• Published 11th Mar 2018
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It All Started With A Big Bang - Cipher800

In a surpise turn of events, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor malfunctioned and reset the universe, with Bowser being the only survivor of the cataclysm. But what would happen if he landed in Equestria after this? Read this story to find out what will happen.

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A Stellar Nightmare

"Wait, where am I?" I asked as I woke up. It was all like what Canterlot was, judging by those pictures Twilight and Spike gave me to look at, but this time, everything was all grey. "Alright, what the heck happened here?" I said, looking around the forsaken place. Who could have done this? As I thought, I wandered around the place, the sky was grey, and a black sun lay proudly in the sky. I was too busy gazing upon it when I heard someone yelp. I turned to see the two regal beings from before. Standing next to me was a white alicorn with a rainbow mane and a dark blue alicorn with a starry mane. "I was having this sweet nap, and then I ended up here. Did you wake up here, too?" I asked them.

"In a sense, yes." the small blue alicorn said. "Normally, visions are my thing, but that doesn't explain why all three of us are here." she exclaimed. Wait, I'm having a VISION? Doesn't look like a lot of activity. "I just had this vision, and I walked around before bumping into Celestia." So, Celestia's the white alicorn's name, nah, I think I'll just call her Sunbutt, and the blue one will be called Moonbutt for the time being.

"Well, wherever we are, wherever I am, I think we're all supposed to be glad that we aren't alone in this." I said. Both alicorns nodded in response. "Now tell me, Moonbutt." The small blue alicorn reeled back at the nickname. "Why exactly do ya have these visions?" I asked in a demanding way. Deep down, they were intimidated. Of course, being an 8-foot dragon beast would scare the pants off of beings that aren't your kind, but they're trying to hide it.

"To put it simply, we have them whenever a great danger arrives, but that still doesn't explain why you are here?" Luna explained. "But if you want some more details-"

"Um, pass." I replied. I have gotten enough. "I don't know why we are here, but-" What I was about to say was interrupted by an all-too familiar screech. "I know that cry, show yourself!" I yelled out. "Grr, why did this have to happen right now of all times?" I muttered as Celesyis and Luna subsequently followed me. And then, I saw it. A small, blue orb with a black star on it. Its spines grew out and glowing red eyes opened.

"What is that thing?" Celestia asked me as the Dark Star came from the ground.

"That, is the Dark Star." And with one surge of darkness, I woke up, panting. "(pant, pant) I thought it was dead, but, but's it's coming." I said in realization. I looked back at the window to comform it is not a dream. And lo and behold, there were definitely NO grayscale objects, except for rocks and mountains, which were already gray to begin with. I went back to sleep, hoping that no more visions would come. What I didn't notice, was a small black bug walking across the floor (more on that, later). And I could've sworn I heard the words "I have fury?" in a questioning matter before it scurried off. I first thought of it as another vision when I saw the Fawful Bug, but later, I'd know I should've squashed that thing right there and then. But I thought is was just another vision. I said that already... didn't I?

Meanwhile, in an Unknown Location near the Crystal Empire...

The Dark Star Core, a black sphere with eight spines and a blue star with white eyes, watched as what used to be Fawful scurried around like a bug. Surely, it thought that he was gone, but, then again, when the Dark Star inhaled the Fawful Bug to fully become Dark Bowser, it was always bound to the little insect. So, a new goal was formed into its mind. Merge with the remains of Fawful to become whole once again. That turtle was lucky, with red and green plumbers right beside him, but this time, it'll have the last laugh. Though, it did have to admit it was impressed that Bowser survived the universal reset. It retreated into another universe to regenerate to a self-sustaining state. Its core remains, but that'll do for now. Then again, it will still regenerate, and so with that Fawful Bug go into a form reminiscient of its old self.

It looked out and saw a black horn with a curved red tip. Smirking with a nonexistent mouth. The Core spawned two spiderlike beings known as Dark Sattellmites. At its current state, it can only spawn them every few hours, and it took a lot of sap off it, but soon, it'll have two new minions at its disposal. It watched with glee as the Sattlemites copied the genetic material within the horn as the Core itself extracted the dark essence (but not the DNA, that was for the minions). Pretty soon, the Sattlemites began to change into blue unicorns with black manes and glowing red eyes with red mists, both of which had a black star on each of their flanks. The Core's new minions looked back at it, waiting for new instructions. The Core knew it had been weakened, and the dark power within would take some time to assimilate, so it instructed the newly-made Dark Sombras to teleport it out of the middle of nowhere and to the nearest cave.

What they didn't count on, however, was a coal black unicorn dressed in silver regalia and a red cape got up and looked around with his catlike eyes. "I'm, free? But I thought that this dark magic was permeant." Suddenly, his legs caved in on himself and caused him to collapse. "Oh, great, now the cold's getting to me..." Sombra said as he went further into his cape and in the snow, shivering and hoping for someone to save him, not that there would be any saving. At least he hopes someone would save him, anyone. He had to thank that star for freeing him, but now that he's free, he's even more shackled than ever before, or should he, should her? That was all that he thought before blacking out.