• Published 20th May 2019
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The Price of Wanting - Moonriseoversunset

Sunset has had a hard life, but now its about to get a lot harder. Just what did Sunset's transformation between human and demon do to her?

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Numb Awakening

(Canterlot General Hospital, two days after Fall Formal)

Rarity sat on the left side of Sunset's bed with a set of scissors and a mesh fabric. She held it up to the back of a material that she was working determinedly on. While she was determined, the dark circles under her eyes show the exhaustion that she felt. Fluttershy was in the bay window asleep, with Rarity's jacket covering her shoulders. They promised to keep watch and wake the other after a few hours of sleep. However, Rarity became too focused on her task and never woke Fluttershy for her shift.

Her task was cleaning and repairing Sunset's jacket, which proved more work than at first thought. The article of clothing was covered with cuts and scuff marks. While mostly destroyed, the leather spoke to Rarity on the extensive attachment Sunset had with the jacket.

Rarity could only imagine what Sunset felt, and restoring her jacket was the only way she could think of helping her. It also helped to keep certain feelings at bay until she could actually manage the guilt. While she measured the tears along the back, she heard a noise. Looking up from her work, Rarity saw Sunset's face scrunch up.

Rarity set her supplies and Sunset's jacket in her purse and approached the prone figure. Rarity's hand hovered over the call button, not wanting to cause an incident over nothing. That was when she noticed Sunset's hand reaching out for something. Rarity grabbed hold of Sunset's hand gently. This caused Sunset's fidgeting to slow.

However, that soon changed as Sunset began to breathe irregularly quickly. Rarity looked up at Sunset to see a look of pure terror. Sunset ripped her hand out of Rarity's and pushed herself back. She screamed both in terror and pain as her back hit the headrest. Rarity tried to come to her aid, but that proved to do more harm than good as Sunset began to thrash around to get away.

While this happened, Fluttershy had woken up to Sunset screaming. She quickly moved behind Sunset and began to hum softly. As she tried to calm Sunset, Rarity pressed the call button. Fluttershy rubbed circles on Sunset's hands, while she continued to hum.

It was a minute or so before a nurse came to the room. In that time, Fluttershy had successfully calmed Sunset down. However, she was still disoriented, neither understanding where she was or what was happening. She was asking Fluttershy questions with a slight tremble to her words.

"C-can somepony tell me what's going on? W-why am I here? Is Princess Cel- T-twi-light here? Why am I not home? This isn't my bed? I want to go home."

"Shhh... It's okay. You're here to get help from the doctors and nurses."

"No... that's not true," Sunset watched the nurse warily.

"What do you mean? Why do you think that, darling? These people saved your life." Rarity said with a grateful smile

"That can't be. They-they did something to me."

"W-what do you mean, Sunset?" Fluttershy asked as she rubbed Sunset leg.

"I c-can't feel that. It's numb. Why can't I feel your hand? Before I came here, I could feel my legs. So why can't I now? What did they do to me? What did you do? Why? How? How did they do this? P-please, tell me this isn't happening. It can't be like this. I won't be able to make friends. Ponies will think I'm weird. They need to fix this...whatever they did, they need to undo it."

Sunset began to ramble to the point that she was borderline hysterical. It was getting to the point that the nurse saw the signs of hyperventilation. She moved towards a drawer and grabbed a sedative, and walked closer to Sunset. She grabbed her arm and stabbed down.

However, at the last moment, Sunset jerked her arm, and it caused the needle to stab into the nurse. She yelped, but the damage was already done, the needle's sedative was already in her system.

"Oops," the nurse slurred as she tipped over.

"Ahhh," Rarity screamed as she pressed the call button like a gamer would to save their character.

"I'm s-sorry, she attacked me. She was the one that scared me. I'm sorry."

(Celestia POV Luna and Celestia's house upper Canterlot)

I walked into the guest room to see Lu sleeping while she leaned against the mattress. After the hospital, Lu came here to arrange a place for Sunset. I held in a small giggle as I watched my sister drool. Her hair was a wild nest of blue. If she was lying on the bed, I'm sure her limbs would be everywhere.

After a long conversation, it was decided that Luna would be her legal guardian, and I would become the godmother to Sunset. This way, both of us could be her mother. Plus, we wouldn't get any strange looks from others that didn't know the situation.

I sighed as I walked out into the hallway heading to the kitchen. I was intent on making coffee before Luna woke up. She's a grumpy person in the morning. After filling the machine with the grounds, I waited for two cups to be brewed. As I awaited the coffee, I thought of how Luna commanded she be the one to become Sunset's mother. It was so out of character for her.

Every year my mother would ask when Luna was going to have children, and without fail, Luna would always deny wanting any. With excuses such as childbirth would hurt too much, not finding the right match for her, having no interest in spending her gaming time worrying about a kid, or being Vice Principal allows her to see all the kids she needs.

However, Luna made a good point in her arguments for allowing guardianship to be passed onto her. Luna was right, I couldn't relate with Sunset, and she definitely preferred Lu over me. I just hope that Sunset gives me a chance to be the best aunt and godmother to her.

I finished making my coffee and set about making Luna's mocha, coffee being too bitter for Luna. She loved hot chocolate but was seen as too childish when she ordered it. While I was preparing the mix, my phone began to ring.

I fished it out of my pocket and answered, "This is Principal Celestia of Canterlot High."

"Hahaha, is that how you answer all your calls? You sound so stiff. You really must join in on some of my fun Cely."

"Ah Discord, it's you. Did what I ask for get done?"

"Oh, Cely, I'm hurt, truly hurt. I wouldn't be calling if it wasn't now, would I?"

"That's why I asked. You're too chaotic sometimes. It causes you to be easily distracted."

"Ugh, boo. It's not entertaining if everyone can predict what I'm going to do. I'm a spirit of chaos. It only makes sense that I'd be unpredictable. OW! Screwball, if you're going to help with yoga, you need to get my ice cream."

"Sorry, Papa." A small voice said over the phone.

"Now, where were we? Ah yes, the little one you made me create, it was quite fun, oh but so hard. I won't be doing it again. It's too much work. I'm all for a good challenge, but I prefer games much more."

"So, she's a person within the system?" I couldn't help but ask.

"UGH, yes. If anyone goes to look, they'll see files, and I'll know when that happens. So, it'll be no trouble. I'll give you access so you can add whatever you want. Oh, I've got to go. They're airing the new episode. I'm going to find out if Roberto will propose to Mara and fight Jack in a food fight to win Mara's heart." *Click*

What kind of show is he watching?

I shook my head and began to pour the boiled water into a cup. I was honestly surprised that Discord finished as soon as he did. I would have to send some cotton candy and chocolate milk to him. I'll just have to add Luna as her emergency contact, that'd make it easier for Luna to gain custody.

I just poured Luna's mixture into a cup with some creamer, when my phone rung once again.

"Hello, Principal Celestia of Canterlot High."

"She's awake, and quite the handful might I add," said the annoyed Doctor.

"What do you mean?" What could Sunset have done to cause a scene?

"She knocked out one of my nurses..."


"She was freaking out, and the nurse tried to calm her down with a sedative. However, Sunset fought at the last moment and ended up making the nurse sedate herself instead of Sunset."

"Hahaha," I giggled softly at hearing that.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY! That fancy girl with purple hair caused mass confusion because she persisted hitting the call button, which caused Sunset to become even more agitated because of the people rushing to her room. It's only nine in the morning, and I already desire to sleep in my comforter."

"You're doing a good job Chrysi. I was just about to wake Luna and drive to the hospital together with her."

"Please hurry. I want to bury someone's head into a wall."

"We won't take long."

"Better not." *Click*

I sighed as I made my way upstairs to my slumbering sister. I walked into the bedroom and watched my sister inhale deeply once the coffee spread through the air. Her bleary eyes opened and focused intently on the beverage in my hands.

I held the cup out and waited. Luna groaned as she reached for it. She sipped it and made a face, cradling the mocha in her hands. She continued to sip on her concoction while blinking as if in slow-motion.

"It would seem that Sunset woke up this morning and made Chrysalis want to pull her hair out."

"Mmhmm...wait Sunset's awake? How? Wasn't she suppose to be placed into a coma until her wounds would allow her to move around?"

"I don't know. We'll have to inquire about this when we arrive. So go get ready, I'll be waiting in the living room."

I walked down and sat on our purple sectional sofa bed. I grabbed my tablet and began to go through the emails that I'd been ignoring. I shifted through complaints of parents and of the superintendent on how a section of the building is gone. I deleted my spam mail and declines from construction crews and a few acceptance contracts from other companies. However, it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed with a nudge here and there.

Finally, Luna sauntered down the stairs while yawning as she grabbed an apple bagel from the kitchen. She motioned with her hand she was ready, and we both left our house ready to add another member to our family.

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