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The Price of Wanting - Moonriseoversunset

Sunset has had a hard life, but now its about to get a lot harder. Just what did Sunset's transformation between human and demon do to her?

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Aftermath of Friendship

Mind-numbing pain. That was the first sensation Sunset Shimmer felt after putting on the crown. It was unbearable she didn't even realize she was crying as she felt her body slowly change. She felt a bone-shattering pain as her bones elongated and stretched beyond her current size. The worst of it though was coming from her back and shoulders. It felt as though her back was splitting in two and being stretched to the point of it breaking. Finally, the transformation finished, but Sunset was no longer in control of her body. Her mind was taken over by both her negative emotions and the corrupted magic from the crown.

Her mind split into two as the corrupted magic created another being that took control. The corrupted entity pushed her to the back of the mental plane. Sunset Shimmer was forced to watch as it took over the mind of the students making them her slaves. Her spirit felt like breaking as they stumbled towards the portal. However, the worst was to come as she watched Twilight and her friends stood in her bodies way. She could do nothing but cry as she watched her demon create a fireball and fling it at Twilight. This wasn't what she wanted. Not at all. She wanted what Twilight had, was that too much to ask? She wanted a personal relationship with the princess. She thought that the only way was to become one herself. She saw how Celestia treated Cadence she couldn't understand why Celestia didn't treat her the same.

She pushed herself to learn magic as fast as possible because she wanted, no needed Celestia to praise her. However, all she got was criticism about how she should focus on making friends. She didn't want to be friends with other unicorns. She wanted a relationship beyond that of a student and teacher with Celestia. She wanted to have a relationship likes Cadence, but instead, she had to face a cold face and apathetic dismissals towards her attempts at being closer to her idol, mentor, and mother figure. Maybe it was just because she wasn't good enough both in the past and even now.

The despair was so crippling that Sunset didn't notice Twilight and her friends protected by a magically protective film over their bodies. She wanted to go back to Equestria as a princess so that she could try to approach Celestia again. The guilt and sadness were so heavy Sunset felt as if her soul was close to shattering. She was so overwhelmed by her sense of uselessness and regret. She didn't want this but how could one stop the Elements of Harmony? She was just one unicorn turned human.

Sunset wasn't sure what happened. One second she had been lost in despair the next she felt as though someone poured liquid fire on her before dropping her a building on her. Her body and mind screamed in pain, but no noise came out of her mouth. Sunset felt her body shrink back to her normal size and her new additions to her body being burned off. She could feel her legs and back slamming into something very solid, that feeling soon stopped. Her back and arms burned in agony, but it all led to pain. Although it was unwelcomed, she couldn't help feeling she deserved every bit of pain delivered to her.

However, the physical pain was the worse part of what was happening. No, it was much worse than that. It was the mental and emotional trauma that almost drove Sunset to wish for death. Whatever was happening it was forcing her to experience every one of her wrongdoings. She watched the bullying, the lying, the cheating, the fighting, the blackmailing, the manipulation, and the worst of all the betrayal of the only one that noticed her. She felt their pain, anger, sorrow, and hate as she also remembered how she felt at the time of such events. Sunset began to hate herself and wished for Death to come. Death, unfortunately, had other plans that night.

Soon enough Sunset could see again she was surrounded by smoke and dirt walls. As the smoke cleared, she saw Twilight Sparkle, who stood at the rim of the crater. She had pony ears and a tail with purple wings protruding from her back. Other than that she looked the same as she had when she showed up for the dance. Twilight's face was stern, and she angrily watched Sunset who shrunk away from the anger. Sunset's eyes overflowed with tears due to pain and guilt the shame she felt made it difficult for her breath. She tried to compose herself, but her emotions were just as out of control as the rest of her.

"You will never rule in Equestria! Any power you had in this world is gone! Tonight you've shown everyone who you really are, you've shown them what is in your heart."

Sunset Shimmer sniffed raising her head as tears flowed down her face, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't know there was another way."

"The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere you can seek it out, or you can be forever alone. The choice is yours."

Sunset crawled her way to the rim too weak to continue, "But all I've ever done since being here is drive everyone apart. I don't know the first thing about friendship."

Sunset was surprised when she felt someone grip her hand. She looked up to see Twilight smiling down at her with the warmest smile, that was the first-ever been directed at her before. She felt Twilight pull her up into a standing position the odd thing was she didn't feel the ground underneath her feet. A quick glance down showed Sunset's feet were touching the ground, but no feeling had told her so.

She felt twilight shift her to be looking at her friends, "I bet they can teach you."

The students soon choose to head back inside after a moment. This left Twilight and her friends to stand in the courtyard with Vice Principal Luna and Principal Celestia. Sunset remained in Twilight's arms as she had yet to regain motor skills. Twilight was obviously straining to keep her on her feet. Sunset saw through her hazy vision that Luna was approaching. She didn't look happy, yet she didn't look mad either.

"Twilight hand Sunset over to me. Celestia and I will take care of her from here," Luna spoke authoritatively.

"Okay, just let me-" she was stopped as she felt Sunset tighten her shaky grip on her dress. "Uh, I don't think she'll let go."

(VP Luna)
I looked at Sunset Shimmer white knuckling Twilight Sparkle's dress with her head leaning against the latter's shoulder. Her unfocused eyes moved erratically at anything within her field of vision. That worried me, at the least, the girl had a concussion. Though that was a minor issue compared to what really worried me.

The girl was shaking all over from exhaustion, or the cold were my guesses. She was putting most of her weight on Twilight, and her hair was sticking to both her neck and forehead due to sweat. Her breathing was coming out in quick pants. Her once vibrant amber skin tone was now an orange cream tone.

"Pri- I mean, uh, Vice Principal Luna maybe I can just walk her, Buck!" Twilight attempted to speak, but Sunset slipped out her arms when she was shifted.

While it wasn't that far from the ground, it would be enough to cause someone else to wince. However, Sunset didn't seem to notice all she did was adjust her hand to be holding Twilight's dress with an even tighter vice-like grip. She leaned against Twilight for supporting her limp body.

I rushed forward, and I heard Celestia, who had been staying back due to how uncomfortable she made the teen come closer to help. Sunset's once even panting became far more laboured, and she looked close to losing consciousness. I looked over to my sister for her thoughts. I was met with stormy eyes that held a grim gleam to them.

"Luna, we need to remove her jacket and shirt. I feel like those are the worst of areas."

I trusted Celestia's wisdom. She was always better at seeing the details. I just prayed for once that she was wrong. I nodded as I slowly attempted to remove her jacket, but with her hand gripping Twilight's dress, it made the task infinitely more difficult. Once I got on of her arms out of the jacket, I pulled the rest off her back instead of trying to remove her other arm. What I saw made my mouth fill with bile, but I swallowed it down to focus on the girl.

Her back was in shreds. Her shirt, if it could even be called that anymore, stuck to her back with dried blood. It looked like it was seared into her skin. Long gashes ran along her spine and ribs which filleted her skin. The real damage though was the long diagonal cuts on her shoulder blades. Around the cuts were anger red skin that leaked with blood. Although Sunset was sweating excessively, her skin was cold to the touch. I couldn't imagine the pain she must be going through.

I heard a gasp from the girls and moved to block their way from seeing Sunset's wounds. I pulled my jacket off to put it against the bleeding wounds. I heard my sister moving to look Sunset in the eyes. I glanced up to see my sister shake her head as Sunset gave no response. Celestia quickly withdrew her cellphone. I heard Applejack run off to get her family first aid kit from her truck. Must have been growing up on a farm that made her desensitized towards blood and gore.

Sooner than I had thought Applejack appeared with a bulky plastic toolbox. She sat next to me and began to pull supplies out. What surprised me next was Fluttershy coming up to help. She must have seen my questioning look as she hid a bit under hair and replying.

"I work at the animal shelter. Sometimes the animals don't come in in the best of health," she replied softly.

Fluttershy's actions proved infectious as all the girls around started to help out. Applejack and Rainbow Dash helping Luna with stopping the multiple cuts to stop bleeding. Rarity and Fluttershy handed supplies to the three of us. Pinkie Pie was helping Sunset with keeping her distracted, not that it was all that hard, but there were already enough hands tending to her back. While Twilight just placed her head on her shoulder and helped Pinkie Pie with keeping Sunset awake.

"The Ambulance is on its way. They said to keep her awake, which you're all doing wonderfully," my sister said with a warm smile, but her eyes betrayed the amount of worry and stress she was under.

"Celestia? Luna?" I heard Twilight calling to us, and I looked up briefly to show her that I was listening. "What about Sunset? She's not from this world? She won't have any documents. What are we going to say to the paramedics when they ask about her parents, or even about how she got her injuries? We can't say we blasted her with a laser beam because she was a demon, we'd sound crazy. What will happen to her then?"

I could tell that Twilight was trying to stay calm as Sunset seemed to react to her emotions. I also had been pondering these thoughts the minute my sister had called the paramedics. Sunset was an illegal alien, in more ways than one, not to mention her being a minor with no records. The impossibility of Sunset not being shipped off to another city wasn't that great.

"You need not worry Twilight. I've contacted some friends and have given them our dilemma. They are working on the problem as we speak. One of them will even be her surgeon. She will be in good hands, I assure you."

Friends? What was Celia talking about? They only friends we have are... oh them.

(Somewhere in a dark room surrounded by screens)
A low laugh emanated from a man sitting in a chair. All the screens were placed in a chaotic mess. The man's chair was a hammock along strung across the room. His fingers flew across the two keyboards in a pace that would impress all that saw. On one screen a game that was being played, and on the other was a mess of symbols and letters.

"Oh how sweet this delicious chaos that has sprung up tastes. To think that Celey would call me to create such chaos. Hehehe, I'll need to get to work, how nice it is to have the old gang back together. Watch out world here comes Di5c0rd."

(Canterlot General Hospital, ER section)
"Get those IV's ready with O negative. We have a teenage girl on hypovolemic. Get the cleaning solution in ER 1, along with polyglactin, polypropylene sutures, teasers, scissors, and morphine. Bring a roll of each. Let's go people chop chop, or I'll cut all your wages for the day if you don't get those supplies in the room before the ambulance arrives."

A tall and regal woman, with dark grey skin with moderate harlequin green eyes and long dark cerulean hair, barked and threaten the drones of nurses. She couldn't stop the small smile from reaching her face. Though the nurses were incompetent, basically the same as mindless drones. She loved all of them, even if they all looked the same with their medical gear at the ready.

Bring it Celestia my Children and I are ready for whatever you throw at us. Or my name isn't Chrysalis queen of the Hospital Hive.

(Third Person, Canterlot High School)

The dance was in full swing, most of the party goers weren't aware of the badly wounded girl in the front of the school. That would change, however, when students out in the hallways chatting caught sight of the flashing red and blue lights. Drawn by their natural teenage curiosity, they stepped out of the torn entryway to see an ambulance having just pulled up.

One of the paramedics rushed over to the group of heroes and principles huddling over the terror of the school. The other paramedics pulled open the back of the ambulance to grab the stretcher. They grab the necessary equipment, then rushed over to the other paramedics.

They ran over and dropped next to the other medic. The girl was fifteen to seventeen years old, with amber skin and bacon colored hair. The girl's eyes were cyan and tears rained down them uncontrollably. What shocked the paramedics were the gashes on her back. Angry red cuts surrounded by burnt and bruising skin. It was like someone had taken a burning sword to the girls back, then proceeded to beat her with a hammer.

The paramedics were just happy that the first responders had managed to stop the bleeding. One had just finished flashing the light in the girl's eyes and pursed his lips.

"What are we looking at?"

"We need to get her to the OR stat. She's lost about two or three pints of blood. We need to get fluids in her now before she goes fully into shock," replied one of the paramedics.

"Understood excuse me, everyone, we need to move out of the way. We're going to be putting her on the stretcher now."

The paramedics moved the stretcher next to Sunset who had been moved to lying facedown. As the paramedics moved Sunset over, though, her back became like wet tissue paper. It ripped open both old and new wounds on her back, which caused the paramedics to swear as they tried to rush her to the ambulance. That was when they ran into their first problem. Sunset still hadn't let Twilight go, despite being nearly unconscious she held on, her grip strong as titanium. Even the biggest medic couldn't pry open Sunset's hand from the girls dress.

Already running low on time, they asked her who she was to Sunset, her answer shocked many that knew the truth, "Sunset is my sister," Twilight said with such conviction that many that didn't know her assumed it was true. After a small and quick discussion, it was decided that Twilight would ride in the ambulance with Sunset and the medics, while the rest of the girls and the two principals would meet Twilight at the hospital. She climbed in the Sunset and soon they were being taken to the

(Waiting Room Canterlot General, 2 hours before portal closes)

Sunset had been in surgery for the past three hours, they had successfully removed Twilight from Sunset's hand, with a little help from pain killers, and were able to keep Sunset from shock. Everyone else had arrived minutes after Twilight got to the hospital. Thankfully the worst seemed to have past them as what Twilight could learn from the nurse was most of the time will be spent on stitching Sunset's back. They were going to do other tests to make sure that Sunset was fine, at least physically, for now.

Twilight was found pacing out in front of the doors leading to the operating rooms. Rainbow Dash wasn't doing much better as she was anxiously sitting in a chair tapping her foot on the floor. Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy were all group together in a comforting embrace. Applejack was leaning back against a pillar watching all the gathered girls with her arms crossed worry apparent on her face. Celestia has been on her phone talking with someone in a hushed tone, while Luna was much like Twilight in the pacing, though she looked over at Celestia every once and a while.

It was during this time that a person wearing blue scrubs with white gloves walked out, they looked at the clipboard before calling out, "Sunset Shimmer."

Everyone jumped from their spots and rushed towards the man. Twilight being the first to reach him Rainbow following not too far behind. Once the others had gathered Twilight switched into research mode and began to interrogate the poor man. Asking so many questions that he wasn't even able to speak. Once Twilight stopped to breath though he squeaked out quickly, "The head surgeon wanted to see you all in her office, fifth floor five doors down on the left."


The man sweatdrop as all those present vanished in the elevator, Holy stars above. That girl could give the queen a run for her money. I hope she doesn't find out about me thinking about that, I could get stuck with janitor duty. The man began a cheery tune as he moved on his way with his next task.

A short but agonizingly slow elevator ride later, the group of students and teachers reached the dictated place by the man downstairs. On the metal slot beside the door read Dr. Chrysalis Arnia. When the group went inside. The room was furnished with black leather chairs and wall couches. The lights shined with pale blue light, and the walls were colored cerulean blue. The back wall was furnished with filing cabinets. The wooden desk was neat and piled high with paperwork. At the dest was a harlequin colored desk chair that had a dark walnut stain. The walls were bare of pictures but five frames sat on the cluttered desk and sitting in the was a woman that Twilight both knew and didn't know.

She was the spitting image of Chrysalis, but her attitude and posture were completely wrong from Canterlot, which she had last seen her. This Chrysalis seemed more peaceful, more thoughtful, and patient than her Equestria counterpart. Even if that was the case Twilight was still very weary of this world's Chrysalis. She sat a little straighter when they entered her office. She looked at Celestia before briefly looking over Twilight and the girls. She focused her eyes solely on Twilight and cleared her throat, "You're her sister."

It was more of a statement than a question, Twilight shifted under stare, "Well, she's not my sister related by blood. More like we both had the same teacher and were basically raised by her, thus making us more apprentice sisters?"

Twilight finished unconvinced that she made any sense, but all Chrysalis did was nod then looked at Celestia. "What is the story that you're going to use to cover this up? You can't just say that a person from another dimension came a took control of the students, then proceed to destroy public property because she was angry."

"What? Princess- I mean Principal Celestia you told her?"

Celestia, choosing to ignore Twilight's question, focused more on Chrysalis, "I have a few ideas on what to use, but I wanted to hear the extent of Sunset's injuries so it would be believable."

At the mention of Sunset's name, the mood turned grim. "Yes, of course. While I like and loath that you involved Discord, it was a good thing you had him make records. However, I'll be blunt with you all. I don't believe Miss Shimmer will ever be the way she was before."

The room grew so tense it would take a jackhammer to shatter it. Everyone held their breaths and waited for the new to fall.

"There's good news and bad news. While I managed to save her life, there are many problems. She lost a lot of blood as you've all guessed by now. We've run tests on her blood and found that she was malnourished as well as anemic. We've hypothesized that her malnourishment is the cause of her anemia.

"We've scanned her brain and it shows signs of trauma. This is one of two things that I'm worried about. From the look of it, there are signs of both past as well as recent trauma on an emotional, mental, and physical scale. I really don't know how stable she'll be if she recovers she'll be very very fragile. Though this next new might shatter any hope in a full.

"Her back has massive bruising and will be heavily scarred for the rest of her life. Her both of her legs are broken, more specifically her patella, tibia, and fibula are badly fractured. Though not that it'll matter."

"W-WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'NOT THAT IT'LL MATTER'?" Rainbow stood aggressively.

"Because she won't be able to use her legs for the foreseeable future. Until she wakes up and I can run more test there isn't a way to know the full extent of her injuries. I don't know what really happened but all I can tell is that Miss Shimmers spinal cord is a mess. The signs all point to her being a paraplegic. Miss Shimmer will most likely never independently walk again."

Everyone lost their ability to breath. Tears brimming in everyone's eyes, even the stone face Applejack that cried on the inside had tears streaming down her face. However, none took it as hard as Twilight. She swayed on her spot looking close to falling over. She caught herself before she fell over, she looked over at Chrysalis how had been watching her closely, strangely though Twilight didn't have tears streaming down her face. No there were being held back, then Twilight did something she hadn't expected. She smiled at her before she began to laugh. Everyone stopped their own suffering for the moment to stare at her in befuddlement.

"HAHA... that was a good one Chrysalis. You almost had me there. So how is she actually?"

"I... wasn't lying to you."

"This isn't funny anymore! Tell me what wrong with her!"

"Please, Miss Twilight. I'm not lyi-"


They could finally see it Twilight saw herself to blame for Sunset's injuries. She was grasping at straws trying to make it what Chrysalis said impossible. Before any of the other girls or teachers could think of comforting the distraught girl, the doctor already had her in a soft embrace. She pulled Twilights head into her shoulder, and placed a calming hand on the back of Twilight's head, "It's alright to cry. This is horrible news, you don't need to be strong right now."

That was all that was said before Twilight began wailing. She repeatedly apologized, begging to be forgiven to the one that couldn't hear her. In between her heartbreaking sobs, Twilight asked, "W-Who's going to watch over her? I've...I've got to leave soon... I won't be able to see her... for another 30 moons... *sniff* As much as I want to stay I have a duty elsewhere... I can't just not go back I have something that protects my home from dangers... I can't just. I'd be putting so many ponies at risk!"

"Let us figure that out. You'll be happy to know that Miss Shimmer, will at the very least be spending the rest of the month here at the hospital."

She spent the rest of the hour weeping softly after she was passed to her friends. Twilight looked at the clock and saw that she only had about an hour until she needed leave. She had one last request for Chyralis before she left. Normally, she wouldn't allow it with a patient as fragile as Sunset Shimmer, but this once she would allow Twilight to visit. It sounding like she wouldn't be able to see Sunset Shimmer for at least two years.

Author's Note:

So first MLP fanfic. Hope it turns out well. Anyways nothing to really say except that I hope you like it and the time is going to be a little different. What I mean is that when Sunset is transformed back into a human that is when the sun sets. You know that weird time after the sun sets but its still light out for like thirty minutes or so. Yeah, I wanted to give her some more time with sunset shimmer or at least learn that she's going to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. So anyways that's why it might seem a little off that she can stay in the world three hours after the dance when she couldn't in the movie. Granted I don't really know how much longer she had in the movie after Sunset was defeated.

Also for those that notice and feel like I should fix them PM or write in the comments about grammatical errors, and I'll be sure to fix them. Just go easy on me I do most of my writing at night when I get home from work. That being said I get sleepy and tend to write a little laxer compared to other times. :twilightsheepish:

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