• Published 5th Jul 2018
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Project Clockwork - Arceaion

Twilight Sparkle is the only true survivor of the Canterlot Catastrophe. However no one can live through what she went through and truly survive intact, what will she do when she is saved? will she even be the same pony, or something... else?

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What do you want?

As you can probably tell this isn't a chapter. I want to know what you want in this story. Twilight will be returning to Ponyville and will be reunited with her friends and parents but what else do you want? At the moment I have a few ideas but not that many so I turn to you the readers. Give me good ideas for the story.

Here is a list of current Ideas I have and will be putting in the story:

  1. Twilight reunion with her friends, parents, as well as Cadence and Shining Armor
  2. Interaction with Shy!CORE and more learning about why the C.O.R.E.S. AI activated after the Canterlot Catastrophe.
  3. Twilight and a possible romance (I have one in the works and has been hinted at.)
  4. HK-47 meets Prince Blueblood. (I really can't wait for this.)
  5. Twilight, her guards and HK's will be attacked and fight. (I'm purposefully being vague because I don't want to give this away.)
  6. More trouble from the Seekers/Reanimated.

So these are the things I have planed but I want to do more. So here is how you can help me, go down into the comment and post your ideas. If you want me to immediately see it them PM (Personal message) me as I normally look at those the first chance I get. Now I cant promise that every one of your suggestions will go into this so if it isn't accepted then don't feel bad as I may put it in future chapters.

That being said any chapters I make will have the one who posted the Idea and the idea itself at the start of the chapter as a sign of respect to the person. If you don''t want this then PM your Idea to me and ask to remain anonymous, I will respect your privacy.

I want you readers to enjoy the story and I hope this will help you enjoy it more.

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