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A Very Fluffy Love Story - Cutesy Cadaver

Canterlot High's music festival is soon and Fluffle puff wants to ask Chtysalis to go as a date but she is worried she won't feel the same. Come with Fluffle and her two best friends Cutesy Cadaver (my oc\me) and Pinkie pie on this romantic journey.

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A very fluffy love story

A Very Fluffy Love Story

The day was bright and sunny at Canterlot High. Everyone was talking about the music festival, the school decided to try another one since the last one was corrupt by magic.

“So what are the Rainbooms going to play?” Trixie asked trying to be friendly

“We don’t really know we’re thinking one something new but we got nothing.” Rainbow Dash answered, Fluttershy, who was behind her, silently nodded.

Meanwhile, Fluffle Puff ran her way down the hallway, she wanted to see Chrysalis,but she couldn’t find her. Fluffle was excited for the festival.

"What you doing Puffy!” Pinkie Pie said in a giggle.

Fluffle answered in raspberries that amounted to Looking for Chryssi, not much, I wanted to ask her if she has plan to go to the festival and if she could go with me

“Oooh, you like her don’t you?” Pinkie whispered

Yeah, she’s so cool and dark, in a good way Fluffle said.

The bell rang, Fluffle headed to class, she still hadn’t seen Chrysalis. Fluffle started to worry.

“Are you okay Fluffle?!” Cutesy Cadaver exclaimed in concerned tone.

Cutesy always had a hard time making friend because her name frightened them, but only means that she has a love for romantic stories and for gory creepypastas.

Yeah, I was just looking for Chryssi, I hope she’s doing okay she answered.

“I went to see her yesterday, she was really sick, so she said she’d miss school.” Cutesy stated making sure her fluffy friend was at eaze.

Cutesy walked away her light brown pigtail bounced as she went.

After school, Fluffle went to watch the Rainbooms practice. They performed a new song called We’re All Connected, it sounded pleasing although Fluffle didn’t how it was supposed to sound.

Nice, I like it Fluffle Puff “cheered”.

The band was confused, but Pinkie thanked her.

“Um, Pinkie can you translate”Applejack asked

“Oh, she said she liked our performance!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Thank you.” Fluttershy said.

Fluffle drove home she started to think about the music festival and Chrysalis. On her way she saw a shop that was titled The Love Guru, she decided to check it out after school the next day. During school, that day, Fluffle saw Chrysalis, she ran up to her and gave her giant hug.

I missed you yesterday Fluffle rasberried

Sorry,I was sick” Chryssy siad in still very sick voice,

I know Cutesy told me, but still sound sick Fluffle said.

“I know but I didn’t want to get in trouble for missing too many school days.” Chrysalis chuckled.

The bell rang, when Fluffle got to her class Pinkie asked her “I saw you and Chryssi talking before, does she know how you feel?”

she answered I don’t know I’d never actually told her.

Fluffle thought about The Love Guru place she saw yesterday. At the end of the day, she left school immediately, and drove up to the shop. Fluffle made it there at the perfect time, they just opened. Although it was weird that they would open at around 3:00pm on a Tuesday, Fluffle didn’t question it. When she opened the door a small bell rang above Fluffle.

“Who may I advise?” came mystic voice from the darkly lit room, with only two red lights that were above a small table.
The table had a glass ball on it, and there was a curtain that fluffle assumed lead to back room.

Fluffle Puff she answered

“Wait, Fluffle, your not one of my normal customers, oh you want to about you Chryssi don’t you?” Cutesy Cadaver asked she wasn’t where her normal attire, instead of her white top that had a rainbow heart on and a black skirt with a hot pink heart that had dark red devil horns on it, she had a black dress with hot pink, light pink, and bright red hearts sprinkled on it. Instead of her light brown hair in pigtails, she had sliver looking heart earrings and her hair was down with (obviously fake) pink strikes with plastic heart accessories.

Your a love guru, and yes! Fluffle “exclaimed”

“I prefer love psychic but the store owner says people don’t know what that is, so this will attract more customers, anyway” Cutesy sat at the table and placed her hands on the glass ball “Now, press your lips against the glass to reveal your love story” she said in enchanted tone

Haven’t other people done that Fluffle said

“Yeah, but I wash it after every session” Cutesy replied.

Fluffle shrugged, and placed her lips on the glass as if she was kissing it, it was cold and smooth.

“Ah, your crush seems to have feelings for you, but is shy to tell you how she feels, maybe show her how you feel in way you will feel and one you know she’ll love.” Cutesy said.

Thank you Fluffle said.

Fluffle tried to think of what Chrysalis would like, how she should show how she feels, but their relationship had been purely platonic until Fluffle developed feelings for her, so expressions of love wasn’t talked about or even mentioned. She decided to push it off, she have until next Friday when the music festival was going to be held. She hoped it would be their first date.

Wednesday rolled around, Fluffle walked into the school and was immediately hugged from behind.

“Hey, Fluffle!” Chryssi exclaimed

Wow, this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you” said Fluffle

“I think I feel this way because I don’t have a family so I felt there was no reason to be happy” she said sounding a little sad “,but I think I’ve I found a reason now!” they ran to their lockers which were right next to each other.

What re- Fluffle was cut off at the sound of the bell.

After school Chrysalis asked “Fluffle, can I come over to you house?”

Sorry my sister is coming over today, I can’t have guests at someone else's house

“Can you do tomorrow?” Chryssi asked
Sure Fluffle replied

Fluffle thought about Chrysalis that evening, she was glad that she was happy, she just wanted to know why. She thought that Chryssi was talking about her, she started to get her hopes up, when her cell phone rang.

“Hey Puffy, I saw you and Chryssi this morning, what’s up with her.” Pinkie stated over the phone

She said that she had finally found a reason to be happy

“Ooh, did she say what that reason was!”

No, but I kinda hope she meant our relationship Fluffle blushed

“I hope so too, you would so cute together”

Speaking of relationships, how’s you and Cheese

“Good, we had our first kiss at Sugarcube Corner last friday.” Pinkie blushed as she thought about it

That’s amazing, hey I thought that me and Chryssi could go to the festival as a date, do want to go on double date if she says yes

“Sorry, I have to play, I’m part of the Rainbooms, remember”

Oh right I forgot.

“Oh, I was talking to Cutesy earlier and she thought that tomorrow we could have a sleepover, just the three of us!”

Sorry I have Chryssi over, but I’m good Friday night

“Awesome I’ll tell her. I have to go, but see you later”


Thursday night had come and Chryssi had crashed on Fluffle’s couch.

“I was thinking we could watch movies or something”

Great I’ll get some popcorn.

The two of them binge watch movies, then Chrysalis said “Are you in a relationship, like dating” she had a shy tone

No, well not yet I’ve had my eye on someone

"Oh, who”

Fluffle thought she should tell Chryssi about her crush but she felt nervous. There was a long silence fell over the room other then the T.V.

“You don’t have to tell me, if don’t want to” Chrysalis said breaking it

You know her Fluffle said.

“I do? Um, I don’t know anyone other than you.”
Yes you do, do you want another hint

“Sure, I guess?”

I’m looking at her.

Chrysalis realized what Fluffle meant

“Me, you like me?!” she said in surprise

I’m sorry I hoped you would like me back, but that’s okay, can will still be friends.

Chryssi bolted to Fluffle and hugged her

“No, I do like you, I had a crush on you, I didn’t know anyone would like me that way”.

Fluffle hugged back then realized it was late and they had school tomorrow.

It’s late we have to go to bed.

“Okay, can I sleep in your bed”

Sure Fluffle was going to try to ignore her snoring.

Friday morning arose and the two of the girls went to school. Chrysalis went to her locker, Fluffle was surrounded by her friends.

“Hey Fluffle, we’ll show up at your house at 8:30pm for the sleep over” Cutesy and Pinkie said in unison

Okay, I’ll be expecting you.

After school Fluffle drove Chrysalis home, and when they got there Chryssi kissed Fluffle on cheek and giggled. Fluffle blushed,

See you later she said as she drove away.

She waited until 8:30 when Cutesy and Pinkie arrived Fluffle’s house. They watched movies, made weird food, made friendship bracelets, and played truth or dare

“Fluffle, truth or dare”


“What happened last night with Chryssi”

Um, me and Chryssi watched movies and then I told her how I then she said felt the same

“Ooh!” Cutesy and Pinkie said in unison.

“Cutesy, truth or dare” Pinkie said

“I guess, truth”

“Who do you have a crush on?”

“Um… Rover” she blushed.

After the sleepover Fluffle didn’t do much over the weekend, but she binge watched random Youtube videos.

Monday came and Fluffle went to talk to Chrysalis.

What did you do over the weekend she asked

“Not much, I tried to watch Youtube, although my internet is incredibly slow”

I wanted to ask if you could go to the festival as a first date

“Sure” Chryssi said happily, she blushed.

Chrysalis couldn’t stop thinking about the festival, and Fluffle. Fluffle couldn’t wait for Friday,and festival and everything. Later that day, after school, Fluffle heard a knock at her door.

“Hey, Fluffle I just wanted to come over, I forgot to ask before.” Chrysalis said nervously

That’s okay I was kind of hoping you would come over

“Thanks” Chryssi blushed as she walked in.

“So, how was the sleepover” she asked

We played games, and stuff they asked about Thursday, I told them what happened, I hope you don’t mind, I’m sorry we played truth or dare

“It’s fine just maybe our relationship should be private, at least details about it”

Ok, I’m fine with that.

The week went by, and the festival came. It was full of concession stands, people, and music of course. Fluffle and Chrysalis arrived at the festival, they bought some cotton candy, popcorn, and soda. The Rainbooms went up to stage, they played We’re All Connected,

Yes we are connected, so we can all help each other, each other, yes we can all help each other. They finished, then Cutesy came to the stage with a guitar, it was umbrae pink that faded into and dark red toward the top.

“I wrote this song for one of my best friends, it’s called Our Love” she said, Fluffle smiled.

Our love might be forbidden but I’ll still love you, our love might be silent but I’ll still love you. It might be impossible, it might be destiny but the only one I will ever love is you.

Chryssi and Fluffle looked at each other and smiled, Chrysalis put her hand on Fluffle’s face pulling towards her, Fluffle put both of her’s on Chryssi’s. Their lips pressed together, their first kiss. Chrysalis realized what she had done

“Oh” she pulled away

“I’m sorry is that to much”

No, It was great, I’m glad I got to share my first kiss with you”
they both smiled and blushed.

Author's Note:

Thanks for reading my little story, it is my first:pinkiehappy:

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