• Published 2nd Dec 2019
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Twilight's Reign - James Pwyll

Twilight now rules over Equestria, and she is determined to rule it well

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Teacher to Teacher

"Twilight, do we really have to have this guy over today?" Spike asked, clearly uncomfortable.

Twilight nodded back to him. "I realise we had our issues in the past, but I promise you, he's better than he used to be."

Spike rolled his eyes to that. "Kind of a low bar, Twilight."

The young Princess sighed, reaching over and patting him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Besides, he has an important place in this nation, and we'll need to work with him if we're to make all our plans happen."

Spike scoffed. "If he'll even listen."

Before Twilight had the chance to respond to that, she was interrupted by the opening of the door of the throne room, with Flash Sentry entering soon afterwards. Clearing his throat, the stallion did his usual thing. "Announcing the arrival of Neighsay, Chancellor of the Equestrian Education Association."

Twilight and Spike stood from their thrones, looking on as the stallion who once gave them so much trouble entered, giving Flash a quick nod before focusing on making his way to the throne. He kept his usual dignified composure, even though Spike was clearly struggling to look anything other than uncomfortable around the guy. Eventually, he reached the throne stairs, giving a bow to his leader. "Princess. A pleasure, as always."

The tone was genuine, and as such Twilight returned the bow. "Chancellor. I trust the day finds you well?"

Standing, Neighsay nodded. "I'd say so. I was surprised to hear your summons, though. I imagine you wish to speak with me on a matter regarding Equestria's schools?"

Twilight nodded back. "Straight to the point, I see. Yes, that is indeed why I've called you here. But before I talk to you about education in this country as a whole, I felt like I should inform you of my choice for successor over at the School of Friendship first."

Neighsay arched an eyebrow. "Yes, I was wondering who would be taking up your mantle in your absence. One of your friends, perhaps?"

A smile came to Twilight. "You are correct. Starlight Glimmer, my former apprentice, now serves as the school's Headmare." There was a pause, and Neighsay appeared to be thinking that matter as he gave his beard a quick stroke. After a while though, Twilight looked to him with more seriousness. "I trust you do not disapprove of my choice?"

Neighsay considered his words carefully before answering. "Forgive me Princess. I realise that I don't exactly have the best history when it comes to being a judge of character."

Spike stifled a chuckle. "Understatement of the century," he mumbled.

Neighsay cast him a look, then looked back to Twilight. "With the greatest respect, Princess, I know you place great trust and faith in your close personal circle of friends, and that your old protégé is no exception. However, I would like to remind you of her, shall we say...chequered past? Are you certain that placing her in charge of young students is a wise move?"

Fortunately for Neighsay, Twilight didn't look anywhere close to offended as he might have suspected. On the contrary, she actually smiled to his words. "I realise she's had many dark moments in her life, but I've known her ever since those days, and I can assure you she's more than up to the task. Even if we don't take into account all she's done for Equestria in recent years, she's had a long time of getting to know the students and look out for them in her time as the school's counsellor." Her smile widened. "Believe me, Chancellor, there is none better suited to taking my place there."

Neighsay thought on that, then gave a quick bow of his head, silently accepting her decision. "Very well, Princess. As you say. Now..." He looked her right in the eye. "What other matters did you wish to discuss with me?"

Twilight looked over to Spike, who handed her a parchment, before clearing her throat and speaking up again. "While I realise that you have overall authority with regards to EEA matters, it is also within the purview of the ruler of Equestria to pass out the laws that the EEA must adhere to. As such..."

"You wish for us to include those other than ponies within Equestrian schools?" Neighsay said, cutting her off.

Though naturally a little irritated at having been interrupted, with Spike especially glaring at the stallion, Twilight was, in this moment, far more surprised than offended, looking to the Chancellor with confusion. "You...you already knew?"

Neighsay smirked, giving a quick nod. "Word gets around quickly, your Highness. After it became known that you wish for the Wonderbolts to be more open with their recruitment, it became clear to me that you'd likely wish for such policies to be included in institutions such as our schools. Especially given your choice of students for your School of Friendship."

Spike, having heard all that, matched his smirk. "Hehe, I'll bet that caused you a bit of stress, eh?"

But the stallion shook his head. "While there was indeed a time it would have had that exact effect, I think you'll find my old...shortcomings...are not what they used to be. If it is the will of the Princess of Equestria that Equestria's schools open to those beyond our borders, the EEA will comply."

Spike, after taking in all that, turned away with a huff. "Ugh! I was hoping for a meltdown from him or something!"

Twilight giggled to her advisor's remarks, then looked to her guest again. "I'm glad to hear it, Chancellor. Having seen just how much good there can be from having those beyond Equestria take part in just one of its schools, there is no doubt in my mind that we can start something wonderful here by including them in others." Then, she started to look a bit more thoughtful, then gestured to Spike, who began writing her words as she resumed speaking. "And I would also like you to know that I intend for my predecessor's own institution to be opened to others as well."

Here, Neighsay actually looked taken aback. "You mean...Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns?" When he saw her give a nod to confirm that was indeed what she'd meant, Neighsay sighed. "Princess, pardon me for saying this, but those schools are intended to teach magic. I mean, not to sound crass, but it's in the very name of the place. What possible use could pegasi or earth ponies get from attending that school?"

Twilight glanced to the side, to the nearest window. "I've known many amazing people over my time in Ponyville, Chancellor. And I've become very aware of just how much value there is in having somecreature know of magic without the ability to use it themselves. Sunburst, for instance, knew of the exact spell we needed to aid in the restoration of the Crystal Heart, even though he himself was unable to cast such a spell. And my friend Zecora was a great help in my own personal growth in magic, even though, as a Zebra, there was never a chance magic could be known to her." She looked back to him with a smile. "Those we allow into the school may not ever cast a spell of their own, but never underestimate just how much good can be done when the knowledge of magic is theirs all the same."

Neighsay thought long and hard on that, then gave a slow nod. "Very well. We'll need to think of a new name for the school of course, but if that's your decree for it, I will honor it."

Twilight nodded. "Excellent. And there is one more matter, Chancellor. I wished to discuss with you the possibility of perhaps expanding the idea of the School of Friendship to other places within Equestria."

Another raised eyebrow from Neighsay. "Oh? You feel the one you've already created is not enough?"

Twilight pointed to him. "You may remember this yourself, but the incident with Flim and Flam made it clear to me that there is interest in places beyond Ponyville for a place like that. The first School of Friendship will always stand, I assure you, but its lessons may be spread even further afield if there is more than one, and in more places."

The older pony looked to her, then to Spike, before again regarding his Princess. "Yes...and given that I was personally willing to approve of a so-called 'University' like that, I suppose it would be unreasonable for me to object for such plans now."

Spike folded his arms, looking to him smugly. "Yyyyyyyyyep!"

Neighsay frowned to him, then relaxed a little as he looked again to Twilight. "This is a great deal of change, Princess. It will require herculean quantities of paperwork on our part."

To that, Twilight smiled. "Don't worry, Chancellor. I think I might be able to help on that front."

Spike chortled. "Trust me, she can."

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