• Published 11th Mar 2018
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It All Started With A Big Bang - Cipher800

In a surpise turn of events, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor malfunctioned and reset the universe, with Bowser being the only survivor of the cataclysm. But what would happen if he landed in Equestria after this? Read this story to find out what will happen.

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Friendly Neighborhood Talk

So... yeah. While Twilight, Rarity, and Spike were at the Dragon's Lair, Starlight made a new friend: this cerulean unicorn with a bluish, almost white mane. This "Trixie Lulamoon" character was some show-off magician that claimed to be "great and powerful". Apparently, she wasn't on very good terms with Twilight. Always wanting to best her, even taking some demonic artifact known as the Alicorn Amulet, which would make you insane just by wearing that thing. No wonder Twilight has been all cuckoo about it. But... in the end of it all, their friendship was accepted. But what I'm telling you wasn't about that, but rather, the dinner after that. Currently, I am eating with Celestia, Starlight, Trixie, and a few others present in the castle.

"...and then, just when the Koopa Troopa, ya know, like me, but less spiky and much smaller, was about to serve the ball to this Shy Guy and Toad, when it bonked onto his own head! He was quite dizzy for a few moments, though" I burst out laughing at the story I told about one of the Tennis matches. Turns out, neither side in the Great Mushroom War was strong enough to enforce a treaty, although we did get to a stalemate. I gave up on evil and Mario made fortunes upon fortunes from his wealth from his last adventure. He was bored out of his skull. I mean, how was he even enjoying it? My guess is that he likes the thrill of being an adventurer. That was like his destiny.

And speaking of destiny, when I saw that awful whatchamacallit show from Brooklyn, my final button was pushed. I wanted to change my destiny. I wanted to show those egghead know-it-alls and holier-than-thous what I really am. I may not be very smart, but even I don't underestimate my abilities as a Star Child. And then, yada yada ya, you know all the rest, but there was something kept me awake at night, metaphorically speaking. The Dark Star. But why isn't Celestia acting like it was a big deal? Was I the only one who remembered it, or were the Celestia and Luna with me just another representation in the vision? But then, I turned to the white alicorn as soon as it all died out and everyone went home.

"Celestia, we need to talk about something." I said in a serious manner. "You may not remember it, but I had this dream about the Dark Star." I said.

"I was there, Bowser. You, Luna, and I were in some sort of shared dream. Normally, it's me and Luna who have trouble with visions, but you have then for whatever reason." she said before a realization hit her. "This Dark Star, is it from where you come from?" I nod silently. "Well, tell me about it."

"Alright. It all started centuries before you know what. The residents of the kingdom were going about their happy little lives of theirs, when suddenly, a meteor fell to the surface. Said meteor contained a mysterious star. However, this star was not benevolent. It was a frightful star that harbored a great evil." I continued. Celestia didn't flinch. She's a thousand years old, as Twilight told me, so of course she'd have that stuff by now. "It reeked havoc amoung the land, destroying villages and ending countless lives in its wake." I would not tell them the whole truth, I'm afraid that it might scare the living jeeves of them. The white alicorn was starting to show a little fear at that last little sentence. "However, it was stopped by three powerful beings, who stopped the beast before it can do any more harm, and they sealed it way underground, where no one would find it. That is, until this bean of a scientist came in and crashed the party, attempting to use its power to take over the entire universe." That stupid Fawful, he was so dangerous, that I and my archenemies were forced to fight as one. "However, three heroes came in and defeated the mean bean and the Dark Star right in their tracks. How do I know about this, here's the shocker. Are you ready for it?"

"Yes, I guess." Celestia said as he levitated a small cup of tea to her mouth and began drinking it.

"I was one of the heroes who defeated it." Celestia spat out the tea in shock, right in my face. "Yeah, gasp. Gasp at the dragon-turtle who is living with a studious alicorn who learns a lot more than healthy and her weird pet dragon who thinks he's cool. And go fetch me a napkin while you're at it." I said in a sarcastic matter. "Besides, that thing is serious stuff. I read a lot of your legends and heard about them from you and your friends, and none of them even killed. This thing, however, will not hesitate to turn your body inside out where you stand." I continued. "I'm really scared that I'm gonna lose a second world. I lost one once, and there should not be a second time. If I hadn't stopped it, the Dark Star would've destroyed planet by planet, solar system by solar system, galaxy by galaxy, and it will NOT stop until who knows what remains! KAPEESH!"

When I heard her gulp, I immediately calmed down. "Sorry for my behavior, I've been a little cranky from these thoughts about it in my head." And a little scared that I'll lose everything all over again. "Look, I know how everything goes. You zap an even with your rainbow, it lays dormant for a thousand years before striking back a second time before your little friends strike it down since you were no longer connected to the Elements. I'm guessing you didn't have a run-in with that ancient evil, did you?" Celestia nodded to say no. "Good to see you're telling the truth. But bad news because you didn't know about it and Fawful and all that stuff. Remember what it looks like: blue with a black star in the middle, eight black spines rotating counter-clockwise no matter where you look, and two beady red eyes in the star. I doubt it would've looked like that since it may or may not be much weaker. We did beat it pretty bad, after all, so no doubt it will try to absorb dark power, or dark magic, in this case, to grow stronger than ever before." I said as I got up from my chair and thought about it before a familiar voice interrupted my train of thought. I looked to see Celestia gazing right at me.

"I'm sorry to hear about it. Judging by how you acted, I'm guessing that this Dark Star took someone you loved." The white alicorn said. It didn't take anyone I loved (other than Peach, which was one-sided now I thought about it), although it tried to engulf the entire universe in a sheet of pure darkness, but that's another can of worms. "I can tell that you feel very afraid of this new threat to Equestria. What do you-"

"What do I want to do? This thing has been a pain in the shell since way back when, which was only two times. No doubt it is doing something. When I find it, I'll destroy it once and for-"

"Bowser, I'm sure that we'll be able to find and defeat it, just hang in there for me." Celestia asked. "But for now, just try to relax and enjoy it while it lasts."

"Fine, fine, fine. But be warned. When you do find it, alert me so I can finish what was started eons ago..."