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The True Land Of Nod. (C&C) - TheMossiah

The Brotherhood finally has their Ascension but it is filled with ponies.

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Chapter 4: Contact!

"Twilight and Luna concentrate your magic and divert it to me so I can summon the portal! On three! One! Two! Th-" A guard began to shout to her

"Princess Celestia! A pony just arrived from Manehatten. She urgently needs to speak to you." The guard then motioned Princess Celestia toward a mare, she was shaking and had cuts and bruises all over her body. Twilight and Luna were shocked at the condition she was in.

"What has happened to you? We need to get you to a hospital! Guard! Get a few doctors over here with a stretcher!" The guard saluted and ran towards the hospital. "Now what of this news?" The mare looked into her eyes. Princess Celestia could see fear in the poor mares eyes.

"Th- there was a b- bright l- light... Th- then a l- loud bang... Everth- thing just explo- loded..." Princess Celestia collapsed onto her haunches. Did she just hear this right? Manehatten had just exploded? She couldn't accept that Manehatten just "exploded".

"Guards! Ready my chariot, we are heading to Manehatten!" Princess Celestia helped the mare onto the stretcher and boarded the chariot with the guards. Portal or not, she had to find out what happened to Manehatten.

Meanwhile at the outskirts of Manehatten 4 hours ago

"General sir! It seems half eagle half lion things are arriving at Manehatten to help the survivors! There is also a team of 4 of them flying towards us! Orders sir?" The commander fumbled with the AA cannon controls. John chuckled and turned to the commander.

"Fill the sky with hot lead commander." The commander took aim at the four creatures and flicked up the triggers safety. He placed earplugs on and sucked in a large breath.

"OPENING FIRE!!!" The AA cannons began to fire. The two AA cannons were equipped with duel 50mm flack cannons and a 20mm under mounted rapid-fire quad cannon. The entire tank was vibrating from the power of the AA cannons. 3 Seconds went by then... Silence. The Griffons didn't stand a chance. The first flak detonation killed two of the flyers and the quads diced the two remaining Griffons.

Queen Chrysalis was startled by the AA cannons. She had never seen anything so effective against Griffons before. She turned away from the viewing window. "They are called Griffons. They have the strongest military presence in this world." Kane turned to her with an intrigued look on his face.

"How large is this army of theirs? Are they effective in combat?" Kane looked at the Queen hoping she would have the answer. She knew these answers. They were the ones that destroyed her city.

"They are about twenty thousand strong with some war machines, but nothing stronger than your machines." Queen Chrysalis was about to say that they were the ones who destroyed her city when the General spoke up.

"Well then we shall eliminate them. We are only about three thousand strong so they could overwhelm us later. We will use Blitzkrieg tactics and wipe them from the face of this world. Commander bring us back to base, and Queen Chrysalis? Some of our mechanics have rigged up some saddle mounted weapon prototypes for your subjects. We shall test some upon our return. If they work we will test them further on the survivors and Griffons at Manehatten" Queen Chrysalis once flooded with emotion. Hours ago her army and herself had been reduced to almost nothing with no hope in succeeding ever again. Now she had new hope. She was stronger than ever, and now her army would use the extremely powerful weaponry the humans used. She has been given a second chance to rule this world and she will not fail again.


The large tank returned to the hanger and its passengers began to exit. The tank had preformed well. Not as good as one of their nuclear bombs but it was good for a prototype. Queen Chrysalis began to search the crowd.

"Were are the weapons?" A few Nod mechanics exited a tent and motioned her towards a large firing range were three of her changelings had been suited up with large harnesses and each changeling had a different weapon extending from the sides. The mechanics began to explain the weapons.

"We have created these three weapon harnesses. One has a basic gauss rifle another has a small ballistic missile launcher and the last has a flamer. The rifle should be effective at a medium range. The launcher should be good at taking out large groups or walls,buildings etc. Finally we have the flamer. The flamer is the perfect short range weapon able to spit flames on anything the barrel is trained on. To add to all this, the harnesses have duel bayonets that can be used for charging and ramming. Any questions?" Queen Chrysalis was excited to see them in action.

"No questions! Do they work?" Queen Chrysalis eagerly awaited a reply.

"Yes. Soldiers, please demonstrate the weapons." The changelings nodded and opened fire on their target dummies. The dummies were reduced to either splinters or burnt charcoal. Queen Chrysalis didn't know what was better, that the weapons were perfect for her army or that the Humans have accepted her changelings as one of them. Her thoughts were interrupted by the Generals clapping.

"Perfect! Suit up a good two hundred changelings and send them to Manehatten. It is time they got some field testing! Double time it! Go go go!" John was impressed with the prototypes the mechanics made. He started up a Venom and prepared to follow the changelings to Manehatten.


John had arrived at the outskirts of Manehatten with the changeling army. He did a quick look around and noticed a large green statue holding a torch. It was a pony version of the statue of Liberty. He chuckled at the sight.

"Spread out! Remember soldiers, no survivors! All shall be slain by the Hand of Nod!" With that the changelings gave a battle cry and charged into the city. The Griffons had been startled by the sight and a female Griffon flew in front of the Griffon formation.

"I am Gilda! Commander of the 27th Griffon airborne legion! Begone bug creatures or you will be detained!" The changelings began to laugh. Gilda was angered by their laughter, it reminded her of Pinkie Pie. "Get them out of here sargent Blood Talon!" The sargent and his squad began to fly towards the changelings when he stopped. A large flying metal thing flew above the changeling tide.

"Hahaha! You think you have authority over the Brotherhood? Kill them my brothers! Kill them all!" For a second time stood still. Gilda was hit with a wave of terror. As if in unison the changelings raised the strange metal sticks pointing them towards the Sargent and before she could react there was a loud *ZAP*. It had not come from the changelings but from the metal creature. A bright red light flew from the creature and pierced right threw the sargent killing him outright. Immediately after the changelings opened fire killing the sargent's 4 man squad. Gilda spun and flew towards some ruins. She noticed the army of around 400 Griffons looking at her. With her newly formed valor she turned to the Griffons and raised her claw.

"CHARGE!" Gilda and the Griffon army flew straight at the changeling horde. The changelings began to once again open fire but now into the Griffon army. She was horrified. She saw the changelings effortlessly shoot their strange weapons killing many of her forces in seconds. She grabbed a changeling with a mysterious red canister on his back and threw him into the crowd. The canister exploded into a fiery ball of destruction taking 20 changelings and 4 of her legionnaires with it. The counter attack was useless, hundreds of Griffons lay dead and only a good 80 or so changelings had fallen. She decided to sound the retreat. As she began to open her beak the metal creature returned. It shot a red beam next to her singeing her left wings feathers. She could feel a wave of heat wash over her.

"Retreat!" She called out turning to what she thought was her army. They were all dead. She accepted that this was her end. The metal creature flew up next to her...

"So you are a Griffon hmm? I want you to deliver a message. Please tell your leader that soon the Brotherhood will destroy all that is dear to them. Have a nice day." The creature had surprised her. It could talk. She quickly spun around and flew full speed towards the secret Griffon canyon base. She hoped she could reach them in time.

Later in Manehatten

Princess Celestia couldn't believe what she saw. There was about 100 dead changelings and a good 400 griffons scattered on the ground of the once majestic entrance. She searched the towns ruins frantically. All she could find was corpses of the ponies that had once lived in this city. What she found filled her with dread.

Some bodies had the same wounds caused by the things the Humans had. After closer inspection she found out that some of the changelings bodies that littered the ground were equipped with a smaller version of the weapons and some more things she hadn't even seen yet. On an even closer inspection she found out that on the suit that covered the changelings flanks in the place of were a cutie mark would go. It was a scorpion tail. It was the symbol of Nod.

Princess Celestia was shocked. The changelings were helping the Brotherhood of Nod? She began to walk away from the scene towards the carriage. Nothing else could be done here, every living thing had been slaughtered. As she was about to step into the carriage something shiny caught her eye. Something in the collapsed road was glowing and shining a bright green. As she stepped closer she saw that is was a crystal of some sort. As she looked closer she noticed it was everywhere. A guard who was standing beside it let out a groan and collapsed. The stallion began to scream and yell in terror as he began to mutate into a fleshy brownish pod. Princess Celestia began to run towards him and it hit her. The crystals were emitting a gas and when the guard stepped inside it did something to him.

"Stay away from the gas! Its very dangerous! We have to get out of here!" With that Princess Celestia rode towards the nearest town to warn them of the threat. She cannot let this happen again.

1 hour earlier in Manehatten

"Dump the Tiberium into this crater! It will spread faster if the gas pools into an area! Just be careful! If you come in contact with the crystal or idle in the gas for too long the radiation will mutate you!" The changelings gladly followed orders and poured the canister of 3 small Tiberium crystals into the crater. As if almost immediately the crystals began to spew gas around the edges of the crystal surface. The crystal started to get larger!

"Lets get out of here! Back to base! Double time!" The venom flew back towards the base and the changelings unfolded their wings and followed. More crystals began to form on the ground. Soon the crater will be filled with it.

Present time in the Nod base

A changeling landed in front of John.

"General we have tracked the griffon as you requested. She is on the outskirts of what looks like a secret base." John nodded and began to walk towards the command MCV.

"Good, carry on soldier" John entered the MCV. He saw Queen Chrysalis across from him looking out the window. John had taken quite a liking to Queen Chrysalis, she seemed to be very reliable. But for now he needed to figure out where the griffon capitol was located. "Queen Chrysalis might I have a word with you?" She turned to him.

"Would do you need General?" She sat in her modified seat that the mechanics had designed for her. She also had taken a liking to the General. How could she not? She had basically been rescued by him. If he had wanted he could have killed her and her subjects with a blink of an eye. But he didn't, instead he took her in to the Brotherhood. He even promised that she would get her city back.

"You had said your forces had infiltrated an abundance of cities right? Do you know the location of the griffon capitol? Queen Chrysalis had been educated on how to work the holograms within the last few hours. She pulled up a map on the hologram and pointed her hoof to the location of the griffon capitol.

"It is right here. If you're planning to attack it then you need to know this. The griffons leader, the "Emperor" is about twice the size of a normal griffon and is extremely dangerous. I had fought him trying to defend my city as his forces destroyed everything I loved... He had proven to be a dangerous foe, I had to retreat. That is why I was in the forest the day you found me. I had lost..." Queen Chrysalis stopped herself from letting out a tear. The General noticed this.

"I will avenge your city and its people. They removed your city from the map... I will remove their city from existence..." John could see that the city meant a lot to Queen Chrysalis. He wouldn't let that go unpunished, he will make the griffons pay for ever harming her. He left the MCV and walked up to the nearest com booth.

"I want 1000 soldiers at the ready! 500 Changelings and 500 Humans! Ready the carryall's! Send 30 avatars up ahead to the treeline of the secret griffon base and keep them hidden. We attack on my command with me in the front lines! One more thing... Arm 3 nuclear warheads..." John satisfied left the booth to see the avatars already leaving the gate and soldiers running to get ready for the assault.

Meanwhile at the griffon base

Gilda had been out of breath. She had been flying nonstop to the base. She landed on the grass to the entrance of the huge canyon. Three armed griffon guards stormed out towards her.

"Halt in the name of the Emperor!" Gilda marched up to them.

"Look here guards I am commander Gilda of the 27th airborne legion! Stand aside!" The guards gave their apologies and saluted. Gilda returned a salute and flew up to the command tent on the top of the canyon. She entered the tent and the generals turned to her.

"Gilda? What are you doing back already? What about the town, whats its condition?" The general awaited a response. Gilda gulped.

"The town is lost, a horde of changelings and some metal creature attacked us... I was the only survivor. The metal creature kept me alive to deliver a message..." She gulped again. " It told me to say... That soon the Brotherhood will destroy all that is dear to us. and... To have a nice day..." As if on que the large metal creature shot the tent and the linen tent evaporated revealing the griffons.

"Ah, good. You delivered my message. I would like to personally deliver a message though, here it is. Attack!!!" The creature swung around and flew towards the forest. Large bi-pedal machines began to stand and their heads peaked up through the treeline. Hundreds of bi-pedal creatures and changelings began to charge shooting flames and explosives as well as riddling griffons soldiers with bullets. The griffon generals turned to Gilda.

"You need to alert the Emperor! We need reinforcements!" Gilda saluted and was about to take off towards the capitol when the metal creature flew up to them again.

"Its to late. Watch as your capitol is reduced to ash! Hahaha... LAUNCH THE MISSILES NOW!!!" In the distance Gilda and the three generals watched as 3 large pointed objects flew straight into the sky with fire bellowing out the bottom. The objects tilted and flew towards the capitol. Gilda watched in horror and they came closer and closer to the capitol.


"Hey daddy? What are those things?" The little griffon poked her father and pointed at the 3 pointed log-like things flying towards them. The father adjusted his eyes and froze at the sight. They were coming straight for them, It looked like some kind of dragon thing.

"Hurry we have to get inside!" The father picked up his daughter and began to run towards his house. Peering back to see the things getting even closer.

"But daddy! What if they want to meet us? What if they want to be our frien-..."


Gilda watched as one by one the large "Missile" things exploded into massive explosions causing three mushroom-like clouds to form. A large ring extended flattening everything it touched as she could see. Even from this distance she could feel the heat. She dropped to the ground. The metal creature began to open its mouth... No it was some kind of hatch.

"Looks like your Emperor is under a lot of "Heat" right now. Your Emperor is dead and the capitol is now a burning wasteland. Enjoy the last few minutes of your life." The bi-pedal creature extended his arm holding some stick like object. It pointed it towards her and its claw tensed over the object. *BANG* Gilda felt a sharp pain in her chest and she dropped to the ground.

"Ha... You d- didn't kill me you b- bastard!" Gilda coughed up some blood onto the red canyon rock, she was getting a little dizzy.

"Oh it wasn't meant to kill you. Just to let you feel a fraction of the pain that is about to come. Arm the fourth warhead." Gilda was confused. Arm the fourth warhead? What is that supposed to mean?

"Retreat men! Carryall's pick up the soldiers and avatars! Return to base!" Off to the distance larger metal creatures picked up the changelings and bi-pedal creatures and machines. They begun to fly off to were the large "Missile" things launched from. Gilda with some of her last strength added.

"I hope you die a painful death..." She tried to stand but didn't have the strength. She continued to sit giving an intimidating look to the creature.

"Are you trying to scare me? Hahaha. Well farewell. I like my bird cooked so the explosion will do the trick! Enjoy these last few minutes for they will be your last. Launch the missile." The hatch closed around him and it flew off towards the now launching missile. She crawled into a nearby hole and watched as the large object exploded and the fiery ring consumed her.

Meanwhile on Princess Celestia's carriage

Princess Celestia had seen the explosions. Almost everything in a 50 mile radius could have seen it. She focused her magic into a teleportation spell and summoned Luna and Daniels to her. Luna and Daniels materialized beside her. Luna was the first to speak.

"Sister! What has happen to the night sky?" Her jaw dropped at the sight of the 4 mushroom shaped clouds that were in the distance.

"Sister is that a new spell? You have outdone yourself!" Luna had thought that Princess Celestia had conjured up some artificial sunlight. Daniels looked in horror. He knew what they were. They were Nuclear detonations. He turned to Luna.

"No! They aren't some spell! They are... My god... They are Nuclear detonations... Nod just fired Nuclear missiles onto some city... If they just flat out just Nuked a city if they found out about Canterlot well... There will be no Canterlot!" Luna realizing now what they were was horrified. Princess Celestia paused. She turned to Daniels.

"We have to summon that portal at Ponyville now! After we will look for survivors at the griffon capitol. Hopefully this time there will be survivors... And none of those green crystals." Daniels froze in fear. Princess Celestia looked at him curious to what she said made him freeze. No survivors she thought.

"D- Did you say "GREEN" "CRYSTALS"?" Daniels hoped she was wrong. Princess Celestia thought to herself again. The green crystals scared him? Strange.

"Yes, green crystals. Is there something wrong with that? Daniels continued to be stiff and she could sense his heartbeat elevate. Then she remembered him telling her about the "Tiberium". It began to make sense.

"Wait... You think it is Tiberium? We should head there immediately and make sure." She was about to instruct the guard pegasus to fly to Manehatten when Daniels broke free from his frozen-like stance.

"You didn't touch it or anything like that did you?" The Princess thought hard back to when the guard entered the green mist.

"No but one of my guards went into the mist and began to... Convulse and he transformed into a fleshy brown pod."
The Princess could of slapped herself forgetting to mention that.

"That answers your question then. It is Tiberium. The guard had been infected with the radiation from the crystals. It is highly lethal." The Princess was shocked. She had not known the Tiberium was "THIS" dangerous.

"Let us go to your world, I will first summon the entrance portal there. After I will summon the exit portal in Ponyville." Daniels nodded and braced himself for the teleport.

Meanwhile in the GDI outpost

"Director Boyle! The troops are prepared sir. I thought we would enter the portal 7 hours ago!" Parker was getting anxious. Did the ponies lose? Was the defense called off? So many questions ran through his mind.

"I- I don't know Parker I thought the exact thing too!" The Director took a seat and witnessed Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Daniels materialize in front of him.

"We are ready to summon the portal. Prepare your forces to set up camp." With that said Princess Celestia and Princess Luna lowered theirs heads and their horns glowed. Two streams began to shoot outside in front of the army and a large portal began to open up.

"W- We need more power..." Another pony materialized and joined in with the spell.

"Don't worry I'm here!" The Purple unicorn began to strain with the power of the spell was casting. Then it happened. A shock wave rang out. The 3 ponies dematerialized and minutes later the portal glowed bright and it dimmed... It opened... GDI forces began to storm through.

"I had better get out there!" Parker yelled as he ran outside and climbed into a nearby Juggernaut. The Juggernaut sparked to life and walked into the portal.

Meanwhile in Ponyville

Rainbow Dash had been enjoying her cloud when out of nowhere all she could here was rumbling and the ground shaking. She turned her head towards the noise. She didn't believe what she was seeing. Massive metal machines seemed to drive out of a portal. Behind those were huge 2 legged monsters. She was frightened until it happened...

A larger bird like machine flew out of the portal at an extremely fast speed. At first she heard nothing but then *BAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG* The loud sound shock wave hit her ears almost sending her flying off her cloud. Her eyes lit up.

"Sooo awesome!" Then in formation 5 more flew out. After that 10 more came then 20 then 50! She was surrounded by these "Jets" Daniels had told her so much about. She couldn't wait for that race he promised her.

Back in the Nod base

Queen Chrysalis couldn't believe what SHE had just seen. In a blink on an eye the griffon capitol had just been destroyed. She had awaited the Generals return. The General entered the MCV.

"General! You have done it! I could never repay you for such a feat! You crushed my enemies and avenged me. You also shown that once again the changelings are a force to be reckoned with. Your people... They even treat us like one of them... I could never have dreamed something like this could have even happened!" Queen Chrysalis turned around again just to see the glorious sight of the griffon capitol burning.

"I was my pleasure. If you need me I will be in my MCV." He began to walk out of the MCV. Queen Crysalis turned away from the window.

"General wait! I need to ask. What is your real name? It can't be Nightscar. After hearing the other Human names it can't be a real name." He stopped.

"You're right. My name isn't actually Nightscar. My real name is John." He continued out of the MCV and closed the door. John? She liked that name.

Here you go! A four thousand word chapter. Next chapter will have more of the Mane 6 now. I hope you enjoyed. ~TheMossiah