• Published 19th Sep 2017
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Sunsets on Sonata - Witchrblizzad

Sonata wants to die, her family has left her and she is alone. Now? It's up to someone to save her from herself. Let's just hope it isn't too late.

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Once again

Sonata POV

Sonata opened her eyes to find herself in a strange place, one she didn't recognize. She was lying on a couch, there was a TV, a rug, there is a blanket over her and a roof over her head. She didn't really care about where she was at the moment, Sonata was exhausted and intended to fall back to sleep. So she closed her eyes and let her mind wander. Trying to remember what happened.

My day started like usual, as usual waking up next to a pile of trash can be. After I got breakfast (half eaten cheeseburger someone threw away) I went to the park to watch the birds. It had gotten cloudy so I had to leave, then... Then what?I went to take cover in a warehouse, then I started thinking… The roof, I went up there and I wanted to jump, It started raining so what stopped me?... I was talking to Sunset on the roof cry-... Sunset!

Sonatas eyes flew open when she remembered what happened. She tried to jump to her feet but she forgot about the blanket wrapped around her and came crashing to the ground with a loud thump, landing in a jumbled mess of cloth and limbs. Shouts of alarm could be heard from outside of Sonatas field of vision, along with the sounds of footsteps moving closer.

“Sonata! Are you hurt?”

“I must say, that seemed like quite a fall”

When they entered her field of vision she saw three people. A grey-skinned girl with long black hair and light purple eyes. A white skinned girl with messy short electric blue hair and purple shades. Then there was Sunset. The siren said nothing and just stared back at the girls. Until the blue haired one took the other girl by the shoulder and led her out of the room. Only giving Sunset a nod. Sunset the set to work, trying to free the frozen siren from her prison. When Sonata heard the door open another voice called out. "don't worry about Astral and Comet love, they can stay at our place as Sonata settles in." With that, the door closed.

After about five minutes both Sunset and Sonata were sitting on the couch, each waiting for the other to say the first word. Each thinking deeply. Sonata was thinking about her sisters and how Sunset saved her.

My family left me then Sunset came. Why did she stop me? Sonata thought to herself. “It didn't make any sense. Sunset, out of all people should have hated me the most. She was from CHS, the school that my sisters and I tried to take over. She was a Rainboom, one of the ones that I had tried to destroy. She…” Her thoughts went on, trying to find out why Sunset would give a buck about her. Not finding any. While Sunset was thinking about how similar this was to that day.


Sunsets eyes began to flutter open, the brightness of the room making her close them. It had taken her several minutes to readjust her eyes enough to see. Upon opening them, she could see a light blue curtain surrounding the bed which she was laying in. The curtain did not reach the floor and it wasn't attached to the ceiling. The ceiling was a familiar tan color. School. So that's where she was. The hard bed and thin white blanket told her that it was the nurse's office. Focusing harder Sunset heard a voice, it was a woman's voice and she seemed to be having a one-sided conversation. The sound of pencil on paper could also be heard.

“I must say that you found her just in time”

Just in time, what happened to me?

"Indeed any longer and she might have caused serious harm to herself."


"Yes, there will be scars on her arms."

My arms?

Sunset looked down at her arms, eyes widening to find bandages on them. Bloodstained.

"You can't blame yourself. Mind you that they would have been much worse had you not followed her to the bathroom..."

The bathroom? When did I g-

Sunsets entire body froze as she recalled what happened a mere half hour ago. It had taken her a while to regain control of her own limbs and be able to think again. She had completely lost track of her surroundings, let alone the conversation. She hadn't noticed the curtain opened to reveal a blue-haired DJ and nurse Redheart and she didn't notice when she started crying. She had regained cognitive thought just as Vinyl Scratch sat down in a chair next to her bed while Nurse RedHeart closed the curtains behind her to give the two girls privacy. Vinyl repositioned the chair to face Sunset as she sat up. Offering the girl a bottle of water which resided in one hand, the other holding a pencil and paper. Words placed randomly placed and messy as if frantically written. She also noticed the blood, there were fingerprints and smears. Sunset could barely read some of the words. “Will she be ok? I found her... “there were a few more sentences but were too messy for Sunsets clouded brain to process.

She jumped when Vinyl reached over and brushed an unnoticed tear from Sunsets face. Vinyl sat looking at sunset expectantly. Waiting for Sunset to do something, anything. She opened her mouth and closed it, unable to form words. Still Vinyl waited for Sunset, a look in her eyes. She seemed to be expecting something, but what? Her mind began to flash back to the events the day before. The yelling, the confrontations, the accusations, the threats, she had been tripped, spat on, and pushed. The notes, the names, her locke-

It was this, the memory of her locker with hateful words written all over it. That was what made her break down and cry. Vinyl embraced her, allowing Sunset to bury her face in the crook of her neck. For the first time in years, she let herself break down in the arms of another. The last and only one being her mentor Princess Celestia. Not letting thoughts of her own parents enter her mind.

Sunsets POV

She snapped out of her trance-like state by the sound of a sniff coming across the table. Her eyes meeting the sirens and surprised. Seeing a tear trek down the other girl's cheek. Sunset reached over and brushed the unnoticed tear away, and she leaned closer to trap the crying girl in an embrace.

Author's Note:

WOW! that took a while, but I am quite proud of this chapter. So any thoughts?