• Published 11th Sep 2018
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The Drake Bros. - BrawnyBold

Spike attracts the hearts of certain girls but it is hard for them to get his attention as he spends most of his time with his delinquent brother, Scales. The girls try to win Spike's love while staying on Scales' good side.

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Dress Up Time with Rarity

Spike was reading another issue of the Power Ponies when he received a text from Rarity. It said: Hello Spike! I was wondering if you could help me at the Carousel Boutique tomorrow since it will be a Saturday. At an instant, Spike quickly replied with a yes and sent the message. Rarity replied, saying: Thank you! I'll send you the address. Hope to see you soon! Then, a picture appeared with Rarity's message. It showed Rarity puckering her lips as if she was about to kiss him. Spike's heart raced as he tried to figure out what to do with the picture. Giving in to his temptation, Spike puckered his lips before his face got close to Rarity's picture. Before Spike made the kiss, Scales opened the door.

"Hey bro," Scales said. "dinner is re-" He stopped when he saw that Spike was staring back while kissing his smartphone for some reason. There was a long pause between the two brothers before Scales slowly closed the door. Spike's face became red as he panicked from such an embarrassing moment. Scales was walking down the hall while keeping a straight face. Scales did his best to process what he just saw in his brother's room.

Saturday morning arrived and Spike made his way down the main streets of Canterlot City. Spike kept looking at his location app to make sure he was following the right directions to Carousel Boutique. Luckily for Spike, he was able to reach Rarity's shop. Spike noticed that the sign on the door said Closed, so he decided to knock so someone will answer.

"Coming!" Rarity's voice called out as she approached the door. The door opened to reveal Rarity with her beautiful smile.

"Spikey!" Rarity cheered. "I'm so glad that you came!" Rarity took Spike's hand as she pulled him inside the boutique.

"So what kind of help do you need, Rarity?" Spike asked as he guessed that the help involves clothing.

"Oh, I'll show you soon enough!" Rarity replied as she opened another door. The small room had some background pictures, a long brown divider on one side of the room, and a small camera that was attached to a tripod. "Just wait right here while I go get a few more things." Spike waited patiently while Rarity left the room. He couldn't help but notice that the room was similar to those photoshoot rooms.

"I'm back!" Rarity said as she returned to the room while holding some bags in her hands. She took one of the bags and gave it to Spike. "Now just put these on while I go change!"

"Umm, Rarity?" Spike said with confusion. "What are we doing?"

"After I saw those photos your mother showed us, it inspired me to come up with some new designs and I thought you would be perfect to try them out!" Rarity replied.

"Oh, okay." Spike said as he looked at the camera. "But why are we taking photos?"

"Well, my little sister and I used to dress up and take photos of each other in different costumes. We stopped when my sister says that she was too old for it. I just thought maybe you could cheer me up by taking some photos with me." Rarity said in a baby tone. Spike knew he didn't want to refuse because not only he was helping Rarity, he is also cheering her up in the process too!

"I'm in!" Spike said.

"Splendid!" Rarity said as she went behind the divider. "You just change where you are while I change in here."

"Okay!" Spike said as he and and Rarity began to change into the outfits. Spike noticed the fake suit of armor that was inside of his bag. Spike was finally done putting on his outfit and thought that he looked like a medieval knight.

"I'm ready!" Rarity said as she stepped out from the divider. Spike's jaw dropped when he saw Rarity dressed in the most elegant gown he has ever seen. It was light blue with a long, puffy skirt that made Rarity look like a princess. She even wore a blue, pointy hat to match while holding a blue fan.

"What do you think?" Rarity said with a flirty tone. Spike spoke gibberish as if his fantasy was coming true. Rarity giggled from Spike's response.

"I take it that you like it." Rarity said as she went over to the camera to adjust it.

"Would you mind if you change the background of the wall, Spikey?" Rarity asked. Immediately, Spike rushed to the background pictures as Rarity requested.

"Which one do you want?" Spike asked.

"The one with the castle and rainbow on it." Rarity replied while still adjusting the camera. Spike found the picture Rarity described and moved it in front of the camera.

"Alright, everything is set!" Rarity cheered as she set the timer and walked to where Spike was. "Now let makes some adjustments." Rarity said as she wrapped her arms around Spike, making him blush very red.

"Smile!" Rarity said as she smiled before the camera flashed. She went to the camera to observe the photo taken.

"Perfect!" Rarity cheered as she gave another bag of costumes to Spike. "Now let's keep going!" Rarity and Spike began taking photos while wearing different costumes. Spike dressed up as a cowboy while Rarity dressed up as a damsel in distress like in old western films. Another photo shoot was made where both Spike and Rarity dressed up as kitties and they pretended to act like cats while the pictures were taken. They then dressed up as a couple of frogs and they made puffy faces in front of the camera. Spike was having the time of his life until he was given the next costume. He was dressed up in a pair of shorts that had leopard skin pattern on it. Rarity came out of the divider wearing nothing but a leopard skin bikini outfit that almost matched Spike. All Spike did was blushed and had his mouth opened as he saw Rarity in such an exotic outfit.

"Now for a jungle theme!" Rarity said as she adjusted the camera again. She stood next to Spike and she kneeled with one knee to make their pose look like one of those barbarian posters where the girl holds the leg of the man.

"Oh! One more thing, Spike." Rarity said as Spike turned his head to her. "To make this work, our faces must be facing each other and must be very close." Spike gulped as he needed to get closer to Rarity and in eye contact for that matter.

"Umm." Spike said nervously.

"Please," Rarity pouted with beady eyes. Spike didn't want to disappoint Rarity, so he sucked it up and stared intimately at Rarity.

"Good! Now wait until the cameral flashes." Rarity said as her face got closer to Spike's. Just seconds before the camera flashed, Rarity moved in to give Spike a surprise kiss on his lips. Spike stood frozen as the camera flashed and Rarity moved back while placed her finger to her lips.

"That was tasty." Rarity teased as she licked her lips. All of a sudden, Spike fell on his back as the kiss made him faint.

"Spikey!" Rarity said as she rushed to Spike to make sure he wasn't injured. Spike slowly woke up while groggy from what happened earlier. He soon found himself on a couch while covered in a blanket.

"Spike!" Rarity yelled as she ran to him while wearing a purple robe.

"Oh, hey Rarity." Spike replied. "What happened?" Rarity got confused from what Spike said.

"What do you mean?" Rarity asked.

"All I remembered was that I was staring at you while the camera flashed." Spike said. "Next thing I knew, I woke up on your couch. Did something happened?" Rarity thought for a moment on what she should say. She thought it was too far for her to kiss Spike and she didn't know what would happen if he finds out about the kiss.

"You fell over, Spikey." Rarity said. "When the camera flashed, you tripped over and hit your head."

"Oh, okay!" Spike replied. Spike and Rarity changed back to their normal clothes and made their way to the front door.

"Sorry if I wasn't able to finish all of the photo shoots with you." Spike apologized.

"It's alright, darling." Rarity assured. "We made plenty of good photos of you and I."

"Make sure to send me some copies, Rarity!" Spike said as he waved good-bye to her. Rarity was in her room with the printed photos of her and Spike in the various costumes they were in. She found a particular photo where she and Spike kissed. Rarity couldn't help but smile from what she felt from the kiss.

"I'll keep you in a safe place." Rarity said to the picture as she put it in her diary.

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