• Published 19th Dec 2018
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Twilight sparkle is Really Mad now - jakkid166

Twilight is in Equestria because she live there and she is really mad cause now she has to deal with the NEW annoyoying bad guy and shes gonna have to fight to him. Bad

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Lies and Trickereys

"TWILIIIIIIIIGHT" I screamed completely at her as we fell through the air of the canterlot toward the ground.

"Detective jakkid I have you now!" said Twilight.

"Only literally, because you are holding me." I said. "But you dont have me FIGURATIVLEY! Besides you have wings so its not like we in danger."

"SHIT!" said Twilight and she got angry. "Jakkid you better surrender NOW!"

"Or what buster"

"Or else I will crash us into the ground and kill us BOTH!"

"Thats what you think probably." I said and then I KICKED twilight away from me and we flew away from each other. She was gonna come after me but then she hit the ground of canterlot while I went off the edge.

"NOOOOO!" screamed Twilight because she secretly dident want me to die because she knew it wasnt my fault I became evil. SHe ran to the edge of Canterlot and looked down and saw me falling but she didnt jump after me because she is scared of heights.

I put my hands on my hips and looked up at Twilight as I fell and said "Hahaha, you think I am in danger but you are wrong. I AM the danger!" And I pulled out my gun and shot down at the ground a bunch of times so fast that the re coil slowed me down from falling and I lande on the ground safely.

I made sure to jump out of the way of the bulets I shot while I was up there and brush my tie off and laughed, because I am a genius. "Heh. Fools" I said and I pulled the elemets of harmony out of my pocket. "I already had stolen the elements, so I went back to canterlot to PRETEND i failed to steal them so they won't know I have them!" and I ran off into the sunset laughing maniacly.

"God damn it!" said Twilight who was actualy listening to what I was saying. "Now he has the elements but I dont know about it! How am I gonne find out that he has them?"

and she thoughtabout it. "Aha ive GOT IT!" she said and she went back upstairs to the element room where everyone else does.

"Are you fucking done yet?" said Celestia.

"No," said Twilight. "He got away."

"Wow you suck."

"Also can you do me a favor" said Twilight "Tell me that jakkid has the elements of harmony."

"Uh okay," said Celestia. "Jakkid has the elements of harmony"

"WHAT THE FUCK? HOW" shouted twilight.

"Dammit he tricked us" said Applejack. "But it didnt actually work so its fine I guess."

"Well what now?" said everyone.

"We need to find Jakkid's secret evil base!" said Celestia.


"Haha," I said badly. "Now with the elements of evil I can enact my plan." and I saw a random guy walking by me and so I went to him. "Hey youre not a spy right?"

"Uhhhh" said the guy. "Not right now."

"Good" I said. "Now I can tell you my entire evil plan for no reason. You see, wihith the elements of harmony, I can able to make myself the GREATEST detective in the world!"

"But you already are"

"Yeah exactly, ill become even GREATER than MYSELF! If I have tha elements I can use them to unleash ALL villains that is imprisoned in Equestria. I can set free all those big villain places like Tartarus and Prisonville and the White House. And then when theyre free I can CAPTURE them again and become the gereatest hero in Equestria!"

"But what if the vilains beat you?" said the henchman guy.

"Pff I already beat the Twilight and her friends and theyre stronger than all the villains. Plus I have the elements so I can use those to beat the bad guys anyway."

"But only Twilightandherfriends can use the elemets!"

"You think I dident think of that?" I said "Watch." and I put all the elements into my blender and blended them up into a Element Smoothie.

"Element Smoothie!" I said showing it to him. "Dont drink this."

"Why not?"

"Because IM DRINKING IT!" I said and I Chug It Down.

"Shit" said the henchman and he watch as very dramatically, nothing happened. "Are you strong now?"

"Yep!" I said "With element magic too. Watch" I said and I punched the wall off my base. But then the base starte rumbling like it was gonna collapse.

"Oh crap that was a bad idea" I said and I ran and grabed the wall and put it back and it was fine.


"Okay," said Twilight at her map of Equestria. "This is the map of Equestria. He could be anywhere"

"Who cares about that" said Applejack who also had a paper map of Equestira. "If his base is in the map then I can solve this." and she threw her map in the fire place "See now his place will get burned down."

"Dumbass" said Twilight "Now come on if you people dont fucking help me we will never find jakkid's base."

"Wait a minute!" said Rainbow and she pointe to the part of the map that said "Detective jakkid166's top secret evil base". "Maybe thats it!"

"Maybe" said Twilight "Lets go check it out. Okay this map says his base's address is 6342 Evil Street."

"Sweet" said Pinkie and she put the adress into her GPS. "Okay Twilight it says that is 60 miles away so it should only take like a two days to get there. But actually the normal road is closed so we gota take a detour on the Free Way."

"Goddammit I hate taking the freeway" said Twilight. "Alright guys let's go."

But then a guy BURST through the doors!

"Who the hell are you?" said Rarity.

"That's my spy who I sent into Jakkid's minions to find out infomation on him," said luna. "He is a change linge"

"Yeah I am," said the guy and he turn back to a Cahngeling. "And I have IMPORTANT news to report!"

"What is it" said Twilight who didnt care.

"Jakkid has the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY!"

"Yeah we already know that because we told it to ourselves!" said Twilight. "Tell us what we dont know"

"Also he figuredout how to use the elements. And he DRANk them! And so now hes really powerful and shit!"

"OH NO!" said Fluttershy.

"Quick we gotta hunt down Jakkid fast," said Twilight.


The six of them all went to try and find where I was but they didnt know where I was so haha idiots. Wait a minute yeah they did cause they had the GPS. Oh crap

"Come on guys lets fuckin go!" said Twilight as they was all running down the Equestria freeway. "If we make it soon we can stop for Taco Bell on the way back"

"Sweet!" said Rainbow and they was motivated to go faster. But then some thing fellouta the SKY and CRASHED into the ground near them and almost hit them all

It was a MISSILE!

"SHIG!" said Twilight. "Hes throwing missiles at us!"

And it was true, I was at my base grabbing lots of missled and throwing them at the Equestria Freeway so Twilight and her friends couldnt get to me.

"Crap what do we do?!" said Rainbow "We gotta dodge the missles! But we dont know how many he has"

"Wait a minute Ihave an idea!" said Twilight. When one of the missels was coming for her she grabbe it with her magic and turned it around. "OKAY GUYS GET ON!"

and then she let go of tha missile and it flew back in the direction towards my base.

Meanwhile I was throwing more missles still until I SAW THEM COMING RIGHT FOR ME

"OH SHIT" I said and I ran back inside my base and locked the door.

And then Twilight and the restofthem all crashed into the ground but the missle didnt explode cause it was a dud.

"Alright!" said Twiright "Now lets go stop jakkid."