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The True Land Of Nod. (C&C) - TheMossiah

The Brotherhood finally has their Ascension but it is filled with ponies.

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Chapter 5: Bluezone Equestria

"Go go go! Get the civilians out of here!" Daniels was breathing heavily. Something grabed him and threw him straight into the ground.

"Get the fuck down!" Quickly recovering from the fall he spun around to see who pushed him and then he saw it. His squad mates... His friends covered in the aliens thick acid. He primed a grenade and threw it into the aliens mouth.

"Eat this you mother fu-" The grenade exploded sending Daniels flying across the room. In the corner of his eye he saw a smaller alien creature moving towards him. It extended its claws... He knew what was coming.

"KILL ME! KILL ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!" The creature gladly lifted its claw and brought it down...

"What?! I'm not going to kill you! Its me! Rainbow Dash! Wake up!" She continued to push him with her hooves. Daniels eyes flew open.

"Wha- What? Oh... It was just a nightmare..." He began to rub his eyes. He was sweating and was very tensed. He finally noticed the slightly confused cyan pegasus beside him.

"Sorry for scaring you. I didn't mean to! Honest!" She sat back waiting for his reply. Daniels shook his head.

"No its fine, you didn't frighten me. Just a bad dream." He began to stand up now noticing how sweaty he really was. He looked around for a shower or bath. He turned to the pegasus again. "Don't suppose you know where a shower or bath is?" The pegasus nodded her head.

"Yeah, we have a town bath. Follow me!" She got up and left his tent. He got up and followed. After a minute of walking into the town they both arrived at a large building. The pegasus was peaking inside.

"Were here, and it looks like no pony is inside. I will wait out here." Daniels nodded and entered the musty bath house. It reminded him of old roman bath houses he read about in school. He removed his clothing and entered the bath. He hadn't felt as relaxing as this in a very long time. He grabbed what had looked like soap and began to wash himself. After a quick rinse he left the pool of hot water. He started to look around.

"Shit... No towels." He thought about using some of the dry wash clothes as a towel when he heard a window open. He turned around to see how it opened.

"Hey! I thought you might need this towe- whoa..." She began to blush. Daniels didn't understand why until he noticed where she was looking. He had been used to being naked around other people that he almost didn't notice it. He tried to defuse the situation.

"What? Never seen a male's genitals before? I thought most ponies walked around naked." She continued to blush. She threw him the towel. He turned around and began to dry himself.

"We learned in schools that they only came out when they were aroused..." Daniels thought about what she just said. Oh no... Did she think... "So... Daniels... What have you been doing or thinking about?" Fuck... He quickly replied.

"Oh so you think... Well let me explain. Humans genitals are always out, it kinda how it is for us." Daniels began to redress himself. The look the pegasus gave him was the "I'm not buying it" look. He walked towards the door slightly embarrassed with what just went down. "Lets get to the command tent, I need to speak with General Parker." The pegasus nodded and followed him still blushing. He was never going to live this down...

After about 10 minutes Daniels finally spotted the command tent. As he neared it he could hear talking inside. It was the voices of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and General Parker.

"We will begin securing this town soon, once we get our MCV's into position. You said they were in that forest? Maybe some of our juggernauts could fire some salvos right into them." Daniels entered the tent with the cyan pegasus. He saw how shocked the Princesses were after hearing Parker just give the command to kill in a calm fashion.

"We will try to send some guards here to with locking the town down. Luna? Please return to canterlot and mobilize a large force of the royal guard and send them here." Luna gave a quick nod and left the tent. Princess Celestia turned to see a familiar human and the element of loyalty standing next to him.

"So what are the plans General? Am I rolling infantry? Air support? Just please don't stick me in one of those damn juggernauts!" Daniels knew the juggernauts were prone to attack. A few missiles to a leg and the whole thing topples and will most likely detonate the ammo rack.

"I don't know yet. Go relax for the time being, you deserve it. I will have something for you to do later." With that Parker turned around and continued to speak strategy with Princess Celestia. Daniels shrugged and left the tent. Something looked wrong. The air about 10 feet from him was distorted... Oh no...


The stealth tank pilot didn't believe what he was seeing. He was sent to scout and see the military strength of the village. Instead of finding guards he saw... GDI... He began to look all around him. They were everywhere. Predator tanks, juggernauts and even... Mammoth tanks... Almost everything GDI had to offer was here.

"Ugh sir? I have spotted a large force sir..." As much as he didn't want to be the bearer of bad news he had to say it. He prepared for the yelling...

"What is it Shadow 4?" Kane had sounded very calm. The pilot braced himself for what comes next...

"The force is composed of... GDI sir..." The pilot moved his headset a little farther from his ears.

"WHAT?! GDI? How could they possibly get here??? We have the only portal and it is disabled! Mark my words pilot if this is a joke I will have you exiled to that horrible forest!" The pilot began to type some things in on the tanks console.

"Uploading live feed now." The camera buzzed to life.

"Bring all nuclear missiles online!" Kane was speaking to the base AI now. Kane was met with the machine like voice.

"Negative. We are in blast radius." Kane began to think. He had it. He grabbed the intercom.

"Ready the Ion Tank, Prepare it for firing." He was met by a nervous technician this time.

"But sir, it must cool down or else we risk overloading the cannon!" Kane fumbled with his fingers.

"Fine but aim the weapon at that town and once its cooled down on my order it fires." The technician made a grunting like noise and hung up the intercom. He will make GDI suffer for coming to his world...


"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Daniels shoved the cyan pegasus behind a wall.

"Hey what was that for!" She turned to she Daniels running into the street. Well he certainly wasn't what she thought. How could he do that? Push me over and run off?

"NOD! NOD IN THE BASE!!!" Daniels hopped onto the tank. He began to fumble around for the hatch. By now the tank dropped its illusion and the 2 missiles fired and exploded were Rainbow Dash was just at before Daniels pushed her.

Rainbow Dash sat with her jaw dropped. She saw a large bug-like machine with what looked like a large dome eye. Daniels was on top of it fumbling around with a bar. He wrapped his hand around it.

The tank began to drive as quickly as it could trying to shake the GDI soldier off. Daniels grabbed the hatch and tore it off. He reached in and ripped the Nod pilot out and threw him to the ground. He reached in and shut off the engines before jumping off and landing on top of the Pilot

"Take this you mother fucker!" Daniels started to violently smash the pilots helmet. It had been made to withstand bullets but that didn't stop Daniels. After 3 punches the helmet's visor started to crack, and with every punch it warped and cracked even more.

"I give up! I give up!" Rainbow Dash could hear the red and black human say. She expected her friend to stop but to no avail he began to increase the ferocity of the punches. Finally the visor shattered and the pilot fainted. Princess Celestia's horn began to glow and grabbed Daniels before he could bring the finally blow to the pilot.

"That is quite enough Daniels." Her voice boomed. She levitated Daniels behind her and Parker grabbed the pilot and began to yell in his face.

"Why the hell are you here? Are there more of you?" By now Parker noticed the pilot was unconscious. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a bright yellow pony with a pink mane walk towards him.

"How dare you yell at this poor creature! Can't you see hes hurt!" She gave Parker a stare and he backed off. The bright yellow pony trotted over to the unconscious pilot. "Its ok, Fluttershy will take care of you. She dragged him into a tent.

"Well then... I will question him later. The rest of you! Stay on high alert! Do not let this happen again!" All the GDI soldiers saluted except Daniels. He was still dazed by the Princesses magic. He began to return to Parker's tent when he was cut off by the cyan pegasus.

"Ugh... I guess... Thank you for saving me... And hey call me Rainbow Dash already!" Daniels could see she was slightly blushing again. Why did she find him so interesting?

"No problem... Rainbow Dash." Her eyes went wide. She jumped in front of him again.

"No problem? No Problem?! You just saved my life!" Daniels walked around her and continued to the tent.

"Yeah, no problem... You know what? Here." He pulled out his ear peice. "General? I need a firehawk... Copy that." He switched something off on his ear piece. "Come with me." Was she finally going to get that race? He climbed up on the massive bird-like machine.

"How do these work?" She was curious, she never seen them flap the wings or anything. Daniels turned his head and smiled.

"I'll show you." The hatch shut and the machine lifted off the ground at an amazing speed. She flew up to the hatch again. The hatch once again opened. "Here use this." He grabbed her and put a device in here ear. the hatch closed. "Can you hear me?" She was shocked. She could speak with him? How?

"Yeah, I can hear you. Can you hear me?" She looked into the tinted glass only able to see her reflection.

"Yup I can hear you, ready for that race?" Her eyes filled with excitement.

"Oh yeah! Lets do this! Readysetgo!" She shot forward. Daniels laughed and pulled the throttle to half easily passing her. He could hear her gasp when he shot ahead.

"Comon! You gotta keep up!" He chuckled. She looked at the machine again.

"You ain't seen nothing yet!" She shot ahead. His jaw dropped. They were going at mach 4 and she passed him! He was determined.

"Ok then here it is!" He slammed the throttle to max. To his surprise this worlds air allowed him to go much faster then he anticipated. His face slammed back against the set he peered down to see he was at mach 6 and a cone of air was forming on the nose of the firehawk.

"What the-" The firehawk broke the cone and let out a piercing sound. *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- BAAAANNNNNGGGG* A dark shroud fired from behind the firehawk like a sonic boom... but visible... His speed shot to mach 10! Behind him a darkened shroud of blackness followed his firehawk like he was laying down a smoke screen.

Rainbow Dash couldn't believe her eyes. It just pulled off a sonic rainboom... No a sonic... Darkboom? Her jaw had dropped once again. She heard buzzing noise behind her and saw 2 machines. They were black with red decals. They looked like some sort of dragon flies. Underneath what looked like a head 2 familiar stick like things dropped out and took aim on her. The began to glow red but stopped short as two missiles impacted the sides of the machines. Daniels slowed to a hover and he opened his hatch.

"Get in! NOW!" She quickly flew into his co-pilot seat. The hatch lowered and he slowly increases his throttle untill once again the darkened sonic boom fired again. what had originally taken them 10 minutes to fly out there, they returned in 2 minutes. They safely landed on the crudely set up airfield.

"Whoa... How did you do that?" Rainbow Dash was amazed at what the "Firehawk" could do. Daniels just shook his head.

"I- I don't know. We could never do that back in Earth." By then hundreds of ponies and soldiers alike came to see what caused the massive sonic booms. Daniels and Rainbow Dash just stood there as General Parker, Princess Celestia and the rest of the elements arrived all with their jaws dropped. Twilight was the first to speak.

"How... How did you do that?" She backed off. Princess Celestia had her horn charged and was in an attacking stance. He looked at Daniels.

"Only something with a dark past can pull that off... Only something with the genes of a monster could do that... What are you related to?" Daniels thought really hard. He hadn't done anything extremely bad so he thought back to his heritage. His father came from Russia back in 1987. His fathers father was born in 1947... Oh no... And his fathers father was 25 during 1946... And he was a Russia. Could he have been... No...

"I do not know I could even do this. I have never done anything bad, but... I think I know who did... Are you able to see the memories of other peoples parents through their genes?" The Princesses nodded.

"Yes I can. Do you wish me to read their memories?" Daniels thought for a moment. He too was curious. He nodded. "Very well." She lowered her head again and put her horn onto Daniels forehead.


His eyes opened to the memory of his father as he was born. It changed, now it was his fathers father returning from a day of work. It shifted from the city to a snowy wasteland. Bombs were exploding and people were speaking in a different language.

"Вражеский танк!" He knew what language that was. He could see the memory through the mans eyes like it was his own. The man was carrying an AK-47. He turned and looked at 3 other soldiers. He pointed at them and then pointed at a snowy sherman tank that was engulfed in flames. Three men began to exit it.

"Пленных не брать!" If he was correct the man just yelled "Take no prisoners". He watched in horror as the four men took aim and opened fire killing the three men climbing out of the burning wreck.


He opened his eyes. Princess Celestia's face was filled with horror.

"So... So much death... How does your world survive?" Daniels was furious. He had been related to a murder. That is why he had not known much about his great grandfather. They had hid it from him. He just sat there stunned. Parker walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"We can't change the past. We can only create the future. Lets defend this place. This bluezone... Bluezone Equestria."