• Published 11th Sep 2018
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The Drake Bros. - BrawnyBold

Spike attracts the hearts of certain girls but it is hard for them to get his attention as he spends most of his time with his delinquent brother, Scales. The girls try to win Spike's love while staying on Scales' good side.

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Apple Family Hoedown

On one night at the Apple Farm, the whole barn was decorated with some apple banners and other country decorations. It was the Apple Family's annual farm hoedown where everyone can come and party like cowboys or cowgirls. Applejack put more effort in the preparations to make sure this shindig goes right since more people will come, especially a certain green haired boy. When it was time for the hoedown, people dressed in western clothing arrived to the barn. The band played all kinds of country music to get everyone to dance to the songs. Applejack was in the middle of carrying a barrel of cider before she saw her friends entering the barn.

"Hey everybody!" Applejack hollered as she approached her friends. "Glad y'all made it!"

"We wouldn't miss helping you out while having fun!" Pinkie said as she and the rest of the girls dressed up as cowgirls. "Oooh! The decorations look great!"

"Thanks, Pinkie." Applejack replied. "I had to fix the decor up a bit."

"Thanks for inviting us, Applejack!" Spike said as he approached Applejack. She saw Spike wearing a short blue button shirt, long brown pants, and brown leather boots that almost made him look western. On top of Spike's head was a brown cowboy hat that fit him perfectly well. Applejack couldn't help but blush from how adorable Spike looked.

"Yeah, this place just screams 'apples and country'." Scales said from behind. He too whore country attire with a short, green button shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, and also a cowboy hat like Spike's. Applejack was confused whether Scales was complimenting or insulting her.

"Just enjoy the party, everyone!" Applejack said as she continued with carrying her barrel. Everyone went their separate ways in the hoedown. Fluttershy was spending time with some of the farm animals and fed some of them with the party food. Twilight and Rarity were talking among themselves. Pinkie and Spike were having the time of their life as they danced to the music. Rainbow and Scales decided to take part in a cider drinking contest with other contestants. To no one's surprise, Rainbow won first place and got herself a large apple jug for a prize. Unfortunately, Rainbow ended up getting sick from drinking all of that cider and she ran to the nearest outhouse. Spike decided to take a break from all of the dancing and made his way to one of the food tables. As Spike drank some apple juice, he noticed that Applejack was busy looking at a clipboard.

"Hey Applejack!" Spike said as he approached the farm girl.

Applejack turned to Spike. "Oh, hey Spike." Applejack replied.

"What are you up to?" Spike asked.

"I'm just making sure everything goes right with this hoedown." Applejack replied. "My family has been hosting these parties for a long time and I wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"That sounds like something Twilight would do," Spike commented. At the same time, Twilight suddenly sneezed out of nowhere.

"Oh! Bless you, darling!" Rarity said with concern.

"Sorry," Twilight said as she rubbed her nose. "must be from the dust."

"How about you take a break?" Spike suggested. "This hoedown is going great so far."

"I would love to, Spike." Applejack replied. "But I'm not sure if it's the right time." Spike suddenly heard the band play a whole new song and more people made their way to the dance floor. Spike then thought of an idea.

"Maybe it is," Spike said as he brought out his hand to Applejack. "May have this dance?" Applejack was surprised for Spike making such a move on her. All of Applejack's stresses suddenly vanished as the thought of dancing with Spike made things better.

"S-sure!" Applejack said as she blushed from nervousness. Spike took Applejack's hand and they made their way to the dance floor. Granny Smith was on stage as she sang instructions on square dancing. Applejack was a natural with square dancing but she also took it easy since Spike was struggling with the instructions. The rest of the girls noticed the pair dancing and felt a bit jealous. However, they decided to not intervene as Applejack worked very hard with this hoedown. Scales thought his little brother was having the time of his life with the square dancing. It wasn't long till the song was over and everyone clapped for the dancers' performance. Soon, Applejack went on stage while carrying a guitar.

"Woo-wee!" Applejack hollered into the microphone. "I'm glad y'all having a blast with this hoedown!" Everyone cheered to show that they agreed.

"Here is a little song that describes my daily life at this great farm." Applejack cued the band to start playing.

Everyone clapped for Applejack and the band as they did great with their music. Later that night, the girls, the Drake Bros, and some of the guests were in a hay ride with Big Mac riding the tractor across the farm. They all talked among themselves while enjoying view of the night sky.

"That was some hoedown, Applejack." Pinkie said as she stretched her arms.

"It definitely topped last year's hoedown." Twilight included.

"Not to mention the cider was perfect!" Rainbow said.

"Says the girl who threw up from all of that drinking." Scales joked. Everyone in the wagon laughed while Rainbow blushed from embarrassment.

"I'm glad that you invited us, Applejack." Spike said. "Can we come back next year?" Applejack smiled.

"Sure Spike," Everyone continued to talk while the hay ride continued. The Apple Family, the girls, and the brothers cleaned up the barn when everyone left for the night.

"I can't wait to see how you'll top next year's hoedown, Applejack." Rainbow said while putting some cups inside a trash bag.

"Not sure yet, but it will come to me." Applejack replied as she picked up a haystack. Scales looked concerned as he looked around the barn.

"Has anyone seen Spike?" Scales asked. The girls looked at each other and shrugged.

"Maybe he's getting more trash bags?" Pinkie suggested.

"I'll go check outside." Applejack said as she left the barn. She wondered around the outside area until she spotted something inside of the tractor wagon. Applejack got closer until she saw Spike sleeping on top of some hay. She couldn't help but chuckle from how adorable Spike looked when he was asleep. Applejack decided to lay next to Spike and watch him sleep.

'Probably got too tired from all of that dancing.' Applejack thought as she watched Spike. She couldn't help but notice the moonlight was making Spike look more pure while he was sleeping. The very sight made Applejack blushed as she thought he looked precious under the moonlight. Applejack's eyes focused more on Spike's lips as an idea came to her. A part of Applejack was nervous as she had no idea what would happen. Without thinking a second thought, Applejack moved closer to Spike while moving some hair out of her face. She couldn't help but blushed before she closed her eyes and gave Spike a passionate kiss. Applejack moved her lips around to make sure she kissed every part of Spike's lips. Applejack slowly got up from Spike and she took deep breath to calm her heart rate.

"Whew," Applejack sighed from all of that kissing. She left the hay wagon and returned to the barn. Little did Applejack knew, Apple Bloom got up from behind the tractor. Her face showed anger as she puffed her cheeks as she saw her older sister give a kiss to Spike. A thought came to Apple Bloom before she cautiously approached Spike and cupped his cheek. She too gave Spike a passionate kiss on his lips. Once Apple Bloom was done, she silently cheered as she pumped her fists in the air. Even though Applejack got to kiss Spike first, at least Applebloom got a kiss from him. Applejack entered the barn's entrance to see Scales approaching her.

"Did you find Spike?" Scales asked.

"Yeah, he was just sleeping in the hay wagon." Applejack replied. "It would be best not to wake him up." Scales nodded before he and everyone else continued with cleaning the barn.

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