• Published 11th Mar 2018
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It All Started With A Big Bang - Cipher800

In a surpise turn of events, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor malfunctioned and reset the universe, with Bowser being the only survivor of the cataclysm. But what would happen if he landed in Equestria after this? Read this story to find out what will happen.

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Swift Recovery, Unfortunate Realization

I didn't remember much recent events, and I thought that damn Mario must have beat me down hard. Then, I remembered it all. The universe died along with my previous home world. My body feels weak and sad as the seeds of consciousness return to me. It's funny that I have a lot of unspent talent on my hands. I attempted to open my eyes, but immediately closed them in response to the brightness of, well, whatever lights there are.

This time, it's a world all too different for me. I have no army, no kingdom. None, nada, zip. Personally, I'm glad that Mario's gone, but then again, I'm sad that the universe is never the same again.

"Well, judging by the analysis, that alien's anatomy mirrors that of a dragon's and a turtle's, maybe a bit of dinosaur in the mix along with the other two." a female-sounding voice said. Even though I can't see anything worth even half of a penny, I can hear everything pretty good. I attempted once more to open my eyes, but the light was still to bright. This time, I blocked the light with my hand.

"He's moving. Quick, get Twilight over here. She needs to see this." another voice shouts in fear and bit of excitement. Thanks for squeaking that, whoever you are, I've still got a body that can move. And so, I let my eyes adjust to the bright lights. It looked like I was in a hospital bed, with those weird mummy bandages. An IV was stuck to my left arm, drawing blood. I can see that I'm in a stereotypical hospital, or at least, a hospital by the looks of it.

"Where, where am I? Who are you?" I groaned as I made out the shapes before me. They were all equines of some kind. Some of them had wings, some had horns, and some had both. They were of many different colors, and the all seemed shocked at the fact that I spoke.

"It speaks!" One of what I could assume would be a male said as what I think is a female, well, fainted in what appeared to be shock.

I heard the door creak open and close just as a purple horse creature with a dark blue mane that had a purple and pink strip in it walk into the room. Unlike the other members of the group, it had both a horn on its head and a pair of wings. Alongside it was another equine, this time a yellow, pink-maned specimen with only a pair of wings sticking out.

But I then realized a burning feeling in my stomach. I was hungry.

"Wait a minute. Are you really a bunch of talking horses or are you just normal humans? I think I'm so hungry that I may be starting to hallucinate." I said as the yellow one hid behind the purple specimen.

"He's hungry. He, he's going to eat us!" the yellow thing, a pegasus, from what I recall. Wait, why would I eat that thing, or any of them for that matter. I bet it tastes horrible.

"No! I don't want to eat you, I just wanna know where I am, any why the heck I am in a hospital." I said.

"Oh, you are in Ponyville's Hospital. If you are talking about the country, you're in the Kingdom of Equestria, a peaceful land of magic and friendship. We ponies live here. Who are you?" the winged unicorn said.

"Okay... I must be dreaming. Let me go back to sleep and hopefully, I'll wake up somewhere that's worth mentioning."

"Oh no you don't! You have to answer my question. Who in Equestria are you!?" the winged unicorn said.

"Well, Little McMissy, if you must know, I'm Bowser, the King of the Koopas, King of the Court, King of the Track, King of Tennis, and the soon-to-be ruler of my home world." I said before I remembered what has happened to me. I hung my head low while I thought about what I should tell them. I did not know the demeanor of this new world's inhabitants, so I simply, shrunk my problem.

"Or, at least I was, until my home planet was destroyed by a black hole." I lied. It was partially true. As I hoped, they bought it.

"Oh, I had no idea. I first thought you were a threat judging by your horns and spikes. I'm Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship."

"And I'm Fluttershy." the yellow individual said. I think I would have to recover much longer with that thing around.

Deep down, I felt kinda, no, I felt really happy. It ain't over for Bowser yet. She's a princess to this land, and I'm not sure if the friendship title is special or just a way to make her feel special, but you get what you get. I looked around at the various doctors, nurses, and patients. Every one of them that was conscious or not focused on other things just stared at me, and who can blame them when a creature from ages past is recovering in a hospital along with the other patients, which are mostly those horse-looking creatures.

I'm friggin' Bowser, how is that odd? But, then again, the other patients are pretty much all ponies. If I cannot take over my world, then I'll slowly plan to take over this one. When the time is right, I'll kidnap the so-called Princess of Friendship, but I first need to lay low and study this new world before I can go willy milly. I may not be smart, but I'm definitely not stupid, and yes, before you ask, I'm able to read. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces once Equestria's in my claws.

"Hi, are you the alien Twilight told me about? My name is Pinkie Pie and I will throw you a Welcome to Equestria Party. Do not ask, it's what I do every time someone new comes, hi hi hi hi hi hi!" a pink specimen who called herself Pinkie Pie said as she jumped up and down very fast, and said her words so fast that I could barley make them out.

"Don't worry, she's normally hyper." one of the doctors said as Twilight chased Pinkie around.

"Pinkie! Did you drink coffee again!" Twilight said.

"What? I thought it was hot cocoa." Pinkie said, this time slower.

"Remind me how long I'm going to recover?" I said.

"Oh, about a week."

A few hours passed but Twilight managed to calm Pinkie down. Even without the caffeine rush, she was still hyper, but she had better control of it. Here goes the official introduction and what not.

"Yep, his name is Bowser, and he's staying with me for a little while." Twilight said as the pink pony handed me a cake. I needed more that that to take my hunger away.

"What do you eat here? I would go for a nice roasted chicken or pig. I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse, err, I mean cow." I said as the ponies grimaced.

"What, it's a figure of speech."

Author's Note:

Alright, author's notes here.

Bowser is, as of now, recovering in a hospital, but we're in for a treat. In the next chapter, we'll get to meet the newborn alicorn we know as Flurry Heart.

See ya.