• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Twilight sparkle is Really Mad now - jakkid166

Twilight is in Equestria because she live there and she is really mad cause now she has to deal with the NEW annoyoying bad guy and shes gonna have to fight to him. Bad

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a Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream warriors

"Joh for goddammit sake he's getting away!" said Twilight. The six of them were walking to try and catch the guy but he was getting away too fast.

"aaH Wait a mintue!" said Rarity. "Maybe we should try running instead of Walking."

"Crap, good idea Rarity." said Twilight and they all started RUNNING and they started gaining up on the masked killer pony!

"Krap theyre catching up on me," the guy said. "I will have to take da rastic measures." And so he stopped and turned around and said "PLAY BALL!" And he pulled out a baseball and threw it really hard at himself and then pulledout a baseball bat and hit the ball at Twilight and the others.

"Ruh roh." said Twilight cause she saw tha ball was going so fast at them that it was even on fire in the air. So Twilight did a BACK FLIP outt the way of the ball and it only hit Rainbow Dash in the face so it was fine. And she got knocked out

"In the what the fucking shit?" said Twilight "Playing Base Ball is illegal in Equestria. You are under arrest"

"Pfft. Youre not a detective you cant arrest me." said the Masked Pony.

"Poop yourself on the head" said Rainbow. "We know somebosy who IS a detective!" said Rainbow. "Applejack! Go arrest the masked pony."

"Elrighty partner" said Applejack and she got her hoof cuffs out but it was too late. The masked pony escaped!

"Rats. Aw dickapples I was too slow." said Applejack. "Now what do we do?"

"Now we gotta track him down," said Twilight. "Luckely, I think we all know someone who can help us."

"Who is that?" asked Pinkie.

"I don't know." said Twilight and so they went back to Twilights house. But when they got there, Spike curled up in a ball and rolled down th stairs and went to Twilight and threw up a letter on her dinner plate.

"Hey Twilight you got a letter," said Spike.

"Thanks Spike" said Twilight and she opened it and read it. The letter said:

Dear Twilight Sparkle

I heard you need help defeating the masked killer in Ponyville. Come to my castle house in 6000 seconds and I will help you probably.

From Canterlot

"Damn!" said Twilight. She was worried, cause she knew th letter was urgent because the "6000" was writed in capital numbers. "Come on guys lets get to Celestia!" she said. So they all went to the train but it was out of gas so they had to push the train themselfs all the way up to Canterlot.

Twilight and the others rode the train into Celestias throne room and got out. "Celestia we're here!"

"Its about fucking time," said Celestia. "Now I will tell you how I can help you."

"How can you help us?"

"Princess Luna can go into the guys dreams to read his mind and find out where they are," said Cestia. "Luna go do that"

"Okey dokey" said Luna and she opened the door into the masked pony's dreams and went into it.

"Wow this guy dreams about weird stuff." said Luna. And there was all sorts of evil things being dreamed about, like Money and world dominotion and cloping fanfictions.


The masked pony was relaxing in his secret base imagining how he is goona take over the world. One of his hench men brought him up a glass of lemonade and he started drinking it while saying "thank you" to him which was very impressive to the henchman/

But then he realize something! He could see PRINCESS LUNA in his thoughts!

"FUCK." I said. "I gotta get her out of here! And also I cant think about where I am or else she will know."


Princess Luna saw the ground shaked and the sky spaked and she saw the sky was bright BLUE!

"Wait a minute." said Luna. "Oh no, I am inside the pony's DAY DREAMS!"

But then the masked pony starte controlling his dreams to make bad stuff happen. Rocks was falling from the sky at Luna and volcanoes was eruptang and the grass was growing way slower than its supposed to

"Shit I gotta get out of here!" said Luna and she ran back to the door. But then a giant BOOT came out of nowhere and kicked Luna in tha ass and kicked her out the door and she went back in Celestias throne room.

"Well?" said Celestia. "Where is he"

"I dont know." said Luna and she fell unconscious.

"Well that sucked." said Rarity. "The hell do we do now?"

But then the masked pony ALSO came out of the dream door and was in Celestias throne room! "What the hell?" said Celestia. "How are you here?"

"I am the masked pony in the masked pony's day dreams," said the masked pony who was from the masked pony's day dreams. "And because I am made of thoughts it means I have unminuted POWER!" he said and hebrought up a MAGIC BLAST and blew out one of the castles pillars with it.

And the whole castle starte RUMBLING! "Oh dammit" said Twilight "Now the castles gonna colapse. Everyone get out!"

So Celestia picked up Luna andeveryone else and rolled them into a ball like from Katamari. And she rolle them out the door through the hallways and the ball started picking up also everyone else who lives or works in the castle and it became a huge rolling ball of Ponyies which Celestia pushed out the doors of the castle before it could collapse. And then the ball fell apart back into Ponies again.

"Oh great." said Twilight. "Now that the masked pony has dream magic, he can do anything!"

"No he cant I think he got killed when the castle collapsed." said Luna.


"Fuck" said the masked Pony. "Now that my thoughts got killed Im really bad at thinking now. I dont even know how to spell the letter F. I will have to wait until my mind heals before I make my next move in chess."