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Aftermath Of The Formal - Shimmeringsun

Just when Sunset Shimmer finds herself in her darkest days she is able to find the light through all of those who love her.

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Chapter 6: Payback: Part 1

It has been a week after the Fall Formal, and during that week Sunset has been getting treated like dirt of the other students at CHS. She had to wake up everyday to deal with at least one of the students making her life a misery. She knew she deserved this, it was karma afterall but, she hated it, it was hard for her to deal with.

Another day at CHS, meant another day of hell for Sunset. It was morning once again, after she had a shower and got dressed Sunset made her way to the kitchen where she was greeted by a half asleep Luna who was yet again nourishing a cup of coffee, eating some fruit and playing some games on her phone, sitting in her usual spot at the kitchen table.

Luna had made a cup of coffee for Sunset and a bowl of cereal sat waiting for her. As Sunset took a seat across from Luna she chuckled as she did find it amusing to see Luna like this, it made her mornings more fun as she always wondered how tired Luna would be.

“Let me guess, you were up all night again playing video games weren’t you?” Sunset asked Luna, who eyes were glued to her phone while shoving a piece of fruit into her mouth.

Luna looked up from whatever game she was playing, turning her attention to Sunset.

“Oh, Morning.” Luna replied as she realised Sunset was in the room, “and actually, no I wasn’t playing video games I was online shopping. I have a suprise for you.” Luna smiled at Sunset.

“Luna... you don’t need to go spending you’re money on me.”

Sunset felt guilty that Luna was buying her things. From the past week she has been living with Luna, Luna has took her shopping to the mall to get new clothes and stuff to decorate her new room.

“Sunset. I wanted to do this. You need new stuff and now you’re under my care it’s my responsibility to get things that are provided for you.”

“I promise you I will get a job and pay you back.” Sunset said quietly as she was taking a drink of her coffee.

“That is not necessary Sunset. I’m the adult in this household. You’re the teenager. You don’t get a say in this.” Luna tried to put this argument to an end but she knew that Sunset was stubborn and always wanted to get the last word in.

Sunset let out a long sigh, finishing off her last of her cereal. “fine...” grumbled Sunset knowing Luna already made her mind up. “Thank you.”

Luna smiled as she took a sip of her coffee, moving her chair closer to Sunset, grabbing her attention to face her.

“Sunset...” Luna spoke softly, “I want you to realise that you are not putting me out of my way by me buying you stuff. You have to stop feeling guilty, If I felt like this was too much for me... I wouldn’t of done it. I know you are used to be being independent but you don’t have to worry about that anymore, okay?”

Sunset looked down at her lap, Luna used one of her hands to lift Sunset’s chin up so she could look Sunset’s in the eyes.

“Understand?” Luna said, her hand still placed on Sunset’s cheek.

Sunset nodded, “Yes...”

Luna smiled and nuzzled her cheek with her thumb.

“Come on, go get your stuff we need to leave in ten minutes.”

Luna stood up, giving a hand to help Sunset up, she gave Sunset a pat on the back and Sunset put her dishes in the sink then headed to get her stuff.

As Sunset walk out the kitchen to her room, she was smiling to herself, it was a nice feeling being cared for but it was still taking time to get used to it. She didn’t want to be a burden to Luna and she didn’t want Luna to do too much for her.

Sunset made her way to homeroom after spending the rest of the morning in Luna’s office before the bell rang, she was getting a lot of looks and whispers from other students, they were giving her a really hard time, she walked the halls alone, clutching her arms around her waist like she was trying to protect herself.

She wanted to hide away from everyone. She couldn’t hide away in Luna’s office all the time, she had work to do and she didn’t want to stop her from doing that. She knew she had to face the students at some point.

It was going on to break, Luna had an errand to quickly run too so Sunset couldn’t spend her break in the office. However, she did have a choice to spent it in Celestia’s office but, she really didn’t want too, so she tried her best to hide away from the other students but, a group of five managed to find her.

“Sunsettttt! Over here!” Pinkie Pie shouted as she was the first to notice the yellow and red haired girl.

Sunset stopped in her tracks, turning around to notice a pink bouncy hair, bubbly girl waving over to her, Sunset looked in confusion, what do these girls want with her?

She walked up to the group scaredly, “Um, can I help you?” She said quietly.

“Oh, Darling! We’ve been looking everywhere for you...” Rarity said. She was relieved that they were finally able to talk to Sunset.

“Sunset, we wanted to talk to you, can we?” Rainbow asked.

“Uh, yeah... I guess.” Sunset said, confused as she wonder why these girls wanted anything to do with her after what she did at the formal... she did nearly kill them.

All six girls made their way to the music room, as they entered Sunset was the first to speak up, she knew she had to do this at some point so she thought it was better to do it now.

“Look...” Said Sunset, grabbing the girls attention, “ I-I have something I need to say.”

The girls nodded to let Sunset continue, Sunset took a long shaky breath and closed her eyes.

“I-I’m so sorry, for everything. For breaking up your friendships and for what I did at the Fall Formal. I went too far. I’ve done horrible stuff to all of you and I don’t understand why I’m here right now in this room with you all. You’re not even giving me a hard time like the other students! I treated you guys the worst! I nearly killed you all!” Sunset said, rambling on and on, not making eye contact with the girls. She felt nervous for this conversation.

All of the girls shared a look and then looked back at Sunset, Rarity was the first to speak up.

“...Darling, we forgive you. To be honest you were much the victim aswell. After what Twilight told us...she knew you had no control over the magic that corrupted you.”

“Wait you do, b-but, after all I’ve done? I don’t deserve your forgiveness!” Sunset replied back, shocked that they were so forgiven.

“Sunset, everyone deserves to be forgiven for their past mistakes. You deserve a second chance... Princess Twilight she wants us to help you, we would like it if you would become our friend.” Rainbow Dash asked Sunset.

“I-I umm, -I don’t k-know what to say. I-i don’t know if I can...” Sunset said in disbelief, why are they asking for her friendship?

“You don’t have to say anything. But we would very much like you to become apart of our group.” Fluttershy said shyly.

“Y-you guys really want to be friends with someone like m-me?”

“Of course we do silly! I’ll even throw you a new friendzy party!” Pinkie Said as she bouced over to Sunset.

“I-i have to g-go.” Sunset sheepishly. Running quickly out of the music room. She made her way to Luna’s office, hoping the older woman would be back.

Unfortunately for Sunset when she was just on her way to Luna’s office and being by herself she was then caught up in one of the halls by Trixie and Glida who pin pointed her all the into the corner, as she was walking by herself they snucked up on her, Glida pushing Sunset into one of the lockers and Trixie throwing her books away.

“D-don’t hurt me.” Sunset said quietly, trying to get away from Trixie and Glida but the more she tried the more force Glida put into her.

“You think you can just get away with it, huh? She-demon? You will pay for what you did!” Yelled Gilda.

“I-I’m sorry.” At this point Sunset was trembling and her eyes were closed trying to brace the fact that she was going to get punched at any moment.

“Ha! You aren’t queen bee now are you? Trixie thinks you are laughable!”

“You know what we should do Trixie? We can drag her to the toilets it’s not far.” Laughed Gilda.

“Trixie thinks that is a great idea! Now, you grab her other arm” Trixie said while taking hold of Sunsets arm.

Sunset was trying to struggle her way out but she couldn’t, the two had way too much of a grip on her, they pulled her to the toilets trying to not look supcious but the coast was clear, they shoved her right into the toilets, slamming her right up against the wall, making Sunset groan in pain.

The two were laughing and started to punch Sunset’s stomach making her fall to the ground, they kept doing that for several minutes until Sunset was laying on her sides curled up, practically shaking in pain, Trixie found a pen and she bent down to Sunset’s level and wrote “she-demon” on her forehead.

“The job is done! Come on we better get to class before we get into trouble...” Said Gilda, she bented down to Sunset and whispered.

“Don’t think this will be the last time, She-demon. You will get your payback.” Said Glida, Getting up, her and Trixie left the toilets giggling, high fiving each other.

“See you soon She-demonnnn!” Said Trixie in a singing voice as she shut the door.

Sunset just layed there. She started to sob to herself, she didn’t want to move, it was too painful. ’I should of saw this coming, I deserve this.’ Sunset thought to herself.

It was then the door of the toilets opened, it revealed three of five girls that Sunset just ran away from.

“Sunset! W-what happened? Are you okay?” Rainbow panicked as she rushed over to Sunset’s side.

Sunset could bearly speak, she was in shock at what happened.

“J-just l-leave me h-here.” Sunset stuttered out of her shaky voice.

“We’re not leaving you here Sunset! We need to get you the nurse’s office.“ Rainbow soothed Sunset.

“L-Luna. G-get Luna.” Sunset muttered out, wanting no one else but Luna to be here right now.

The girls got confused that Sunset just refered to the Vice Principal with her first name, but Pinkie quickly rushed her way out of the toilets to head to Luna’s office.

“Okay Sunset, were going to help you up, I know you might be hurt so you just need to brace yourself.” Said Rainbow dash as she and Applejack helped Sunset get up. They made their way to the nurses office.

Luna was in her office and waiting for Sunset for the next period, she knew she scheduled Sunset to come see her at this time but she was wondering why she was running late, it wasn’t usually like Sunset to miss a meeting with Luna in school, the two of them agreed on times when Sunset could get her counselling when they were at school, she was started to get worried as Sunset was nearly twenty minutes late, it was then she heard a knock at her door and it revealed Pinkie Pie.

“Vice Principal Luna! You have to come quick! It’s Sunset!” She said out of breath.

Luna quickly got out her office and made a run to go get Sunset as she followed Pinkie to the nurses office.

As the two of them got into the office, Luna practically swinging the door open, she quickly went on to Sunset’s side as Applejack and Rainbow move out the way to let Luna get to her, noticing that the young girl on the nurses bed was hurt badly...

“Sunset! Who did this do you? What happened...”

Sunset shook her head, not wanting to tell what happened, her eyes were welling up, Luna put her hand on Sunset’s shoulder, trying to stay calm.

“Sunset. Please, tell me. Who did this?“ Luna said in a calm even tone although her body inside her was beginning to boil with anger at whoever caused Sunset this pain.

“I-i don’t know.” Sunset said under her breath, ever so quietly, she didn’t want to reveal it was Trixie and Gilda who beat her up she would then get into even more trouble if Luna found who and punished them.

Luna sighed, she closed her eyes as she could feel a headache coming on, it was quite clear that she was angry at whoever hurt Sunset, she was downright pissed, Sunset wasn’t even this bad, she didn’t go out her way to hurt people, Luna turned to Applejack and Rainbow to get some answers.

“Do you girls know what happened?” Luna asked.

The three girls watched in stun to watch their Vice Principal comfort Sunset again exactly like the night of the Formal, Luna who was mostly a quite reserved person and not letting her emotions show in front of students. However, when it came to Sunset all those emotions were clear. The girls could tell that she was both angry and worried for her.

“We didn’t see who done it but we found Sunset in the toilets” Said Rainbow, she was concerned for Sunset too but she was also just as angry as Luna.

“We don’t know how long she been there for, she was just layin’ on the floor and looked she was ready to pass out from shock. We went over to her, she didn’t tell us who done it. She just kept asking for yerself.” Applejack recalled.

“Applejack and Rainbow stayed with her and brought her here then I ran and got you and all my way I saw her books lying scattered in the hallway.” Pinkie butted in.

Luna nodded. The girls were just as clueless to who hurt Sunset as she was, she was glad that they found her or it could of been worse.

Luna sighed. “Thank you girls for helping her. Would you mind returning back to your classes? I can take it from here and I’ll make sure to inform your teachers why you were late.”

The girls looked uncertain to leave Sunset’s side but they listened to Luna’s wishes and returned back to class.

“How badly is she hurt, Red Heart?” Luna went over to speak to Red Heart after the girls left.

“She’s just bruised on the ribs. It could of been a lot worse if whoever done this to her kept going.” Nurse Redheart told Luna.

Luna sighed again, she hung her head to the floor.

“This is going to be like pulling teeth to get out of whoever done this to Sunset. Thank you Red.”

Luna walked back over to Sunset’s, she noticed Sunset has been crying, and she placed her hand back on her shoulder.

“Come on Sunset, were going to my office.” Said Luna softly as helped Sunset get off the nurses bed and helped her walk to the office, luckily it wasn’t far for them, Luna opened the door guiding Sunset to sit down, she made a hot drink for the both of them.

“Here, you’ll need this to get your sugar levels up.” Said Luna handing Sunset a cup of coffee, Sunset reached out for it and took a drink, Luna went over to move her chair next to Sunset.

“Now. Can you tell me what happened?” Asked Luna again but more softer, she calmed down now. Hoping to get some answers as it was just the two of them.

Sunset just looked up to Luna. Fear in her eyes. She really didn’t want to tell Luna... as Sunset just stared into Luna’s eyes, she had so much concern and worry for the young girl.

“Please... just tell me Sunset.” Luna begged.

“I-I can’t” Sunset said looking away from her.

Luna sighed, she grabbed ahold of Sunset’s hand and placed them on her lap.

“Sunset. You have to tell me so I can deal with this.” Luna looked into Sunset’s eyes, she had a pleading look on her face, hoping that Sunset would tell her.

“N-no...” Sunset said shaking her head as tears fell from her eyes. She looked down to her lap not making eye contact with Luna, her legs were starting to shake.

“Tell me.” Luna said demandly.

Sunset still shook her head, her whole body was started to shake and her grip on Luna’s hands were only getting stronger. She was desperate to say something but she was also terrified. She knew Luna could be scary when she demanded something but she’s never felt her this scary... even in the past she wasn’t scared of Luna.

“C-can we drop it?” Sunset asked.

“No.” Luna said firmly.

“L-Luna. Please. I-I can’t.”

“I’m trying to help you Sunset. Now, tell me.”

“You’re only going to make it worse if I do!” Sunset snapped back letting go of Luna’s hands and pushing them out the way.

“Sunset, I will make it stop, whoever hurt you will not do it again.”

“But it won’t! They’ll keep doing it!”

Luna let out a long sigh, there was no way she was getting this out of Sunset.

“Fine. Don’t tell me then. Be like that.” Luna let out a huff, looking away from Sunset. She folded her arms in annoyance.

They sat in slience for several moments before Sunset spoke up again, she had stopped her crying and looked up at Luna.

“Trixie and Gilda.” Sunset said quietly almost like an innocent child, glancing quickly up to Luna then back down again to looking at her lap, fidgeting with her hands.

“Beg your pardon?” Luna said under her breath angrily.

“It was Trixie and Glida. They done it.”

Luna got up from her seat quickly, using her hands to push herself up and the chair nearly flying across the other side of the room, she was angry. Sunset watched her, her eyes followed every move. Making sunset’s heart pound fast. ’Uh-oh what is she going to do?’ Sunset thought,

“Please don’t do anything!” Sunset yelled.

Luna looked at her and frowned. “I’m not doing anything just yet. I am going to speak with my sister about this and we will deal with whatever she decides to do.”

Luna walked Sunset back to her class and explained to Sunset’s teacher why she was late.

After Luna found out who hurt Sunset, she made her way to her sister’s office to tell her what happened and the two of them would deal with it from there.

Luna was angry, every time she thought about it her blood was started to rise even more. How could someone do this to Sunset? She didn’t realise how angry she was until she swang open Celestia’s door and slammed it shut, making Celestia nearly jump off her seat at her desk.

Celestia looked up. “Woah! Luna! A little less force on the door please I don’t want to have to add a new door to the repairs too...”

Luna took a seat in front of Celestia, a little shocked at herself at her out burst.

“Sorry... something happened with Sunset. It’s made me so angry.
H-how could someone do that?!?!”

Celestia blinked in confusion. “I’m lost... what happened with Sunset? Who did what?”

Luna let out a long sigh, trying to get her head straight on what has happened, of course Celestia didn’t know she was busy dealing with other stuff so she hadn’t found out yet.

“Sunset was hurt. They hurt her Tia.” Luna said trying to gather her thoughts together.

“Who hurt her? How bad? Is she okay?” Celestia asked worriedly.

“Trixie and Glida.” Said Luna who gritted her teeth, Celestia frowned but let Luna continue. ”Applejack, Rainbow and Pinkie Pie found Sunset lying in the toilets floor. Applejack said she looked like she was almost ready to pass out, just aswell as they got to her in time or it could of been a lot worse. Redheart said she’s just bruised and it will heal in a few days.” She said trying to sum up everything for her sister to understand.

Celestia could feel what Luna was feeling, she understood why her sister was so angry, she couldn’t believe that her students were acting like this.

“How are we going to deal with this? What do you want to do?” Celestia asked Luna.

“Obviously, I want them punished! They hurt Sunset! It’s assault! Two against one, Sunset couldn’t even defend herself!” Luna protested.

“What does Sunset want to do about this?” Celestia asked.

“She doesn’t... she thinks that if we punish them she’ll get even more back lash.” Luna said sadly.

“Should we respect her wishes?”

Luna was dumbfounded by her sister words. “Respect her wishes my ass Tia! They freaking hurt her! I’m not letting that slide, she’ll soon realise that punishing them is best! Did you forget we don’t tolerate violence here?” Luna said who was practically yelling at this point.

“A punishment will be put in place for them... but it’s up to you to explain to Sunset your reasons for disregarding her wishes.”

“Shall we deal with them then?” Luna asked.

“I’ll get Raven to send them to the office.” Said Celestia.

Luna nodded and Celestia made her way to get Raven to send a message.

Author's Note:

Another chapter, so yeah, um Luna’s angry... and we will see a lot more of that when Sunset reveals her past later on in the chapters... can you blame her though? All she wants to do is protect Sunset.

Also... I kinda feel like improving but I don’t know, I always read over and over what I’ve wrote but I’m like is it good enough? It’s so hard when writting and critzing every little thing... trust me I’m trying to think about everything to put into this fic.

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