• Published 11th Mar 2018
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It All Started With A Big Bang - Cipher800

In a surpise turn of events, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor malfunctioned and reset the universe, with Bowser being the only survivor of the cataclysm. But what would happen if he landed in Equestria after this? Read this story to find out what will happen.

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Universal Rebirth

I was so close to beating that damn plumber, Mario. He mowed through my galaxy and left me to die. But if there's one thing that you must know at me, I'm good at living, aka not dying. I walked across the dying remains of the star I made, worn and beat, and extremely weakened. I stumbled across what remaining rock there was, drowsy and nearly asleep. I used what little of my strength left to see my work crumble before my very eyes as I roared out into the cosmos.

"NOOOO! My galaxy! My empire!" I said before I roared out into space.

"This can't be happening!" I roared out as I sunk into the star that gave my galaxy heat. And then, all hell broke loose as it collapsed into a supermassive black hole. I lived, that's for sure, and I can sure as heck see what went on outside of the black hole. The airships and the observatory crumbled, yet oddly Peach's Castle remained intact as she and Mario hurtled through space. Sadly, anything that comes into a black hole, with the obvious exception being me, goes through the ultimate shredding machine, and not even their atoms remained.

And then that Luma character jumped from my archnemisis's head, and in a moment that even me sad, it and several others attempted to neutralize the black hole from the inside just as the last of the stuff entered. Even Mario died along with the Lumas, even Rosalina, the woman that attempted to save the two, perished. But why me?

I watched the last of the universe get sucked into the black hole before my very eyes, well, before everything went out with a bang. I'm not joking, it literally went out in an explosion of light.

I was too weak to sigh. I could only watch as everything went from black and stuffless to foggy in a soup of stuff way too small for me to understand, all in a fraction of a second. I curled up into a ball and from what I can tell you, I've been dormant for a long, long time.


Twilight Sparkle, a lavender alicorn with a navyblue mane and tail sat in her castle bedroom with one of Fluttershy's stuffed animals nearby. Her purple eyes looked upon her scrapbook. Sure, there was that chandelier that her friends made from what remained from the Golden Oak Library after it was destroyed by Tirek, but she always like this.

She wasn't originally born an alicorn, she was born a unicorn in Canterlot and was always interested in Celestia, and watched her raise the sun in the Summer Sun Celebration. She was always interested in magic, and studied to be like Celestia. She was her personal student, and still is in a way. When Nightmare Moon returned, she met her friends and learned that friendship is, well, magic. She toppled threat after threat. She danced with Discord, foiled a wedding sabatoge, stopped King Sombra, toppled Tirek, and reformed the pony who is now her current student. She has went through so many stuff, and all the while she had her friends.

A purple dragon whelpling with green spines walked in with a scroll in his hand.

"Twilight! I got a message from Princess Luna!" Spike said as Twilight unraveled the letter.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle, I've sent this parcel to you to tell you that a burning light has appeared in the night sky that was well beyond my control. Meet me at the observatory in Canterlot. Signed, Princess Luna." Twilight said out loud.

Twilight charged her horn and teleported herself and Spike to Canterlot Observatory, where a dark blue alicorn with an ethereal mane that shares resemblance to the night sky is standing with a look of fear and satisfaction, or some mix of the two.

"Good, you're here. Recently, my sister and I were alerted of a meteor hurtling towards Equis." Luna said as she walked with Spike and Twilight to two earth ponies, two pegasi, and two unicorns.

"I didn't tell you everything, but I have to tell you thism there's something wrong with the meteor. It seems to be giving off some odd readings that's unlike those of the very few meteors that landed in Equestria and discovered. It may be small, but there's no telling what could be inside that thing." the Princess of the Night said as she looked into the sky with her telescope.

A small asteroid entered the upper Equestrian atmosphere and started to burn up and broke apart to reveal a green ball with white spikes on it. That said ball began to light on fire. It did not burn up, and withstood the fire. Then, it did something totally unexpected that shocked Luna. The spiked ball moved to another direction.

"What the? It moved!?" Luna said as the flaming spiked ball turned its path yet again.

"We could handle the meteor chunks, but that flaming spiked ball keeps moving in a different direction every few seconds, and there's no telling what it would strike if it keeps doing that." the Princess of Friendship was very surprised, yet very interested. She hoped that the spiked ball would not strike the Crystal Empire, her sister-in-law is still hasn't given birth to her baby yet, and her brother would kill himself if that thing struck her cold before she can give birth.

"What do you think we should do?" One of the observers said as he temporarily looked away from the telescope.

"We'll find it."

Twilight Sparkle now found where the spiked ball landed. She and Fluttershy went through White Tail Woods and near Equestria's border with the Undiscovered West to find a huge crater were a few acres of trees once stood, some of which were on fire.

"Alright, Fluttershy. It's now or never." Twilight said as she and her yellow companion walked into the crater. Very few animals were walking here, well, unless you count sentient beings as animals.

The two saw smoke in the center of the crater. Had to be where it landed.

"There it is. Um, what now?" Fluttershy said as they saw the green ball lying there, the flames long since gone, as it seemed. It was very big, about as high as Discord's default height plus hers.

But then, something happened. The spiked ball began to open up, releasing a cloud of hydrogen and helium gas into the atmosphere.

"Oh my goodness." Twilight said in a high-pitched voice as the being within was revealed. It was a reptilian turtle-like creature covered with orange scales all over its body except for its head, which had green scales. Its snout and stomach had light pinkish-brown scales and it had spikes pretty much everywhere. The spiked ball was actually its shell, after closer inspection, it had spikes on its tail. On the beast's head was a mane of bright red hair with a single grey streak in it. Its eyebrows were the same, except it was inverted and the red was duller. The only accessories the creature had were black bands on its neck, shoulders, and arms.

"Twilight, its injured!" Fluttershy said as she pointed toward the dragon-turtle-alien thing. True to her word, there were scars all over the creature's body, some of which were seeping out blood, and some of its spikes were cracked. It was unconscious, poor thing.

"Alright, Fluttershy. You did bring the first aid kit, right?" Twilight said as her friend began wrapping the creature's injured spots in snow white bandages, which were soaked red.

"And I think we've found an alien." Twilight said to herself as she came towards her friend.