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Aftermath Of The Formal - Shimmeringsun

Just when Sunset Shimmer finds herself in her darkest days she is able to find the light through all of those who love her.

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Chapter 7: Payback: Part 2

“So girls, do you know why me and Vice Principal Luna have ask you to come by the office?” Celestia asked while sat at her desk, hands clasped, while Luna was stood next to her with her arms folded shooting deathly glares at the younger two sat in front of them.

“To be honest Principals, we don’t quite understand why we’ve been brought here today. We’ve not done anything wrong.” Said Gilda, she knew fine well why she was brought in but she was trying to play it out.

Luna scoffed, leaning forward on the desk, she slammed her hands down.

“So, you think beating up Miss Shimmer and leaving her in the toilets isn’t doing anything wrong?!?!” Luna raised her voice, causing the two to jump.

“Trixie thinks that she-demon is lying! We done nothing to her. Trying to act like the victim and all! She doesn’t even belong here, making up lies to get people to feel sorry for her!” Trixie exclaimed.

“That’s ENOUGH! Miss Lulamoon you should never speak that way of another student.” Celestia said raising her voice.

Trixie huffed and folded her arms, looking away from the Principal.

“She’s right Principal Celestia. Why would you want to believe Sunset Shimmer? All she’s done is lie since she’s been here. She’s trying to make us look bad instead of her. I mean, we did bump into Sunset in the toilets but she was trying to fight us!” Said Gilda.

Luna was getting really irritated now, yes, she knew that the students would give Sunset a hard time but she couldn’t take it, she was using of all her will power to hold herself back from screaming at them.

“I saw the condition Sunset was in after you two hurt her, she couldn’t of possibly done that herself. This type of behaviour is not tolerated in school, you both knew what you were doing and still done it. You could of badly hurted her. And for that, Gilda and Trixie you will be suspended for a week from school I will make sure to contact your parents.” Said Luna.

“How is that fair?!?! Sunset blow up the school and got away with it, we didn’t even hurt her! She’s lying!” Yelled Gilda.

“Stop lying Gilda. We knew what you two did. And as for Sunset, she didn’t get away with what she did. She too is being punished.” Celestia looked at the two sternly, “Now, you may leave the school and after your week return I hope you do not bother with Sunset. Do I make myself clear?”

The two of them nodded at that and then made their way out of the office.

As Trixie and Gilda made their way out of the office they waited for their parents to come pick them up.

“That little bitch! I can’t believe she told on us...” Glida said annoyed that she got caught out.

“My parents are going to be so mad Gilda. Sunset isn’t getting away with this.” Said Trixie angrily.

“You bet she isn’t, I’ll make sure that little brat doesn’t go tattled tailing on us again.” Gilda said as she closed her hands into fists, “we need to be more secretive about this. This is something we need to plan so we can give what Sunset deserves.” Gilda said wickedly.

Sunset made her way to Luna’s office after the bell rang, it was hometime and Sunset has gotten herself into this routine so Luna could take them both home. It made it easier for them to leave after the other students went home so Sunset wouldn’t get any harm done to her.

As Sunset entered the office, Luna was dealing with some stuff over the phone, Sunset just sat there listening in ‘Oh-no, she’s on the phone to Trixie’s parents.. that only means one thing. Damn it Luna, why?’ Sunset thought to herself.

She waited patiently for Luna to finish up the phone calls, Luna being the Head of Discipline she dealt with the parents. She could tell Luna looked annoyed.

“Mrs Lulamoon... please do not raise your voice, from what I’m saying that your daughter and her friend bet up another student and left her in the toilets floor. We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour at CHS. You are lucky that your daughter has gotten off this lightly. We hope you have a talk with her and make her understand what she did was wrong.” Luna said as she spoke into the phone, her voice sounded slightly irritated she rolled her eyes while looking at Sunset.

Sunset winced, feeling bad that Luna had to deal with all of this. She felt like half of it was her fault.

As the phone call ended, Luna sighed as she put the phone down. Phone calls done. Sometimes the parents were worse dealing with than the students at times and Luna hated it, she turned her attention to Sunset.

“Sorry you had to hear that Sunset. Are you feeling better now?” Luna asked with a smile.

“Kind of. Um, if you don’t mind me asking I thought you weren’t going to punish Trixie and Gilda?” Said Sunset nervously.

Luna let out a long breath, here it comes...

“Look, Sunset. Please don’t be mad at me, but this was something I had to do. I couldn’t let it slide, they hurt you so a punishment was in order. They’ve been suspended for a week.”

Suspended?!? Luna what the hell?! I told you to just drop it and you suspended them? It’s not going to do any good! When they come back, they’ll try and be smart so they don’t get into trouble and they’ll just keep doing it even more!” Sunset yelled at Luna.

Luna sighed, yup, this was the reaction she knew she was going to get. She had to work her way around this one and not let it get into a heated argument.

Luna spoke sternly. “Watch your Language, Sunset. Now, Listen to me closely. As your Vice Principal and as your guardian, there was no way I would let anyone get away hurting you. You must understand that suspended them two was the best decision and hopefully they will realise what they done to you was wrong. I understand that you are scared incase they do it again but I will be keeping an eye out on them to stop them going anywhere near you.” She said as she looked into sunset’s eyes.

“Seriously!” Yelled Sunset as she waved her hands about. “I knew I shouldn’t of told you! Did you not listen to anything I just said? They will try their best not to get caught! They will make sure to cover it up! Them getting suspended won’t do anything, I mean, look at all the times I got in trouble with you and it didn’t bother me! I thought you wanted to help me, do you not care if I get hurt again?” Sunset winced at the last words she spoke as she could see the pained look in Luna’s eyes.

Luna closed her eyes, this firey temper Sunset had Luna knew too well, it hurt her to think Sunset thought she didn’t care about her well-being, she was trying her best to keep her safe.

Luna stood up from her desk. “Now, if your finished your little rant. Let me just say a few things.” She said patiently to Sunset.

Over the years the two spend arguing Luna learned how to become patient with Sunset, she would just need to let Sunset calm down before she could let Sunset understand what she did,

Luna made eye contact with Sunset. “I am helping you Sunset. Why do you think I’m doing all of this? Do you not see that I do care about you? I hated seeing you hurt today. To be honest with you, I felt useless. All I wanted to do was to be there for you and make sure you were okay. It really worried me to think what could of happen if it was worse... it angered me seeing you hurt like that.”

Sunset started to feel guilty then as Luna poured her heart out to her, she hung her head in shame, she knew Luna cared for her but after everything that happen in the past she finds it hard to believe that the people that did care for her and are doing what’s best for her.

“Luna... I’m sorry for saying that you don’t care. I know you do, I-I just it’s hard for me to have people that do care for me after everything I’ve done. I’m sorry for putting you through all this trouble. Not many problem have been this caring towards me the way you do and it’s like I feel I don’t deserve it. It still kind of baffles me how you are being so caring towards me after everything I’ve done and I know I haven’t been the nicest to you in the past.” Said Sunset as she was opening up to Luna.

Luna listened carefully to what Sunset was saying, one of the reasons why she cared so much for the girl was because she knew what Sunset felt, she feels guilty for everything she done in the past and giving Luna’s past she knew the feeling of guilt well.

She then got up from her seat, she felt a pain in heart at hearing Sunset say that not many people have cared for her in the past, but Luna was going to make sure Sunset knew she cared for her everyday, she was going to make sure of it.

“Oh, Sunset...” Said Luna as she wrapped her arms around Sunset, “you do deserved to be cared for. If this makes you feel any better I’ve cared for you before I even took you in, I have cared for you the day I met you when I started here. I saw something in you, you weren’t like any of the others students I met, there was something about you that I felt a connection with. I have thought to myself what if I don’t deserve to have you? You deserve better than little old me for someone to take care of you. I haven’t got much to offer.”

Hearing what Luna was saying made Sunset smile, it was nice to know how much Luna did care for her.

“Well you have video games to offer. I think that’s a good thing.” Sunset said trying to make the conversation lighter.

Luna chuckled at that, “I’m teaching you well. But Sunset, can you I promise me one thing?”

“Yes?” Said Sunset as she looked Luna in the eyes.

“If anything like this happens again please do not hide away from me because you are scared of what will happen. You tell me and I will deal with ok? Remember how I said I was going to protect you. I meant that.” Luna said softly as she stroked Sunset’s hair.

Sunset nodded and gave Luna a hug, “thank you.”

“Now, I think it’s time we head home. How about quiet night in watching some movies?” Suggested Luna as she returned the hug.

“Sounds good to me.” Sunset said as she buried herself in Luna’s chest, enjoying the warmth for a moment. The two then pulled away and made their way home.

After a quiet night in the apartment with the two of them spending some time together bonding, it was time for bed, Sunset wasn’t mad at Luna for Punishing Trixie and Glida she understood why she done and understood that Luna was worried about her after their little talk.

Sunset headed to bed, However, struggling to fall alseep, thinking about today’s events, she was still a little sore from it and she felt even more anxious of what else she was going to be dealing with.

Another night, another nightmare, Sunset stirred in her sleep, tossing and turning constantly, her mind never stopping, her demon was taughting her.

“Hello Shimmer, it’s me again. You know I think it’s cute how you and Luna are getting close. How long will it take for you to mess that up?” The demon said laughing at her.

Not again... she was getting rather attached to Luna already and it felt nice being cared for the way Luna does for her, even though the two of them have only been living together for a week now but Sunset found herself snuggled up with Luna watching movies and it wasn’t the first time they spent time bonding like that, the warmth was something she missed, she never had that kind of affection with her parents she can’t even remember the last time she felt loved by her parents.

The affection reminded her more of Princess Celestia when the two had a sleepover in castle, they would stay up most of the night playing board games, sometimes the two just liked to lay in front of the fireplace snuggled up, reading magic spells. That was only in Sunset’s first year though, when she was just a filly but as she got older the Princess got more distant with her.

Now, her demon was taughting her with it, playing mind games with her.

“It’s hilarious actually! Thinking you can play mother/daughter with Luna. She doesn’t want that. She’s only taking pity on you and then when you mess up she will leave. They all do. Look at your parents, they left you and Princess Celestia she hates you. It won’t be long for Luna to do the same.” The demon laughed at her.

Sunset was curled up in her bed, she placed her hands over her ears, wanting all of this to go away.

Luna was still up, she too was thinking about the events of what happened today, she was starting to realise a lot, the way she was protecting Sunset, how angry she got, was she getting attached too her, so quickly? It’s only been a week... but she couldn’t help herself, seeing the young girl hurt like that ate away in her mind.

She didn’t realise how two people could of became so attach to each other as quickly as they did but she realised that she needed Sunset just as much as Sunset needed her. She didn’t like the fact that Sunset had gotten hurt today, she wants nothing more than to keep her safe away from all the bad things that could harm her.

Luna was sitting on the couch and glanced over at her phone, She wanted to talk to someone, she knew that Celestia wasn’t going to be up as she always went to bed eailer and gets up early so she didn’t bother phoning her, she was scrolling through her phone and came across a number...

it was Chrysalis... she stared at her phone for a few moments, unsure whether to make the call, scared incase she wouldn’t answer, why was she calling Chrys again? Luna wondered, she knew that Chrysalis was always there to listen whenever Luna needed to chat, she knew Chrys would always know the right thing to say to her, Chrys was a really good listener and Luna was able to let her walls down around her.

She looked at the phone and sighed, she dallied the number... it was ringing and ringing then...

“...Hey Lu, I was wondering when you were going to call. Is everything okay?” Chrys said on the other line.

Luna smiled, she picked up, “Hey... um, are you busy? I was wondering if you have time to talk? I know it’s late...”

“My dear Lu. Of course I have time to talk to you. What’s up?” Said Chrysalis, happy to have a chat with Luna.

“I don’t know... really, I guess this week has just been a lot and I’m just needing someone else to talk too. I think today was one of the worst days and I know it won’t stop there.” Luna sighed sadly.

“Is this to do with the kid? How is she?” Chrysalis asked worriedly.

“Still having a tough time. Today she was hurt. Two of Celestia’s students got a hold out her and battered lumps out of her, she’s covered in bruises. I’m so worried for her Chrys, I just want to keep her out of any trouble. But I fear, I might have caused more.”

“Oh, Luna... those little rats! How could they have done that to her? I hoped you punished them for it.” Said Chrysalis who sounded just as angry as Luna did when she heard about the incident at first.

“I was beyond angry Chrys. You should of seen the mess she was in when I got to her in the nurses office, my heart sank, they had black marker and wrote ‘she demon’ on her forehead, it took me ages to get it off, she didn’t admit to it at first who done but I finally got it out of her and got their asses suspended.” Luna said proudly.

“I personally would of done a lot more than suspended them. No one deserves that. Was Sunset happy with your choice?”

“She wanted me to just leave it. But, how could I of just left it Chrys? She’s been through a lot and now she’s getting this done her. I can’t stand for that, and if it happens again then it will be taking into further action.”

“I’m glad you done something about it. I know you won’t let anything happen to her Lu, I know you will protect her.”

“Damn right, I will be protecting her with my own life Chrys. Even Tia was going to allow to slide because Sunset wanted it to be that way, but I think Sunset has finally understand that I went against that. We kind of got into a heated debate over it.”

Chrysalis laughed at that, “that girl is going to be keeping you on your toes for sure Lu. She sounds quite the stubborn girl and it makes it worse than you can be exactly the same.”

Luna scoffed, “Hey! I’m not that stubborn! Tia’s worse than me...”

Chrysalis chuckled, “Try denying it but I know how stubborn you can get. You don’t let anything in your way.”

Luna groaned, “Honestly, Chrys i think you’re just kidding yourself. I’m not that bad.”

“See what I mean? You crack me up when you act like that. And I know you will be rolling your eyes right now.” Teased Chrysalis.

“Oh stop it, Sometimes being stubborn is a good thing. It worked for us when you wanted attention from me and I said no teasingly making you always wanting more.”

“Yeah but you finally caved in every time. You could never resist me.”

“Well... I must say, it was kinda hot when you were begging for me.” Luna admitted as she played with her hair like a teenager.

“I’ll just try that next time then shall I?”

Luna laughed, her and Chrys were flirted and teasing each other a little just like old times, she forgot how good that felt.

Suddenly it was then Luna heard some noises coming down from the hall, sounded like screaming? ... Sunset! Luna got up from the sofa.

“Chrys, I’m so sorry but I have to go. I think Sunset is having another nightmare. It was good to hear your voice again, thanks for the chat.” Luna said as she made her way down the hall.

“Oh, okay Luna,” Chrys said sounded disappointed as the flirting session stopped,
“you know before you go, I was thinking why don’t we meet up and spend the day, you could bring Sunset and we plan an trip, maybe it will cheer her up.” Asked Chrysalis.

“Yeah, I would like that, I will text you about it. Goodnight Chrys.”

“Night Lu, give her a hug for me. I’ll see you soon hopefully.” Chrysalis hung up the line.

After her phone call with Chrysalis, Luna rushed into Sunset’s room, another nightmare, this was really concerning Luna now, rushing over to Sunset’s side of the bed where she was laying.

“Sunset! I’m here...” Luna knelted down at Sunset’s side, she had her back to her, her whole body was shaking.

“D-don’t l-leave me. P-please.” Sunset sobbed out.

“I’m not going to leave you Sunset. I’m right here.” Luna said as her eyes filled up with worried, “Sunset?”

“D-ddon’t go. Don’t l-leave.” That was all Sunset was mumbling. She was terrified to get left alone.

Luna quickly got into the bed, she pulled Sunset up and hugged her close to her side, “shhh, I’m staying right here. I will never leave you.” Luna could feel the trembling in Sunset’s body.

These nightmares were a frequent thing now and Luna was unsure what to do about it, maybe if she spoke to her doctor she could get Sunset in for an appointment to talk about them. She wasn’t that open about them to Luna and she hoped if she got a professional in, they maybe could Sunset to open up.

Author's Note:

This is part 2 of Chapter 6, i think I might need to work on this a little more I’m not sure.

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