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The True Land Of Nod. (C&C) - TheMossiah

The Brotherhood finally has their Ascension but it is filled with ponies.

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Chapter 3: The Dark Army

Queen Chrysalis and her Empire had been almost wiped out by the Equestrians. She and her changelings were torn apart and all she wanted was revenge on the ones who did this to her. Chrysalis and her Empire were camped out in the Everfree forest. Her beautiful city had been ravaged and the city's she had infiltrated had been cleansed. She no longer had any love to sustain her and her army.

"No this can't be happening! We have lost all hold on this world! We are powerless without the love to sustain us! All our food is gone..." Queen Chrysalis knew it was over. She was powerless and they would no longer have the ability to change into other ponies to gain the love in the first place. Queen Chrysalis's reign in this world was over... Or was it?

John had been in the trees listening and watching the Queen and her army trying to make do with whatever they had left.

"General Nightscar sir! Shall we open fire sir!" A Nod soldier blurted out eagerly with his rifle trained on the Changelings. John thought for a moment. If he allies these "Changelings" he could get a better grasp on this world much quicker. It also seemed these "Changelings" Could be perfect workers and could help build equipment for the Nod army.

"No, you two stay here. and I want you to come with me." John said pointing at a Nod officer.

"Yes sir!" The officer replied jumping down and they both walked straight into the Queen's camp.

The Queen saw the two bi-pedal creatures walking towards her.

"Who and what are you! Stay back or we will kill you!" Queen Chrysalis screamed. Toying with her John replied

"Oh? You wish us to leave? And I was just about to make an offer you couldn't refuse. Oh well let us go Officer." John began to turn and walk back towards the trees, he knew what he was doing.

Queen Chrysalis curious to the offer then urgently said "No wait! I would like to hear this offer out of curiosity." John grinned and spun around

"Good, then I will answer your questions. I am a Human and I go by General Nightscar of the Brotherhood of Nod army.

Queen Chrysalis was very curious now

"Well then General Nightscar, what is a Human? And what is this "Brotherhood of Nod" army you speak about? Also what are those large metal sticks you two seem to be carrying?" The General responded

" We Humans don't originate from this land, we come from Planet Earth. I am in command of Nod forces within the Brotherhood. Lastly these "Metal sticks" are called guns. Here is a demonstration." The creature then pointed the "Gun" at a nearby tree and pulled what looked like a trigger. There was a loud noise and the gun began to smoke at the front. The tree's trunk exploded into a pile of splinters and the tree fell to the ground. She was extremely excited at this gun. she began thinking to herself. If she had these allies at her side, she would be able to conquer this world.

John saw the Queen's face light up with excitement as he shot the tree.

"Well what I wish to offer you is an Alliance with the Brotherhood of Nod. All I ask of you is that you could lend some of your army to help construct our glorious machines and weapons. In return we shall protect you and weaponize your army." John waited eagerly for a reply.

Queen Chrysalis was ecstatic, she was just offered an Alliance with what looked like a technologically advanced race from another world. How could she say no?

"I accept your offer on one condition. Your forces will love my army and will open them with open arms. As you see my army and I run on the power of love, we use to change into peoples love ones and consume the love for them. It gave us out powers." The General replied

"Absolutely and any workers who help with the construction will definitely be loved as they will have served the Brotherhood of Nod. All brothers and equally loved amongst the Leaders. Now if you follow me I will show you the base we have secured." Queen Chrysalis quickly assembled an honor guard of 6 elite Changelings and begun to follow the General towards the base.

Meanwhile in Canterlot

Princess Celestia opened a small portal so that the Director and General Parker could take a look around.

"This place is... Beautiful! How could Nod cause chaos in a place like this? This place just makes me feel all good in the inside!" The Director said as he began to pace around looking through the windows like a kid on a field trip.

"Is this were we will set up base Princess?" Parker said looking at Princess Celestia.

"No, Let me teleport us to Ponyville." "Teleport? How do we telepor- AHHHHHHHH" The Director yelled as he began to dematerialize.

The Director continued to yell like a little girl even after he was safely standing on the grass of Ponyville.

"Snap out of it sir!" Parker yelled as he slapped the Director across the face. The Director stopped yelling

"Ugh yes well... Thank you Parker." Parker looked around the small village

"So this is were we set up base and defend?" Princess Celestia turned to him

"Yes, I will open the portal here. Be ready to move through with your forces, you have 3 hours until I open the portal." Parker and the Director then materialized back into the office.

"Well Parker? Get the soldiers ready! We have a war to fight!" The Director said with excitement.

"Will do sir." Parker said as he activated his com system and began barking orders to his men. Soon they will fight back with everything they have left, everything...

Meanwhile at the outskirts of the Nod base

Queen Chrysalis was in awe at the Brotherhoods massive base they have constructed. For normal pony workers something like this would have taken years to build, but these humans have managed to do this in a matter of days.
There was a massive grey wall that surrounded the base that stretched up 3 meters in the air and occasionally a tower twice that height was attached to the walls. As the General and Queen Chrysalis approached the massive gate, the gate sunk into the ground and about 10 soldiers came barreling out

"Get out of the way General! There is a creature behind you!" The soldiers yelled but lowered their weapons as the General gave them the signal to lower them.

"She is a friend men, allow us to pass by and alert Kane for me." The soldiers quickly moved out of the way with their eyes trained on the strange black bug-like thing following their General. One soldier radioed Kane telling him General Nightscar returned from the scouting mission with an unknown creature.

Queen Chrysalis was impressed with the amount of discipline these soldiers had. They all marched in unison and saluted as the General would pass by them. She thought to herself again

"If only my army did that..." she then snapped out of it as a man dressed in black with what looked like a Scorpion tail emblem over his chest.

"Ah General! I see you have brought a guest. And who might you be?" He said looking at the large bug creature standing beside General Nightscar.

"I am Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings." She replied loudly.

"Well then Queen, I am Kane. I am the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod."

John now surprised how well Kane and the Queen got along began to discuses how they have formed an Alliance, and the pros with having these changeling workers. Kane listened an agreed with the Alliance.

"Now that we have a new ally it wouldn't be fair if you missed out on our new super weapon. Follow me." Kane and the General began walking towards a massive building with a huge gate.

Chrysalis had been extremely impressed. She had seen massive machines that could obliterate anything they fired at. She nodded at the two Humans and followed them to the building. What she saw made her jaw drop.

She had seen many of the machines Nod had to offer but they had nothing on this thing. It was about 20x the size of one of those scorpion tank's she had seen. Kane began to explain how it was equipped with a super weapon called an "Ion Cannon". He described how with one shot it could wipe out hundreds of soldiers in a blink of an eye. The two humans then shot into a maniacal laugh. She joined in, This was going to be a very beneficial Alliance she thought, a very beneficial Alliance...

Meanwhile in Ponyville

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack had finally returned to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash had been really excited.

"Hey Rainbow! Why are ya so excited, ya look like yer about to do a Sonic Rainboom!" Applejack replied

"I'm just so excited about those "Jet" thingys! That Daniels person said that can go REALLY fast! And they don't even flap their wings!" Rainbow Dash screached. Twilight rolled her eyes.

"There is NO way they could fly! He has got to be telling you some tale." Rainbow Dash ignored Twilight's comment.

"He said he knows how to fly them too! He also said if he gets the time he will race me in one!" Rainbow Dash said even more excited than before. They continued to walk towards the area were the portal will open. Out of the corner of Twilight's eye she saw 3 pony's walking towards them, she instantly recognized them. It was Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy.

Pinkie Pie bounced over. "Hey were ya been? How come you didn't bring me! I coulda packed you cupcakes! Maybe we could of had a party! OHHH! I know how abou-" Pinkie was cutoff by Rarity as she stuck a hoof in her mouth.

"Calm down dear, no need to ask a hundred of questions but... Where were you three at? Have you heard what happened? Some things came here and killed a colt! Just flat out killed him in cold blood! That is unheard of! You 3 have been alright... Right? Rarity said worried.

With a sigh Twilight began to explain how they found a new race called Humans and how the "Bad guys" are called Nod and they were the ones who killed the colt. She then explained how soon another Human force will arrive to try to defend us and how they're called GDI.

"GDI will be here soon, don't worry girls we will be safe."

Back in the Nod base

Kane continued to explain to Queen Chrysalis how they just finished the tank and now they just need a proper target to test the strength of it. The Queen quickly thought in her head... She has it!

"I know a perfect target! It is called Manehatten, and it is a major industrial area for Equestria." Kane replied

"Perfect, we shall test at once! Let us go. Commander! Start up the machine, and power up the cannon." With that the huge tank drove out through the gate and drove straight for Manehatten.

45 Minutes of driving later

The tank commander entered the observing bridge of the tank were Queen Chrysalis, Nightscar and Kane stood in excitement.

"Kane, the cannon is in range of Manehatten sir!" Kane replied

"Good, fire in ten seconds." The commander left the observing bridge and yelled

"Yes sir" Kane turned to Queen Chrysalis

"Today you see the true power of the Brotherhood" with that said the cannon began to glow light blue intensely. Then in seconds a loud *ZZZZZZZAP* noice rang through the bridge and the beam fired straight and true towards Manehatten. Then... *BOOOM* A blinding light was emitted from the city.

Queen Chrysalis couldn't believe what she was seeing. She saw buildings collapse and a massive bluish cloud rise from the crumbling ruins of Manehatten. She had just witnessed thousands of lives go out like a fire. She loved it. She began to evilly laugh and Kane and the General joined in.

"The World will be ours" Queen Chrysalis continued to laugh... "The world will be ours", she thought to herself again. "And this time I will not, and cannot be stopped..."

I will be away on vacation for the next 3 days or so, then I will continue to write this Fic. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Next chapter you will finally get to read about some conflict! See you all soon! ~TheMossiah