• Published 9th Aug 2012
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The Discordian's Daughter - Pumpkin Patch

A long-lost pony returns, but why was she lost?

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Part 1, Chapter 3

“How’s she doing, Rainbow?” Twilight asked as soon as she, Pinkie Pie, and Spike entered the waiting room at the hospital.

It was a rather plain room, with beige walls and blue carpeting. Chairs were complemented by a water cooler next to each wall along with a magazine rack. Rainbow Dash was sitting in the seat closest to the check-in window on the far side of the room. She was reading a magazine when the rest of the group walked in.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “but they’re sure taking their sweet time.”

“Well, she was hurt pretty badly,” Twilight reminded her, “I’m sure whatever the doctors need to do is going to take a while.”

“Yeah. I know,” sighed Rainbow Dash as she lowered her reading material to look at her friends. She quickly noticed that one was missing. “Hey, where’s Mrs. Cake?”

“She stayed behind to tell her managers about this situation,” explained Twilight, “There weren’t any other ponies in that basement but the room itself was quite, um, interesting.”

“How do you mean?” asked Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie Pie quickly jumped into the conversation. “The room was painted all these weird colors and there was a big broken glass tube in the back and there were needles and this super yummy pie recipe and oh there was this journal and it says that Professor Voidsdale’s an accordian!”

Rainbow Dash stared at Pinkie with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh, Discordian, Pinkie,” Spike said correcting her once again.

Rainbow Dash blinked but otherwise her expression didn’t change. “Still confused.”

“Professor Voidsdale was one of Discord’s followers!” Twilight clarified.

“What!?” exclaimed Rainbow Dash..

“I know! I’m just as surprised as you,” said Twilight. She then continued to explain what she and others found down there, how the room was a second lab apparently dedicated to the Professor’s Discordian activities, how they found a shattered glass tube in the back that the pony they met on the staircase had escaped from, and how that pony, Willow, was Professor Voidsdale’s daughter.

“Wow!” is all Rainbow Dash could say. She went silent for a moment. At last, she said “So...if she’s the daughter of a Discordian, isn’t that, you know, gonna be a problem? I mean, what if she’s still on Discord’s side?”

“I thought about that, too,” said Twilight, “But just because her Dad was a Discordian doesn’t mean she is. Besides, he did apparently stuff her into a big glass tube and left her in his basement.”

“True. I’m sure she loves him for that.” said Rainbow Dash sarcastically.

“Still, we won’t really know anything about that until the hospital releases her and we ask her ourselves,” Twilight said.

“Yeah. I guess not,” Rainbow Dash agreed, “Well, I guess it’s time to get back to the waiting game.”

She picked up the magazine she had been looking at and resumed reading. Twilight decided to sit in the seat across from her. Almost instinctively, Spike took the seat next to her. Pinkie Pie decided to sit to sit right next to Rainbow Dash.

In nearly synchronous motion, Spike and Pinkie each grabbed a nearby magazine to pass the time. Twilight, on the other hand, decided to use her horn to levitate Professor Voidsdale’s journal out of her satchel.

She started from the very beginning, at the sentence she had read before.

This is the journal of Professor Nolan Voidsdale, Alchemist and humble servant to the Lord of Chaos.

Wow. It feels good finally being able to write that again. I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about that for so long I about had an identity crisis. They’ve been hunting us down like timberwolves since the master was turned to stone by those contemptible alicorns. So far, I’ve managed to stay out of sight. Granted, I had to take a few drastic measures. I had to move far away from Las Capellas. The alicorns’ soldiers were swarming like parasprites there. Still, I really miss that town. If things could go back to the way they were, I would return to that city in a heartbeat.

I decided to move to the northeast. That may sound like a stupid idea since that’s the region where the alicorns have decided to reign from, but it’s actually ingenious, just like everything I do. They think this place is safe and secured. Therefore, they won’t be on a witch hunt for people like me. I just don’t tell them who my master is and they don’t ask. Ah, the ol’ hiding-in-plain-sight trick never fails. I mean, I’m not even trying to keep a low profile. In the last few months I’ve been here I’ve proudly and openly practiced my baking and even my alchemy. So many ponies have complemented my cakes and pies that I’m thinking about setting up a bakery and a group of alchemists up here who are trying to put together a society for ponies of the trade want me to be among its founding members!

That’s all well and good, but my true goals here are altogether different. Of course, if I told the citizens what those goals were I would be imprisoned for sure, so I have to keep my ambitions buried, literally. I arranged to have this second laboratory built underneath my home. I told the workers and anypony else who asked that I was just putting in a storage cellar, another stroke of genius by yours truly. Nopony batted an eye at it and nopony asked about it. As far as they’re concerned, it’s just a boring, dusty cellar.

My guests didn’t even ask where the door to it was after it was finished. Just to make sure, though, I did a little construction work of my own and made the entrance to it look like any other part of the floor and wired the opening mechanism to an inconspicuous teapot in china cabinet. A teapot! You would have to be the most random thinker in the world to even consider unlocking a door with a teapot!

Anyway, now that this “cellar” is set up and secured, I can get to my real business...

“Excuse me, Ms. Dash?” a nurse called out from the doorway leading to to the doctor’s office.

“Ugh. I hate it when they call me that,” Rainbow Dash mumbled to herself. She put the magazine down and walked over to the nurse. “What’s up?”

“Well, uh, your friend is ready to be released,” she began timidly, “but, well, there are a few things the doctor would like to discuss with you before you see her.”

"That doesn't sound good," Twilight said aloud as she and the others put down their diversions and walked over to Rainbow Dash and the nurse.

“Um, I’m sorry. What are you here for?” the nurse asked Twilight.

“Oh. they’re all with me,” said Rainbow Dash, “They should probably hear whatever the doctor has to say too.”

“Oh, um, very well,” the nurse agreed.

The group followed the nurse into a typical doctor’s office, complete with a counter, a sink, a stock of medical supplies, a second door leading to other parts of the hospital and of course an examination table. The doctor was standing by the counter. Willow was nowhere in sight, however.

The doctor was looking very intently at a clipboard when the ponies walked in. It was a few seconds before he even acknowledged their presence. “Hello, Ms. Dash,” he said, not looking up.

Rainbow Dash had just been called “Ms. Dash” again, but this time she brushed it off. “Hello, sir. Um, the nurse said you had something to say to me about my friend.” she answered.

The doctor exhaled slowly, as if bracing himself for something. He placed the clipboard he was holding on the counter and turned to look at her. He started slightly when he saw two other ponies and a small dragon standing next to her.

Rainbow Dash noticed his surprise. “Oh. They’re all with me,” she repeated.

“Oh. Quite alright.” he said, then took another deep breath.

At long last, he spoke. “Well, first off let me say that your friend is going to be okay...physically. She's waiting in the next room. She had several minor injuries, but nothing at all serious. We had to put a few patches on her, but those spots should be healed by tomorrow. Her body’s also very fatigued, but again she should be fine after a good night’s rest.”

Nopony gave a reaction to this, save for Rainbow Dash who asked "Um, what do you mean that she's okay 'physically'?"

“Well,” the doctor continued, “Your friend also appears to be suffering from some form of...amnesia.”

Everypony’s eyes widened. “You mean...she doesn’t remember anything?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I asked her a series of standard questions.” explained the doctor.”She doesn’t remember who she is, where she lives or — I’m sad to say — you, Ms. Dash.”

The ponies and spike all lowered their heads and frowned.

“If I may ask, Ms. Dash, what kind of accident was this pony in?” inquired the doctor. “It would have to be pretty serious to cause head trauma like that.”

Pinkie Pie spoke up. “Well, she was locked in a bas—”

“—a bookshelf fell on her.” Twilight said cutting Pinkie off.

“Hmmm...I suppose that would do it if the shelf was heavy enough,” the doctor speculated.

“Oh very heavy,” Twilight assured him, albeit with a sub-par acting performance. “So, what do you think we should do, doctor?”

“Well, I suggest that after she gets rested up that you try to jog her memory any way you can,” the doctor recommended. “Perhaps you could do some of the activities that you normally do with her, or maybe have her meet some people who know her well.”

“Ooo!” Pinkie Pie interjected. “Maybe we can throw her a party!”

“Well, I suppose that would be one way of doing it, yes,” said the doctor with some hesitation.

“Woo-hoo!” shouted Pinkie Pie as she jumped up in the air. Her landing was followed by a few sprinkles of confetti of unknown origin slowly floating to the ground.

Nopony gave a reaction to this either, although Twilight did have to blow a piece of confetti away from her mouth. After doing so, she continued talking to the doctor, “So, how long do you think it will be before she gets her memory back?”

“Very hard to say,” said the doctor plainly. “It could happen right away or it could take a very long time.”

Twilight paused for a moment before responding. “We understand. Thank you for letting us know. May we see her now?”

“Of course,” said the doctor. He then turned and walked out the only other door in the office.

Once he was out of earshot, Pinkie nudged Twilight. “Um, why did you stop me from telling him how we found her?”

“I just think it’s best that nopony knows about that for now unless they have to,” Twilight explained, “It’s a very unusual circumstance and I think people would be afraid of her if they knew.”

“Yeah, I’m with Twilight on this one,” said Rainbow Dash.

“Me too,” said Spike. “It wouldn’t be a very warm Ponyville welcoming if everypony treated her like a weirdo.”

“Exactly,” agreed Twilight as she turned her head down to look at Spike. “We’ll just tell everypony that she’s a friend from out of town and they won’t see anything weird about her at a—”

“Hey mare!” a voice said interrupting Twilight. She turned her head back to find the source and was met with the gaze of two large yellow eyes staring at her, only inches from her face.

Twilight gasped and fell backwards onto the floor.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry,” said the voice, which Twilight could now see was coming from an aqua-colored pony with long, disheveled green hair. “Didn’t mean to shake ya’ up.”

“Oh,” Twilight replied, laughing slightly as she got back on her hooves. “I’m just glad you’re alright, Willow.”

“Willow? Is-is that what they call me?” the pony asked sheepishly.

“Of course, silly!” said Pinkie Pie. “That’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Um...is it?”, the pony said.

“Wow. You don’t even remember your name?” asked Rainbow Dash.

The pony shook her head. “The doc was askin’ me all sorts of mumbo-jumbo ‘bout me. I-I didn’t know jack.” She frowned.

“Aw, you don’t have to be sad about it,” said Pinkie Pie consolingly, “I don’t know who Jack is either.”

Spike sighed, “I...don’t think that’s what’ she meant, Pinkie.”

“Oh hey there!” said the pony, her tone lightening when noticed Spike. “I didn’t see ya down there, little guy. You’re a dragon, huh?”

Spike’s chest stuck out a bit in pride as he confidently answered “Why yes, I am!”

Noticing how close Spike was standing to Twilight, the pony turned to her. “It’s pretty cool that you have a pet dragon!”

“Hey! I’m not a pet!” said an offended Spike.

Twilight laughed, “No, he’s my assistant, and my friend.”

“Oh really? That’s-that’s pretty groovy too, I guess.” the pony replied.

Rainbow Dash laughed. “Groovy? Wow, you have been gone a long time.”

“Uh, been gone?” the pony asked, puzzled. “Where was I before?”

“Well, it’s a long story and honestly we’re a little fuzzy on some of the details,” Twilight explained, “but if you would come back with us to Ponyville, we can tell you what we know along the way and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to jog your memory and you can fill in the gaps.”

The pony paused for a moment before answering. “Well, seeing as I got nuthin’ else to go on — nuthin' I remember anyway — I guess I can wrap with ya.”

Twilight smiled along with the others. “Great! Well, let’s get you checked out and we’ll be on our way!”

“Sweet,” said the pony. “Oh and that name you called me before, uh, Willow? Yeah we can stick to that. I kinda dig it.”

After the ponies checked Willow out of the hospital, Twilight lead them in the direction of the train station. Halfway through the short journey, Rainbow Dash, who had been hovering above the rest of the group, flew down alongside Twilight and nudged her.

“Hey,” she whispered, “Do you think it’s a good idea to bring her to Ponyville so soon?”

“What do you mean?” asked Twilight.

“Well, ya know, we don’t know what her crazy dad did to her yet and I was thinking maybe we should take her to the Princess first.”

“I would, Rainbow,” answered Twilight, “but Princess Celestia is in Coltropolis right now for that festival. She hasn’t answered my letters in days. I’ll definitely write her another one as soon as I can about this, but until she gets back I don’t have much choice but to keep an eye on her myself for a while.”

Twilight lowered her head. “Besides, I just feel bad for her. Her own Dad locked her up in a glass jar in the basement and left her there and now it looks as though he erased her memory too. I want to do what I can to help her, and I want to find out what was going on in that lab.”