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Aftermath Of The Formal - Shimmeringsun

Just when Sunset Shimmer finds herself in her darkest days she is able to find the light through all of those who love her.

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Chapter 4: The Next Day

It was the day after the formal. After everything that went out of control. Sunset didn’t know how to feel. She woke up feeling numb, after her nightmare.

As she stayed awake lying in the guest bedroom of Vice Principal Luna’s apartment. It was still a wonder to her why Luna wanted to help her in the first place, she had been horrible to Luna in the past. She felt confused she didn’t know where to go from here or how to pick herself back up as she knew she hut rock bottom. She was completely lost and truth be told she wasn’t sure if this is what she wanted...

In the next room was Luna. Still asleep it seems, lying on her belly, limbs everywhere, an arm hanging of the bed, this was a picture that no one would believe in seeing the Vice Principal like this.

She was completely exhausted from what happened last night and dealing with Sunset’s nightmare, it had her do a lot of thinking. She has never been this exhausted... well since her own fall. That night, when everything went wrong and she lost it all. It was a reason why she wanted to help Sunset in the first place, the reason why felt a connection with the girl. She knew all the emotional pain she could see Sunset go through and all the resentment. She understood her, probably better than anyone else.

It was then Luna’s phone rang beside her bedside table, she woke up groaning, still tired, the phone read “Celestia.” her sister was coming over today, Luna answered,

“T-tia...” Luna sounded tired, Celestia could tell by the way she spoke.

“Have you just woken up? It’s nearly the afternoon.” Said Celestia who was on the other line.

“Dang it! It is!? I didn’t realise, it was late when I got to bed last night...” Luna shot up, turning round to sit up on the bed, her hand in one phone and the other stretching. Luna could never tell what time it was because her room was always dark. And plus it was Saturday, she liked a lie in.

Luna could hear Celestia chuckled at that, “Wait, did something happen with Sunset?” Celestia asked worriedly.

“She had a nightmare last night. It was pretty bad, I’ll explain when you’re over. Speaking of which, when are you coming over?” She let out another yawn,

“You sound worried about her Lu, I’m hoping she’ll be alright. I’ll be over in the late afternoon I have to go to the school and get some paperwork done.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me about school” She said like a tired teenager, “We have a lot of mess to sort out. Anyway, I better go sis I need to check on Sunset. She’s probably still asleep.”

“See you soon sis...” Celestia hung up the line.

Luna got up from her bed, rubbing her eyes with her hands and yawning. “I need coffee” Luna said to herself aloud as she got up from her bed making her way into the next room, she knocked on the door but she heard no response so she decided to let herself in. She was a bit suprised to see Sunset awake, Sunset hardly noticing her lost deep in her thoughts... it was then she jumped when she heard Luna speak up.

“Sunset, how are you feeling?” Luna said hiding behind an amused look at Sunset who was startled at her sudden presence.

“I-I don’t know...” Sunset admitted quietly, slowly starting to sit up on the bed. She wasn’t sure how to answer that question. She felt nothing. Nothing at all. Just complete numbness. But how could she tell Luna that? Luna wouldn’t understand. No one would.

“What do you mean by that, Sunset?” Maybe Luna had an idea on what Sunset was feeling, she wasn’t sure though.

“I-I Just, it’s stupid.” She looked down to the covers on the bed and starting to run her finger along them,

“It’s not stupid if that’s how the way you feel Sunset.” Said Luna standing at the door leaning against the frame,

Sunset took a shaky breath, “I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know how to act, or what to do. I-i feel lost.”

Luna moved to sit besides Sunset on the bed, she had dealt with that feeling and sometimes still does, she knew that empty feeling well. Luna sighed not sure how to answer this but wanting Sunset to know that’s she can relate to her,

“I get it, I do. You just feel confused. You just feel like it’s the end of the world, but it’s not Sunset, you need to give it time for you to recover, you’ve been through a lot emotionally and it’s just taking time to sink in.” Luna said softly.

Sunset looked up to Luna sadly. “How do you know that? Everything that happened last night... i... just wished it didn’t happen...” Sunset sighed at that,

“We can’t change what happen but I know you’re willing to make up for it for your past mistakes. You will get there.”

“... But, what if, what if no one at school is going to accept me? They all hate me, they’ll never forgive me for what I’ve done...”

Luna lifted Sunset’s chin up to meet her eyes,

“... I forgive you.” At that comment, Sunset started to cry, it was something she needed to hear. She hugged Luna, burying her face into her shoulder,

“...T-thank you.” Said Sunset in-between her sobbing. Luna hugged Sunset back. This killed her to see Sunset like this.

Back when Sunset was queen bitch at CHS, her and Luna got into many heated debates, mostly being Sunset getting into trouble for yet again bullying another student but completely denying it was her.

The pair would argue nearly on a day to day basis with Sunset getting a last word in. Although, truth be told; Luna found it quite amusing arguing with a student not many students argued back with her as most of them feared her and tried to avoid her at all cost most of them preferred going to Celestia for things but not Sunset, Sunset was the only student that actually gave her the time of day when they weren’t arguing and genuinely needed a bit of advice, she approached Luna.

This is probably why Luna felt a connection with Sunset as she reminder her of herself on more than a few occasions. She had a soft spot for Sunset. Even now, sitting in the bedroom seeing Sunset so...broken and begging for forgiveness. she’s never saw her like this before, feeling this low about herself.

It made Luna’s heart ache and kinda wishing she was back in the office arguing with Sunset instead of seeing all this pain that was behind Sunset’s eyes.

Silence hung from them for a moment, While the pair were hugging each other,

“...I’m s-so s-scared.” Sunset admited quietly.

“I know you are. We will get through this together. One step at a time. That is, if you will let me help you?”

Why?... I mean, why do you want to help me? I’ve been horrible to you? To be honest i thought you would of been the first person to kick me out. Not let me stay here.”

Luna felt hurt by that comment. Did Sunset really think that of her? That she would do something like that after seeing the girl so broken?

“I would hate myself Sunset if I let you go on your own! Finding about your situation that broke me. You know, you could of came to me about it Sunset. I would of helped you out. Don’t get me wrong there was times I would of kicked you out but i guess deep down I must of like you coming to the office to argue with me.”

“Back then I probably wouldn’t accepted your help if you found out some way, I probably would have said something like, ‘I can do it on my own, I don’t need your help.’“ Sunset chuckled at herself, thinking about the times in Luna’s office,

“Ah, yes.” Luna smirking, the conversation getting more lighter now, “That probably would of been the case. I just wished you know you could of do that though.”

“I know” Sunset nodded. “And I know you said you forgive me but I’m sorry for everything. For putting you through all that and making your job harder. I was such a brat. If I could make it up to you I would.”

“You’re recovery to getting better will make up for it.” She squeeze Sunset a little tighter in the embrace,

“Do you really think I can get better?” Sunset asked luna, looking for hope,

“That is on you, if you really want to change Sunset, you will really have to push yourself, you need to understand that things right now may seem tough but it will get better in time. I know you have it in you to do so, I just want you to remember you aren’t alone anymore, you will have my support all the way. You’re such a bright young girl Sunset, you have so much potential and confidence to do amazing things, it was just used in the wrong way, but now, you have me to guide you through that, however you are going to need to start to let people in.”

Sunset blushed at the comment Luna made, she had felt glad that someone was willing to give her a second chance,

“I don’t know what to say, but thank you, thank you so much.”

Luna smiled, “you don’t have to say anything. I know you’re dealing with a lot and when the time is right I want you to open up to me.”

Sunset hugged Luna again. She was so thankful that her Vice Principal was this kind and not wanting to throw her out on the streets. Sunset was going to do everything to be a better person, She knew she didn’t deserve this. But, she wanted to change, she didn’t want to be the person she once was. She wanted to be someone that people we’re proud of her. She was going to make Luna proud.

“Now come let’s go to the kitchen, you must be hungry how about some toast? Scramble eggs? Plus... I need some coffee.”

The pair retrieved to the kitchen, Sunset sitting at the table, Luna making something to eat. It was going on to about one in the afternoon,

“do you want some coffee, tea? Or water? Or juice?” Luna asked as she went on to the kitchen counter,

“Tea, please”

“I didn’t know you were a tea drinker.” Said Luna as she bought out two mugs from the cupboard,

It was something she pick up in Equestria while living with the princess when she was studying under her. The Princess drank a lot of tea and when Sunset was stressed out over exams, The Princess would make her tea to calm her nerves or even just to spend time together they would have tea dates.

“It was something I picked up when I was young. I do like coffee but that’s for more when I stay up late studying.” Sunset did that a lot back In Equestria she stayed up late just studying magic. She wanted to be the best afterall. Most of her time was spent studying.

“I’m more of a coffee drinker. Celestia's more of a tea drinker. Tea is too weak for me. I need something stronger. I can relate to what you said with using coffee to stay up late. However, I use it to keep awake so I can play video games.” Luna said, she used video games as a distraction to pass time when she was working. It took her mind of things for a while. It helped her get rid of any negative thoughts she was having.

“I didn’t know you pay video games. Can you show me?” Sunset said eagerly, she saw the other students playing them and she always wonder what it would be like,

“Seems like we have a lot to find out about each other. Have you played before?”

“...no” Luna gasped at that. It genuinely shocked her to hear that statement. It made her stop what she was doing.

“Oh god! That sounds awful! You really never? I can’t believe it...” Luna said as she shook her head in disbelief, she start to up the meals for her and Sunset.

“I never thought you out of all people would like to play video games that much”

“Sunset! You’re in for a treat... I have so much I can teach you!” She let out a squeal,

Sunset wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or a bad idea that Luna was showing her video games. It made her giggle at seeing her Vice Principal acting childish, it made her feel at ease and maybe living with Luna wouldn’t be such a bad idea at all.

“I’m guessing I know what were doing after breakfast then, uh?”

Luna getting all excited practically boucing around the kitchen at that. It made her happy to hear that Sunset was keen to be shown how to play video games. This would be a good way for the pair to bond as they are now spending a lot of time with each other.

“Oh Sunset! just you wait im going to make you as good as a player as I am!” Placing down food at the table for her and Sunset to eat,

“Now, time to eat up! Then we will get this show on the road!”

After Luna and Sunset had something to eat and tided the kitchen Luna practically dragged Sunset to the living room, grabbing her by her hand. She then made the two sit at the lounge in front of the big screen TV, it was all set up, two speakers at either side, placed on a long table, next to the tv had controllers and xbox/wii set up.

Luna went over to shelf’s in the living room that was filled with all different games. Luna picked a easy game for sunset to start of with. She was so excited to show her the ropes. She never had anyone to show how to play video games before, Celestia was never one for playing them. She spent an hour showing Sunset what to do, how to use the controllers, she picked it up pretty easy and it made Luna impress.

“Sunset you’re doing great! In no time you’ll be wining.“ Luna said giddily.

“I must admit this is pretty awesome. You know, I might even be able to beat you.” Said Sunset being a little playful, she wanted to challenge Luna.

“Yeah right, Sunset! Give me your best shot!” Luna saying eyes focusing on the tv screen, pressing down bottoms on the controllers, moving her arms side to side, her tounge sticking out side,

Sunset was actually having fun. Sitting playing video games with her Vice Principal. All she knew about Luna was that she was strict, but she was actually enjoying herself and she hoped that her and Luna would have more times like this to come. Her Vice Principal was acting different when they weren’t at school and it made Sunset feel more relax and forgetting about what happened the night before.

“Take that!” Sunset cheered, putting her hands up in the air. She won the second round of Mario Kart. Luna was stunned. This was Sunsets first time playing and she bet her. Luna slumpled into the couch and pouting her lip,

“How? That was totally unfair! You definitely cheated.” She threw her arms up in defeat,

“Seems like someone is a sore loser.” Sunset smirked at Luna’s attics,

“I’ll totally own you in the next round, Shimmer!”

“We will see.” With that comment Luna was glaring her at. Ready to take on the challenge. It was then the pair both started to laugh. They were acting like little kids, Taking jabs are each other. Sunset was starting to feel more comfortable as she spent more time with Luna. It was a good afternoon spent. It let them forget about the events of last night and Luna has seemed to have cheered Sunset up a bit. At least she was making progress with her.

It was then Luna’s front door opened, revealing a tall aurora haired woman, she too looked tired, dealing with a lot of paperwork at the school. Celestia noticed the two were lounged up on the sofa, it looked like Luna was in a mood and Sunset was being amused by it, smiling at the pair as she walked over,

“Don’t tell me, you two have been playing video games? I heard you from outside shouting at each other...”

Sunset started to siff at the sudden appearance, she didn’t know that her Principal was coming over to her sisters apartment today, she knew they were close but she didn’t want to deal with Principal Celestia today. The counterpart of the pony that caused her coming to this world. Since starting at CHS she tried to avoid her principal as much as she could, only going to her when she absolutely needed to, trying to avoid all eye contact with her, she thought the principal as a reminder of what she lost, what caused her to run away, every time she saw her she just got the reminder of her being a disappointment.

Sunset didn’t say anything when Celestia entered the apartment she just sat there staring at her feet while Celestia and Luna spoke.

“I was showing Sunset how to play video games, it seems she’s never played any. “

“Really? I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing you showing her Luna.”

“It seems I’m quite the good teacher, Sunset here picked it up no bother and actually won a round over me.”

“Ah, I see, that’s why there was all the shouting. You never like to lose Lu.”

“I was pretty suprised, she's a good player. “ nugding Sunset’s side causing her to smile. Although, Luna was confused as to why Sunset was acting quiet, she was fine a few moments ago,

“Are you okay Sunset?” Luna asked, Sunset nodded at that. Luna and Celestia sharing a look of concern.

“Will you be okay if I leave you here while me and Celestia go to the kitchen, we have matters to discuss, do you want anything? Soda? Water?”

Sunset nodded, “Water please.”

Luna came back into the living room with water for Sunset, placing it down on the table, while Sunset was curled up on the couch,

“If you want you can continue to play video games or you can put on Netflix it’s set up on the TV. If you need me I’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Thank you.”

Luna headed back into kitchen were Celestia was making tea, Luna closing the door behind her, sighing,

Celestia looked up to her sister, she could tell Luna looked very tired, they both were, so much madness happened last night involving a certain flamed red-hair girl who was currently curled up in the living area of Luna’s apartment just not far away from the pair.

Celestia starting the conversation, speaking quietly,

“Is Sunset okay? Why did she seem so tense?”

“She had a little bit of a meltdown after I went to check on her but then after we ate and played video games she seemed to relax around me but I’m not sure why she went quiet all of a sudden...” Luna went into deep thought, why did Sunset go quiet? Everything seemed fine

“I have a feeling she doesn’t like me.” Said Celestia as she went to make her some tea and coffee for Luna,

“I think you two need to get to know each other. She’s a good kid deep down, I think she is needing people to be there for her.” Said Luna as she leaned against the counter where Celestia was making the hot drinks

“I’ll try Lu. She looked so at ease with you even though she’s only being staying since last night. You two are bonding already.”

“Sunset needs people that will give her a chance. Someone just to take time out of their day to spend with her, from what I’ve noticed since last night she has been putting up a barrier and not letting anyone in. She’s scared she admited that to me today. It will take a lot of time to let her get her guard down.”

“You’re already doing a good job at that Luna. I just hope there isn’t going to be a mini Luna running around soon. Celestia teased, making the younger sister snort at her comment as she drank her coffee,

“Now, that would be something, think of all the things I could put her up to.” She placed a finger on her chin,

Celestia chuckled at that, she wondered what things from now were going to be like...

The sisters went back to the living room after their conversation, Sunset was lying on the couch asleep the tv blaring in the background, it was just about dinner time, The sisters chuckled at the sight Sunset looking so innocence as she slept, Luna shaking her to wake up,

“Sunset! We’re ordering pizza, what do you want?” Sunset taking a while to come to, slowly opening her eyes to come, she finally spoke,

“Cheese please.” She sounded groggy. This just making the two sisters chuckled more. She sat up to see Celestia sitting across from her, while Luna on the phone to the pizza place. Celestia and Sunset both didn’t know how to act in front of each other, it was a bit awkward to say at the lease, however Celestia spoke breaking the the slience,

“How are you, Sunset?” She asked as she sat at on the chair across from the sofa,

Sunset daring not to make eye contact with the woman,

“Um fine, thanks.”

At that Celestia didn’t know how to continue, Luna was then off the phone she came back to sit next on the couch next to Sunset,

“So wanna watch a movie? You want to pick one Sunset?”

They then decided on a movie to watch and spent the rest of the evening watching movies and eating pizza. Sunset staying closing to Luna’s side, not wanting to be near the principal.

Author's Note:

So here’s chapter 4! I’m not really sure how I feel about this chapter, I’ll end up editing it again...