• Published 11th Sep 2018
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The Drake Bros. - BrawnyBold

Spike attracts the hearts of certain girls but it is hard for them to get his attention as he spends most of his time with his delinquent brother, Scales. The girls try to win Spike's love while staying on Scales' good side.

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New Boys on Campus

A majority of students were coming in to Canterlot High's entrance while some were standing outside to hang out before the morning bell rang. Two particular teenage boys were approaching the school grounds. One of the boys was named Spike and he was fifteen years old. He has green, spiky hair and was shorter than most boys his age. He wore a purple dragon hoody and blue jeans. The other boy was named Scales and he was sixteen years old. He had dark blue spiky hair that was combed back and he stood taller than Spike. What made Scales stood out was his long black jacket with matching black jeans and boots.

As both of the boys made their way towards the school entrance, they caught the attention from a few of the students.

"Are those new students?" one of the students whispered. "I never seen them before."

"I think the small one looks so cute!" one girl giggled from Spike's adorable appearance.

"That guy with the blue hairdo looks kinda intimidating," a boy whispered nervously. Scales heard the whisper and decided to have some fun. He turn to the boy and gave him an wild growl. The boy yelped and fell on his butt.

'Hmph, too easy.' Scales snickered as he turned to catch up with Spike. It wasn't long till Spike stopped in front of a door labeled: Principal's Office

"Come on, Scales!" Spike called out. "I found the principal's office!"

"Coming," Scales replied as he reached towards Spike. Spike knocked on the door a few times before a older female's voice called out, "Come in!"

Spike and Scales entered the room to see an older woman sitting in a desk. She had long blue hair that was wavy. Her choice of clothing was a violet shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.

"Good morning, boys." the woman said. "You must be the new students?"

"That's right," Spike smiled.

"I'm Vice-Principal Luna," Luna said before she got up. "I'll let my sister know that you have arrived." Luna went to the door behind her. After a few seconds, Luna returned and said, "Principal Celestia is ready to see you now,"

Spike and Scales made their way into the next room, where they saw a woman taller than Luna standing in front of them. This woman had hair with a mix of pink, blue, purple, and green. She wore a yellow jacket and purple dress pants.

"I'm Principal Celestia," the woman said as she offered to shake the boys' hands.

"It is nice to meet you boys," Spike took both of Celestia's hands and gave them a nice shake.

"The honor is ours!" Spike replied with a smile. Scales just gave a small shrug.

"Okay," Celestia said in confusion. "I have your class schedules all set and the locks to your new lockers." She handed the boys the papers and the locks.

"Luckily, both of you will have Ms. Cheerilee for homeroom." Principal Celestia said.

"Yay!" Spike cheered childishly. "I'm in the same class with Scales!"

Scales just turned away, looking uninterested. Principal Celestia felt a bit uncertain when she saw Scales, but she shook it off as it wasn't polite to judge people based on his or her appearance.

Once Spike and Scales exited Celestia's office, they followed Luna as she gave a brief tour of the school. Spike was amazed as there were so many places the school had to offer. Scales just nods and said 'okay' as if he didn't care. After the tour, Luna showed the boys to Ms. Cheerilee's classroom.

"If you boys need anything, please contact me or my sister for assistance." Luna waved them goodbye before leaving. Soon, it was just Spike and Scales standing in front of the classroom door.

"So, " Spike turned to Scales. "ready bro?"

"Fine," Scales replied before both of them entered the room. The first person they saw was a woman with maroon hair who the boys assume was Ms. Cheerilee.

"Why, hello there!" Ms. Cheerilee said and turned to the other students.

"Class! May I have your attention, please!" the students stopped and turned to Ms. Cheerilee.

"Allow me to introduce our new students: Scales Drake and Spike Drake!" Ms. Cheerilee gestured to the brothers.

"Nice to meet you all!" Spike squealed with excitement.

"Whatever," Scales grumbled.

"As you may guess, yes, they are brothers." Ms. Cheerilee said. "I hope all of you will get along for the entire school year!"

After the introductions, Ms. Cheerilee began her class which was biology. Spike sat in the empty desk that was on the front of the class while Scales sat in an empty desk at the very back, which he didn't mind. The lessons went on while Spike paid close attention to what Ms. Cheerilee says. Little did he knew, the girls sitting around Spike were giggling and making goo-goo eyes at him. The girls shared the same thought,

"He is such a cutie!" The other boys notice this and were ticked off for Spike getting the most attention from the girls. Just like the girls, the boys shared a common thought too,

"That runt is gonna pay!" The bell rang as a sign that class was over. Once Spike started packing up his bag, a girl with blue and periwinkle hair approached him.

"Hi there!" the girl said to Spike.

"Oh, hello!" Spike replied.

"I'm Minuette! It's so nice to see a new student here at CHS!" the girl gave a smile that showed off her purely white teeth.

"That's good to know," Spike said. It wasn't long till two more girls approached Spike. One of the girls had curly pink hair and the other had cerulean hair.

"Hi! I'm Lemon Heart!" the cerulean haired girl said.

"I'm Twinkleshine!" the pink haired girl included.

"I was wondering if you would like to walk together to your next class," Lemon Heart said with a blush. Minuette and Twinkleshine showed anger on their faces.

"Yo, Bro!" Scales called out, interrupting the three girls from any conflicts from happening. "We got to head to our next class!"

"Coming, bro!" Spike said as he picked up his bag and got out of his desk. "Sorry girls, but I have to go. See ya!" As Spike left the classroom with Scales, Minuette, Lemon Heart, and Twinkleshine thought, 'That stupid brother ruined my chances with my Spike!'

"So Spike, what class you have next?" Scales asked.

Spike looked at his schedule.

"I have Algebra next." Spike replied. "What about you?"

"Home Economics," Scales replied. "looks like we'll be splitting up for now." Spike showed a nervous look on his face.

"Don't worry," Scales placed a hand on Spike's shoulder. "We meet up at lunch time, just be yourself."

"Okay," Spike smiled before receiving a head rub from his brother. Once Scales went towards his class, Spike turned to go to Algebra. At a far distance, a girl with long, pink hair was hiding behind a row of lockers. She was staring at Spike and her heart started to beat faster. A small blush appeared on her face as she watched Spike walked away from her view.

"So cute," The hidden girl whispered to herself.

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