care too.” Chrysalis poured her heart out, she heard Sunset sigh from the other side and she noticed the door being unlocked, she jumped back and looked at Sunset who looked up at her,

“You care about me? But you don’t know me...” Said Sunset as she watch Chrys smile at her,

Chrysalis knelt down to Sunset’s level, she placed her hands at either of Sunset,

“Don’t be mad at Luna for this, she’s just only worried for you, and you can trust me that I will not tell anyone about anything that’s been said. Luna has told me a bit about your past but not much, it’s up to you how much you tell me, I want to be someone you can trust, Sunset...

As I heard about some of your past that struck a cord in me because I know what you’ve been through, I experienced something similar to you and I know what it does to you as a person. I want you to be able to come to me if you are ever needing someone to talk too, I don’t want to ever think you have to face that kind of stuff alone. Me and Luna we will be there for you.”

Sunset was shocked, she’s only just meet Chrysalis, the two know nothing about each other but someone Chrysalis showed that she cared about her, Sunset let a few tears slide and she hugged Chrysalis which surprised the older woman but happy to return the hug,

“you’re really cool. I like you. You and Luna would make a cute couple.” Was all Sunset could say as she looked up to Chrysalis making her blink,

“H-how? Did you know?.”

Sunset chuckled and rolled her eyes, “oh it’s so obvious. You’s two staying closely by each other, the looks, don’t think I’ve not noticed...”

Chrysalis’s jaw dropped, her eyes widening at Sunset, “Oh my god. I’m dealing with another Luna, you’re seriously are like a mini version of her it’s actually scary.” Chrysalis shook her head and laughed,

Sunset just looked down at her feet, she gave a weak smile, making her way to the door,

“Come on, don’t want to keep lover chick waiting do we?” Sunset teased as she motioned Chrysalis to follow her,

“Alright. Miss sassy, let’s go.” Chrys giggled, ‘yep, another Luna indeed.’ She thought to herself as she made her way back to the booth, Chrys and Sunset got back and noticed Luna sitting at the table, tapping her fingers on the table worriedly and staring out the window, she wondered what took them so long,

“Sunset! You okay?” Luna got up from the booth and went over to Sunset,

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, I didn’t mean to worry you.” Sunset looked down,

Luna pulled her in for a hug, she smiled over Sunset’s shoulder and looked over to Chrys whispering a quick thank you before speaking to Sunset,

“It’s okay Sunset, I feel terrible for making you feel uncomfortable, it wasn’t mines or Chrysalis intention at all, why don’t we head back home for the rest of the day?”

Sunset pulled away from the embrace, “Can Chrysalis come back?”

“If she wants too.” Luna smiled at Chrysalis, glad the two already got along,

“I’m up for that. Sunset you riding with me?” Asked Chrys, earning a nod from Sunset, looking at Luna first for confirmation,

Luna paid up the bill and the three of them headed back fo the apartment, they spent the rest of the day talking and playing video games. Sunset has never felt so at ease around two people before, she enjoyed the company of the two older woman and it also seemed to made Luna smile too.