• Published 11th Mar 2018
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It All Started With A Big Bang - Cipher800

In a surpise turn of events, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor malfunctioned and reset the universe, with Bowser being the only survivor of the cataclysm. But what would happen if he landed in Equestria after this? Read this story to find out what will happen.

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A Matter of Darkness, and Bowser Tells the Truth

It was unknown what that thing was and how it came to be, but just three months after the birth of Flurry Heart, it had happened. The Dark Star teleported to the outskirts of the Crystal Empire with both Dark Sombras at either side as it gazed upon the city: the perfect base of operations. Soon, it will find Fawful, or whatever has the other half of the dark power and merge with it to become whole. Hiding within the blizzards, one of the Dark Sombras tried to head in, only to be blocked by some invisible force. So this place had defenses, huh? It looked onto itself, its outer shell was now back.

Noticing its old power back and the new power was converted into dark power, it would've smiled. It floated up to the sky and shot a beam at the barrier before ramming into it, and it cracked. It was still a bit weak, but at least it had a good chunk of power. It sent a message into the brains of both Dark Sombras, and both transformed into shadowy mists with glowing red eyes and red horns. They began to charge at the empire with the Dark Star itself turned invisible, and crept into the city borders. "What in Celestia is-" the crystal pony was knocked cold by the mist.

As the shadows began circling, the crystal ponies were in panic. True, it had its cave, but this city will become a foothold in its conquest for destruction. It summoned eight Dark Sattlemites: its new power was very helpful with this job, and a whole new world of spells. Soon, the Sattlemites latched onto their kill and transformed into dark versions. It looked onto the massive castle up ahead. Turning off its invisibility, the Dark Star began terrorizing the city along with its minions just for fun. Its real target is that big castle.

Meanwhile, a pink alicorn with a multicolored mane and a white unicorn with a blue mane watched as the carnage unfolded upon them. "Honey, I don't think Sombra's at work. I detected something much more powerful at work. The Royal Guard is doing its best, but even they are being bested." Cadence said with tears in her eyes. When they both saw the Dark Star appearing Cadence began panicking. "And we don't have much time. Quickly! We must write a letter to the princesses and the bearers while we have the chance!"

"Gah!" Celestia, Luna, and Bowser said at the same time when we all awoke. "Oh no, Bowser's right. That thing really is a serious threat." She said as she went over to Luna's chambers.

Meanwhile, Luna awoke from the vision, and went to Celestia's chambers to warn her. Both galloped at full speed with panic on their faces, not noticing that they were running into each other. With a loud bump, they were both knocked back by their own recoil, with blood dripping out of the elder's left nostril. "Sorry sister, I came to warn you, and I guessed you did the same."

"Yes, Lulu, and I forgive you." Celestia replied, her voice sounding a little funny because of the nosebleed. "But knowning the last vision, one other person must have witnesses it. And I think I know who that person is." the elder continued as she looked down at the small village of Ponyville.

I woke up from that horrid vision. In it, the Crystal city-state was being attacked by the Dark Star and what seems to be its new minions. This is bad, if I don't stop that thing, then it would mean the loss of everything I had gained. This is not a fate fit for this world, and quite frankly, I don't want to lose everything a second time. "13.7 billion years and you finally came out of hiding." I said coldly. Platforming is the thing for my nemesis, but I'd rather teleport. I was about to do so when a scream went through my ears (which were just simple holes at the sides of my head) as I covered them. Two screams, to be exact, both short in time, but they hurt my ears so badly. "Alright, what's all the ruckus?" I said while going out of the door. "Hello, is anyone there?" I asked before I went into Twilight's room. I quietly knocked on the door, but as it opened due to knocking on it, I saw her trying to go back to bed.

"Oh, it's just you." she said. "I was having this wonderful dream when Princess Luna warned me about this evil thing that she called the Dark Star."

"I know, it came from where I came from. Look, I thought it was gone, but somehow, it came back. I should've destroyed what remained of it before it floated into the sky when I had the chance." I said. "But hey, I'm gonna make things right between me and this world, and I will stop at nothing to do it." I looked out of the window. "Ya see, I haven't had a serious challenge in the three months since I awoke here. That, and I have a grudge with that thing. 13.7 billion years ago did it start."

"Wait, what? Are... are you... have you..." Twilight said, choking on her own words. The poor girl is speechless in my presence.

"Yes, I have been around as long as this universe, but the majority of my life was in dormancy." I said. "But, since I have told you my age, it's about time I tell you the story. You see, the universe comes in a cycle. Clouds of gas and dust give way to stars, which will form galaxies. Eventually, the stars collapse into stardust, and the universe resets. I was there when it happened, and I caused the last reset. My rivalry with two red and green plumbers extended all the way back to my babyhood, and it went from there. Eventually, I took to the stars, and sought to build a Galactic Reactor that would allow me to rule the universe for over 10,000 years. But my final fight with the brothers, who intended to stop me, which they sorta did, unknowillingly caused it to malfunction, causing a universal collapse. I don't remember much after that happened, all I remember before going dormant after the reset is a couple of blurry faces within the clouds of gas. Just three blurry shapes accompanying my own." I said as I looked at her. "While you may call me crazy, it was all true."

"But, how can you do all that... that's impossible... and what's a galaxy?" Twilight asked. My hand met my face.

Author's Note:

Who are those three faces?