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Worst Day Ever

Jacob was a regular guy, he had a good job and enjoyed it, his life was pretty good for him, he was happy, today was the weekend and he was a bit bored since he didn't really have anything planned for it.

He decided to try and find something on TV, as he was browsing through the channels, he spotted a new episode of mlp was about to air, he had completely forgotten there was a new episode today, with excitement he quickly got onto the channel and waited for the episode to start.

As he waited for the commercial to end there was a knock on the door, he paused the TV and got to see who it was, when he opened the door he found a woman with red hair and dark skin, but the most surprising was her eyes were red as well, not dark brown literally crimson red.

The woman smiled looking at Jacob "hello sir, I hope I'm not interrupting anything”.

"Oh no no you're fine, um how can I help you?” He couldn't stop looking at the woman's eyes, they were strange.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask you some questions for an article on my blog, would you mind answering a few questions? It won't take long” she asked.

"Um sure, ask away” he smiled slightly, this was odd.

"Great, have you heard of a show called My Little Pony?” She asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah I've heard of it…” he was starting to get nervous.

"Are you a fan of said show?” She looked at him.

"Um...no...no I'm not, I haven't even watched an episode in my entire life, isn't it for little girls anyway?” He chuckled, he had been a fan for a few years but it was difficult to tell anyone that, he knew all about how some people viewed the fans of the show. Grown men enjoying a show originally intended for little girls was viewed as weird, telling anyone seemed like a death sentence, it meant being ridiculed for the rest of your life, he really hoped she'd buy the lie.

The woman stared at him for a few moments, her crimson eyes staring into his soul, Jacob was getting more nervous and weirded out, eventually, she smiled "Thank you for answering my questions, have a nice rest of your day sir” she started walking away.

'That's it?’ he was about to ask but decided against it, the lady was really weird and he didn't want to talk with her anymore. Closing his door he sighed in relief and walked back to his couch.

He unpaused the show and it started, as he watched the episode begin he had a hard time focusing on it, his head started to hurt so he began rubbing it "ugh….please let this not be a migraine…” he groaned as he went to stand up to get an aspirin.

That was when the room started spinning, he stumbled back with his hand to his head trying to get everything to stop spinning "ngh..” his head was pounding it felt like it was going to explode.

Oddly though he noticed how his body was starting to feel numb, he couldn't feel the carpet under his feet, or his head and his hand, that wasn't how his usual migraines went. He tried to go towards the kitchen to grab the aspirin but everything got blurry and he lost his footing, he could somewhat see the floor getting closer but before he hit the ground everything went black.

Jacob wasn't sure where he was, he was deaf, blind, and numb to the world, for all he knew he was lying on the ground but he couldn't tell, all he could see was darkness, he couldn't even feel himself breathing.

Soon fear filled his thoughts "what if...what if I'm dead?....what if this is the afterlife?? Just nothing, I'll just be here for eternity till I lose my mind!” He didn't want that to be true and he hoped it wasn't.

If it was then he definitely wouldn't last long, he didn't want to be dead, he was happy with his life and wanted to do more, what did he do to deserve this? He never broke the law or hurt someone, he thought he did everything right, he didn't want this.

He sobbed internally for an unknown amount of time, if time even passed he couldn't tell, he was just able to think, it was horrible being unable to feel anything, being unable to see anything or hear anything.

He wanted all of this to end, for it to be some nightmare, anything! He just wanted everything to come back.

As he cried he suddenly gasped when he heard cracking sounds, that was when his vision was filled with a green glow, soon a strange warmth spread across his body before he could feel again, the glow vanished from his vision and he felt he was standing, he collapsed to the ground with a thud.

His vision was blurry, but he could make out trees and grass, it looked like a forest, but he passed out in his house. He was confused for a moment but it was replaced with a joy that he was back from that terrible nightmare or something, he closed his eyes smiling.

“What is wrong with this one?” A voice spoke with irritation, a voice Jacob knew, he'd heard it before, it was Chrysalis’s, was it the TV? But how did he hear it? He thought he was in the forest.

Jacob opened his eyes, everything was still blurry but it slowly got clearer. As he looked around until his eyes stopped on a sight he never believed he would see, towering over him was none other than the ex-queen of the changelings, Chrysalis.

She looked down at him before growling "Stand up now before I eradicate your existence!”

Jacob quickly jumped to his feet only to fall backward and hit his head on the ground, for some reason he wasn't able to stay upright, he groaned at the dull pain on the back of his head and looked back towards Chrysalis to see her looking annoyed. But as he looked at her, he noticed something else, behind her were the mane six, he felt relief that he'd be saved until he realized they didn't look right, they were darker colored an seemed odd.

Twilight looked annoyed as she stared at him, Rainbow Dash looked uninterested, Pinkie looked bored, Fluttershy was glaring at a squirrel, and Rarity was grabbing rocks off the ground, but Applejack was nowhere to be seen.

He looked around for her until he spotted four orange legs below his vision and an orange-furred chest 'did I fall on Applejack??’ he thought with dread until yellow strands of hair fell into his vision, his eyes turned to pinpricks.

He looked between the orange body below him and the yellow hair above him before slowly looking back down at one of the hooves, his heart started beating faster as he slowly tried to move his hand, the hoof raised up slowly.

"I'm Applejack…” he heard Applejack say when he tried to say it, it just confirmed his fears.

Chrysalis looked down at her Applejack Clone with confusion "yes….that's correct….” She said inspecting the clone 'this one is odd….perhaps the spell made a bad copy, ugh now I'll have to make another, perhaps I should wait, she hasn't shown any negative signs yet besides falling over' she sighed annoyed at the extra work she'll have to do with this clone.

Jacob was snapped out of his thoughts after hearing the annoyed with and looked back up at Chrysalis who was looking directly at him.

"Clone stand up, we're leaving” Chrysalis turned to walk away.

‘clone? Wait that's why they look odd! They're clones! And I somehow got put into the Applejack clone’ Jacob thought before looking back to Chrysalis "wait im-!” he was about to say who he really was but quickly shut himself up as he thought about the repercussions of doing so, Chrysalis would most likely blow him up finding out he wasn't really one of her clones.

"You're what clone?” Chrysalis glared down at the odd clone, she was already annoyed with it and now it was wasting time.

"I'm...uh...I'm ready to go….” Jacob smiled nervously.

"Well….good….” Chrysalis stared at her for a few moments before continuing to walk 'yes...that one is very odd, nevertheless she's listening’.

Jacob sighed in relief that Chrysalis bought it, he'd have to try and find the real main six and tell them about Chrysalis's clones, he went to sit up but struggled too as he was not used to this new body, he fell back down and huffed blowing strands of hair out of his face, he then spotted the Fluttershy clone "Fluttershy hey can you help me up?” He got confused about who was asking his question before remembering who he currently was, he was not used to this voice or accent.

The Fluttershy clone looked at him and smiled walking over 'well at least the clone Fluttershy is as nice as the real one’ he reached his hoof out for her to pull him up.

She smiled down at him before kicking dirt into his face “help yourself up!” she cackled as she walked away.

'Ok….she's a dick…’ he rubbed the dirt out of his eyes and frowned 'guess I'll do it myself’ he then rolled over so he was on his stomach and pushed himself up on all fours, his legs were shaking and spread out as he slowly stood up, he smiled at his achievement.

“What are you smiling at?” Clone Twilight asked the Clone Applejack who proceeded to jump and fall to the ground.

“Um, nothing….” Jacob looked up at the Clone Twilight who was glaring down at him.

“then quit doing nothing and get moving!” Clone Twilight yelled as she levitated the Clone Applejack up and threw her the direction the others went before following.

Jacob hit the ground hard and groaned 'she’s a dick too…’ he stood up shakily again.

“Mine!” Clone Rarity yelled as she pulled a rock out from under the Clone Applejack's hoof and ran off to follow the others.

Jacob fell to the ground "I...hate...you...all…” he muttered as he got up again following them with a limp 'oh good, something else to make walking harder ugh...this day blows….’ he thought as he glared forward.

Jacob followed the group the best he could, it was hard enough not being used to walking on all fours, but the limp made it so much worse, he tripped on rocks and roots, he's fallen eight times already this day and it was getting pretty annoying.

"Alright we'll take a break here” Chrysalis ordered and walked a bit away, she needed to try and figure out where to search for the Elements of Harmony.

'thank god’ Jacob huffed and sat down on the ground, he looked around at each of the clones who were doing their own thing.

Chrysalis decided on a direction and turned back to the clones "listen to your queen, we must retrieve the Elements of Harmony!”

"Hunting down some lame Elements? This is the worst day ever!” Clone Pinkie said crossing her arms.

The Clone Fluttershy walked over to the Clone Pinkie and scooped up some dirt before throwing it at her face smiling “no, now it's the worst day ever” she cackled.

"Those elements are are mine! Along with this rock! Oh, and that twig” Clone Rarity said with a crazed smile as she grabbed the rock and the stick by the Clone Applejack.

"Knock yourself out” Jacob huffed as he looked around.

"Heh! losers” The Clone Rainbow Dash said laying on a tree branch.

"Why didn't you just attack them?” Clone Twilight asked Chrysalis as she walked up to her.

"Excuse me?” Chrysalis asked looking down at her.

"You were close enough to pull the hairs from their manes, why not just take your revenge then?” Clone Twilight asked.

"They defeated my army, I know better than to strike alone, I need-” Chrysalis was cut off by the Clone Twilight.

"Friends?” She said with a smirk.

"Servants! And the power of the elements!” Chrysalis glared.

"Right...so where are these Elements of Harmony?” Clone Twilight asked.

"The location of the most powerful weapon in Equestria isn't something made known to just everypony, I learned they were hidden somewhere in the forest” Chrysalis said as she paced.

"Yeah, well it's a big forest,” Clone Twilight said as she walked away and Chrysalis growled in annoyance.

Jacob held back a snicker 'bet she's regretting making these jerks’ he thought about Chrysalis's plan, it just spelled bad news for Equestria, if these five get them while Chrysalis is in control of them than nothing will stand a chance. 'I'll have to find the real Mane Six and tell them what she's planning, but how will I get away from these guys to do it?’ he thought as he looked at each of them.

"Come on we're going this way!” Chrysalis order as she started walking, the clones following her.

'I’ll have to think on the way…’ Jacob thought as he stood up and limped after them, they searched around the forest for a while not finding anything, luckily this gave him time to get used to walking, though he didn't enjoy the stroll through the forest with six jerks.

Clone Twilight and Chrysalis went around a bush before Clone Pinkie jumped out of nowhere landing on the ground by them.

"I'm soooo bored! Are we there yet?” She whined rolling onto her back.

"Where yet? We don't even know where we're going” Clone Twilight replied annoyed as she looked around.

"The quicker we search the forest, the quicker we find the elements,” Chrysalis said as she walked over pinkie and past them.

Jacob huffed as he followed them 'great so either I die by miss ex-queen, or by whatever's in this damn forest, I'm really enjoying this adventure….’ he thought as he walked.

Clone Fluttershy was walking behind the Applejack Clone before she heard a bird chirping at her "you tried to fly out of the nest, you fell, and got lost?” She asked the little bird nodded and chirped sadly, she laughed maliciously “I hope you like walking!” She laughed as the little bird started walking away and she shoved it forward with her muzzle before following it.

Clone Rainbow Dash yawned "come get me when I should care,” she said before flying off.

Chrysalis stopped walking and watched the line of her clones walk but looked around noticing two were missing, she looked at the Applejack and Rarity clones "where are the others?!”

Jacob flinched away from her as she glared at him, he looked behind him noticing they were gone 'crap!’ he thought then looked back at her "uh...um….I don't know…?”

Chrysalis groaned "turn around, we're going back!” She growled.

"No, keep searching I'll find the others, we can accomplish more if we split our resources,” the Twilight Clone said walking over.

Chrysalis looked at her contemplating this "very well, you have my permission”.

The Twilight Clone nodded and flew off to find the other two.

Jacob realized this may be his chance "maybe I should go search for them too?” He went to start walking.

Chrysalis stomped her hoof "No! You stay here! I don't need any more of you getting lost” she growled, "now let's go!” She started walking and they followed.

Jacob cursed under his breath and followed "I'm never gonna get away from them” he said quietly as he walked "maybe I can create a distraction to get away?....but if Chrysalis notices before I can she'll kill me….damn it”.

"What are you saying back there??” Chrysalis turned her head back to look at the Applejack Clone who she heard speaking.

"Oh um nothing, just uh...how nice the weather is yeah, it sure is…” Jacob looked at the sky “sunny hehe” he smiled at her.

"Wonderful glad you're being so observant, but now try using that to search for the Elements!!” She yelled glaring at her.

"You got it, Queen...Queen Chrysalis” Jacob stuttered as he tried to keep the smile up till she looked away 'she’s a lot scarier in person...or would that be pony now? Crap! I got distracted by all this I forgot I'm frickin Applejack! Or at least her clone...shit what am I gonna do after this? Am I gonna be stuck like this??? I can't live here! I have my life to get back to’ he groaned and hung his head as he walked.

"No...If I'm gonna be stuck like this….then I'm not gonna let her ruin this world” Jacob glared at Chrysalis before looking at the rarity Clone who was picking up rocks and sticks as she walked, he smirked as an idea formed, he hurried over to her and quietly gasped "did you see that?”

The Rarity Clone looked at her suspicious, she probably was planning to steal her things "I didn't see anything”.

"What?? But she just stole one of your rocks!” Jacob said pointing at the Pinkie Clone who was following behind them looking bored.

Clone Rarity gasped before she pounced onto Pinkie "give it back thief!!” She yelled and the two were in a ball fighting.

Chrysalis heard the commotion behind her and turned around finding the two fighting on the ground while the Applejack Clone stood away smiling "what happened?!” She yelled.

Jacob jumped and looked up at her before looking around nervous "I um don't know...they just started fighting I guess…”

Chrysalis growled and walked to the two and used her magic to pull them apart "you both stop it!! We need to keep searching like I told you to!”

"She's a thief!! She stole my rock!!” The Rarity Clone yelled pointing at the Pinkie Clone.

"No, I didn't!” She yelled back.

"yes, you did! She told me you did!” Clone Rarity growled.

"Enough!!” Chrysalis yelled making the two flinch away in fear, looking at the Rarity clone "who did?”

Clone Rarity pointed at where the Applejack clone was.

Chrysalis looked where she pointed, finding nopony there, she looked around before she dropped the two "where did she go?!” She yelled at the two, they both shrugged their shoulders "ugh!!!! You’re all useless!!!!” She yelled into the sky.

"Get up we're going to go search for the rest of you fools!” Chrysalis growled and went to look for the others, the two quickly followed her.

Jacob ran as fast as his new legs would take him, he glanced behind him as he heard Chrysalis yell "thank God that worked! But now I'll have an angry Chrysalis chasing me...wonderful...but for right now I need to find the main six tell them about Chrysalis’s plan and that I'm a good clone hopefully I won't end up like the pinkie clones from the mirror pool…”.

Memories of that episode's ending came back and his pupils shrank with dread "ok let's not think about that...let's try and think of something else like um...oh like how I'm running, I was just stumbling around not too long ago and now I'm full on running or galloping? Whatever I'm impressed with myse-” he tripped on a root rolled across the ground through some bushes before slamming into a tree face first.

He slowly unpeeled himself from the tree and fell on his back, he looked at the sky and groaned in pain he felt something wet coming out of his nose, raising a hoof and touching it he brought the hoof into view and found blood on it "oh wonderful...I broke my nose on the tree…..” he let his hoof fall to the ground.

"This has been the worst day ever….first that weird lady interrupted me from watching a new episode of mlp, than I black out and end up in some void or something where I can't see, hear, or feel, then I wake up in this freakin body! And then to top it all off I'm probably never going to go home!!! I hate this DAY!!!!” he yelled into the sky and closed his eyes taking deep breaths “getting worked up isn't going to help….I need to think this through...find the girls, tell them what's happening and help save the world”.

"Oh really?” The Twilight Clone said as she landed by the "Applejack Clone”.

Jacob jumped up and looked at her in fear "oh hey….Twilight Clone...how long you been there…?”

"Oh about around wake up in this body” she smirked looking at him.

"Oh….well that was um….hehe just me playing around” he started walking backward away from her "….you know when you hurt yourself by accident and you say some stuff….yeah you've done that right? Right” he started turning around to leave "ok well I'm gonna go look for the others….so I'll se-” he stopped talking when he turned around and she was in front of him again, he looked behind him then in front of him at her "you're fast…”

"And you're a liar...well at least you living up to the body” she walked towards him as he backpedaled away from her.

"Me, lie? What no, no I would nev-” Jacob got cut off by her again.

"Shut up! You really think I'll believe your little lies? You idiot, you're in the body of dishonesty, it doesn't take a genius to figure out we're the opposite of those goody little morons….” She glared at him as she continued advancing on him.

"Ok...ok you got me...I'm not really supposed to be her, heck I don't know how I'm here, I don't even want to be, so if you'd like I'll just go and you don't have to worry about me k?” He smiled hoping she'd buy it, the look on her face told him she didn't.

"Didn't you say you were gonna go tell the good six about us? And that you'd help them stop us?” She growled.

"Crap...I did say that, didn't I? Hehe well I'm you see the funny thing about that is…” he bolted, he ran as fast as he could trying to get away, he looked behind chin to see how far away she was, unfortunately he found her right behind him smirking, he tried running faster but she wasn't getting farther away.

She cleared her throat and looked down with a smirk.

He looked down and found he was floating off the ground, looking back at her he found her horn glowing "oh….magic...hehe….forgot about that….would an apology help?”

“No” she slammed him into the tree hard.

Jacob fell to the ground with a thud as everything started to get darker.

"I'm sure Chrysalis will love to hear about this….” She laughed maliciously as he passed out.

Jacob groaned as he woke up, his head was pounding, he weakly opened his eyes finding it was darker now, he looked around and saw rock walls, trying to move he found his arms restrained, looking down he saw he was tied up in vines.

"Hey look who's awake,” the Fluttershy Clone said walking over kicking dirt in his face.

"Would you knock that off!!” Jacob growled at her but shrunk back when the rest of the clones walked over, each was smiling darkly at him.

"So, you believed you could trick me? That you will soon learn to regret...very soon” Chrysalis growled walking over, the clones all stepped away allowing her to walk up to him, she used her magic to lift up to her face "I gave you life! And you decided to betray me?!”

Jacob flinched back as she yelled, this was not going to end well for him, as he looked at her he saw something behind her looking he was the clones heading over to the Tree of Harmony, a smile grew on his face as yet another idea formed.

"You dare find this funny?! I'll tear you in half!!” Chrysalis yelled as her horn glowed.

"Wait wait wait! I'm not the only one who's betraying you! At the moment those five are!” He quickly told her holding she would look.

Chrysalis growled and turned her head back and saw them, glaring as she walked after them taking him with her.

"We need the elements to take out Chrysalis!” Clone Twilight yelled at the four, that was when she spotted a shadow coming closer from behind and gasped looking back to see Chrysalis levitating the traitor clone.

"How dare you! I created you!!” Chrysalis yelled dropping Jacob and firing a magic beam at the Twilight clone who made a magic shield to protect herself.

Jacob quickly started crawling away from the fight "ok, magic battle cool, not so cool to be close to” he said as she tried getting away, but he got stopped when the Fluttershy Clone stepped on a loose vine preventing him from going forward.

"Whoops did I stop you from leaving? My bad” she chuckled.

"I hate you so much!!” He yelled and used his back legs to push him up and at her knocking her over, he bit her hair pulling.

"Ow!! Ah!!!” She yelled in pain before bucking Jacob off, he flew through the air before slamming into a tree.

"That's three trees today I've hit…” he groaned as he fell to the ground, the clones surrounded him.

Clone Twilight smirked as she shot out her own magical beam pushing back against Chrysalis's, she was winning the fight now.

That is until the elements on the tree turned black and white magical tendrils came out of each of the elements, they wrapped around each clone lifting them in the air making the Twilight Clone gasp.

Chrysalis looked at what was happening in shock and confusion as she panted from the fight.

Jacob looked on with fear as each clone started wrinkling up, he desperately struggled in fear of the same happening to him, but he couldn't escape and he closed his eyes in fear.

"Imbeciles! You ruined everything!!!” Clone Twilight yelled as she wrinkled up.

The trees flashed in a bright white glow, when it was over lots of woods colored as the clones fell to the ground, Chrysalis walked over looking down at the pile of wood "servants always fail you in the end, just wait Starlight! I will have my revenge!!!” She yelled before flying away.

After a few minutes, the real Mane Six walked down to the campsite only to find it destroyed "are you kidding me??” Twilight looked at the destroyed campsite, the day was already ruined by the fight the girls had and now the campsite was wrecked.

Pinkie laughed before turning to look at the girls "this was the worst day ever!” Her laughter was followed by the other girls as they laughed together about the bad day.

"Come on everypony, we can fix this campsite in no time” Starlight smiled.

"Spoken like a true camper” Applejack smiled at her.

"Eh...don't push it” Starlight chuckled along with Applejack as they went to go try and fix the camp.

"You know, if we can survive a day like this, I think our friendship is strong enough to handle anything the world throws at us,” Twilight said with a smile as she went to go help the girls clean up.

That was when the girls heard something coming from the Tree of Harmony, they slowly went to go investigate and found a copy of Applejack stumbled out from behind the tree, the girls looked at her in shock.

Jacob looked around as he stumbled ‘im still alive? I'm not wrinkly either….’ he looked at the ground finding the pieces of wood "haha that's what you get...dicks….” He smiled as he looked up, that was when his smile faded, in front of him where the Mane Six, the real Mane Six all of which looked shocked "....hi...girls….I um….got quite the story to tell...hehe….”

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