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Aftermath Of The Formal - Shimmeringsun

Just when Sunset Shimmer finds herself in her darkest days she is able to find the light through all of those who love her.

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Chapter 9: Luna’s Past

It’s been a few days since Sunset opened up to Luna about her past, it was a lot for Luna to take in and she was having a hard time dealing with it all. It had upset her to have heard Sunset go through all of that, she had dealt with Chrysalis breakdowns when she told Luna about her stories, it hurt her so much.

Luna was spending some girly time with Celestia after school, they two haven’t got together as much since Luna took Sunset in and she was started to feel bad, the two were over at Celestia’s house having a few drinks, pizza and chatting, Luna mostly filling Celestia in about Sunset.

“So, where is Sunset?” Celestia asked, as she moved to have a sit on the sofa, taking a slice of pizza, it was good to unwind like this after a long day.

“With Chrys. She texted me earlier today asking if she could take Sunset out after school, wanted to surprise her, I guess she’s still feeling a little bit guilty for making Sunset feel uncomfortable the other day.” Said Luna as she took a bit of her Pizza.

“What happened?” Celestia looked at her sister with a raised eyebrow,

“Chrysalis and Sunset were talking about her being from a magical land. Sunset mentioned that she used to study magic under The Princess, we both kind of asked questions about her but Sunset seemed hesitant to answer any.” Luna said feeling guilty from making Sunset run off.

“Is she meaning Twilight?” Celestia suggested,

Luna shook her head, “No. Some other Princess. Apparently she’s the ruler there, I asked her what was she like and she couldn’t even speak about it. I have a feeling that something happened between them...”

“Have you talked to her about it since she mentioned it?” Asked Celestia as she took a drink.

“No. I don’t know if bringing it up again will hurt her, I fear this is way worse than the other part of her past, she’s hurt by this more. Chrysalis could tell straight away.” Luna said with a pained look in her eyes, but then she smiled as she remembered the way Chrysalis was with Sunset the other day, “You wanted to see her and Chrys the other day, Chrys managed to calm Sunset down, I don’t know what was said but she was amazing with her. They’ve bonded so well, I honestly don’t know what I’ve gotten myself in for.” Luna laughed.

Celestia felt a pain of jealously in her heart, she hasn’t spoke much with Sunset, for the years she’s knowing her, every conversation they had Sunset shut her off, she never understood why Sunset was so aloof with her but yet she got on well with Chrysalis after just spending a few times together.

Celestia hummed, trying not to show her emotion to Luna. “You’re going to need to keep an eye out on those two. Chrys will be planning good knows what with Sunset.” Celestia laughed.

“Do not be giving them two any ideas. I swear, they will be the death of me.” Luna laughed back at Celestia as she rolled her eyes.

Celestia gave a warmly smile to Luna. “I must say, Lu, Sunset isn’t the only one that has changed, there’s a change in you also, you are so much more happier now Luna, Chrysalis is back in your life, you have Sunset aswell now, I know it’s only been like what a few weeks? But that girl has put so much trust into you, You’re great with her Lu, I couldn’t be more prouder than you for doing what you’re doing.” Celestia bumped her sisters side.

Luna blushed, she gave a smile to her sister, “Thanks, Tia’. I’m glad you’re here with us, you know that right? And I guess, yeah I am happy right now, being there for someone and caring for them, it’s a nice feeling, I’m starting to feel much closer to her now, we’ve gotten used to each other, I think Sunset was meant to come into my life...”

“How was your night with Chrysalis?” Luna asked, she came back in to sit next to Sunset on the sofa after saying goodbye to Chrysalis.

“Awesome. I think she’s really cool. We kinda talked a lot about you and her.” Sunset smiled, it was nice for people to spend time with her, only ever Luna done that with her.

“I told you two would get along.” Luna nudged her. “so, you talked about me, huh?

“Well... I kinda asked how you two met. She told me it would be better if I asked you first.” Sunset blushed.

“You wanted to know about me and Chrys? I didn’t think you’d be interested...”

“I kind of got curious because of the way I saw you two the other day but I was shy on asking you, you being my Vice Principal and all.” Sunset blushed.

Luna giggled. “I’m your guardian now aren’t I? So it’s kind of a given that I’m allowed to tell you these stories. Just keep them between me and you.”

“Alright. I can do that.” Sunset nodded as she curled her legs up in a basket, ready for Luna to tell her the story, she gave Luna a smile, she was happy that Luna acted different with her when the two of them weren’t at school.

Luna made herself more comfortable on the sofa too. “...It was a long time ago... A very long time ago.” She smiled. “To be fair we both came into each others life’s when we needed each other the most.” Luna trailed off, “She and I were going through a lot of things when we first met... We both were dealing with things... I was struggling... Very hard. But, Chrysalis, she was amazing, she was there through it all with me.” Luna spoke sadly as she recalled the hard times she went through in her past, she starred blankly to the other side of the room, Sunset noticed she could tell Luna was getting emotional, so she snuggled up at her side.

“Luna? What’s wrong?” Sunset asked worriedly, she rested her head on Luna’s shoulder.

Luna shook her head and looked back to Sunset, she coughed. “Sorry. Just thinking. Anyway, me and Chrys, we hut it off straight away. Glued to each other since day one. Two peas in a pod, that’s what Tia used to say. We were so close, she got me through the toughest times of my life. I don’t think I wouldn’t of done it without her. She was the only person that understood me.”

“What happened between you two?” Sunset asked. “Sorry. I know I shouldn’t ask these things, I know they’re personal.”

Luna let out a light chuckle, “it’s alright Sunset. You’re allowed to ask me these kind of stuff. Afterall, you opened up to me about your past.” Luna smiled warmly “You see, even in my darkest times, Chrysalis, she was the best person that was apart of my life.”

Sunset gave Luna a smile. “Must of been nice to have someone like that.”

“Indeed, it was. Chrysalis is an amazing person, Chrys, came into my life probably when I was just about your age, i was dealing with a lot, I was the kid who was kind of the outcast, a misfit, I was um, what do you guys call it now?” She asked, a finger on her chin as she began to think.

“Emo?” Sunset suggested.

“...yeah, that.” Luna agreed, “Well you could say, I didn’t fit in well with the other students. I was different. I kind of, shut myself of from everyone, I was coming to terms that I liked girls. I didn’t tell anyone, I kept that secret all to myself.” Luna recalled, keeping that secret was one of the hardest things she had to do,

“You didn’t even tell your sister?” Sunset asked, confused at why Luna would kept a secret like that from Celestia, they were close afterall.

Luna shook her head and curled herself up. “Tia? No. She was busy with other things. She was the popular one In high school, everybody loved her. She was the best at everything. She was captain of nearly every sport, she was the school’s president. So many of the students looked up to her, she was the most perfect student.” Luna seemed to have got sad all of a sudden, she leaned her head in between her legs as they were curled up to her chest.

“Celestia, she didn’t really have much time for me in school, or even at home really. She was always too busy with her friends, school, she had a social life to keep up with.” She said sadly.

“When me and Tia where teens we didn’t have the best ’sisterly’ bond. We were close as kids but then we got older and things changed.” She used quotation signs around the sisterly part.

“You two weren’t close? But yous are like best friends now!” Said Sunset, a bit surprised to hear that the two sisters didn’t get along.

“Not always.” Luna looked down and fidgeted with her thumbs, “Sunset? Can you promise me something?” She looked up to Sunset with a pleding look in her eyes.

Anything. I Promise, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Said Sunset as she done the motion, Luna just gave her a look. “Sorry. Pinkie Pie has got me into the habit of doing that.” She blushed.

Luna just smiled. “okay...” she let out a long breath, and looked at Sunset, she spoke in a serious tone, “I’m about to tell you something. Something, I need to live with for the rest of my life, something I hated myself for doing, It’s one of my biggest regrets. I just hope that this won’t change your view on me, or that you see me differently... I-i couldn’t bare that.” Luna said quietly as she got to the end of what she was saying, would this cause Sunset to distance herself from her? She thought.

“Luna, I promise you nothing will change. You’re talking to me of all people, I mean, you know most of my past. I can at least accept what happened in yours...” Said Sunset as she gave Luna a reassuring smile.

“I-I nearly killed Tia’. I knocked her over.” Said Luna as she looked away, not wanting to bare seeing her reaction, Sunset’s eyes went small, her jaw dropped then quickly closed.

“W-what happened? How? Why?” Sunset asked quietly, Luna gave herself a minute, they sat in slience while Sunset allowed Luna to collect herself.

Luna started to sweat and her hands got shaky, Sunset noticed and grabbed one, she smiled at Luna letting her know she was there for her, supporting her just like Luna had done with her.

“It all started in high school. Well, truth be told, it probably started way before that, even as kids. Celestia, she got all the praise from everyone. Oh, she was loved. Our teachers, her friends, even our parents. They all praised her like she herself, was god. I don’t blame them to be honest, she was amazing, beautiful, smart, loving and kind. I mean, how was I suppose to compare to that?” She put her other hand over her chest.

Luna let out a bitter laugh, “Who would want little miss doom and gloom anywhere near them if they had Celestia?” Luna let out a tear, Sunset shifted up to her more and tightened her grip around Luna’s hand. “Even as a child, I struggled, I am not the best around people. I can be cold, less approachable, and I’m stricter. Understandable, why the students hate me right?”

We don’t hate you Luna.” Sunset got more softer as she spoke. “I’ve never hated you to be honest, at times yes, I’ve dislike you giving me into trouble, giving me detention, making me sit in your office while I shot glares at you, even the times we argued I still didn’t hate you, I actually liked you because you were the only one that actually gave a damn about me, I just wished I cared more to see it.”

Luna grinned and nuzzled Sunset’s face with her thumb. “Thanks.”

“Anyway, as I was saying have gotten better around people but I was always awkward around them, I didn’t know how to act, so I thought it would be best to shut myself off from everyone, I never really went out with the other kids when I was little, I liked video games and comics.” Sunset laughed.

“What’s funny?” Luna asked as she raised her brow at Sunset.

“Sorry, it’s just not much has changed about you.” She smirked.

Luna let out a snort and rolled her eyes. “Oh be quiet, that’s something Chrys would say.” Sunset just smiled.

“When I was younger I used to play all the time, my room was filled with consoles, some things I still have. I used to hide myself in my bedroom for hours, Tia used to call me a vampire for it as I used to sit in darkness all the time... I would either listen to music, I liked the more alternative rock growing up, or I would play video games, the other kids always thought of me as the weird gothic kid.”

Hey. Rock music is cool, There the ones that don’t have any real music taste.” Sunset input, making Luna giggled. “Ah, I see you have a good listening ear. I’ll show you some of the bands I used to listen to.”

“I would like that.” Sunset smiled, glad to have more in common with Luna, Sorry, continue.”

“Right, I enjoyed it being alone, sometimes I enjoyed my own company, no one was annoying me or saying stuff to me, I could just be myself and not worry. But then, it wasn’t until I was older that I started to feel more lonely.” She sniffed, “In high school, it was one of the worst times of my life. I absolutely hated being there, if someone told me when I was younger I’d become The Vice Principal at Celestia’s school, I would of laughed right in their face, you’d think I would want to get away from dealing with anything school related stuff.” Luna smirked.
“When I started high school, Tia was already two years above me, I had already seen the way the students acted with her, they would greet her in the corridors, they would to go her for help, advice, anything really and she was kind enough to help them and listened to them.”

Luna looked down, she cleared her throat. “But... With me, I was nothing like my sister, everyone expected more from me because I was her little sister. My parents and my teachers, even the students put way too much pressure on me to be like her, my parents they forced me to join clubs, make friends, but the pressure it all got too much for me. I couldn’t take it.” Luna dropped her head.

“So what did I do? I rebelled.” Luna said mentally slapping herself because she knew it was a stupid mistake. “I went against everyone, I tried to stand up to the other students as I was sick of being pushed around by them, they were horrible to me, I was bullied badly by them and I wanted to show them, the pain they caused. I wanted to do the same back.”

“...So, In high school, when I was going through my rebellion phrase, I got involved in a gang. That’s how i met Chrys.” Luna smiled at that even though she was going through a bad time she was glad she had Chrysalis.

“I used to sneak out the house a lot, I ditched school just to meet up with Chrysalis and a few others. We got involved in quite a lot of bad stuff, Chrysalis went to Crystal Prep, she was two years older than me so she would come and pick me up on her motorcycle. Then, we would meet up with the others, we caused a lot of trouble back then.”

“I did a lot of bad things. Very bad things. Sunset, if I tell you, the things I got involved in, I would only hope you will listen to me and not repeat these same mistakes. Or, if you have you have to tell me, I didn’t really know what you done after school hours before you came to live with me, but I wouldn’t want to think you had done.” Luna’s face went pale, this part of her life made her feel sick now as she talked about it.

Sunset nodded, “I don’t think I can keep anything away from you now really.”

“Good.” Luna nodded, “You know, you come to me for anything.” She smiled warmly, it’s been good that Sunset is starting to trust her more now and being more open with her, they were finally getting to know each other more and it made Luna happy.

“So... When I was part of the gang, We used to do drugs. I touched almost everything, from Cocaine, ecstasy, etc, it was bad, Sunset. I got involved in crimes like stealing, graffiti, we used to go to the corner shops and steal alcohol for the weekend, I was involved in a lot of gang fights, I used to go by the name ‘Nightmare Moon’ so I wouldn’t get caught, but eventually I did, but Tia.” She cringed at herself as she was telling Sunset this part, she felt ashamed about it.

“Tia was so angry with me. We were fighting a lot back then, she told our parents and they basically had me under house arrest. The only time i was ever allowed to go out was for school or if I was with my parents or Tia, they tried to stop me from seeing Chrysalis aswell, Tia found out we were dating, it got out around the school that I was seeing someone from Crystal Prep and people saw Chrys pull up on her motorcycle, when Tia found out that I liked girls she was a little upset but I think it was because I didn’t tell her, my parents eventually found out too and they were so against it, they couldn’t stand the fact I liked girls and that was the thing I feared the most of being rejected like that.”

“My parents and Tia hated Chrys, all because Chrysalis was rough and came from a bad background, Both Tia and Chrysalis couldn’t stand each other, but i was in love with Chrysalis so I tried my best so I could be with her. Me and Tia we only grew more and more distance from each other, I think now looking back she was disappointed in me, I mean, she did have every right to be.”

Luna’s eyes darken “...But, yet, even know I was so depressed back then, I tried to reach out to her, even my parents for help, but they couldn’t see that they were just angry at me for everything I done. They couldn’t see that keeping Chrysalis away from me was hurting me, they didn’t understand that I needed her, she was the only one that was there for me and I told her everything, if I had a bad day, I showed up to Chrysalis’s door crying after yet again being bullied by another student. It made Chrysalis angry, I would used to show up on her door step with a bruised face, and Chrys, she was the one that treated it.”

“So, my parents continued to give Celestia all the attention instead of helping me, i got ignored and told to go to my room. This then only made my jealously over my sister only got worse, it was always ‘Celestia this, Celestia that.’ It was never me.” She motioned her hands about.

Luna swallowed. “You know, I tried to calm down after my rebellious phrase I told them I wanted out of the gang and even Chrysalis, she done the same for me. I didn’t think she even liked me that much or even cared. I just thought because I was the youngest and newest to the group, she would get a kick out of using me. A little fun for her. But turns out, we both had feelings for each other.”

“But, my parents they weren’t bothered, not by me anyway, I tried to make up for what i did, but they ignored all the signs, they just continued to love Celestia. It was like they were ashamed to call me their daughter.”

“I remember one day, things got really bad for me. I had a horrible day at school, the other students treated me way worst than before after they found all about what I did in the gang. They hated me. I was constantly teased, harassed all the time and they would just laugh at me. They even picked on me for being gay. They told me I wasn’t normal, all because I liked girls. It was horrible to go through, they treated me like I was some kind of disease, made me feel like there was something wrong with me.”

Sunset felt a pain of anger burn up inside her, she felt hurt for Luna that she had to deal with this. “That’s disgusting! Just because you like girls you shouldn’t be treated like that! I can’t believe you had to go through that Luna... I’m so sorry.” Said Sunset as she wrapped her arms around Luna’s waist and buried her head into her shoulder.

Luna leaned into the hug. “... I-i couldn’t take anymore of it, I was so angry and hurt and the thing is Tia was there everyday and saw me get beat up, pushed around and getting named called, yet she done nothing about it, she never stepped in or protected me, I guess she was still angry at me for what I done but I’m her baby sister, why wouldn’t she stand up for me?” Said Luna as her voice was about to break, She tried to stop herself from crying, she took a gulp.

“From there on, my hate for her only grew more. I was so jealous that she got all of the attention yet I was the one that was suffering. I did a really stupid thing, since I was under house arrest, I got home from school after being badly beaten, I decided to go to my parents alochol cupboard and take the bottle of vodka, I went to my room and drank it straight, I almost drank the full thing, I just sat in my room and cried and cried”

“I had heard Celestia her ready for a house party she was getting picked up by her boyfriend, then after drinking the vodka I decided to sneak out of the house and steal Tia’s car keys, stupid idea, I know, i went to the party absolutely hammered, To this day I am surprised I never crashed the car because I was going so fast and I didn’t even know how to drive at the time.”

“Once I got there, I stormed in demanding from everyone to let me to get to Celestia. Celestia could see I was a drunken mess and she tried to calm me down at first but I just keep yelling at her which only made her lose her patience with me, we said stuff to each other that we still feel hurt about, we were horrible to one another, I ran out of the house in tears and Celestia only realised what I was trying to say after I stormed off so she ran after me, she tried to comfort me but I pushed her away, I didn’t want her anywhere near me.”

“We kept arguing on the streets with everyone around watching, I then got back into the car and Celestia tried to stop me, she was screaming at me, but I didn’t listen I just turned the car on and drove but little did I realise, Tia jumped in front of the car tried to stop me from moving, so i moved the car a little and I-i knocked her over.” Luna was crying at this point, she couldn’t hold it in any longer, Sunset continued to hug Luna tighter.

“I-I didn’t mean to do it, but it happened. I-I was in a mess that night, her boyfriend had to rush her to the hospital, she was in bad condition. I went with them, I couldn’t stop crying, I was a complete sobbing mess, I phoned Chrysalis to come and and she came straight away, my parents came after her and basically they both were so angry at me, my father he was screaming at me, i never saw him like that before, even the nurses were trying to get him to calm down, Chrys also got into a fight with him. But, at this point my parents both had, had enough of me, they told me that I was no longer allowed to live with them and that I had to get my act together.” She said, still feeling hurt that her parents abandoned her instead of helping her.

“After that, I moved in with Chrysalis then, I never spoke to my parents or Tia for years, she pressed charges against me and I had to be put into a care unit until I got better, I was in there for three years, it was horrible, I had community service to do aswell, Chrysalis visited me every week, she waited for me on the other side and we would start a life together. We could finally be together without anyone getting in our way. We could finally be happy after I got out. But things changed when we got older. The break up happened.” Luna’s heart ached, she never thought she would lose Chrysalis, she was completely heartbroken over it.

Sunset felt tears well up in her eyes as she could see the pain Luna was going through as she was telling her this story, she didn’t like it, Luna was the one to always comfort her but now she’s seeing all of Luna’s pain she’s held for years. “You don’t need to tell me this part if it hurts too much.” Sunset said softly, “I don’t want to make you feel upset.”

Luna rested her head into Sunset’s, “Thanks.” She sniffed, the two sat and hug each other closely before Sunset spoke up again, she was pissed that Celestia and Luna’s parents weren’t there for her more and she couldn’t help but feel more hate for Celestia than she did before, she let everything sink in before saying what she felt to Luna,

“Can I say something?” Sunset asked.

Luna just looked at her and wiped her eyes, “yes?”

“I hate her.” She gritted her teeth.

“Who?” Luna asked confused, she raised an eyebrow at her.

“Celestia.” Sunset let out a breath of anger at mentioning the name.

“What? Why?” Luna shifted from the embrace to get more of a look at Sunset, she frowned.

Sunset sighed, she was ready to blow, “How could she of not saw all the pain you were going through? How could she not of saw that her little sister was trying to reach out to her?! She was meant to be there for you!” Sunset pointed at Luna, “Instead of spending time at her stupid clubs or with her boyfriend she should have been there for you more! How could she of been so blinded that you were in deep emotional pain! Couldn’t she see that you were hurting?!? Couldn’t she see that you needed her?!?! She’s your sister! Sisters are meant to be there for one another!” Sunset yelled as she got up from the sofa, her breathing going fast, Luna just watched her, she’s never saw Sunset this angry before and that’s saying something after all the times she’s came storming into the office.

“Sunset. Calm. Breathe.” Luna tried to soothe, as she got up from the sofa and placed her hands on Sunset’s shoulders, “Not all the blame lies on Celestia. It was my fault too. Instead of yelling I could of tried to talk to her more, she would have listened but instead i just got angry. Please, don’t hate Celestia for what happened, I don’t want you hating her...”

“But! I have every right to hate her! Look at what she caused you! What you had to go through! She hurt you and I don’t like that! How can you not hate her? Why did you let her back into your life?!? She was never there for you!” Sunset said as she lost her temper not directly at Luna, but Celestia wasn’t here, she was for sure giving Celestia a piece her mind.

Luna didn’t know what to do or what to say, she didn’t want to make Sunset hate Celestia, she tried her best to make sure Sunset didn’t see Celestia as a bad person,

“Sunset. Please, Celestia changed. I changed. We’ve put the past behind us now and now look, everything is fine. So please, I’m begging, as your guardian, do not hate Celestia for this.” Luna said strenly, Sunset just jumped back from her, she furrowed her brows and grunted,

“I guess I’ll be civil to her, but she’s gotta explain herself to me.” Said Sunset growling like she was the adult of the two of them, and that she wanted to stand up for Luna, it made Luna feel uneasy, it didn’t sit with her very well that Sunset didn’t like Celestia, she felt a strong hate for the woman, it worried Luna, was she thinking into this too much? She couldn’t help but wondered if there was something else lying under there that Sunset felt angry at Celestia for... But why?

It was the next day, half way through the school day and Sunset decided that she would make a visit to Principal Celestia, she knew Luna told her not to hate her for what Celestia did in the past but she couldn’t help it, the way she saw the pain Luna felt, she felt that too, that pain when a child sees their parent cry, that’s the pain Sunset felt for Luna, she felt angry about what Luna had to go through.

Sunset made her way to Principal Celestia’s office and knocked on the door, her anger burning up inside her, the door opened to reveal Celestia standing smiling warmly at Sunset, Sunset had never came to her office on her own before.

“Ah Sunset, it’s nice to see you drop by. Do you need anything?” Celestia asked.

“Uh, Yeah, first off wipe that smile off your face Celestia. You have a lot to answer for.” Said Sunset as she glared at the older woman standing at the door.

Celestia just looked back in confusion, what does she mean? What does she have to answer for? What has she done to Sunset? Why is Sunset showing all this hate towards her?

Author's Note:

New chapter! This time about Luna’s past, I thought it would we good to put this in after Sunset opening up to Luna about hers. They both have very similar pasts and I know Sunset still hasn’t told anyone who the Princess is yet but that will be revealed in the next chapter.

I think one of the reasons why Sunset was so upset about Luna’s past was because she felt that same loneliness when she studied under the Princess and that’s why she hates Principal Celestia so much.

I know, I haven’t included the girls in this, but they will make an appearance in the next chapter, along with Glida, Trixie and a few others.

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