• Published 11th Sep 2018
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The Drake Bros. - BrawnyBold

Spike attracts the hearts of certain girls but it is hard for them to get his attention as he spends most of his time with his delinquent brother, Scales. The girls try to win Spike's love while staying on Scales' good side.

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The First Day Experience

Spike arrived to his Algebra class to see that most of the classmates were still talking to one another. Once the bell rang, everyone went to take their seats. All of the students were seated and Spike was able to find an empty seat next to a girl with long dark blue hair with pink streaks on it. The girl was really distracted with her reading as her face was so close to her book. The classroom door opened to reveal a short, middle-aged man with short, black hair. The man wore a dark green sweater and red pants. His expression was grumpy as if he really didn't want to be here right now.

"Time to get started class, according to my attendance sheet we have a new student." The man looked around until he saw Spike.

"Hello young man, I'm Mr. Doodle. Would you please stand up and introduce yourself." Spike did as Mr. Doodle said and stood up.

"My name is Spike Drake and it's a pleasure to meet all of you!" Spike gave a smile and most of the class replied with 'hi' or 'nice to meet you'. Some of the girls started giggling to Spike's adorable face.

"Love the enthusiasm, " Mr. Doodle replied. He stopped when he noticed the girl who was still reading.

"Ms. Sparkle," Mr. Doodle cleared his throat but the girl didn't respond. He grumbled before he approached the girl's desk to slightly move one of her pencils.

"Gah!" The girl gasped, only to have some of the students snicker.

"Sorry Mr. Doodle, I got too caught up on my reading." The girl chuckled nervously.

"It's alright, just don't do it again." Mr. Doodle said before he went to grab a marker and began writing on the board. "Now to start the lesson, class!" The lessons went on with Mr. Doodle writing equations and explaining them. Spike tried his best to write notes on the lesson and he was starting to have difficulties. Next to Spike, there was another girl who was giving him flirty glances. She had light blue hair with a purple star on it. When class was over, Mr. Doodle said,

"Alright class, you have five minutes before the bell rings. Get your things packed up." The students did what Mr. Doodle said and started packing up their books and papers. The girl with dark blue hair noticed Spike struggling with his work and decided to walk over to see what was wrong. She saw that Spike was working on some of the problems Mr. Doodle showed during class.

"Mind if I help?" Spike looked up to see it was the girl who was distracted from reading.

"It's a simple problem if explained a little more," the girl showed her method of solving the equation and it wasn't long for Spike to solve it himself.

"Wow, thanks!" Spike smiled.

"It's no problem," the girl offered her hand.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle." Spike then gave Twilight a handshake.

"I'm Spike Drake, the new guy!" Spike replied.

"You must be really smart and nice to help me." Spike's comment made Twilight's face heat up with a blush. She usually gets praised for her intelligence by her friends or family. It was rare for a boy to not only call Twilight smart but also nice as well.

"Well, I have my moments." Twilight said nervously. Before Twilight and Spike continued their conversation, the girl with light blue hair approached them.

"Greetings, newcomer!" the girl said to Spike.

"Call me the Great and Powerful Trixie!" the girl spun her hand around, only to have a purple wizard hat with stars and moons appear in her hand. She then placed the hat on her head and gave a wink.

"It's always a pleasure to see a new face," Trixie noticed the classwork Spike was doing.

"Perhaps I could assist you with your studying. Trixie is quite a mathematician when it comes to it." Twilight rolled her eyes from Trixie's boast.

"Thanks Trixie, but Twilight is helping me. Perhaps another time?" Trixie looked at Twilight before turning back to Spike.

"Very well," Trixie got closer to place a finger on Spike's nose.

"See you around, cutie." Trixie giggled as she turned and walked away. Twilight felt a bit annoyed after seeing Trixie showed some affection to Spike.

"I should get going too." Spike said as he and Twilight started to pack up their things. Spike and Twilight went their separate ways to their next classes. Spike turned and called out,

"Bye Twilight! You're a great friend!"

"I appreciate it!" Once Spike was farther away, Twilight sighed heavily.

'I can't believe I acted all nervous near Spike!' Twilight thought. 'I know I don't talk to people that much, but Spike felt different.' She started to blush when Spike appeared in her mind.

"It's probably nothing," Twilight said to herself before she continued towards her next class.

Art was Spike's next class and he was able to find the art room in no time. He entered the room where he stopped to notice something near the corner. A girl with neatly brushed purple hair was sitting while talking to some of the female students. Spike couldn't stop looking at her as he was distracted by her dazzling blue eyes and sparkling complexion.

'She looks like a princess,' Spike thought to himself. His attention was interrupted when the school bell rang. Everyone started to take their seats and Spike froze when he saw an empty seat near the purple haired girl. He gulped and slowly made his way to sit on his desk without drawing attention to the girl. Despite Spike's efforts, the girl noticed him right away.

"Why hello there," the purple haired girl said.

"Are you new here? I haven't seen you around before." The girl waited for a reply.

"I'm Rarity, what's your name? The only thing Spike could muster up was a nervous laugh and a nod. A blonde-haired man wearing glasses and a green sweater with an orange collar entered the classroom.

"Greetings, class!" the man called out.

"I'm so excited to start another great semester of expressing ourselves through our creativity." He then looked and noticed Spike.

"Oh! It seems we have a new student." Most of the students turned to Spike.

"Would you care to introduce yourself to the class?" The man asked.

Spike quickly stood up and said with a nervous grin, "Hi class, I'm Spike Drake." He then sat down with nothing else to say.

"Okay," the man said before he cleared his throat.

"I'm Mr. Trenderhoof and I'm Canterlot High's art teacher. Class, I hope you all will get along with Mr. Drake for this semester." The students nodded in agreement.

"Now let's begin!" Trenderfhoof said with glee.

"Take out your sketch books and sketch anything that you would consider beautiful. It could be an object, a person, or a place. Sketch whatever your imagination comes to mind," The students began sketching on their pads. Rarity was already working on her sketches as it was filled with fancy dresses. She finds it odd that Spike often takes quick glimpses between her and his sketch pad. While avoiding getting spotted by Spike, Rarity leaned over to see what he has drawn. To the Rarity's surprise, it was almost a perfect drawing of her.

"Wow," the purple haired girl said. "that looks amazing!" Spike jumped from the girl's comment and tried to cover his work.

"Sorry," Rarity said sheepishly, "I couldn't help but noticed it was me in your drawings. You're quite the artist."

With Spike in such a nervous state, he did his courage and whispered, "You are very pretty."

Rarity did a double take from Spike's response, "I'm sorry?"

"You're just like a princess." Spike blushed after what he blurted out to Rarity. Before Spike could say or do anything, Rarity giggled with her hand covering her mouth.

"No one has ever said that to me that before," Rarity replied. "I'm actually glad."

"Really?" Spike said curiously.

"Indeed," Rarity nodded. "most of the boys this school are too shy or nervous to say anything to me. You sounded like you said that from your heart, is that true?"

"Y-Yes!" Spike said.

"Thank you, Spike." Rarity then gave a small peck on Spike's head. He blushed with more red on his face.

'I think I'm going to like this one,' Rarity giggled as she and Spike continued with their class.

It was lunchtime and everyone went to the cafeteria. Spike made his way to the tables with his tray full of food.

"Spike!" Twilight called out from the distance.

"Hey Twilight, what's up?" Spike replied.

"I thought I could introduce you to some of my friends. I think they would love to see a new student." Twilight said.

"Sorry Twilight," Spike said. "but I have to find my brother. He promised to meet me at lunch after our classes were over."

"Oh, okay." Twilight said. "See you later then." Spike scanned the cafeteria until he saw Scales sitting outside on one of the benches.

"Hey Scales!" Spike smiled.

"Oh, hey bro." Scales waved at him. While Spike and Scales were eating together, Twilight made her way back to her friends' table where Rarity and two other girls were present. One of the girls had rainbow hair and red eyes. The other girl had blonde hair and wore a cowboy hat.

"Hey Rainbow, hey Applejack" Twilight stopped when she noticed her rainbow haired friend was in a grumpy mood. "What's wrong, Rainbow Dash?"

"Rainbow had a bad run with a new student at P.E." Applejack replied. "This new guy out maneuvered Dash in soccer and rubbed it in her face. Then, she got angry and tried to kick the ball at him but he dodged and it hit Coach Spitfire on the face! Rainbow now has to deal with a week's worth of detention."

Twilight felt uncertain when she heard 'new student' and asked, "Was this new student named Spike?"

"No!" Rainbow Dash grumbled. "His name was Scales and he just pisses me off!"

"Oh! So you have met Spike?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah, we met in Algebra class. He needed help with his classwork and I offered some advise." Twilight said.

"Have you met him, Rarity?" Twilight asked.

"Why yes," Rarity said. "and might I say he is the most adorable boy I have ever met! He said that I was like a princess."

"Really?" Twilight said in disbelief. A part of Twilight felt a bit jealous of Rarity, but the bookworm brushed it off.

"Where are Pinkie and Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

"They're still waiting in line for some lunch." Rarity replied. It wasn't long till a girl with dark pink, puffy hair and the timid girl with long pink hair approached the others.

"Hey guy!" Pinkie called out. "How were classes?"

"Quite interesting," Rarity replied.

The final bell rang and everyone exited the school for the day. Spike met up with Scales and they made their way back home.

"First day of school was amazing!" Spike said with glee.

"That's good to know, bro." Scales said.

"Now I can't wait till tomorrow!" Spike ran ahead of his brother. As they continued to walk, Scales caught of glimpse of something behind them. He turned to see no one there. A few more steps passed till Scales turned to see something pink dashing behind a wall. Scales started to grow suspicious as he felt like someone was following him and Spike.

"Hey bro!" Scales called as he ran closer to Spike.

"What's up, Scales?" Spike asked.

"How about we go this way?" Scales said as he led Spike to an empty alley.

"Umm, ok?" Spike said in confusion. The brothers entered the nearby alley only for Scales to stop Spike.

"Shh!" Scales shushed.

"Huh?" Spike whispered.

"I think someone is following us." Scales whispered as a shadow was approaching them. Once the shadow got closer, Scales jumped out of the alley and heard a shriek. A girl with long pink hair fell to the ground as she was scared from Scales sudden jump.

"Why are you following us!?" Scales said with anger. The girl's eyes started to flood with tears as she quickly got up and ran away from Scales. Spikes slowly came out of the alley only to see a figure running away.

"Who was that?" Spike asked.

"Don't know, but I doubt she will bother us again." Scales and Spike resumed walking home.

"Another day of fun awaits, Applejack!" Pinkie said as she skipped along the streets.

"Wait up, sugarcube." Applejack said. She suddenly heard crying behind her and turned to see Fluttershy with tears in her eyes. Pinkie stopped her skipping as one of her friends looked distressed.

"Fluttershy! What happened?!" Applejack as she and Pinkie comforted Fluttershy with a hug.

"H-he scared me!" Fluttershy choked up.

"Who did?" Applejack said with concern.

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