• Published 2nd Dec 2019
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Twilight's Reign - James Pwyll

Twilight now rules over Equestria, and she is determined to rule it well

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Royal Visit

"Will that be all, Miss Inkwell?" Twilight asked.

The white mare beside her gave a respectful bow. "Yes, Princess. The last of the papers."

Twilight nodded, smiling to her. "Thank you. You may go now. I don't wish to keep you." After seeing her bow a second time, Twilight watched as her aide, who had once served her mentor for so many years, departed, leaving her to her solitude. Twilight sighed as she glanced down to the few papers on her table, but for now she simply levitated a small cup of tea to her lips, taking a small sip before sighing. "Ah...lovely." She turned, looking out from her spot on the balcony and looking to the bright and sunny day that had graced the city. Things were calm, peaceful, and relaxing, or at least as much as they could be when you were the head of state. Twilight kept her smile for a time, enjoying the moment of quiet that she knew would come rarely to her these days. Thoughts of her first days in this new role came and went in her mind, yet never once did she look in any way stressed or overwhelmed by it all, evidenced further by her relaxed tone when she finally broke the silence. "I hope I'm doing alright."

"From what I hear, you're doing wonderfully."

Twilight's smile widened, for without even looking she knew who it was that now arrived to see her. And when she turned, she saw the equally-smiling face of her beloved sister-in-law now entering the balcony to greet her. Setting her cup aside, Twilight walked over, just in time to see her old foalsitter give a bow of her own. Twilight, rather than be taken aback by this, merely rolled her eyes. "Cadance...please."

A giggle from the Princess of Love. "Oh, don't mind me. I just had to get in one." The two shared a laugh, ending when they moved in closer for an embrace. It was a good moment for the two, and Twilight in particular felt a good deal happier by simply having her here. When they at last parted, Equestria's newest ruler gestured to the table, which already had a second seat prepared. Moving to it, Cadance took her place, and after waiting for Twilight to resume hers she looked to her with interest. "So...how fares the nation?"

Twilight looked out to the rest of Canterlot. "Things have been going well so far. Honestly, I'm surprised things have been going as smoothly as they have been. For as long as anypony can remember, it's always been Celestia in this place. Now...she's gone, and I'm here I her stead."

Cadance nodded. "Well, it's not too difficult a problem, Twilight. You're a national heroine, and several times over for that matter. Much easier to accept a new ruler when that ruler is somepony who routinely put herself out there to save others. I don't think there's a mare or stallion in this entire country that would have ever objected to you taking Celestia's position at this point."

Twilight nodded slowly, thinking on that. "And that might be the most daunting thing of all. Everypony, and not just Celestia, had such high expectations of me."

Cadance reached over, patting her on the hoof and gaining her attention. "If it's any consolation, I know the feeling."

Twilight's smile returned. "That's right. You were fairly young when you first became a Princess."

Nostalgia came to Cadance. "Hard to think so much time has passed since then. For the most part I like to think I've done well in my role." Her smile turned into a slight smirk. "And I don't hesitate to say that I think you'll be even better than any of us have been."

Twilight blushed. "Oh, you're just saying that!"

Cadance shook her head. "No, I mean it. Celestia, Luna and I may have had our fair share of successes over the years, but the impact you've had on Equestria will forever dwarf ours. And believe me..." Her expression softened. "Nothing could make me prouder. To know the little filly I cared for all those years ago would go on to do so much...well...it's wonderful."

The two smiled warmly to one another, enjoying this tender moment. But then, when it had passed, Twilight cast a glance to the door her fellow Princess had arrived through. "I take it I won't be seeing my brother or niece today?"

Cadance giggled. "Alas, no. Shiny's busy up north. There's work to be done with some new recruits, and he wanted to tend to it personally. Besides, he wanted a bit of time with Flurry while I was down here."

Twilight looked to the side, gazing out in the northern direction of where they sat. "We talk of how far I've come, but one day that little filly will be a force in her own right. Equestria may look to her the same way it looks to me. Or at least in the Crystal Empire anyway."

Cadance nodded, thinking fondly on her daughter. "It'll be a big responsibility, being born into a future role of leadership. I'll do what I can for her, but only time will tell how she'll cope with it."

Twilight got her smile back as she looked to her. "With you guiding her? Yeah, she'll do well." Then, after a long silence between them, Twilight started to look slightly more serious. "Cadance...I want to tell you something. Something that I'm not sure if Celestia ever said to you. But if she didn't, then I should say it now."

Cadance started to feel concerned at this sudden change in tone from her friend. "Twilight? Are you okay?"

Twilight reached forward, taking Cadance's hoof into her own. "Nopony has said it, not to you and not to me, but I think we both know that, among the crystal ponies, there's always been a sense of feeling like...like they weren't a part of Equestria. A nation, lost for a thousand years, now here again and joined together in a way they never were before. No words are said about it, but when an Equestrian walks through their city, you can sometimes feel it in the way they'd look to you."

Cadance said nothing for a time, but she knew the truth of her sister-in-law's words, and slowly nodded. "It's been a difficult adjustment for several of them. I've done what I can to ease relations, but...you're not wrong." She traced her hoof along the edge of her tea cup. "Sombra broke that Empire, Twilight. Equestria came along and helped it back on its hooves, but it'll never be what it once was. If one of the crystal ponies came to me and just flat-out told me that they felt their nation was some 'junior partner', I wouldn't be surprised."

Twilight knew already what she was going to say to that. "I'd understand the feeling. For a long time, that's what I felt when I was with you and the other Princesses. Just the youngest member of a better group. But over time, I knew that wasn't the case." She smiled again. "Equestria and the Crystal Empire aren't a master and their vassal, Cadance, just as me and you aren't. We're partners. Equals. Two branches of the same family. Equestrian and Crystal Pony. Friends and allies, now and forever." She looked to her softly. " And I consider them to be no less than any Equestrian you see walking down the streets of Canterlot or Ponyville."

Cadance raised an eyebrow, looking just the tiniest bit mischievous. "Well, you cant deny that, of the two of us, you're sort of responsible for a heck of a lot more than I am."

Twilight shook her head. "Be that as it may, you, just like the crystal ponies, are in no way some 'lesser version'. We rule ponykind together, you and I. We're more than just allies, we're friends. Family." As before, Twilight patted her hoof. "And I consider you my sister, Cadance. Not just an in-law, but a sister."

Cadance sat there, clearly touched by her words, and soon returned the sentiment. "I think the ponies I reign over would be done a world of good to hear you say that as you've said it to me."

Twilight chuckled briefly. "Well, maybe it's best if Equestria's newest ruler made her way north for a brief time. Can't very well make them feel like they're equal friends in this relationship if I don't tell them in person."

Then, as if on cue, who should suddenly turn up but Twilight's announcer, Flash, who gave a deep bow to the two Princesses. "Pardon my intrusion, Princess. But Fancy Pants has arrived to discuss some matters with you."

Seeing him, Cadance smirked. "Oh, what a fine guard to have by your side at all times, eh Twilight?" She watched the younger Princess scowl at her before again looking to the stallion. "I imagine you must be quite the popular fellow, Sir Flash, being such a fine member of the Princess' personal protectors."

Flash smiled, looking to the side. "Oh, it's really only my wife who likes to talk about that."

Hearing that, Cadance's expression froze. "...What?"

Flash, oblivious to her, kept speaking. "Oh yeah, the most wonderful mare in the world. Uh, if you'll pardon me saying so."

Twilight, who was understandably very amused by this, now had a smirk of her own. "Consider yourself pardoned. I'm sure we'd both love to hear of this wife of yours, right Cadance?" she asked with an obviously-forced grin.

Cadance, now realising her secret plots regarding these two were definitively ruined forever, sighed. "Drat...foiled again."

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