• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Twilight sparkle is Really Mad now - jakkid166

Twilight is in Equestria because she live there and she is really mad cause now she has to deal with the NEW annoyoying bad guy and shes gonna have to fight to him. Bad

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Book of Revelations


"Okay," said the masked Pony "It has been like 2 months so Im fine now. Anyway now its time for me to continue with my plan."

But then one of the henchpony ponies breakdanced over to the masked pony (because they were playing music to celebrate their evil plan) and said "Hey boss I got you some plate pizza." And he held up a plate and it had pizza on it (the kind that you eat).

"No," said the masked pony and he SLAPPED the pizza away and it fell on the floor and he picked it up and politely put it back in the box and close dit. "I do not like pizza, because I am evil."

"Oh okay." said the hench pony and he danced away.

"Alright," said the masked pony. "Its about time I start on the next parte of my evil plan."

"What is the next part of the evil plan?" the masked pony asked himself

"Thats a good question, me," he said. "I am going to STEAL the ELEMENTS of HARMONY!"

"GASP" said YOU because you didnt expect that.


"GRRRRR!" Shouted Twilight, because she was angry that she and her friends was still not able to catch the masked pony. She was so mad that she went to het kichen counter and pour herself a cup of Anger Coffee to calm herself down of anger, but it didnt work. "Fucking shit, what are we going to do now? I dont want to fight this masked pony because he sucks."

"But what if he's takes over the world?" said Twinkie pie. "Evil people always take over the world, unless they decide to take over something else instead. Like the moon."

"Pinkie is right," said Rarity. "We need to catch them or they might stab more ponies like they stabbed spike."

"Yeah getting stabbed sucks." said Spike.

"Fine" said Twilight "But how are we going to find him?"

But then she wasent able to finish talking because there was a knock at the door. "What in the is it?" said Twilight and she went to the door and opened it. Who was standing there? It was Princess Luna, the princess of the Princess.

"Woah Princes Luna!" said Twilight. "What are you here about?"

"Thou must cometh with me Twilight Sparkleth." said Luna. "We art in deep shit now."

"Shit okay," said Twilight.


Twilight and whoever else rushed into the Hall of the Elements of Harmony where the Elements of Harmony are kept in the Hall. They troded their hooves on the carpet and looked around for suspicion, but did not find any.

"Hmm," said Celestia who was there too. "I do not see anything going wrong here."

"Yes but I heardeth the masked pony art going to steal thy elements," said Luna. "Because I havest a spy in his minions. We musteth remain vigilante."

"Yeah and us too," said Rainbow.

"Wait a minute I just heard a CRASHING SOUND!" said Twilight.

"What" said the others cause they didnt hear the sound yet because Twilight was closer to it. But then THEY heard it too!

"Shit, what was that?" said Rainbow and then all of them saw a window DESTROY ITSELF and the masked pony crashed through it.

"Haha," said the masked pony. "I forced the window to commit suicide on itself so I could crash through it. Now I can steal the elements"

"Not if I have anything to say bout it!" said Twilight. "And I do. Fuck you"

"Shit," said the masked pony. "How did you all know I would be here?"

"That is none of your damn business" said Celestia. "We are going to put you in prison once and for all."

"Damn," said the masked pony. "I am going to have to use my full power."

And the masked pony TOOK OFF HIS MASK!

"Oh shit!" said Pinkie "He is revealing his identitty!"

And then the mask was not his face and now everyone could see what he was now. a NOT masked pony!

"Wait what?" said Twilight "I dont know who you are still I dont recognize you."

"Thats because!" he said. "I was wearing TWO disguises!" And the guy RIPPED OFF HIS PONY COSTUME

and everyone GASPED SO LOUD that they almost inhaled their throats.

"Thats right," said him. "The masked pony, all along, was ME!"


"Oh for FUCKS SAKE!" said Luna. "Detective jakkid! Wherefore art thou become a bad guy?!"

"Because," said me. "I'm evil now. Deal with it. Idiot"

"But jakkid," said Twilight, who was crying tears out of her pupils. "How could you become a bad guy? I thought we were all friends who go on cool adventures together and you solve mysteries."

"I can explain it to you, in the best way I know how." I said. So I pulled out my laptop and opened a thing on it and showed it to Twilight.

"What the hell is this?" said Twilight.

"Just read it"

"Okay." she said and she looked at what was written on the screen.

Detective jakkid166 is the a Bad Guy now

by jakkid166

“This bacon is very meat”, said Pricess Celestia. She was at her table in her Princess House and she took a bite of bacon because she wa eating bacon with me. On her plate was a bunch of breakfast food items like pancakes, eggs, grites, deviled eggs, angeled eggs, biscuiets gravy, jam, and a one grain of salt. She had a glass of full of Orange Juice and bacon.

I looke down at my plate which was just filled with ten ppounds of bacon and said “Yeah it is. This be the first steppe in me introducing you on the journey of delicious human cusine. Tomorrow I will intorduce you to most high class italian restaurant in our world: Little Ceasars.”

“Very good jakkid,” said Celestia. “So what is made of bacon?”

“Bacon is of made from pig bacon. From the bacon part of the pig.”

“WHAT!” said Celestia “This is MEAT? How DARE you” and she picked me up with magic and threw me out the window and I landed on the ground and did a cartwheel into my Detective Car.

“Alright that was cool” I said. “Im glad Celestia is happy with my cooking. Now to go back to Ponyville” and I drove my car off Canterlot.

Except I actually mis JUDGED my driving and I accidentally was goign toward the everfree FOREST instead of the ponyville forest! I tried to steer the car in midair but I accidentally do a drift and went the wrong way and I went through the trees leaves and landed in a tree. My car was hanging off the tree and I jumped out and landed in the ground.

“God dammit” I said pulling out my phone. “My GPS doesnt work in the Everfree Forest. Now I have to find out the out of the forest the leg way.”

And so I walked aaround in the forest and went around through trees and stuff but I knew I was still in the forest because the trees were still trees. But eventually I got to a tree that was a HOUSE!

“Oh sweet” I said. “I didnt know Twilight had a house in the forest”

So I went inside but something was weird. For some reason the house dident smell light Twilight. It smelled like TREE!

“What is this place?” I said and I looked at the walls and they was wearing masks and the pot was in the room and the gun was in my hand. But then I heared a voice talking!

“Hello detective jakkid166. I have a can of Ovaltine mix.”

“Oh Zecora what are you doing here?” I said and I put my gun in my gun pocket.

“This is my house. My computer has a mouse”

“Oh okay. Hey can you drive me back to Ponyville? I have to get to Ponyville’s house before darkness comes or else I will die of night.”

“Okay sure yes I can do that. Exercise is important otherwise you get fat.”


“But first I have something to show you. It is a pot of something that is not ever was haven been seen by you.”

I made sure my eyes was open. “Detective jakkid sees everything. Even what I do not see, I deduce from fact of life.”

“Can you see that this potion is the color orange? It will make you into a better detective. Door hinge”

I grabbe the potion out of her mouth and looked at it. “This will improve my detectiv skills to be even the BETTER greatest detective in the world?”

“Thats right. Just like Phoenix Wright”

“Alright fine,” I said and I drank the potion and ate the glass it was in too. “You idiot this is just orange juice”

“No it also has potion in it. Give it like 3 years it might work then you piece of shit”

“Okay fine” I said I was gonna leave and then I was doing that but then something happened. I felt a BONGING in my TORSO!

“AAAAAGH!” I said and I starte coughing up smoke and ash and air and words like “ow” and “shit that hurts”. But then all of a suden I was okay. I stood up on my kneet and looked back at Zecora.

“Are you okay Detective? You look like you went to college and took too many elective”

But then I pulledout my gun and said “Put your HANDS UP!” said jakkid. And then Zecora tried to do that but she couldnt cause she has no hands. “This is a STICKUP” i said “Give me all your money and gold.”

“Shit” said Zecora. “I accidenally put EVIL in that potion and I have set evil in motion!”

But I was getting too nerves from being about to pointing a gun at her, so I grabbed her purse and ran out the door. I was running through the eferfree forest and got back to Ponyville and went in me house to look at my loot stash. I opened the purse and look at it, and what was inside was ANOTHER PURSE

And so I opened that purse and there was a KNIFE!

“Ah yes here we go” I said evilly. “It is time to begin my rampage of evil.”


"Fuck the what?" said Twilight. "Oh my god I am going to be very angry at Zecora."

"Now then," I said and I pulled out my gun. "Time for you all to either give me the elements or die."

"Curses," said Celestia "What do we do now?"

"Hahaha", said me.

But then Twilight RAN AT ME! And she TACKLED me and we both went flying out the window which is really high in the air and we were falling from really high up.

"OHHHH NOOOO" I said "This is not good"