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Holiday Horror Story: Cozy Glowzy - WP

The “Must Have Toy of the Season!” She walks, talks, and scares you to death!

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Hearth's Warming Eve

It all began when the sun was setting in Sires Hollow, where Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst stood by the fireplace, enjoying the warming comfort from the fire. It was snowing softly across the sky, and for a moment, there was peace.

“Puudin!” a voice from afar said.

“Ugh, Dad I thought we talked about this” said Starlight.

“I remember, and you said not in public” said Firelight walking into the living room holding a box.
“But we’re in my house, so it’s not public! My Holiday Sugar Plum!”

Starlight groans while Sunburst snickers to himself, before saying, “Hey cheer up Starlight, it’s Hearth’s Warming Eve, maybe you should give him a break?”

“Oh, Sunburst!!” a cheerier voice from afar, took his smile away

“I spoke too soon.”

In walks Stellar Flare, dressed in warm classy clothes as if she’s going somewhere. “Sorry Sunburst, but I just still can’t get over the fact that you chose to spend the holidays with us this year!” She grabs her son and pulls him in for a big hug, and Firelight does the same with Starlight, joining together for a big group hug.

After the hug, Starlight spoke.
“Well it only seemed fair since I spent last year in Twilight’s castle, and Sunburst with the Crystal empire family. That, and we did both promise to visit more often.”

“And we are super grateful puddin! I used to celebrate Hearth’s Warming, in the Preservation Society party every year.”

“And I’m in charge of the Hearth’s Warming party for the Development Committee every year” Stellar added, “but thanks to the both of you, this year we’re having one big party for the Preservation Society and the Development Committee!”

“So we can all celebrate together! What do you think?” asked Firelight.

Starlight and Sunburst were reluctant to say the least. Both sitting there with open eyes wondering if they can still catch a train back home. They love their parent very much, but they don’t know anyone else in town, they’re the only friends they have in this town.

Both parents then said together, “Just kidding!!” and burst into laughter. Starlight and Sunburst are more confused than ever.

“Oh, we got them good!” said Stellar “Ahem, we know the perfect gift for you both, we’ve decided to go to our party, and let you three have your own party”

“Wait, three of us?” asked Starlight.

“That’s right Starlight!” said Firelight. “You can come in now!”

Coming around the corner is a unicorn, wearing a big hat and an extravagant cape with a big ego to complete the image.

“Stellar, you didn’t tell me my nephew was so adorable!”

“What!” said Sunburst.

“Blazen! What are you doing here!” Stellar said, “I told you to meet us at the party!”

Blazen has a similar resemblance to her sister Stellar Flare, only she had a lighter shade of orange in her coat, and much longer mane style.

“Oh, sorry I’m not wrapped in a bow either” she said, “Relax I’m not staying, I’m just here to give Sunburst and Starlight their Hearth’s Warming gift early” She presented them both with a box with a lid.

“Uh, thanks Aunt Blazen but is this gift for the both of us?” said Sunburst


“Then why does the tag say ‘Merry Ex-Mas Moron!’

“OH!” Blazen quickly grabbed the tag with her magic, and frantically stuffed it into her mouth. “I’m so sorry!” She then for some reason chewed and swallowed the tag. “That was for my ex-coltfriend I must have mixed the tags”

Starlight asked “Is this the wrong gift?”

“No, definitely not, heh, his gift was in a way bigger box... with air holes in it… and smells like a skunk… I gave him a skunk okay!”

“Well there goes my plan for Hearth’s Warming without embarrassing family members” Stellar said quietly to Firelight. There was a knock at the door.

“Ah” said Firelight

“That must be the ACTUAL gift to Starlight and Sunburst.” Stellar glares to her sister for a second. “Come in!”

In walks the great and powerful Trixie, with a little bit of snow from the outside flurries. Starlight immediately got excited and ran to give her friend a hug. Sunburst soon followed. “Trixie, how did you get here?”

“Well you told me you were going to your home, but your dad sent me a letter, inviting me to stay the night”

“Dad? really!?” she said excitedly.

“Sure thing puddin!”

“Wow, this was really thoughtful, I’m really impressed!”

“Oh that’s not all” added Stellar, floating over the gift Firelight was carrying earlier.

Starlight unwrapped the gift, and smiled as soon as she saw it, “Dragon Pit!” Trixie and Sunburst also smiled. Content with their plan working so well, Firelight and Stellar were ready to head off.

Firelight said “Have fun while we’re out! Help yourselves to any food in the kitchen, music on the record player, or anything you need”

“Thanks again dad, you really out-did yourself”

“Well I did have some help” looking toward Stellar Flare.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming!” Stellar said.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming!” the three said waving them goodbye.

“Wait!” said Blazen “You didn’t open my gift!” floating over her present with a big smile on her face. “Go on open it!” Starlight took the gift with her magic, gave a small smile, and opened the lid. Inside was a small pony doll with a cream coat, blue curly mane, and big copper colored eyes. It was also wearing a white elegant dress with tiny white shoes on the bottom hooves, it looked and was the size of a baby. Starlight, Sunburst, and Trixie all looked at it completely confused.

“You like it?” asked Blazer. “It’s Cozy Glowzy, the must have toy of the season!” Starlight floated the doll with her magic and saw a drawstring on her back, she pulled on it and heard the doll say in a sweet yet robotic voice,

“I’m Cozy Glowzy.”

Blazen saw all the confused faces and felt a little less sure. “But if you’re too old for toys I understand, it is a collectible, and in mint condition so it could be worth something.” She nervously laughs. Silence filled the room.

Sunburst was the first to show a smile, he walked toward his aunt and gave her a hug. “I love the gift, thank you Aunt Blazen.” Blazen felt a lot better and returned the hug, relieved she said

“Well that’s good, I was worried I may have 300 bits on something terrible” The whole room stared at her with wide eyes.

“This doll costs 300 bits!” Starlight said.

“Yes, last time I’ll ever buy something from the JC Whinney Catalog! Anyways, have fun kids, us older ponies will get out of your manes!”

“Bye everyone” said Sunburst. With that the doors close, the three gather to the window watching them walk away from the house. They’re finally gone. Trixie exclaimed

“So, what do you want to do first Starlight? I brought some games of my own.”

“We could play Dragon Pit or some of the other games in this house” said Sunburst.

“Actually I’m a bit hungry myself, how about we check the kitchen and see what we can find.”

“Ooh Yeah, I’m starving, now that you mention it” said Trixie. As they all walk off into the kitchen, they leave the box with the doll open on the floor, the doll’s eyes staring blankly into the ceiling. Trixie was looking in the pantry,

“Oh! Marshmallows, we can make smores!”

“Great idea Trix, that would go great with hot cocoa” Starlight said while she’s pouring 3 cups of chocolate. “Sunburst do you see any gram crackers?”

“Hmm, nope, I do see some gingerbread”

“That will work fine” said Starlight “Let’s go to the fireplace.”

Forks in hand they all prep their marshmallows for cooking then Trixie notices the doll,

“Ugh, this doll is creepier than a clown, or worse yet, Snips and Snails using pick up lines!”

“You think that’s creepy, this doll looks just like Cozy Glow, a student from Twilight’s school” said Starlight, to which Sunburst replied

“You think the name and the look might be coincidence?”

“I don’t know, it seems very fishy to me.”

Sunburst then said “Still it’s a 300 bit doll, the best thing to do is put it back in the box, and stow it out of the way, and just forget about it.” Sunburst put away the box over by a desk far away from them.

“It will be hard to forget those giant eyes looking at you” said Trixie,

“Oh that’s not so bad” said Sunburst, “Flurry hearts eyes are much bigger.” Starlight laughed at that joke. “Don’t tell anyone I said that, by the way.”

Time passed, they got their fill on snacks and were telling jokes, crazy stories, and new year resolutions. Trixie was telling her story, everyone full of cocoa and marshmallows.

“So there I was, lying on the ground Starlight finally came back with my wagon, so we wanted a trade-back, but the pony still didn’t want to.”

“Really!?” said Sunburst

“Yeah really, the only way we managed to get the wagon back was by doing a ridiculous friendship chant we made up on the spot.”

“Haha, what!? Seriously, who does this pony think he is!?”

“Do you still remember the chant Starlight?”

“Hahaha, no!”

Sunburst then asked, “Can you guys show me how it went?” Trixie turned to Starlight and said,

“You wanna show him?” Starlight walked toward Trixie,

“Sure, why not” Their attempt at a friendship chant was as bad as it was the first time, maybe even worse, because at the very end, they were both losing their balance. The whole show made Sunburst laugh so hard he was teary eyed.

“Hahaha, oh I have to stop, I’ll pee myself, haha. I gotta go to a bathroom” Sunburst ran off, the girls were laughing too when he ran. In the bathroom Sunburst was washing his hooves in from of the bathroom mirror, and when he saw his face in the mirror, he also saw, “Aahh!” A thud could be heard from the living room.

“Sunburst?” Starlight called, “Is everything alright?”

Sunburst walked into the living room holding the doll with his magic.

“Very funny you two, who put Cozy Glowzy in the bathroom? you really got me, but this thing genuinely terrified me! The last thing I need are two giant eyes watching me pee.”

“The doll? I didn’t put it in the bathroom” said Starlight.

“Yeah I didn’t either I thought we left it in the box” she turn to the desk where the box is but the box lid was open. Sunburst quickly walked toward it,

“Okay, as much fun as lack of privacy is, which it isn’t. Let’s just keep the doll in the box for the night. Deal?”

“Deal” they both said.

The night went on, and these three ponies were tense, they were staring each other down. It was Trixie’s turn to roll the dice.

“Six!” she screamed, “Yes I win!”

“Congratulations” said Sunburst.

“Yeah, it only took 30 games of Dragon Pit for you to get the hang of it” said Starlight.

“Oh Pish-Posh a win is a win” said Trixie. “I’m going to get some chips.”

Trixie walks across the hallway, about to walk into the kitchen, but there was a door that caught her eye. I single door with a do not open sign on the handle. Temptations were too high for her, she slowly opened the door and stepped in the room. It was dark, she felt a chill crawl up her spine.

“Hahahaha” a soft childlike laughter was in the air.

She heard it again towards the closet, she couldn’t handle it anymore, she was scared but she had to find out. Like a bandage, she thought to herself, 1..2..3! When she opened the door a skull fell out of the closet and landed near her hooves.

“AAAAaahhh!!” Starlight and Sunburst quickly ran into the room and turned on the lights.

“Trixie, what’s wrong? What is it?” said Starlight.

Trixie jumped into Sunburst so he can catch her, but he wasn’t that good at catching. They both fell to the ground, Trixie landing on Sunburst.

“There’s a skull!! A real skull right there, someone’s on a murder spree, and we’re next!”

“Trixie calm down” said Starlight. “It’s a fake skull”


“This is my old room.”

Trixie now sees the well lit room decorated with various spikes edgy posters and rock memorabilia.

“Why do you have a fake skull in your room?” asked Trixie.

“I went through a bit of a phase OK?” said Starlight.

“But I heard laughter!” said Trixie

“It’s probably all in your head Trix.”

“Um Trixie, can you continue, but get off me first?” said Sunburst.

“Oh sorry.”

As she got up, she heard the laughing again.


She screamed and pointed her hoof at Starlight’s bed pillow.

“I’m Cozy Glowzy.”

The Cozy Glowzy doll was standing on the pillow.

“All right, that’s it!” said Starlight “Trixie are you doing this?”


“I’m not doing this either!” said Sunburst.

“Well it has to be one of you guys.”

“What?” said Trixie, “If anything YOU’RE the one likely doing this, that doll scared, only me and Sunburst so far.”

“OK” said Starlight, “Y’know what?”

she says walking toward the doll,

“I’m taking you to the safe!”

Doll in magic, she walks back to the living room over near the desk. Starlight stuffs the doll into the box and closes the lid, then pulls a book from the top shelf that opened the entire bookcase outward, turning it into a giant door. After the bookcase was fully opened, there was a chest behind, with a padlock. After entering the code, the padlock opened and she placed the box inside, closing the chest and locking it with the padlock. She then closed the bookcase locking it in place.

“Starlight, have you always had that?” a concerned Sunburst asked.

“I had a lot of phases OK?” said Starlight.

The night went on, and the three ponies decided to calm down and play a relaxing game of go fish.

“Got any 3’s” said Starlight,

she was getting tired, she had a very eventful night.

“Go fish” said Trixie.

“Got any 5’s Trixie?”


“Got any 7’s Starlight?”

“Go Fish.”

Starlight was starting to get drowsy, until she looked up at Trixie, Cozy Glowzy was behind Trixie in the corner of the room. Starlight blinked and mentally freaked, until she saw the corner empty again.

“Uh Trix?...do you have any 2’s?”

“Yes, here you go.”

Trixie levitated the card, but when Starlight looked at Trixie’s face, the doll was right next to Trixie’s face.


“Starlight what is it, it’s just a 2!” said Trixie

“Uh yeah, I’m just freaking out because I won, look!”

she puts her cards on the ground, she had no pairs whatsoever.

“See? Full house! Trixie, let me get that”

“Get what?” said Trixie.

Starlight walked past Trixie grabbed the doll, and grabbed the empty chip bowl, hiding the doll in it.

“I’m going to get some chips, be right back” Starlight said quickly.

Trixie and Sunburst, looked at each other confused. Starlight stormed into the kitchen and she placed the doll on the counter

“Look dolly freak face! I’m done playing tricks with you”

“I’m Cozy Glowzy” the doll replied.

“I know that already! Just shut up!”

Starlight took a breath to realize she’s yelling at a doll.

“(grunt), look just leave us alone or I’ll throw you into the fireplace. Do you hear me dolly! I’m gonna get you!”

“I’m Cozy Glowzy...And I’ll get you!”

Starlight looked back with complete terror.

”OK I’m officially terrified, into the fire you go”

Starlight grabs the doll and walks to the living room. Trixie and Sunburst see the doll in Starlight’s magic, they both gasped.

“This doll got out, I don’t know how, but this doll is trouble” said Starlight.

“What should we do?” said Sunburst.

“Throw it in the fire” said Starlight and Trixie at the same time

“Jinx!” said Trixie.

“Guys! There could be real jinx if we don’t get rid of this!”

At that moment, the fireplace suddenly went out, room got dark and laughter can be heard, then the doll said

“I’m Cozy Glowzy...let’s play a game”

All 3 of them screamed bloody murder screams. Starlight dropped the doll and immediately tried to start the fire, but the wood wouldn’t burn. Then Trixie got an idea,

“Guys I got it!”

Trixie grabbed the doll in her hooves, and threw the doll into the window. It didn’t break it just bounced back to the floor.

“Well I’m all out of ideas” said Trixie.

“Ah, I do know one spell” said Sunburst while he levitated a quill and parchment from the desk. “I’ll write a letter for help and send it to my mother”

“Oh like what Spike can do?” said Starlight.

“Yes” and with that, he finished the letter, cast a light from his horn that consumed the letter, and it disappeared.

“Uh, Starlight?...Where is the doll?”

Everyone was looking at the letter disappear, they didn’t notice the doll disappeared! With the fire out, the room was dark and cold.

“Alright, I know this looks bad, but let’s not panic” said Starlight. The doll’s laughter echoed through the room.

“Starlight...” said Trixie, “Now is the perfect time to panic”

Back at the party for the Development committee and the Preservation Society, Firelight, Stellar Flame, and Blazer were all laughing and having a good time. Suddenly the laughter stopped when Stellar’s horn lit a bright light, and out of the light came a scroll.

“Hello? What is this?” she said. “Du du du du hum, What!? In danger!? Blazer!”

“What?! Why do you always assume it’s me?”

“It specifically says here a doll is attacking them” said Stellar with a very unamused tone.

“Oh dear! I hope I didn’t send the wrong one!” said Blazer.

“We better go save them!” said Firelight.

Back at the house, the three ponies were shivering, backs against each other scanning every inch of the room looking for Cozy Glowzy.

“Trixie” said Sunburst “Can’t you smoke bomb our way out?”

“Sorry, I’m all out!” she said.

“I’m all out too” said Sunburst.

“Out of what?” asked Starlight.

“Ideas..hope...dreams, you name it” he said.

“Oh come on, don’t be a big baby!” said Starlight.

“Oh yeah!? Well would a big baby do this?!”

Right at that moment, a book from the shelf fell on the ground.

“Aahh!! We’re gonna die!!!”

“Yes” said Starlight “A baby would totally cry over a doll. Well jokes on you dolly! It’s so dark we can’t even see you scare us so HA!”

Right at that moment. A Match lit up, two feet away from them on a shelf on a wall and hold it up is the doll.

“I’m Cozy Glowzy.”


They all screamed, they all ran as fast as they can to Starlight’s room. There’s the Doll!


They ran to the kitchen, there standing was Cozy Glowzy.


They ran to the front door and opened it. There stood the filly with red curly hair and a cream coat with a big smile.


they ran back inside.

“That’s the last time I try caroling by myself”

said the random little filly that coincidentally looked like Cozy Glow.

“She’s everywhere!” screamed Trixie.

“No I’m not, I’m right here!” said Cozy Glowzy.

Standing in the middle of the living room fireplace now lit with a green fire. Suddenly a strong wind blew in a vortex levitating the doll. Various objects from the living room flying across in a circle. The static face of the doll, now changing into a vicious smile. Suddenly the door opened and the parents came to the rescue!

“Mom!” said Sunburst

“Dad!” said Starlight.

“YOU!” said Trixie to Aunt Blazen.

“Look at what you did!”

Blazen looked at the living room and said “Oh dear, but this is the right doll!”

“What?!” They all said.

“Yeah, the catalog said it livens up any party guaranteed!”

“This isn’t livening up, this is terrifying!” said Stellar Flare.

“Oh don’t worry, it says in the instructions you pull her string once to turn it on, and pull it again to turn it off. The catalog mentioned it’s important to pull her string if you think it’s going to far, otherwise it will go bonkers.”

She then looks at the living room, still in it’s green tornado of evil.

“Yeah, I think it got to that point.”

Everyone gave her a terribly cold stare, she then lit her horn to pull the string. She struggles.

“Hngh, Ugh it feels like it weighs a ton!”

“Let me try” said Starlight, but Blazen wasn’t kidding, that string felt like a ton.

“Ah, I can’t!”

“Let me help” said Firelight.

“Me too,” said Stellar.

The three unicorns all focused, the all grabbed the drawstring it started to move, but they were all struggling. Trixie and Sunburst joined it too. Blazen also joined, and the string was almost fully extended,

“Just a little more!!” said Starlight.

Then one last pull and the doll’s face suddenly changed to fear as if she got stabbed by a knife. Everyone let go of the string and as the string was pulling back into the doll, Cozy Glowzy was trying to stop it,

“Noo!! ” she said. The string was almost fully inside, and with a struggle she said,

“I’m Cozy Glowzy,”

Everything suddenly fell to the ground. Including the doll. The fireplace was back to it’s normal flame, and everything was back to normal. Blazen walks up to the doll, holds it up, and said

“Well, I definitely want my bits back.”

Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst all collapse to the floor.

Time passed and everyone was under a blanket, snacking on some fresh sweet rolls. Then Starlight spoke

“Sorry you missed the rest of your party.”

“Oh it’s alright, Pumki Wumpkins!” said Firelight, “What’s important is that you’re all safe”

“Yeah” said Stellar, “Sorry my sister ruined your night.”

“Heh heh, yeah, sorry again...And thanks for not kicking me out.”

“Honestly it’s OK, I had a great night” said Sunburst.

“Nerdyponysaywhat?” said Trixie.

“Well the doll part was terrifying, but I made such a great bond with you two, that no amount of Dragon Pit can do.” Starlight then added

“And I guess it’s cool to be rescued by your parents, if you all didn’t come, we wouldn’t have been able to pull the string” said Starlight.

“Having your parents rescue you it’s...well...It’s kinda like being a little kid again.”

Stellar and Firelight both blush at that comment.

“But keep in mind I love being a grown adult!” Starlight quickly added.

“Well I for one, think this night was too much!” said Trixie. “I’ve been traumatized more that I ever wished, made memories I’ll probably never forget!, stayed in the hospitality of some great ponies,”

as she continues she tears up a little more.

“Saw all of you protect me when I got scared, and for what? I’m not even part of this family, and you’ve given me the....best Hearth’s Warming Eve I have ever had...”

She starts crying and everyone huddles toward her.

“Sniff, I’m sorry, I, I’ve just been on the road for so long, I haven’t had a family Hearth’s Warming Eve in a long time.”

“Hey Trix...” Starlight interrupted also teary eyed.

“You’re our family tonight!”

They all gathered in a big family hug, and it warmed the whole house.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming...My Family” said Trixie.

And so they celebrated, with love in their hearts
Their bond can’t be ruined, not even by scary doll parts
And where was this doll? Why it’s outside in the clink
Stuffed in the trash, without even a blink
So be with your loved ones this Holiday night
Because if your heart is full of love, your home is full of light.

The End.

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"My name is Talking Tina and I'm going to kill you."

*Applause* Great story! Very enjoyable with just enough scary to not be too scary but still suspenseful. The doll appearing in various places despite being put away in all sorts of spots was neat and I think the way Cozy Glozy got Sunburst the best. I know I'd be creeped out if something like that showed up on me in the bathroom.
The story behind what the doll was intended for was great, too. It all came together very well. Thanks for the read. :)

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