• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Twilight sparkle is Really Mad now - jakkid166

Twilight is in Equestria because she live there and she is really mad cause now she has to deal with the NEW annoyoying bad guy and shes gonna have to fight to him. Bad

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Mask of Evil

"Bada bing," said Twilight sparkle as she put the finisheing touch on her bowl of soup broth. It was almost about dinner time, and she was preparing her favorite kind of soup: Soup. "Spike, it is dinner time!" she threw her words up the stairs at Spike. And then spike was coming down the stairs, but Twilight had left a bunch of books on the stairs so Spike tripped on them and hit his head on every all the steps and fell on the grond.

"Come on Spike you have to eat dinner or else you will starve," said Twilight.

"Fine," said Spike and he went to the table to dinner with Twilight. He put a bunch of salt in his soup because he is a dragon and dragons eat rocks.

"This is good soup!" said Twilight.

"Yeah it is," said Spike. "Its too salty though. You suck at cooking Twilight"

"Fuck." said Twilight and she got mad. "Well if you dont like it then you can go to bed without dinner!"

"Fine." said Spike and he went upstairs. He was still hungery though, and he wanted to eat something, so he had a idea. He puleld out his cell phone and dialed the Ponyville Pizza place. "Hello," said Spike. "I would like one large pizza with two sauce and one pepperoni. And also put diamonds on it because I'm a dragon and I eat diamonds."

"Alright that will be twenty bits" the pizza phone guy said. So Spike went to the window and threw the bits out the window so hard they went to the pizza place and landded on the counter and the pizza guy put them in the register. "Okay cool your Pizza will be there in a half hour."

"Sweet" said Spike and he hung up and played Mine Craft on his phone until the half hour was over. And then he heard a knock on the window

"Who is it?" said Spike.

"Its the pizza" said a voice from out the window.

"Hell yeah!" said Spike and he went to open the window. But then he was SHOCKED to find it was not pizza, but a masked GUY was standing there! "Who the fuck are you?" said Spike.

"I am the bad guy" the masked pony said. "I am here to kill you. Because I am a bad guy."

"SHIT!" said Spike and he tried to broathe fire at him but he MISSED and the guy LUNGED at spike and pulledout a knife and the two rolled around on the floor but they didnt want Twilight to hear it cause Spike didnt want her to know he ordered pizza and the masked pony didnt want her to know he was trying to murder spike. But then he pulled his knife in the air and PUCNCHED spike in the face with the knife and he got stabbed! And he fell on the ground was motionless.

"Perfect, the first step of my evil plan is in motion" said the Mask Dude and he jumped out the window and broke his legs.

Later Twilight came up and saw Spike on the ground. "Oh NO!" said Twilight and she went to him "Speak to me spike!" But it was too late. He wasnt dead or anything, but he was asleep.

"God dammit" said Twilight. "He was stabbed but hes still alive but sleeping instead of dead. He musta been stabbed with a SLEEP KNIFE instead of a KILL KNIFE!"

and then Twilight got really angry and her mane turned into fire and her smile turned into frown and she looked kinda like she does in the story cover art but with fire hair. "I will avenge you Spike!" said Twilight. And she ran out the door and tried to find her friends to help her with the finding of the Masked Killer.

First she went to Sweet Apple Apples. "Hey Applejack I need you to help me find the masked killer!" She said.

"Alrighty partner what do you know about what he looks like?" Because lucky for Twilight, Applejack was, today, started up her own private investigator agency inside the barn.

"I dont know anything about what he looks like because I never saw him," said Twilight.

"Wow you suck." said Applejack. "Okay well lets find the others so we can track him down anyway."

So next they walked to Cloudsdale and knocked on Rinabow Dash's door, but her house was made of Cloud so instead they accidentally walk through the door into her house and saw Rainbow and she was doing her castinetic exercises and she had on the radio was playing the song "Born to be wild". When they went in APlpejack fell through the floor and off cloudsdale and hit the ground. Because she doesnt have wings so she cant stand on clouds.

"What the hell you guys?" said Rainbow. "Im busy right now! Why do you come in my house?"

"Theres a masked killer on the loose!" said Twilight. And she use her magic to bring Applejack back up to the house.

"Yeah what she said!" said Applejack. "You gotta help us catch him!"

"Ugh fine" said Rainbow, and she weant to turn off her Radio but then the radio also fell through the fllorr because it doesnt have wings so it cant stand on clouds.

"Now finally the last pony" said Twilight "Fluttershy." So they all went at Fluttershy house, and but then they had a feeling something was wrong!

"Guys I think the masked killer is here!" said Twilight. "Ugh I am so tired of fighting bad guys today."

So they all TORE the door off the hinges and went in Fluttershy's home, but no one was there. Except the masked killer. He was stealing lots of Fluttershy's money and stuff and her books and her couch and her TV and her carpet and her box of antique milk.

"Shit!" said the masked man and he RAN FOR IT!

"After him" said Twilight and the others!

"Right I agree" said Pinkie Pie. And they all ran after the masked killer who they don't know who it is.